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1 Fifth-graders meet their 'tizen pen pals, For Maire fifth-graders, a lesson in letter-writing turned into a more important lesson in sharing with senior citizens. As part of the fifth.grade curriculum in the Grosse Pointe public schools, students learn how to write a variety of letters, in. cluding business and friendly letters. Teacher Christa Goldsmith suggested that her students practice letter. writing by cor. responding with the nearby residents of St. Joseph's Home for the Aged in Detroit. n September students began writing to their senior pen pals, sharing news of their families, hobbies and actvities. They asked the resdents about their favorite TV shows, what foods they liked to eat, and whether they like to read. "But we didn't ask them their ages," Jake Howlett said. "That wasn't important." Goldsmith acted as mail carrier for the pen pals, dropping off the students' letters after school and pickmg up the residents' replies. Not all the students received an. swers to their letters. Jake's pen pal had (Ut}..J:t1s ar..d -.,ao:>uuablc tv WLte. Out: uf Shaughan Orzechowski's pen pals was in the hospital. But that was not important either. The students who did get letters shared them with their classmates, and when it was time to meet their pen pals in person, everyone was excited - and a httle appre. hensive. "We were nervous and worried that maybe they didn't want to be our pen pals," Dan Gutmann sad. When they arrived at St, Joseph's, the students were impressed by the home's spacious backyard, its beauty parlor and gift shop, and the giant fish m the aquar. mm. They all agreed that the residents' rooms were much smaller than the bedrooms they had at home. Meeting their pen pals was the highlight of the trip. Laurie Ness described hers as "peppy and friendly," and Dan Gutmann's turned out to be short instead of tall and Belgian instead of French. Some had dfficulty hearing, but those difficulties were SeE'PEN PALS. page lla Joseph Khalitah talks with his pen pal Marjorie Oldani. More photos are on page SA.,: North Memories of Christmases Baha'i faith burns Grosse Pointe A garden of holiday delights in 1B 2B Travel agent specializes m a different kind of tour 4B Healthy Christmas gifts to make and bake..14b Technicians Norsemen Early closing The of. fice wll close at 3 30 p m. Wednesday, Dec 16, for the employee Christmas party. The office Wll be open for business at 8 a m. Thursday, Dec 17. We hope ths does not 1Oconvemence any of ow' cus tomers [ to New York...2A Can divided government really work? 6A Obituaries Some really big toy soldiers 94 candles for the monsignor Holiday Shopper's Showcase in this issue 10A 18A past...21a 24A She has A Good Place for you 26A send home...1c Smoke alar111 alerts fal1lily By Margie Reins Smith Staff Writer A fre in the 700 block of Lak. epointe in Grosse Pointe Park was brought under control after four hours early Sunday mommg. A smoke alarm on the second floor of..tlul!lome w_cr.e_dited with alertmg the family and saving ther lives. When the frst alarm came m at 5 a.m., the house had already filled with smoke, and fire had spread Wthin the walls from the basement to the upper levels, accordmg to Capt. William Fur. taw. The second alarm was called five mmutes later and the third alarm at 5:15. Grosse Pointe and Grosse Pointe Farms also responded and additonal personnel were later requested from the Woods and Harper Woods. According to Furtaw, the fire was under control by 9 a.m, but frefighters were still extinguishing reigniting fres throughout the rest of the morning Damage is estimated at $200,000. The cause of the fre S be. lieved to be related to a base. ment party that was held earher in the evemng. See FRE, page A Decorating Photo bv Belt Emanuele... the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House for Christmas is a group effort. Here James Stepitus of the household staff sorts through the bulbs that will be used on one of the five trees inside the house. A photostory is on page 13A. Students take the lead in substance abuse prevention By Peter A. Salinas Staff Writer t's easy to ask young people to "Just say no," but saymg no all the time S hard. "t seems hke every weekend you are faced With alcohol and d ugs," sad MSSy Carson, a North -High School sophomore. "t seems hke everyone thmks that f alcoh01 isn't there, then t's not going to be fun." Carson, along With dozens of students from schools around the metropoltan DetrOt area, m- eludmg South Hgh and Umver- Sity Lggett School, took part n the Teen Leadershp Conference held at South last month. A substance abuse preventon program, the conference S a weekend of educatonal traimng m an alcohol and drug-free envronment. Students were asked to volunteer an entre weekend wlthm the confines of the school They leal-ned about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, examined the problems facmg young people hvmg m a chemcally de pendent family, and finally developed school substance abuse preventon action plans "Yes, there is a definite need for ths type of program m our schools," sad Kathleen Kaiafas, a Jumor "f you are going to be successful, you can't do t by dnnking 01' taking drugs." That along Wth the message that young people aren't alone P-'-----With the peer pressure and temptatons presented by substance abuse were two of the key messages presented to the students. Eva Klein "The conference S a start," By Pat Paholsky that hr husband belonged to a said Woods Detective Dan Koerber, who S assgned to North News Editor fencing club and encouraged her Her name S familar to many tojom High School Koerber, who took GOSse Pomters He also encouraged her n part n the conference, Sald t She taught copper and Slver metalwork. As an engmeer, "he provided mslght to the students Jewelry-making for the Depart. thoroughly enjoyed buy10g tools on the dangers of substance ment of Community Education for me," she said. John F Klem abuse, and also enabled them to for 40 years and she taught ded about 11 years ago and the look at the problem from dfferent perspectves Grosse Pointe schoolchldren the tea set she was workmg on at art for seven years For the Red the tme remams unfimshed Cross, she taught an arts and sklls elass for servcemen dunng and after World War. She's a charter member of the Slversmth Gmld and she has exhbted at the Detroit nsttute of Arts and the Toledo Museum of Arts, among others Her crea. tons are on the altars of churches, and the Amencan Craftsmen CounCl asked her for sldes of her work to send to schools. All of these actvties have made her name famlar to many people n the area, but the same people may not know that Eva Klem was one of the first woman fencers m DetrOt "1 had my first lesson at the Bonstelle Playhouse Wth JeSSe Bonstelle," she sad, explammg Her career 10 metal began when her three daughters were attending St Paul's School The school started a Girl Scout troop and she was asked to help After a class at Marygrove, she taught the girls how to paint on coffee cans A shop teacher at Denby was teach10g a metals class at the Neghborhood Club and Klem learned to make tie chps there. That was the begmnmg The Red Cross asked to teach a class at the Manne Hosptal "Every Frday had a class and, of course, J was learnmg all the tme by teach1og" From there, she studied under vanous teachers and "that's when really started havmg elas'lcs of my own" Eva Klein Klem developed four exf>rc'lcs to gwe her students a feehng for metal and the' method was so succe'lsful, she used t for 40 years Wth the method, students learned how to saw me'tal, how to file t, how to anneal <soften) and how to cut solder, all the whle making pieces of Jewelry Each of the exercscs rontamed a S<'c PONTER, pag<' 9A "Hopefully, we Wll be able to develop student clubs or an 01'- gamzaton which Wll be de Sgned to support students 10 not usmg," Sad North sub<;tance abuse counselor Doug Merkle For the fifth ypar, Vllage Lock at ]8554 Mack Will make kys for 50 cents E'ach, Wth all th.' monpy gom dl rectly to the Capuchm Soup Klt('}1011 The evf'nt v.lll nm fo! 10 day'l ths year. from Monday. Dec 14, through Thul''lday. Dpc 24 1'Pe t{)l'e ofx'n Monday to Fnday from 9 a m to 6 p m and from 10 a m to 3 p.m Saturday Koerber sald attendmg the conference was a positive experence for hm. "t was good for me to see kds admlttmg to recognizmg problems with drugs and alcohol," Koerber said. "We are constantly tellmg them that alcohol and drugs ale bad, but we never know the message is getting across. They are the ones who will change their ways; we can't do t for them." Koerber Sad there S a feeling within the community that there S a "ten-ible alcohol problem" He said when students are found With alcohol, they are ssued a minor n possesson ticket t S a ci vll nfracton and they Wll have to pay a fne. Because the schools and the pollee depaltments work closely, f parents request t, there can be a referral made to a school counselor. At both North and South, there S a Student AsSStance Program desgned for helpmg students who have run afoul of the law, or who are seekmg mformatlon about substance abuse. "f there S a referral, the student S assessed and a determination made whether the student needs servces either withm the school system or outsde," Merkle said The overall goal for the conference was to leave the participants with hope and some skills necessary to carry through Wth some programs to provide alcohol and ch'ug-free activities So far smce the student group S in ts mfancy at North, there has been htt!e plannmg, but the students have deas Andrea Lovasco, a 10thgrader, said that a wmter Snow Ba&h has been discussed. comple'te Wth an orgamzed snowball fight, snow sculpture contest and other wmter fun "We also discussed ho1dmg partes, dances and sports actlvitwh," she sad "All Wthout alcohol" Kathy Pierce, a sophomore, says she made a lot of new Sce STUDENTS, page 20A Have a key made; help the Capuchins Thf' event, v. hleh garnered about $200 the first y0ar, m<,ed alm()t $700 last yl'a, acwrdlllg to co 0\\ nc Bob ;\iowbray He sdld hp 1" hop mg to H...e $1,000 this year Thl' stolp ha.., an pa"ly dc'ntlfiable landmm k -- an ever chang,ng mannequ1l1 Mo\\ bray 'laid she'll be' dres&ed as Santa during the event

2 December 10, 1987 Grosse Pointe North Choir North choir headed for New York Gro<;se Pomte North'5 103 VOce Concel"t ChOir has been se lecied fl om more than 700 entnes from throughout the Umted States to smg m Avery Fisher Hall at Lmcoln Center for the Performmg Arts n New York April 17 The Concert ChOlr, under the drecton of Ben Walker and as. slsted by Margarpt Steele, 15 the largest of four chors choben to smg m the concert ttled, "A Salute to Broadway" ThS pelformance, which hon- 01'<; Broadway composers and muscals, Wll also feature F ed Wanng and the Pennsylvamans The concert S under the directon of E Jon de Revere and James Herbert and S produced by World Stage ProductOns The North chor will leave for New York Apnl 14 to begn m. tensve rehearsals fo the performance There are educatonal excw'slonband Broadway expen. ences planned as part of the tnp ab well The chor Will be reo hearsmg for five to eight hours each day on the three days preceding the performance "'m very proud of this group," Walker said upon learnmg of the chon 'b selecton "They deserve t They have a wonderful atttude and the Wllingness to work very hard The commumty as a whole deserves it We will be representmg all of Grosse Pointe when we perform in the mus1c capital of the world m one of the, f j f, { v ( \!flll/dlly ([,"'-"! 1 '[ [<' \ ( [,' " ' fa. f..-",,......, STYLE And they also prefer a great val ue.. 20% OFF all of our SHRTS ncluding dress and sport shirts n many colors and styles, Also, we have 20"/0 OFF on our large selection of TES. Three days only. Thru finest concert halls m the world" Some of the expenses for the Lmcoln Center concert and performers are bemg underwntten by groups such as Reader's Dg est. t Will be necessary, how evel, for chor members to alse about $70,000 m the next three months to ensure that every member will be able to go to New York Smce all of the choir members particpated m winning this award, all of them should have the oppoltumty to perfot'm ill CUSTOM TALORS and CLOTHERS Greater Mack het. 8 & 9 Mile Rd HOURS: Mon, Tue<;., Wed., Fn.,, Thurs., 9-8, Sat. 9-5 MEN'S WNTER JACKETS 20% OFF ALL SALES FNAL 'Nt! KERCHEVAL AT ST CLAR GROSSE PONTE Mastercard R VSA this very special concert, North's ChOlr Parent Support Group has gone record as saymg "They are all working hard to pay for a porton of the money needed for the trip. We smcerely hope that the whole commumty Wll get behmd their efforts and Will help them as they bring Grosse Pointe's name to Lmcoln Cen. ter." The cholrs of North have a nch hentage Since the school opened m 1968, there have been only two choral dn'ectors From the begmnmg untjl his death Photo hy Kay Photography North Choir Director Ben Walker will take the l03-member choir to New York this spring. The choir was selected from more than 700 entries to sing in Lincoln Center. 'HlO ('/11,,11/11/<, //T'> F,,r!rl\ (j H' 10 C) 00 "OiU/UY,.9.10 to!i.m 1$:1'1' 4p$'",,""..,.#R; /1' /( < '&JfU/;- >''''''',.(o:/'),.t-''''''/40-''''''' A',.j)...N:V 'f..."tj%... MOl, Thurs [<'/ Fn 10 AM to 9 PM Tues lt1>d &. \al 10 AM to 6 PM \;un, 12 noon to 5 PM Photo by Dck Cooper 1981, Herman Clem developed vocal musc mto a strong, wellreceved program Walker, a fnend of Clem, took over the prog'am following Clein's death Smce then the choirs have continued to grow m numbers and strength The chors and ensembles have sung for patents at Harper RehabltatOn Center m DetrOlt, at the General Motors BUlldmg and were mvted to smg for the worldwide Chnstmas telecast to General Motors employees. They also provided the entertainment to kck off Metropoltan Detroit's 1987 "Toys for Tots" program The Concert ChOir wlll perform a special concert March 25 and 26 featurmg the music they Wll perform m New York m Apnl The public will have the opportumty to hear all of the North choirs perform next week at their annual Christmas concerts on Wednesday, Dec. 16, and Thursday, Dec. 17, at 8 p.m. at Frst Englsh Lutheran Church, 800 Verner Road Tickets are $3 each and may be pur. chased at ThiS and That For People on Mack Avenue, two blocks south of Vermer, from Dee, 10 through Dec. 15. Semor Ctizens Wth QQld Cards may pck up their complimentary tickets across from the main office at North on Dec. 15 between a.m. and 1.30 p.m,.a.. 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Willed to the Dossm Museum by tioned Saturday, Dee 12, at 10 Wolf a m. at Dossin Great Lakes Mu. seum, 100 Strand, Belle sle As an added attracton, tems recently salvaged from the freghter Regna, lost m Lake Huron durmg the Great Storm of 1913, wll also be shown and sold at the aucton The whereabouts of the Regna had long been a mystery until t was Second Class Postage pdld at DetrOit M chlgan Substnpon Rates S17 per YPaVla mall S190ul 01 state Address all Mall SlJbscnpbons Change 01 Address Forms 3579 to 96 Kercheval Gro,se POinte Farms Mlch The deadline for news copy S Monday noon to nsure n sertlon All advertlsmg copy must be n the Mver hsing Dep.rtl11fnt by 11 a m Tuesday CORRECTONS ANO ADJUSTMENTS Responsibility fof dls play and classified ddvertlsln9 error S limited to either a can cellaoon 01 the charge lor or a re run of tile portion n error Notlhcatlon must be gven m t,me lor correct on n the 101 lowing ssue We assume no respons'billty for the same af ter the first nsertion The Grosse Pomte News reserves tne nght not to accept an advertl5e' s order Glosse POinte News advertising representatves have no authonty to brnd this newspaper and only publlcaoon 01an advert sement shall constitute nal ac ceplance of the advertiser s order " N', '.- 1 j Z, Grosse --.T Pointe _ l""u'w (USPS ) Published every Thursday By Anteebo Pubhshers 96 Kerche\'al Avenue Grosse Pointe, M Phone Regularly $99.95 ENTRE STOCK NOTHNG WTHHELD Take your pick of all our BOSTONANS n black or burgundy Soft ca'fs. km uppers, leather soles rubber heels 20% OFF " "'yr-9''''n$... 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3 -...,-, December 10, 1987 Barbro Lynton "We talk about how people's attitudes have changed from 1978 to 1988," Lynton said. "The laws are changing and Michigan has been m the fore. front of that." Drunk driving fatalties, which were down until 1983, are up agam, she sad. " thmk that the percepton S that we are always getting better and we don't have to worry as much. t is a pervasive problem because it's accepted." Lynton said it's depressing to hear about young people who want to go to partes, but don't want to drmk. They know such behavior S unacceptable by their peers. As a result, some have offered to be desgnated drivers, which allows them to go to the party and gives them an excuse for not drmking. Lynton sad she believes the designated drver concept, in which one person - the drlverdoes not drink m order to get hs or her friends home safely, con. dones drinkmg. "We feel educaton is a great part of coming to grips Wth ths problem," she sad. " feel t's mportant that the more we can speak to the community, we can enforce with parents how they can be role models" Lynton sad speakers gear ther talk to the group, whether t's Klwams, chw'ch or profes- SOnal orgamzatons or schoolchildren. To arrange for a speaker, call the Wayne County Chapter at Lynton said MADD S also lookmg for Vctims of drunk drving accldl'nts, Snce MADD has a Vctm assstance program "We help them through the court system whch S very mportant," she sad "There are laws n Mchgan now m whch the VCtim does have nghts " Vctms who belong to MADD are exempt from paymg dues Thieves grab, run The Grosse POlnte RadO and TeleVSOn Center on Mack e; mmue; one Vdeo camera after a grab-and-run Fnday afternoon An employee was showmg a $1,300 camera w a customer when hs attenton was dverted The man, along With a fnend, ran out of the store Wth the camera The thieves are descnbed as white males m then early 20s One S about 6 feet tall Wth a stocky buld, blond short hall' and a fall' complexon There S no descnptlon of the other man Ne-w4 Local residents get MADD By Pat Paholsky News Editor Barbro Lynton, who was born in Sweden and now hves m the Farms, wants to talk to your group So do Joseph and rene Walker of the Woods The Grosse Pomters have Just completed a four-week speakers bureau trammg course Wth the Wayne County Chapter of MADD (Mothers Agamst Drunk Dnvmg) and they beheve they can gve an mformatlve and m- terestmg talk that goes beyond StdtlStlCS, whch Lynton sad bore people whch are $20 a year. Lynton said, "We love to have new members, not just for the numbers, but for the newsletters and publcations We lke to see people mvolved Wth other aspects ofmadd" There will be classes for court monitormg m February. The program S a way to support the victm's famly as well as keepmg an eve on how the courts treat drunk drving cases, she sad. MADD S the origmal sponsor of Project GraduatOn, now a year-long program run by a coalton of substance abuse pro-!,'1'ams, schools, volunteers and busmesses in the DetrOt area Some SADD (Students Agamst Drunk Dnvmg) chapters and Safe Rdes programs are the result of Project GraduatOn, Lyntun added Membership in MADD is open to everyone, not just mothers or vlcllms Lynton first became involved Wth the group in Los Angeles where she was living, when she worked in the MADD office She is not a victim and says, "'m not against drinking per se A lot of people thnk we're abolitionists." She adds GFT MEMBERSHPS AVALABLE Mack at Rivard that she enjoys a glass of wme and that her husband is m the beer business Lynton believes the hgher speed limit Wll lead to more deaths on the road. Mchgan, she sad, has bad drivers, and that's commg from someone who moved here from Los Angeles, she adds. The freeway conditons there are generally deal, she explamed, whereas the snow and ice here make our roads dangerous The pubhc S invted to an annual event held throughout the naton - a candlelight Vgil for victms The Vgil will be held Monday, Dec 14, at Mariners Church, near the Renaissance Center, at 7 pm The names of all the local victnns of drunk drlvmg Wll be read by local offi- ('ial while- nal"tlcmantq hold hghted candle; And on New Year's Eve, MADD and radio station WOMC Wll sponsor a Life Rde program, where callers who need a ride home can call for a cab through the radio staton There is no charge to the rder and the cost S picked up by an underwriter. Farms Prosecutor Matthew Rumora said that traditionally the court caseload increases significantly with drunken driving arrests during the holidays. "We are going to take a closer look at these cases as far as plea bargaining goes," Rumora said "People have had enough exposure to this to know better than to drink and drive What we are looking at ls no reduction in charges by plea bargaining for those whose blood alcohol level is over.15." The state limit for drunk dnvmg S.10. Below.10 usually results in the lesser charge of im. paned driving. For most first. time offenders whose blood alcohol level S over.10, plea bargain agreements usually result in a reduction of charges from operatmg a vehicle under the influence of liquor (OUlL) to mpared driving. "The warning we want out WMBLEDON Walk.On Time Available 112 Price For All Non-Prime Time Saturday & Sunday After 5:00 P.M. $10.00 Per Hour For Tennis Weekend Membership Only $75 00 per year Fri, Sat, Sun Call Debby for Details E 9 Mile Sf. Clair Shores Hours' Mon-Fn 9 am 6 pm Sat 9 am-s pm A family affair Better watch out, drinking By Peter A. Salinas Staff Wnter t's easy to fall into the trap. t's the holidays and you feel like relaxing and enjoying yourself. nvitations to parties mount up faster than snow on the driveway, and once there, there'll be plenty of holiday cheer to go around. You've imbibed, perhaps too much, and now its time to go home. n Grosse Pomte Farms and throughout the area, police will be on the lookout for drvers who have been drinking. The Farms will add two additional patrols from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. between Dec. 11 and Jan. 3. "They are being added for two reasons," Farms Police Chief Robert Ferber said. "They'll be looking for the drunk drivers and anythmg SUSpiCOUSto protect the community from the m- crease in burglaries that accompany the holidays." TENNS, RACQUETBALL, SQUASH 2 Saunas, 2 Whirlpools, Hitting Alley Vt/u'b f fl t o c:::7t't -OAKLOOM CLOTHES, NC. -GRAHAM & GUNN, LTD. -STANLEY BLACKER -CRCKETEER LORD WE"T TUXEDOS ALSO -ENRO SHRTS -KEYS & LOCKWOOD ECKWEAR - BYFORD HOSE -WOOLRCH SPORTS WEAR ana s Now Offering Ready-Made Clothing By: ADD7lONA SPECAL SERVCES -OAKLOOM MADE.TO-MEASURE CLOTHNG -GHF$T QUALTY ClJSTOM TALORED CLOTHNG (HAND.TALORED N OUR SHOP) -CUSTOM MADE SHRTS, RY RORT H. NEWELL of NEW YORK NOTE Our Tailor Shop continue, to pro\'lde the expert alteration work it has carried on for over 35 year!). Picking out the right tree takes some discussion and even after one is selected and baled. somehow there's always another that looks better... Here the McCandless family. Matt. S. Sarah. 13. and John. admire another beauty. The family lives in the Farms. there is that you don't want to be caught drinkmg and driving m the Farms," Ferber added. "This S the time of year when the occasional drinker will drink too much. We don't want to arrest people, but if they don't take precautions. "f you know you are going to drink, walk 1f the party is close enough," Ferber said. "Take a limo, call a cab, do anything but drive" Woods Public Safety Drector Jack Patterson said hs department already has a full.time alcohol enforcement patrol car on the road every mght. "We'll continue with that and also beef up the patrols some," Patterson said. "The traffic vol. ume on Mack will remam heavy until after New Year's. We Wll also beef up our patrols during shopping hours." Minors, who drmk illegally, have a safe haven if they contact drivers warned one of several Safe Rides programs m the Grosse Pointe area South, North, Umversity Liggett and Our Lady Star of the Sea each have a Safe Rides program in which students can call for a ride home. "We look for any kind of outof-the-norm dnving," Ferber said. "people drivmg too fast or too slow or Wth the windows rolled down when it's cold out." "Even the kinds of erratic driving that aren't necessarly a violaton of law gives an officer grounds for makmg a traffic stop," Rumora said. "Feld sobriety tests can then be admmistered, and finally the portable breathalyzer test can be admimstered." Farms Traffic Officer Jack Patterson said anybody who registers.ob or even below is going to take a ride in a polce car. "t's either brng them in or Transforming dreams and concepts into reality is a speciality of Motor City Modernization. Personalized design service, the highest quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing are Motor City Modernization's trademarks. Deal with the company that stresses the home, YOUR HOME, in home improvement. $ SAVE $ Garages Recreation Rooms Windows Bathrooms Aluminum Siding Kitchens scrape them off a tree later," Patterson sad. "And no one wants that We are trymg to get the word out that you just don't drink and drve in this city, and f you do, we are going to be tough. "What does t cost for a cab?" he asked "A dollar a mile? An OUL charge will cost you $1,500 plus attorney fees, and an accident can cost you your life or the life of an innocent victim." Barbro Lynton, a board member of the Wayne County Chapter of Mothers Agamst Drunk Drving, sad MADD, in conjuncton with the Michigan State Police, wll announce a Red Ribbon Campagn later ths month. The Farms resident sald the campaign, in which red rbbons will be ted to the door handles of police and private cars, will serve as a reminder to everyone "to not drink and drive." Visualize your home changing. to accommodate your gro\ving needs or personal desires_ FREEDESGN SERVCE 24 Hour PHONE SERVCE For FREE ESTMATE 3A

4 _..._..._ A Judge to decide day care issue in Woods A preliminary mjunction has been continued, preventing Grosse Pointe Woods from mter. fering with the day care operation of Sheila Temkow, a Shoreham resident, until after Wayne County ClrcUlt Court Judge Lucile Watts renders a final decson m the matter. Judge Watts began an evidentiary hearing Friday afternoon to hear testimony, but had to postpone it be. fore c10smg arguments could be The 1988 DetrOit Wall Calen. dar, publshed by the Central Busmess District FoundatOn, features 12 full.color photographs of local histone Sites, spe- Cial events and cltyscapes, such as the Scott Fountain on Belle sle, Cranbrook nstitute and 81. Nt.W4 Freeze new sales of handguns in Detroit, Mahaffey says made. The attorney for residents who brought suit agamst Temkow, DaVid Belanger, said no new hearing date has been chosen He said the possibility exists for attorneys to submit written closing arguments, elimmating the need for additional hearing time. After numerous complaints from local residents, building mspector Earl Wakely sent Temkow official notice on June 2 Mary's Church Photo fair Photographm s from across the Midwest Will meet Saturday, Dec 12, for the 12th G18nt Lan. Slllg Photo Trade Fau- at the Lansmg CVCCenter The public S mvlted to bnng camera equipment as well as photographs, stel eo aj ds, books, or anythmg photog aphlc to wap or sell Free appr81sals of old photo tems Will be made About 50 dealers Will be pre pared to buy, sell or trade equip, ment There Will be a "hve model shoot" with special studio props and lghtmg The camel a show and sale Wll be open to the pubhc 10 a m to 5 p m Admh"lon h 'ill F01 formaton La]] 881 2J.2 ij '";"..:::/ #: 'fa: {...;... % -:;:'1'...;... "......, Xi','1 1ft 4 "f :f,,1.,... '",. /... '/" / :"'' COMPULSVE ndividual therapy Female therapst. MSW/CSW. BOYS & GRL S WE AR December 10, 1987 t'. h te. tly ce to any neighborhood, she By Jenny King active part of ts soluton belore sn't on the horizon, she said She sald testa CUrlen. a ften servmg as drug Special Wnter they come to blows Congress now S dealing with allows property owners to regls, sald, 0 t safe play MUnCipal ordmances freezmg The problems that beset the the legality of plastic bullets and tel' their real estate under names houses at wd1.or u be t - future sales of handguns al e city are not exclusve to DetrOt, plastic guns with so few metal other than their own (mcludmg grounds for c en as. only prot of what need:, to be she remmded her audience On a 'h prots they can pass unnoticed temporary corporatons), with t took about five years for done to make our homes and smaller, less.publicized scale, the t through conventonal detectors Post Office boxes as addresses Chlca 0 to get gun leglslatlon on communties safer, accordmg to samp type,> of VOlence occur m ;1} i "We're the only country Unreachable, rresponsible ab. the bks, she Said "f there are DetrOt Councilwoman Maryann suburban areas as well as other 4f know of to shoot each other the sentee landlords and homeown h 1 who msist and Mahaffey large metropohtan centers way we do " she said ers have left DetrOt blighted enou g peop ell n" she said t M ddl H N Y k C t W h gt, d b dmgs perss we W w,. Addres'>mg a e our,ew or y, as. m on, "We have to be prepared to with empty, run own Ul 0 OSitOn m Detroit argues EducatOn class at Grosse Pomte DC and Chicago, she salu, have embark on a number of routes to which, f their taxes go unpaid, t:1:e are already enough laws Memonal Church Nov 22, the taken effecttve measures to con. reach a safer society," Mahaffey don't revert to the city for at h b k h d pro restricton,> councilwllman trol the further proliferaton of Sdld "They may be uncomforta. lea"t four years They are a men- on t e 00 s, S e sal. Cited ways DetrOlWsand "ubur handguns among private Cltl. ble and expensive, but they are iiiiiii.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bantes are redu'ectmg the rus zens Mahaffey proposes a freeze necessary" tratlonb of mdlvlduals away on new sales of handguns m De- These would mclude develop from the anger and vlolence that tlolt, a compmmlse approach to mg new ways of handlmg cnml have come to charactenze our a total ban, which S on the nab and their incarceratlon t society books m some communties will mean deahng With feelmgs "MediatOn," Mahaffey said, She also advocates mandatory of msecurlty m a gun-restncted "S gammg acceptance m schools trammg m the use and storage Maryann Mahaffey society t mvolves constantly and neighborhoods t S an (1m- of weapons for currently hcensed serve to make people more re- scrutmlzmg exlstmg and propartial) alternative to vlojence, owners, piu" re.regl:>tl d- sponslble, sne said. posed leglslatlon and respondmg which S often the only way peo- tion of these firearms_ The Wayne State UniverSity to t pe know to resolve ther prob- "t S mcredible how many lost professor of SOCial work offered Mahaffey encouraged her hslems." or stolen weapons are never reo some startlmg StatiStiCS about teners to oppose the passage of Mahaffey said students, teach ported," she said "Often the gun guns and personal safety. A legislaton Lansmg that ers or adults from the commun. has been taken by a family homeowner is SX times more would prohibit local governmg ty have been tramed to mter- member A high percentage of hkely to be shot f he and an m. bodies from effectmg gun con. vene and quckly defuse kds' guns come from their truder ale both armed, she sald. tros She asked them to thmk potentially explosive SituatOns homeb or the homes of neighbors Only about one percent of all about adoptmg city ordinances m schools. Volunteers do Similar or relativf's." shootmgs are m self-defense, she that Will freeze gun purchaseb medlatlllg on behalf of block Mahaffey believes llldlvlduals sald Fifty percent of the guns and place mandatory Jail sen. clubs when neighbors are squab should be dened the right to reo nvolved n cnmes are stolen tences on any mdividual con. bhng. The object S to help both place lost or stolen guns f they weapons vlcted of commlttmg a cnme parties a conflct become an cannot get another, t might NatOnal handgun legslaton while possessmg a handgun. Detroit wall calendar available to stop her day care operaton, Cltlllg Section 54-1 of the zoning ordmance. This secton of the ordmance prohibits busmess, commercial or industnal use of the land that would substantially m- terfere Wlth the development or mamtenance of smgle-family dwellings in the district. More recently, more than 100 people attended a pubhc hearing of the planning corrumssion to review a proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance that would set up conditons under which day care would be allowed in a residential area. At the hearing, it was clear that the majority of people in attendance favored the idea, however, the commission The calendar S $7 50 plus pas tage All proceeds benefit CBDF's master lightmg plan for voted 8.1 not to recommend any downtown Detroit changes. The issue S expected to For more mformatlon on or. come up agam at tbe city council denng, call level. EATERS Free yourself from addctive dependency Discover new ways to cope Learn to feed the hungry child within you OVt'1 L,,(jlll faglgs cf hclp!ossr'ess 35% TO OFF ALL WNTER OUTER GARMENTS FREE BOXES FOR ALL YOUR CHRSTMAS GFTS 20% OFF ALL HEALTH-TEX@ CONNE'S STEVE'S PLACE GREATER MACK.,1 block South 01 9 M e ST CLAR SHORE'S MCHGAN ( DaVid Hockney, Etching, 1971 Paris, 27 Rue de Seine, 27%"x35" T w o British Artists L u c a n F r e u d D a v d Hackney Drawin gs & P r n t s naugural Exhibition November Sl y mery allery 131 Kercheval Avenue Grosse Pointe Farms, Ml Gallery Hours Tuesday/Saturday 1 2 J 9 a n u 9 a 11 am- 6p m Thursday until 8p m 8 r y 8 Open on Sundays 11-6pm until Chnstmas. Tel:


6 Can divided government really work? nlanmg and m Washmgton, people are a::.kmg these days whether dvded government really works. The answer to the quetlon S that there S substantal evdence that t doesn't work well on either the stdte or federal level t l not a new ploblem, of course As DaVid K Shlpler pomts out m the New York Time"" thew S a 200-yeal-old contest bet\\een the pre"ldent and the Congress that \vel" set moton by the ConstitutOn':" ecognitlon that tenson between competmg centers of po\\'er S an effective bl ake 0n the abuse of power \\:th the presldencj m the hand", of the Republlcan", and Congress now controlled by Democrats, the tenslon between the two competlllg po\\el. bases mcreases t now S bemg blamed CO! Washmglon's fallure to l"+- (,.,,tc...1(h."ncjc t,.., rn"",o nn C:l(lh ,rnnnr... r... tdnt ssue", as reducmg the federal defict, cuttmg the trade mbalance and leachmg db'leement on V.S foregn policy m Centrdl Amenca n Lansmg, wth the governorshp and the state House of Representatves m the hands of the Democrats and the Repubhcanb controlling the state Senate, the ten- SOn between the houses and the partes S blamed for the state's mabllty to approve the state's budget, to adopt Wayne County's ad package, to decde whether to tax domestic msurance compames and to make decsons on other mportant state ssues. Wlham Schneder, a politlcal analyst at the Amencan Enterprise nstltute, told the Tmes that the last year of the Reagan p esldency is going to be a coalition govel nment And then he added' "Anythmg that S accomphshed S gomg to be accomphshed Wth the cooperaton of the Democrats" The presdent may be learmng that lesson hmself, albeit rather belatedly Despte hs one-sde tnumph in 1984, he learned that the Democratc victory m 1986 made t mpossible for him to wm confirmaton from the U.S. Senate of two recent conservatve nommees to the U.s. Supreme Court. And now he is learnmg that he Wll have to rely heavly on the Democrats for approval of the nuclear arms control agreement he S about to Sgn With the Sovet V mono Another example of the problems caused by dvded government S offered by Lloyd Cutler, who served as counsel to Presdent Jmmy Carter. He contends that Washmgton's dfficulty m delivering on its two-year $76 bllhon defict reducton plan is compounded by the fact that one patty holds the Whte House and the other holds Congress He says that a federal defict m the range of 2 percent of the gross national product S generally regarded as sustall1able while a deficit above 3 percent S not His point is that since World War the deficit h9.5 c1ir!1beil ",hnvp the percent level nme times, and every single time has been during a perod of divided government. Cutler pomts out that dvided government emerged from natonal elections only four tmes in the 19th centw'y, but has occurred in four out of the last five elections. Cutler blames this development n the ise of presidentlal primaries, the mcreasmg use of television and the subsequent decline of political parties and party labels. So, says Cutler, a third of the voters no longer regard themselves as members of a pohtlcal party and even party members have no qualms about splittmg their tickets Ṫhe result: more and more frequently electons result in divided governments, especally at the federal level. So what can we do about it? Cutler's solution S an unhkely one: "The persii:>tence of divided government wll not be reversed untl the voting pub he S ready to recogmze ts high costs." But how and when will that desirable ",ituation anse? Cutler doesn't say. And smce we see little probablity that the Repubhcans wll recapture the House of Rep resentatlves m 1988, even though they mght regam Senate control, the only pos slblhty for an end to divded government next year appears to be the election of a Democratc president However, in Vew of the weaknesses of the party's 1988 presidential canddates, that doesn't seem likely ether. nstead, we apparently wll have to muddle along Wth divided government, bad as it often is, and hope that future presidents and future congressional leaders, as well as future governors and legislative leaders in Michigan, wll be able to work out better methods of cooperaton VoL 48, No. SO, December 10, 1987, Page 6A Robert G. Edgar CL!>'FED D1!>PLY PROOUCTO'1 '<"" Diana Hagfs 1anage r Pubhsher Pat Pabo!sky \fl\. Fdlt r Jo.\nne Bures! Al tant to Pubh..,.tll:f Roger HagE's '1anaa and Ca:.stfi \13 naft Pat Rousseau. 5.11('$PromoLiun Yihel.. h Blue Robert B. Edgar Pegg) 0 Connor AndrzfJCl) k Renee Grabert Fran Bacha Cbn. Della. Sharon SDlth Founder and Publisher FNture Ed Jr Sh,r1ey Cb.. k J BenJanun Gl.uffn Mary L VaJentic ) Rob f ujton 'iporh Ollor Carol Fischer Km Kozlo\\skl Ann VanBeever M argard Fnf'd mann St"\e Kuhck \\ Llbur F15ton Fdlto e lal CO'l"ultan f Anne Mulhertn Sth a \'hmbe' 'Janc\ Parm("l1ter, "J'l' \\ rlltl'" FranOlf Velardo Pubhshed Weekly by Anteebo Publishers Pfter Sahna5 taff \\ nlef CRCU.ATO'1 96 KERCHEVAL AVE. "'arth' ReinS SmJth Sta1T \\ flkr E\f '\1ane Burcar \1t"mbfr \1lC:hlgllon Prt' A.;,(), dtlon Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan Bert Emanuele PnoloJournal1 t,md \allo"lal \e\l.spapu Assocla On \ut.ll[ Bureau ( r,ufallon Public safety inches ahead Now that the Farms council has adopted a resolution to negotiate a consolidation of the police and fire departments, the Pointes have moved one step nearer the day when all five mul1lcipalitles wlll be served by public safety departments. True, the completon of negotatons 111 the Farms may take some time because the firefighters are stll m arbtraton over ther contract for the current year. However, the councl took the -P06\t1on the Farms no longer will negotiate separate contracts with the police and firefighters after Dec 31, So unless some new obstacle arses or the negotatons become stalemated, t S reasonable to assume that the Farms in the not too dstant future Wll follow the path taken em'her by the Shores, Cty. Woods and Park m consolidatmg their pohce and fire departments n mterviewmg Mayor Palmer Heenan and canddates for the Park city council pror to the recent electon, we found that everyone was enthuslashc about the adoption of the public servce department m the Park. The Park councl had studed the proposal carefully, appointed a specal Cty CommSSOn on Pubhc Safety to mvestlgate the plan and make recommendatons, and then adopted t by a unammous coun cll acton n the Park, the plan has made t possble to put more uniformed public servce personnel on the streets and thus give the residents a feeling of greater police protection. At the same time, there has been no loss m the response time or the fire protecton afforded to residents by the unified department. Wth the Farms inching toward adoption of a Smlar pubhc safety department, there ought to be even better cooperaton and cool:dnatlon among the unlfied departments in the future. There has even been speculation that the five Pomtes might 01'- gamze a smgle department to serve all five mul1lclpahtles or a least set up a body representng all the Pomtes to coordinate the pubhc safety activites n ts resoluton of approval, the Farms councl said that current personnel m the pohce and fire departments would be glven first priority m fillng the new combined posltlons. t did not cover the questions of when officers will be cross-trained, what will happen to people who cannot pass the training and who will become director of the new department. However, those are detals that no doubt will be ironed out durmg the negotations. The mportant pomt S that the Farms has taken an offical move to keep in step Wth the rest of the Pomtes by orgal1lzmg a umfied public safety department. A LOCAL HO SHOW County pressures By mposmg severe budget cuts that would sharply reduce servces, Wayne County Executive Ed Mc- N amara last week indrectly put the heat on the Legtslature and Gov. James Blanchard to help ball out the county. What McNamara S tryll1r; to do S to make hfe' so unpleasant for Lansmg as well as officals and resdents of DetrOt and Wayne County by proposng $27.5 million m budget cut that state mvmakers finally Wll act on the $26 mllhon self-help tax package he seeks to balance the county budget Early reacton ndcates McNamara may get '>ome resulb He mmedately drew the wrath of Mayor Coleman Young of DetrOt over the proposalf, to close one 0001' of the county Jal and layoff a batch of prosecutors The mayor called the proposals "insane" becau<;(' they would blunt Young's plan to \',age an mu'n<;lve war on crack cocame that would add to, not subtract from, the county pl1 populaton Young al"o ""a" unhappy With Mc N,{mara'" plan to cut $ lhon from ndigent health ca(e The mc1yor "aid Mc N,lmara Jf, "peking to balanc ' h" budget "on the' back" of th(> poor j)e'ople of DctrOlt" HO<'Pltdl" tbreatenpd to "tart law. "Ult'> and wanwt! that f they are not "uc- ('c.,,<,ful,they may have' to d('ny care to poor pat H'nt<; Sheriff Hobl'rt FC:il1O welghnl n With hlf, own Wcll"l1mgthat flll'ther n'!pa<;p<;from thr' county jal would be "getting mto the (.dge of the' hard corp fplon,," And the county ('xecutlv('\ plopo<,al to c!o"e all the the state county parks and cut $2 million from mental health programs aroused cnticism from backers of such activities. So if McNamara's intenton was to catch the attentlon of specal mterests affected, he obvously succeeded. The question now S whether the pressure brought by the special nterests on the governor and legislators Will bear fruit or simply arouse Lan- Sll1g's anger. Most of the opposton to McNamara's legslatve package apparently centers on the proposed boost m the clgaret tax. McN amara seeks a four-cent mcrease to pay for crmmal Justce programs m Wayne County and throughout the state. Lawmakers have added another two cents to support statewde ADS education, testing and treatment and to combat smokingrelated dseases. But a coahton of busness b'toupshas oramzed to fight the proposed increase. A spokesman for the CoahtlOn Agamst Re- 'l-esslve Taxes contended such an increase would be unfclir because excise taxes fall most }wavly on low-mcome people "who ju"t can't afford to pay any more taxes" The mcn'ase would hke Michgan's Cgaret tax to 27 cent, but even at that level Michgan'" rate would he the same a<;, or lowpr than, rates m mght other "tales And 'surely such a tax would not be a,s heavy a hurden on poor people and ot hpr con<,umcrs a.., rc<;tonng the salps tax on food and drugs that was "f'ppaled a dccchp or more ago or passmg some other tax on consumpton After the summit To the Editor: There S reason to hope that President Reagan and Secretary General Gorbachev will Sgn the disarmament treaty at the sumnl1t meetmg f so, t Wll establish a Sgnificant pre cedent m reldtlons between our countnes and earn the grattude of multitudes around the world The treaty, however, wll remove only about four percent of the super-power stockple'l, whch amount to approxmately 25,000 walhead'l on each Side So what happens aftrr the summt meeting S very mportant The PhySCans for Social Reponslblhty, an orgamza tion dedicated to the preventon of nuclear war, has stated ts Vews about ths Vctor Sldel, ts prf'sident "dd t ls crucal that both countne consder <,ucc(,s'lful..,ummlt talk" a'l the fir"t "tep n a deliberate plan to '('duce nucleal weapon" Among other actlon'l t believes mpoltant arc to jom Wth RUSSia m reframmg from nuclear weapons testmg and m the orderly reduc tlon of troop 'ltrpnf.,tths 111 Europe Also, t states we 'lhould 'ltop workmi-:'on Star Wars, which t consders the prmcipal obstable to meaningful nuclear disarmament Henry J. VandenBerg Jr., M.D. Grosse Pointe Park Member, Executive Committee Physicians for Social Responsibility Help available To the Editor: An artcle m the Grosse Pomte News S credted Wth mformmg about two dozen resdents that help S available to deal Wth the "common cold" of mental llnesses - depresson The Nov 5 story dpalt With Joanne, a 35 year old Pointe resdent who has formed the first eastside support group for mdlvlduals suffermg from malllc depressonand depres 'lve llness There were three people from the commumty at the October meetmg, and after the article appeared, 27 peo. pp attended the November C;C<;SOnAbout two d07en more people who dd not attend the meetmg called for mformatlon, referrals to 10 cal physcans and recom nwndaton'l for books and oth 'r mformatlon on the mbject Althougi-] 'lorn 'people con tmue to functon With the llne!'>'!,many are incapactated by feelmgs of helplessness, hopelessness and even sui. cde, according to mental health experts. The mformal rap group dscussonsare conducted by Joanne under the gudance of the Mamc- DepreSSve and DepreSSive ASSOCatOn (MDDA) and concentrate on findmg profes- SOnalresources to help those suffermg from the illness Based on the November turnout, Joanne has tentatively planned to create a second group, whch Wll meet on the second Tuesday of each month. The next meetmg S Thursday, Dec. 17, at 7.30 p m m the new conference rooms at Cottage Hosptal For more mformatlon, call Joanne at or the MDDA hotline at The Dec. 17 sessonwll pro- Vide mformatlon about MDDA as well as dscussthe multl.faceted aspects of the llness and mform people about hterature, research and medcal professonals available to help people over come their depresson Slgmficant stndes have been made the treatment of these dseases, but too many people stili suffpr m Slence The PUl-pose of our SUPPOlt b'toup S to provide them With the reqource'l to obtam the be'lt treatmpnt pos'llble Member of thf' support group

7 What? Another bowl game? They've done t agan They've nvented a "bowl" so t",o medocre football teams can pay (me more game, even hough the season S over ask you - has anyone ever leard of the Hall of Fame Bowl l:efore? Before last year, had anyone ud ears on the Fiesta Bowl? 'lwo years ago, dd Bluebonnet lowll mg a bell wth anyone? 've heard of the Rose, the Cot tm, the Sugar and the Orange bwls The Super Bowl, of ourse But, come on '" the ula Bowl? The Gator Bowl? 'he Lberty Bowl? Cdll we look fmwdld to d Yup- 11e Bowl? Jazz Bowl? Agatha lhnste Mystery Bowl? Bmbo 30wl? Rutabaga Bowl? Gazpacho 30wl? Total Echpse of the Moon 30wl? Artchoke Bowl? LZZe 30rden Bowl? The Pansy Bowl? am not fond of football don't get a kck out of watchmg pound 6.foot grown men thrash around, trymg to ntimdate each other by poundng and tt ppng and slashmg and pum. mellng and blockmg and pushmg and Jumpmg on top of ther opponents, grabbmg and twstmg each other's face masks, punchmg and clppmg and undercuttmg and smashmg mto each other, knockmg each othel down and grindmg each other's faces mto the grassjmusnow/ plastc While this spectacle S m progress, other men run around on the sldelmes weal mg earphones, photographers take pctures of the mess; other men m striped shirts throw handkel chefs and wave then' arms m a relentless attempt to c'eate order out of the VOlence and confuson that S takmg place before a hundred thousand people Not only are thee 22 gjown men mlsbehavmg mserably, but each one S wearmg 15 pounds of rest! ctlve clothmg that S designed to pjulecl Lhe ll1()blulnerable parts of hs body whle Smultaneously domg the utmost damage to the bodes of the men on the OPPOSte team Each m- credble hulk S decked out m a five-pound helmet, seven-pound,s Margie Reins Smith shouldel pads, a mouthguard and a face mask He has paddmg on his talbone, thghs, knees, hps, arms and elbow" HS hands, WrlbtS and ankles are taped He'" wearng a flak Jacket, a gll'dle, spikes on hs shoes, and a loll bar on hs Jer sey These guys, obvously, are up to no good Also - as fdl a 'm can cemed, any polt that equlres an ambulance waltmg on the sldelmes - S suspect My husband and at e b"jadu ates of the U mverslty of M!chlgdll hat: 23 ytdu, th}'t:!ltil'-t: as a season tcket holder fol the annual slash/grab/stomp/run/ scleam/ at the U of M stadum m Ann Arbor Yawn The day sn't a total wabte look fojward to the Mchgan Mal chmg Band the f.,rut-thump of the dlums, the way the marchel S..,weep onto the field m double time high steppmg prec slon nevel get tll ed of the fa mlia' vamp that Cecendoes mto 101,000 enthusiastic fans "mgmg 'Hat! to the Vctors" 1 get goosebumpb when 101,000-plu" people '>tand up, re "'pet tfully, Just because a so ap of ed, \\ hlte and blue cloth S un up a flagpole antcipate bemg a wavcl m The Wave like smgmg thp Alma Matel - and 'm espechilly Jlnpresd by that dj amatlc gasp of Slence, mid UHbl J lb1it «[tcj "11<1J 'U, t.".,l plam Hml' love cnsp fall aftel noons, the fnends With whom we share OUl two hour tailgate pre- and posl game PClllCS hke to check out the Cazy maze and blue get ups that MChgan footbdll fans never tire of mventmg f t sn't rammg 01' snowmg - 01' too cold or too hot - a football Saturday m Ann Arbor S neat Once a year And f ddn't hdve to Sit through that doggone game, the whole day would be perfect 'm convl1ced that bowl game" ale mal ketmg devces - pll e and Smple - designed to earn big buck fol school athletc de paltmellt,> Bowl game" me ex cu..,es to stage yet 'lllothel \ 10 lent football on the playmg field, wl1l1e pi omotel b hype and ell high priced tckets 'lld unload '>cads of chmtzy logo enu uted merchandl'>e suth a nunb)' pennants, platlc football c,haped kpy chams that break f you hdng a key on thpm,,>lealy souvemr shuts that shrink and wll1kle m the \\ ac,h, fhmw pla t t (lps that Clack f you bquee/e them and md"''' ploducl'd..,tufled anmldls of l1detel mll1dte spece'> Meanwhle, back m the Clt), aile of my favollte local bu'>1 neses S tottenng Sandelb, the l.l :> e,u Olu DtL UL lllctllulu'- tuler of candy, chocolate byl up, lte Cearn and a,>solt.:d \\ ondel ful confectons, S m dangel of gomg splat because they ha\ en't enough money fol a huge adver tlsmg campm!:,'ll 01 for eolgamzmg their producton and market. mg procedures, propose that Sanders sponsor a bowl game Call t the Frostmg Bowl or the Bon Bon Bowl Match up two sadsack teams hke, say, the DetrOt LOns vs Columbia UmveJsity Rent the Sd vel dome Rename t the ConfectOn dome or the Choco dome, tempolanly Sell bomp bumper stckel sand hats and banner" and puppet,> and mlttem Wth team logos on them Sell bre Hot dogs ce o pam cone.., Candy Hot fudge wndaes Chocolate football shaped lollipop,> Milkshakec, and '>odas Drl's" up '>ome young chlckles n..,hort "harts, teach them how to Wdve a pompon, clnd call them the Cupcakes Ol the Petit FOUls 01 somethmg Leak to the p es that one of them poe,(d nude for Plclyboy Celli a ple",s confmence and let pla)el make fools of thelmelvb by dn",wel mg pi eclictable ques tlon" Wth cllche an,>wel" "Duh Yeah We ' e cdlly gonna go out fh, \,,"'.-1 1"""""" 0...,... t- f""" 'h.nt"" "'... Vn" "" The team\ leally up fo! thl.., Duh n spte of OU mjulles, \\e'le, uh, gonna go out thele dnd uh, do t for the fdn, St back Sanders, and \atch the bg bucks 1011 m December 10, 1987 Page 7A + J \ () C'-J L_c... ialn aluecoss. UtSHELalGGlES ME GETTNGrHtl OMEUprANCE... o l1 C' Pardon me Thele WdS one l1cldent dt the (;1 o"e Po 111tl' Santa Chlu" Pa rade that wasn't planned hut looked like t nl1ght hnve been A the pdldde applouched the Vllage, t was led by a fire tluck,l1d d Glosse POll1te Fall1lb poltiol 11l1lt The p"t! 01 C<l1 \\ l11ch happened to be d 1986 FOld C 0\\ 11 Vctmld, dwd <1bt.lpplo,1thed the ne\\ Al boi Dlugs Olliw Mike McCm1hy Wd.., the \ chi lie, and the Cell \\ <1" \H"hed out of the W,\\' 11\ d C!t\ PO unit, \\ hlth Ju"t h,lppened to be " Che\ y Tll' \\ d"n 't,,]0\\ ed dfl\\n, bit, 1101 " thele 11lllth to tlw mfoim,ltlon \\ p\ e lu",t l;1\('1l \ou untt! vou know th,lt 1ll'1l l\lc,tl tin ]ookl'd thlollgh 111'> \\lncl"hll'ld nto till' C()\\(, he..,pottee! "omeolle who \\ a" pi obel hly a bit pmbdll elc,"ed by the FOld '" pel to! l1c1nce Ed"el Ford \"1" "Lll1dmg t;ht 111 i Ollt of \d]('1 e the polt!oj ( (<1111(' to l " Y H _ Caroling (,o""e POint!' South'.., Choll hd" tome up \\ th d l.lthel l1no \ dn e fundi ell..,el FO the 1l l1 dondtlon of "j. "1l1,dl gloup of the ChOll \\ 111 go to the hou"e of the don,1 to! cholte dml " ng "cvel. Chll"tmd" ldlols MCll1bel.., of the choll, undl lilt' dll ectlon of Ellen Bowen. \\,,1"0 dlop ofl,1 Cdld to the Hllhl' \\ h('1e they \ l"lt. \\ hllh "',1\ \\ ho "elll the gift The ehot " <l (undlcll"el (01 the chou, dntl \\ 11\ tdkl' pl.\ce on Wedne..,day. Dec 16 Peter A. Salinas 1'ho..,e 11tele"ted 111 c,endmg the ChOll to d fllend'" hou"e..,hould t,dl Ann Matih at : lg Chech "hlnld be made paya hie to Gro""e Pomte South ChOl, dnd be sent to Ann Ma tl",h 712 Bel'k..,hll'e, Glosse POll1te Pm k The per..,on ' ndlllg the gift..,hould mdlcatp 1,1" 01 hel lclme, the 11<lmeof the hou"e w hel e the C,l1aiel s are to!.i"0 'Jl1d a t11llcwhen the eclpent 1li.;ht be home The choll hope..; to make thl",11111llcl tl adltlon, dnd thl'> \,1\ " "lll:le"" \\ do, lot to d mclh.11lgthis, cdlty When decllin the halls remember the flowers. "Send a gift to warm the heare' M,r1mOh,'n Naturally, you'll remember the Christmas tree, the wreath and the mistletoe But don't forget the lively SPirit only fresh flowers can bring A VVid POl1Sel1la Or a testlve arrangement We have lots of merry deas assorted colors sizes and prices Jusl stop by or call ec. 11,1947- The New York Tmes reported that Secretary of State Marshall, at a Foregn Mimsters Conference m London, accused the So. Book Actor Actress MOVe Play TV Show Newscaster Magazme Columnst Newspaper Mmlc Entm-tamer Pet or Ammal Sport Athlete Pro Team Most Admncd Per"on Flower Color VacatOn Spot Favonte Food Favonte Dnnk Re<;taurant Song RelaxatOn 0.' Hohhy Pet Peeve Vivian B. Buffington Executive Director Grosse Pointe nter-faith Center for Racial Justice No LaughwlJ Matter Tom Srllrck WllOOP Goldbrr g North by Northwr"t Thr Drpuly M*A*S*H'" Deborah Norville Food and WlTle Su"an Wat"on Detrozl Free Pre'"'' Clalcal Ray ('harh,,> Khalll he 81(1111e"e rat Ra.l?rthall Mo!(/(,]oh"wlT h, Angrle<; Laker, Barbara,Jorda" Rrd Rmprrnr Tul1/1 R'd Maw, llmucl/ J)p..,..,('rt Fr ongef/('o La [<illmtal!1f' You Are 11U' Sun..,hme of My Life R('(/durg.'>/l'1 ('()!i"r'{" tlg viet Umon of takmg assets from 1 except reparaton dehvenes ll1 smallest ever to fly alound the ts occupaton zone ll1 Germany captal goods, not CUlTent produc- world at the rate of more than $500 tjon The Umted States, he sad, RCA Vctor TV sets Wth 10- mllion annually Marshall was spendmg $700 mlllion m mch picture tubes were sellmg asked the Foreign Mmisters West Germany Just to keep Ger- for $325 ncluded m the TV ad CounCl to agree not to take any- mans ahve Soviet Foreign Mm- was a listmg of programs you thing out of Germany after Jan ster Molotov said Marshall's could be eye wtness to hockey, charges were unfounded boxmg, basketball, wrestlmg and The day before, 18 people were football games, news, a chldklled m Palestine Nine Jews, ren's program called "Small Fry eght Arabs and one Bntlsh sol Club" and cookmg demonstra. dler died, n SPite of reports from tjons Tel AVV of an Arab-JeWsh A yearly subscllptlon to the truce Both Arab and,jewsh New York Times, dally and Sunleaders dlsclmmed responslblhty day edtons, was $17 One-stop for any truce move and each sad servce to Seattle from New that only the other Sde could York was advertsed as takmg make the move for peace. only 14 hours and 45 mmutes on PreSident Truman asked Con- Northwest Onent Au-hnes Guy gress to be cautlou<; before pro Lombardo and hs Royal Canadl hlbltmg shpments of ol abroad ans wel e playmg at the Roosev for the purpose of conservmg pe elt Gnll, a Hlton hotel on Madl troleum lesel-ves at home "on AVf'nue 111 New York Truman also announced plan to lemam 111 Washml:,rton dunng the ChllRtmah holdays mtead of returnmg to hl'l home town of ndepf'ndence, Mo The House tenatl\,ely author 17ed $590 million of emel gency lehef for France, taly, Au"tna and Chma The amount \"a'l $67 ml!1jon b<>lowthe amount 1ecom mended by the admlllistl atlon a'> a mll11mum for effectlvp P'lS tance> to Commul1"m tho'>c countlle<; 1\vo pllot<;, GeOlge W T um,1l and Chfford V E"all'i, nnded thpll Plpe>J' Cub all'planp.., m Nt'w Jer<;cy after a 25,162 nll1(, tnp around thp world which l(klk them 12,i days to complpt{' Their planpq, eq\llpp<'d wllh 100 hor'i<'powcr Lycommg pngmp", and modfied to take ('"tra t-;'clso lp tnnk.., and addltlollcll 1l,Vlgd lona1 ll"trunwnb, WPP t 1](' n Grosse Pointe, the v! lage of Gro<;se Pomte Woods e CPlv('d word flom the Mchigan Suplcme COlli t that t had thl' lgl,t La own and operate a puh hc park n 8t Clar Shm es The 44 acre plot of 1,lOd m the Shores had bef'll purcha"ed from Mrs Ec<;elFm c on a land contract a few months f'nrllel St Clan Shore" authontl( s h,ul \th (h awn tlwll n'<1\lp"t to havp th( future l),rk used by f'sl(jpnh of St Clair Shm e" a \\('11 Tlw POll1te'" l'cond Men'" Nght \Hl" to 1)(' held 111 tl1(' V;'r on Dpc f) flom 7 \lnll! f) p m No women "hopl)('r" \\ 'H',llowrrl l'n,l thl' r 1 {)"- ll,-o\ 1),1,1<.'t 1)(tl'lill'! $ 2/.9/3 ( lll ndll' ;:;27 7;:;f)0 ()fj( 1o,atlon\ { J,rrt \ ou 'll,0 ( on 1rr DC'''' 12()(l \101,11'1( [)C r,"\ r hc (,rcn "ecnc 3<11,1 nd "14 \1 h (,r,,,,,' P"ltHC Send the FTD@ FireSde Baket'" BOU4uet $ $ (j.9s,, 1\ \.lflcl\ of othcr \ClcdlOm ahlllahlc ',.ll prlc rangc\ '" mq,)\, t, 'r,',f'

8 .0 8A The Humane Society offers the followng advice for protectmg your pet during the harsh wmter months ahead: : ArJtJ.t.i:\:zc can b dc:::.dly t sweet taste attracts animals, but even a small puddle of antureeze can kll or senously njure a cat or dog Check your car's heater and radiator hoses for cracks, and the radiator seepage When adding antifreeze, use a funnel and clean up any spillage, since it evaporates slowly. Store containers out of reach Salt and some caustic chemcals used to melt snow and ice can irritate and burn the pads of your pet's feet and underside. Do not allow your pet to lick its feet - the chermcals will burn the mouth and can cause serious problems if ngested. A warm engine in a parked car often attracts cats who are left outside on cold nights. On cold mornings, be sure to bang on the hood before starting the engine to scare off unsuspecting felines. The best protection for your cat is to keep it indoors year 'rolllcl. While dogs should not be left outdoors when the temperature drops sharply, dogs that often stay outside require a draft-free, watertight shelter. A doghouse should be no more than 12 inches longer or three inches higher than the dog, since the animal's body heat cannot warm a doghouse that is too large. The floor should be raised a few ) ij \.} Pets need protection lature should take the responsl blhty for the final selecton of the Site chosen by the AuthOrity beheve we should. The key bill of the three bill package, Senate Bill 297, has gone to conference committee to resolve this ssue As the bill now stands, the governor would appomt the members of the A,l1thMlty which would then make the final dec- SlOn The remaimng two bills are awaiting the governor's signamches off the ground and covered With cedar shavings, which will control parasites and help retain the dog's skin 011 Dry, "hrpodpd newsuaoer S also acceptable, but must be changed often The doghouse should face away from the prevaihng wmd directon. Dogs need fresh, clean water available even during the winter Check the outdoor water supply frequently to make sure it hasn't frozen over and secure the dsh or bucket so t won't spll AV01dusing metal containers in freezing temperatures. Pets may need more food in the winter, since keepmg warm depletes energy. The warm dry atmosphere of the house may dry out an animal's skin and coat. Wrght recommends the addtion of a small amount of vegetable 011to the pet's food - one teaspoon for every 30 pounds of body weight Some dog's coats are long and thick enough to keep them warm and dry, but it's a good idea to towel off your pet after a walk. Small, short-haired or older dogs may need the added protection of a sweater. This Sa good time to de-flea your pets. Your dog should be bathed thoroughly and dipped following the first hard frost, when the outdoor fleas die. Canine flea powder is polsonous to cats, so be sure to use a product specifically designed for cats when treatmg your felmes. F1-t1 U-t (!L The Park passed an ordmance declarmg t 111egalto keep chckens Durmg the war, residents were allowed to keep chickens in thetr yards if certam space and sanitary regulations were followed. Plans were announced for a new school bulldmg for Detroit University School (on Cook Road) and Grosse Pomte COLlntry Day School (on Grosse Pomte Boulevard.) The new buildmg would combine both schools and would be located OppOStethe DUS bulldmg on Cook Road. Plans were under way to raise $908,854 for the bul1ding as well as for scholarships, teachers' salaries and teachers' pensions Florida oranges were $1 a dozen at the Farms Market. Smoked hams were 59 cents a pound. The Esquire Theater advertlsed three pairs of double features for the upcoming week Movles changed every two or three days. n the classified section, the Stters Club advertsed rehable adult sitters at 50 cents an hour - with references December 10, 1987 Choosing a low-level radioactive waste site By William R. Bryant Jr. Special Wnter LegiSlatlOn creatmg a Low- Level RadOactive Waste Author- ty, which S responsible for choosnga dsposal Site m Michigan, is awaltmg final passage m the Leglslatw-e. At ssue S whether the Legis Yesterday f",.i>t$fu#'- From page 7A A Grosse Pomte resident was shot by hs Wife in his home, while they and two friends were engaged m target practice with a.22 Marlm finger acton rille The man was taken to Bon Secours Hospital and was reported m senous condtion Wth a bullet in his abdomen. The couple had ngged up a 35-foot shootmg range extending the length of the hvmg room, across the dining room, and mto a rear bedroom, where a target was fastened to a heavy block of wood on the wall. The husband had forgotten to call out a warning as he approached the block of wood to put up a new target. Jewelry stolen More than $4,000 in Jewelry and personal items were stolen from a McKmley Street resident, who has been out of town since June. He reported that four rings, two watches, two gold bracelets, two gold watches, British pounds and silver items were missing_ Pohce have no suspects. ture Michigan was selected, by a seven-state compact, to be the Site for the storage of low-level radloactlve waste because we generate one-thud of the approx- mately 210,000 cubic feet of waste pel year of the states the compact. The states ncluded n Lhe compact are Michgan, owa, ndiana, Mlssoun, Minnesota, OhOand WsconSn The AuthOrity must choose three possible SiteS by June 1, 1988 The final selection must be made by Sept 1, 1989 The legis latlon also stipulates that a site would have to be at least 10 m,\p" from anv of the Great Lakes, unless t S located at or adjacent to one of Michigan's ex- sting five nuclear plants fffu& ij!' &"RHMW _. k CHCOPEE Brown or Black saddle leather; padded leather sole, unlzned Narrow and MedUm Widths. Gift wrapped at "N" "00 $44 95 _ The seven state wl!l share must a have a Site ready to acthe expenses mcurred as a result cept the low-level radioactve of locatng the disposal Site m wastes by 1993, at whch tine MChgan t also allows the De- federal law says that Washirg. partment of Public Health to is- ton, South Carohna and Nevaca, ue an order to permanently or current waste sites for the rest of temporarily close a site upon the country, may refuse wasl;ls findmg a potential hazard n from other states addition, the bill establshes an No one lkes the dea of harmshtute to be started by OCt 1, mg radloactlve waste stored n 1988 Michgan However, these hls Wll provide stnct regulatiols These bills are n response to and safety precautlons that aoe the federal regulatlons whch among the strongest m the coultry state that each state or region Szes Over. 12 add $2 KERCHEVAL AT ST CLAR GROSSE PONTE ;j CHRSTMAS HOURS Monday-Fnday, 9-30 to 9 00!< Saturday, 9.'30 to 5 30, Mastercard Visa, f., OUR ROYAL SUTE OF RUBES 0%t,*:'"k,<MU Give the warmest gift. Get the cuddliest Bear: Free. NOW VERY SPECALLY PRCED AT $850 and $1700 Traditionally styled and beautifully priced, each exquisite piece of this fine suite features a ruby approximately one-half carat in size. Each surrounded by onequarter carat of diamonds and set in 14k yellow gold. Ring, $850. Pendant, $850. And earrings, $1700. \X'hen you give someone cl gift pack of AT&TLong Dl:>unce Gift Certd1cates, t's lthe glvl1g them a gift of warm hellos $25 worth of long dl<, U'Ke calls that let them say hello to the people they love thl<' holjdapeason And \vhen you buy two gift packs, you get a cute cuddly hear free Each gl fl pack LOnt3111 fivc $') certlfi(atc\ whkh CJ1 bc used when p3vll1g for all A'& Long D<,t,l1ce c,l1h A gft of warm hello<' for he people )'ou]ove and a cuddlyhe:trforyou W1Jl gift wukl he merrler l Hurry to ()f Ll of our convel1lcnt]y ncted l)rjl1lhes Offer good only \\ hill <,upply 1:1.,1" comenca BANK!\ CARlES W. WARREN AT&T The right choice. OMRT.W., un)..,,h A1UlD -1AllC-'AlLUf ftluoau.. _... CM( l1o.. _

9 ---- Ne.w4 December 10, A PointerN<'> h/ From page la series of steps, and Klein sald, " started them off very logcally They learned how to treat metal and what t Wll do for you - its l;mltatlons and possibltes and the proper name for tools " thought they learned so addmg that t was too costly to do much ell.penmentmg The substance S ground glass and metals The art took off "hke Wldfire," Klein sad At the time, artists were eluctant to reveal Llt;!l t<::duhl.<::" c1uj '>V Gdn it aveled to Cleveland and conmuch for so little investment" Some of the other thmgs stu dents leal ned were how to plelce metal and how to set stones Durmg the 1940s, Detroit was a hotbed for silversmths With a number of noted teachers and artists, and the Silversmth GUlld was formed "We would have a meetmg and a demonstration Fnday nights, usually at the art institute, because they sponsored the guild at first," she sad "And on Saturdays would get down m my shop and go through everythmg they demonstrated" About 1950, Frederck Colby, noted Grosse Pomte Slversmth, heard a lecture on enamelmg at Cranbrook "He's always been very generous With hs knowledge and when he came home, he called me and told me about the enamehsts At the tme, no. body was enamehng," she sad,, vmced one of the artists to teach a class here "We had to have extra classes for people to en amel" For 18 yeal s Klem exhbited n a JUfled show at the Detl Ot nstitute of Arts, whch had es tabltshed an artsts' craftsmen show She became nvolved n an ec cleslastlcal art gmld and was commlssloned to do a chahce for the ndian Rver Shrine She also made an altar cross and pall' of candlestck holdel s fol the St Barnabas Nurses GUild at St Paul's Epscopal Cathe dral She had a one-woman sho\\ at the Toledo Museum of Alis m 1955 m whch she exhibted 30 pleces of hollow ware Klem studed at the Society of Alis and Crafts (now the Center learned rlvetmg and castmg wuh the lost wax process She said she had a lot of fun With other kmd" of castmg, mcludmg charcoal "You dg a dehlgn m a block of chalcoal, melt your metal on t and slap another piece of chal coal on top" Among her fondest memones.11 e the seven yea! s she spent teachmg chldren m the Gro"se Pomte schools "They were more fun, thobe kids You can't magme how much enjoyed them" She didn't let them use a torch 01 a sa..., "because they could saw off their fingel :,," but "he did let them pound "The celhng was a httle low and the nose would get so ten ble \\ hen they all started poundmg " Over the years, Klem has made many bowls for wedding gifts and bracelets and Cuffilllk>. for g'aduatlon gfts And she oj. 11,...,.,....,.1<:' "h".,,..c",..., hn"" \",'l(, '::>\.-.&..t. oj u...". ment hhop, expenmentmg With reticulated metal, whch resembles a fossil, and Japanese metal, WhChcontams 27 layers of heated metal She's even makmg a bracelet usmg vlohn keys "You can use lots of thmgs for textures" She sald, " al...ays enjoyed domg this, because could be home when the grls came home" Now Klem has eght 6'1andchl1dren and one great 6'1andchild Her mtel est goes beyond creatmg art works Actve m the Daughter s of the Amencan RevolutlOn and the Mchgan ay- 00\\ el Soclety, she has re- -.earched her family She Just completed the eseal'ch of anothel famtly and wants to get the nformatlon recorded for them Her other mterests m-,..1nrlc\ n"y'f"u,,...t 'hcl,,'h "lo't"rl,",l"=lpl"l"'\'"... O.... t?... _... r... J... 0 budge Fire up the holidays. Some of Eva Klein' 5 creations Send the ttd' Fm:"Je B,lket'\1 B01l4uet Cdll or \'1ltu, today ---$--- SCANLAN'S FSHER RD. FLORST 399 ".her Rood (313) Grone Po,nle. M 4112JO Woods police looking for blue van A 10-year-old girl was accosted The chlldren ran to a nearby Dec. 2 as she walked home from crossing guard, who alerted auschool, according to Woods po- thonties lice.. Pobee have no description of. The ncdent occurred near the the driver, but the passenger SEWER TROUBLE? mtersectlon of ornmgslde d was described as a white male, Call Roslyn as the grrl was walkmg 17 to 18 years old Wth dark (,"1,nltf("fJl',..,;: home from school.wlth her hall', wearmg a dark shirt, blue ClJ.!. u.u:.u: brother and other.chlldren. As Jeans and Converse tennis shoes they passed a full-szedark blue PlUMBfNG'.HEATH_ van Wth a light stripe down the Anyone with informatlon LVERNOS r i mddle, a man shouted an ob- should call the Woods police at KERCHEVAL scemty at the girl to get m MAPLE RD \q.';'n'6"(l i>lyll. Jl't<Pp//nfl,v/ J.' Jt,'f;;- JLU ' -' l; -- ami tv.-. R 1\' Trndemati<s 01FTDA c 1987 FTOA $59oml Commissioner David P. Cavanagh 1st District Wayne County Commission. MULER'S MARKET KERCHEVAL "An mpreuiue Selection offoods in a relotlue/y small place in the heart of Grosse Ponte Park."822-7?86 FRESH CHCKENS BREASTS CHCKEN LEGS STEWNG HENS CHRMPRGNESRN: "M SPRRJ<UNG WNES,) FREXENET Cordon Negro Champagne ANDRE Dry White BRCOUT Carte Noire Brut 89Q $28oml $13t FRESH COFFEE BEANS This Weeks Special FRENCH ROAST $39! ftift'82tft2 Open Monday-Saturday 8-6 ' LB CHOCE CHUCK ROAST $15L VANTY FAR All Occasion Napkins 90 ct 99 BORDONS 2% Milk $189 1/2 gal SOUR CREAM 0pint CATCH OF THE WEEK MEDUM SHRMP ct $6 99 LB FRESH $299 PERCH FLETS WHOLE SALMON 6ab $5 29 LB SALMON STEAKS $5 69 LB NABSCO CRACKERS TRSCUT Wheat thins Sociables Your choice PRCES N EFFECT THROUGH DECEMBER 16th $ Dap Head Lettuce 99 Broccoli. lj,un;h 990 Tomatoes 69 LB D'Anjou Pears 69 LB LB

10 10A Gertrude Rita Franke Howell Services for Qeltrude Rita Franke Howell, 77, a former Gro., POnte Farm resdent, were held Dec 5, 1987, at St Paul's Church Mrs Howell died Dec 3 at Autumn Woods ReS dentlal Health Care Center n Warren She was born n Michigan and was a teacher n the DetrOt pub. hc schools Survivors ale a daughter, Trudy Wycech, two sisters, Mary Grocholskl and Rose Bark, and a brothel, Damel Franke The body was cremated at For e"t Lawn Cemetery Arrangements were handled by the Chas. Verheyden Funeral Home Catherine Brown Blunt ServiceS for Catherme Brown Blunt, 54, of Grosse POinte Park, were held Monday, Nov. 30, 1987 at the Chas Verheyden Funeral Home. Mrs Blunt ded o Nov 28 at Harper Grace Hospital She was born n Springfield, Survvors mclude her husband, John W; two sons, Chl'l['- topher and Miles, and a granddaughter, Amanda. The body was cremated at For est Ldwn Cemetery. Arrangements were handled by the Chas Verheyden Funeral Home Paul A. McGowan Funel al servlce were at St Lucy's Church on Thursday, Dec 3, 1987, fol Paul A Mc- Gowan, 75, of Grosse POinte Woods Mr McGowan ded Nov 29 at Cottage Belmont NurSing Center. He was born n McKeesport, Pa and was a salesman for a tre company. Mr. McGowan was past commander of Alger VFW Post No. 393 He S survived by hs wife, Gladys BUrial was at Roseland Park Cemetery n Berkley, hch Arrangements were handled by the Chas Verheyden Funeral Home Henry E. Martin Services for Henry E. Martm, 90, of Grosse Pomte Shores, were Monday, Dec 7, 1987 at the Verheyden Funeral Home and Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church Mr Martin ded Dec. 3 at Bon Secours N Ul'llg Care Center Mr Martlll was presdent of Color-Cl'aft Products untl he retred 1970 The company manufactured Chmese Checker games and other toys According to a son, Chinese Checkers were the most popular game manufac. tured there during the 1930s He was a former member of the Uearborn Country ltlub and the Kmghts of Columbus, Gabnel RChard Lodge SurvVors are hs Wfe, Mlnme, a son, Donald A.; two grandchldren; three great-grandchldren; and two great-great-grandchll- dren BW'lal was at Mount Ohvet Cemetery n Detroit Arrangements were handled by the Chas Verheyden Funeral Home. Hazel M. Joseph Ashley Funeral '>elvlle wel e held Monday, Dee 7, 1987 at A H Peters Funeral Home for Hazel M Joeph Ashley, 79, of Grosse Pomte Woods Mrs Ashley died D.:l 3 at Bon SecoUl N tll "mg Centel She \\a bllll1 111 Ba) C1), Mlch She g1 ddllated f om Fhnt Central Hgh School, Mchigan Stdte NOlmal School and, flom Wayne State Ulllvel '>lly, \\ lth d bdchelor of,>clence deh" ee She \\ a'> d tedchel Mrs. Ashley was past presldem of Lht:: GU::.:>t:ruluk Wovds Senior Ctizens, a member of the Grosse Pointe Woods Semor Ctzens CommssOn, Vce presdent of the Amercan AssociatOn for Retired Persons, a past matron of O.E.S. and a member of the How employers can comply with immigration recordkeeping All employers, whether they have one employee or 100, must comply with new recordkeepmg requirements under the mmigraton Reform and Control Act. As an employer, you must complete a new 1-9 form for each new person hred after Nov. 6, Tus form is designed to venfy that the new hire is a U.S. citizen or a legally author- 12.edalien worker Wthin three uusiness days after you new hire begins work, you must mspect documents that verify the person's identity and eligibility to work, and you must complete the 1-9 form. (There is one exception: New hires have a 21-day grace period for produc- ng the documents if they give you a receipt, within three days after hire, showmg that they have applied for documents but have not yet received them. This 21-day rule does not apply to people seeking work authorization from the NS, however) Here are some questons em- ployers have been asking about the new recordkeepmg requirements ddn't receive any 1-9 forms, and don't know where to get them. As long as record all the requred informaton, S that enough to comply Wth the new requirements? No, you must use the 1-9 form. Substtute forms and nformal recordkeepmg are not acceptable. Some businesses have asked about changing the form to better suit their needs - printing the form with their company logo or with a disclaimer stating that federal law, not company policy, requires the verification Others have asked about reproducing the form in languages other thap. Enghsh. But the 1-9 S an official government form, and it may be modified only by the NS. You may write to the NS suggesting changes to the form, but you may not change the form yourself. During the past year, NS has been sendmg 1-9 forms to employers all over the country. f you mssed gettmg them, you can buy them from any local government printing office retal sales store. They cost $13 for 100, but one form wll do, because you may photocopy t as needed. What do do Wth the 1-9 forms once 've filled them out? Do mall them m to the NS? No, do not mail them in. The law requires that you retain the 1-9 forms in your files. Keep them on file and avalable for mspection by officers of the NS or the Department of Labor NS officials will give you three days' notice before inspecting the forms. But they are not required to show you a subpeona or warrant You must make the forms available for inspection at the place ",here the officers asked to see them, or, f the forms are kept at another location, you must make them avalable at the NS office nearest that location. 61 How long must keep the 1-9 forms on file? The 1-9 forms must be kept on file for three years after the date of hiring or for one year after the person leaves your employ, whichever is longer. n other words, the form for an employee must be kept for at least three years, even if the employee resigns after three days. What happens if fail to comply Wth the recordkeeping requirements? f you fail to complete and maintam 1-9 forms, you are violatmg the law. You may face Cvil penalties ranging from $100 to $1,000 for each employee on whom forms are not properly maintained. For more nformation, call the local NS office or the NS tollfree number at: Grosse Pomte Women's Club. SurVVOl" l1c1ude thl ec son'>, Duane, Kenneth and Alan, livl' gl Jndchildl en. a,>"tel, Loulbe C,ley. and d bl othel, D ll l h,wl Jo-,eph BUll,l \1 <1-',t WlJudlcl\\ n Cem del Y MemOl.!1 contllblltlon,> may be mdde to the Se11l0l Cltl7en Memol wi Fund of Glo,>se POlllte Wood" 01 to Sl GeOlge 01 thodox Chulh 111 Det! Ot All dngemenh \\(') e handled b\ A Petel'> Funel dl Home Sheila Galvin Roney Sl'l \ ce" 101 SheJia Gal\'ln Ho l'\ 52, \ue held Del' 1, 1987 December 10, 1987 Grosse Poi nte News.t St Llll y',- C,1thohc ChUl ch 111 St C 1,111 Shol eb!'vii;, Roney dlpd Nov 9 at hel Grabbe Pllnte ShOll''' home She \\,1" bol'l1 M1Chlgclll und d d homemakel SUVVO!-, al P hel hu"b,l1d, l{lj!w1.lhll'e daughtel ", Dell dl e Ann, Sheila M and Cmol C, t 1\ (),>on", Robel t 'Hot" Jl and Chll,>tophel, one "l,>tel, 1\\0 othel -', lind a qtepl<lthel. Ste plwl1 DuBlul :\le11011,11lontlllluthjl1" 11cl\ h m,lde to the Shel,l Hone\ :'l'mol Jdl Fund, Hdl pel Ho"pi Ld.3990,John R, Detl Olt A l,t1genwnh \\ P e handkd \n the Wilhelm Flnel,J! Home Ho\V To mprove Your Memories Keep a portable datebook Take plenty of (1) trps and (2) notes Jot down restaurant names, shortcuts, fr18nds' Szes Should auld acquamtance be forgot, look t up Leather jde ('r1 TRAVEL yovf( 0 ORGANZER $59.f.fS '715 Made U., luidrh or1 /;f We pv'illiau A flser-1s Grosse Pomte Kercheval Avenue B,rmmgham 203 P,erce Street. Twelve Oaks Call ' 5777 for a Free Catalogue 8: nformation BROWSE OUR SPLENDD COLLECTON OF TRAVEL BOOKS N GROSSE PONTE 1 :1i.JlL BAUME & MERCER GENEVE Washers From Look at the Amana protection J Dryers From $ you get: 1 Year Full Warranty on the entire unit; 2 Year Limited Warranty on all parts; 3i'd-5th Year Limited Warranty agai nst rust on the wraparound steel cabinet;* 3rd.1Oth Year Limited Warranty on the washer and dryer. NTERNATONAL TELEVSON AND APPLANCE CO. "Serving the Pointes for 54 Years." 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11 December 10, 1987 Fine arts classes offered to residents More than 90 courses n arts, crafts, desgn and photogl'aphy Wll be available to resdents when the College of Ali and De- gn' ExtenbtOn Program beglns ts wmter semester Saturday, Jan 16, at the school's Center for Creative Studws campus, 245 East Krby, m the Ul1lverslty Cultural Cenier ReglstratiOn for credt and non-credt COW"se",some of whch Wll be held at UntVelsity Lggett School n Grosse Pomte Woods, \\ be conducted thlough Jan 14 All credt courses run through May 13, 1988 Non credt courses have varying schedules Brochures hstmg all available course& and tncludlng all reglstj at On mformation are available from the Office of ExtenstlOn Programs at the College of Art and DeSgn, 245 East Krby, or 11A by calling 872 :3118, extenc,lon 279 RegJ.stratlOn fo! all courbe'> may also be done by phone or by mall The College of Art and DeSgn gl'ants the bachelol of fine mis degree 111 the areas of craftb, fine drts, graphc communcaton, n dustnal dblgn and photography Four cars damaged in Farms Four cars parked near Lake pm, the wmdows of a 1985 "hole and Wlnthrop Place 111 the BUck, 1986 :velculy, 1979 Cad Farms Wele damaged by a pellet lldc and 1986 Oldsmobde were gun FJ lday mght, broken Poltee have no "upecb at ths Sometime between 9 and 10 time The Jason Wool Underblanket The rich bed of fleece provides comfortmg, al\- Q'je'" st.:ppo8lev::1gbedy pcssurc pc:nt and enablmg a better night's sleep for sufferers of arthritic, rheumatic and muscular pam Twin Queen $ $ Full King $219')5 $ Defer Day Defer P TO member Susan Starr uses Ben Schaefer. Emily Richard and Erin Bannon as models as she sorts sweatshirts in preparation for Defer Day. Dec. 11. Son John Starr. center. tries to look fierce wearing his Defer dragon costume. The students wear green and white on Defer Day to demonstrate their pride in their school. They may buy Defer pencils. stickers. T-shirts. sweatshirts or caps. All profits are used to benefit the school Mack Ave. Crosse Pointe Woods Complete Lme of Medcal SupplJes and EqUpment - Den Dals'l;,''nw!!Wii;!i''1!lt!l:!!!llil... lm;@aah'*.\'lll 1-1-( From page la overcome with smiles and understandmg, Stories were shared, photographs admired and small gifts exchanged, When the visit was over, the students who had been nervous and worried in the begnning admitted they felt happy and satisfied. " felt rich," said Stuart Macken- Zie Had they learned anything from the visit? "That letters make people feel better, make them feel happy," said Erin Springstead "And that old people are nce; they're just regular people," said Jake. The vist was such a success that the students plan to return m December to dstnbute gifts they have made and sing Christmas carols, One resident said "These children are so nice, maybe thmgs aren't really so bad after all " Fire Fl'om:; 1A. Firefighter Wlham Brown, a 17-year veteran of the Farms fire department, sustamed a fractured ankle and was taken by ambulance to St John Hosptal Furtaw sad there S no doubt that the smoke alarm saved lves "Ths time of year S a good time to mstall a smoke alarm," he sald, "or check exlstmg smoke alarms to be sure they'le workmg" Brunch with Santa By popular demand, the War Memoral has scheduled a thrd Brunch wth Santa, Saturday, Dee 19, at am ThiS annual holday treat features a menu of macoron and cheese, frut, donut holes, Jello, mlk and coffee for adults Santa Will arrive by helcopter at noon, VSit wth each chld, dlstnbute glfts and lead the carolmg Tckets are $7 50 per person ReservatlOnb should be made by Tuesday, Dec 15 ndcate name, age and sex of each chld, as well as those with whom you wsh to be seated, when makmg reservaton" Chldren must be accompamed by an adult B mg booster seats f nece%31)' For fuiher mfo!matlon, call Carolers needed Sa! dtogd Communltv Hoo,pllal n\lteo, community i,'1oupo, to gpt n' hf> hol.riav "ph i hv Ch o,t ndo, cm ollllg t hloughout thp hall" of the h(hpltal Pat lenh \\ ho,lr(' ho"pltnil/ld dull ng the holiday "ed"on need pxt 1 a chp(,j mg up and apprpcmte any "pecldl ('ffort" Chl1l'ch groupc" "cout troopo" "choo] h'1'oup" and club" al (' \"plcojnp to mdke a dat(' to "mg Call to M'hedulc your group V51TOU\ TOUK r./: '" rl",... CHRSTMAS..,,. Party Trays must be ordered by Dee 21st ofamll Y DNNG,".. /71 (''' 0111 \ C/\{//(/\ Wl\h {/,. rom,. ( - -.r..- t'" tt....l ' "..l:; PARTY TRAYS Book discussion The Harper Woods Lbrary Wll have a book dscussion Wednesday, Dec 16, at 7 30 pm The book, "Hotel Du Lac" by Al1lta Brookner, S the subject Copies are avmlaqle at the braj)' Call for more nformation GARBAGE GRNDER? Call EtUlth PlUMBNG'tlEAT1Nj,7600 LVERNOS lj KERCHEVAL MAPLE RD, , for nll MffDS ; & NEW YEARS Orders must be for 10 or more CARRY OUTS Mon-Sat 11 am 9 pm Closed Sunday UNCLE HARRY'S DEL MACK (est 1977) ns-3120 (S p $ Q "CJf'u.. / 1'011"1' Beautiful Hgh Quallty Long NdlurJl {ijeooe-r (fyj!ky f /ffj/ 'Ju't'tut rot $1,597 Thru Saturday Only dlonhty & c:refiagifuy MPR:SV SAVNG 01 frol1 n '" n' H "n OO... 1f! fill \, ')O' "\ _j UNQUF: PAYM.Nf TLRM 111\' ".. ", "0 '" 25 % Down and you (Jon t ' ' '1n \,, 'J \t' ' U f? hll'lfh 'll"nlldll.hllr, A. t rh\/r n '" '""c a c ru,lr) \1" 'r' t (.r, A,pic,>' "lia - Fur lablad 10 ShOWcounlfy of or 9 n of,mponed furs --- 4i'(\ D,lt " MAKE US YOUR J,HolidayHeadquarters!' -ts the time to order your PRME RB ROAST The King of Roast for your Holiday Entertaining 1-i-.".-.'11" ill '"*U J HOLDAYHAM q,,... ] JOHN MORRELL E-Z CUT HAMS AVALABLE CALL NOW! COFFEE BEANS YORKSHRE GFT CERTFCATE AVALABLE S2.5!l uper Select iii Extra fancy Washington.. State Red Delicious APPLES Jumbo Navel ORANGES "THE WORLDS FNEST HAM" REEN 4199 C WE FEATURE SPRAL ONONS GWED reen Peppers _ SLCED HAMS 7 Fancy Fresh ZUCCHN 79 $35! - WHOLE OR HALF PRME LEG-O-LAMB 0. or CROWN ROAST r! "WASA" CRSP OF LAMB,'ft..A_!1 SPECALTES 1$189 MADE JUST FOR YOU! '.?Fo -1 LB Bag 29 i" S )l'1\e-t lwr-i g=ers$1 4!lc BORDEN 2% Milk $159, WNES CHAMPAGNES LQUORS PORK LON END ROAST ALASKAN KNG CRAB LEGS Sour $16B $99B MACAD/-\MAN CREAM $49, SQURT MNUTE MAD D DR. PEPPER 2 Liter $119 +Dop 24 Cans $7 99 +Dep 241/2 Liters $6 99 +Dep --=:. S999qr/ Aftiit Homemade Fresh ' Cream 89<: r 1,.-.. POLSH & TALAN -:;;:- SAUSAGE CHRSTMA TA_N ) $22Q. CENTER CUT PORK LON CHOPS $249" FRESH ROASTED No Limits. Stock up MOLSONS + Dpp FOR THE HOLDAYS CANADAN Case of 24 Bottles

12 --- December 10, A NtMl4 Parent-toddler classes are a boon to moms and tots By Peter A Salinas Staff Wnter f there's anyone who has need of a support group, f", the parent of a toddler, and thanks to a sp6clal mterest class sponbored through the Grosse Pomte De partment of Commumty Educa tlon, there 11:> one nstructol s Amta Dupes and Susan Galdlca, b<jth parents of toddlers, organize the weekly two hour das'>cs Pal ent"" generally mothcl s, brmg their chtld or children to the clds", where toy" Me avatl able and craft project" have been developed and materials provided "This S one of the few pro grams anywhcle whe:re both the chld and the parent are dilowed to participate togl,thl1, jjllpe said "The p,dl n1,lld ( r! glt to mteract \lth ,',,1)(1 also get their first chance to m- teract with other children. They learn basc &<>Clal sktlls, such as playing together and sharing" " have a 5 year old and one younger than Charhe here," Galdlca said, as she workd on a craft project With her 15-monthold son " ju",t felt Charlie was being left out of a lot of thmgs This class gve" me a one-on-one With him, and t\ great for him to be Wth other kids." Both Dupes and GaldlGa were parents With chtldren m the pro gram before takmg on the leader"lup foles. Thy have no formal tram 109 as mstructors, but both have participated m the Systematic 1'1 allllng for Effective T"'l f("'t'lt"'lnl"..." rdleul.ju b \U.1"""".L/ jjivoj.<a, WlllCh they recommend to de "clop mutlwl re"peet between parent and child, cooperaton, reo sponslbllty and self-rehance Dupes plans each week's sesson. The class usually ncludes several craft projects, play tme for the parent and the toddler, and probably most important, a 20-mmute dscusson group for the parent The group S cultently partlcipatmg m a mlnl-extenslon of the fall sesson, takmg place during the holdays. The 30 parents partlclpatmg 10 the group are workmg on Christmas projects With their children, and the parent discussongroups touch on hol1- day topcs " thmk the networking Wth other parents S very mportant," Gmdlca said. "t S nice to talk '."lth ether-!!'.cterc ('f '2 y><,r-()l" about tolet traimng, sleepless mghts and other problems t S good to know you are not the only one going through all of ths.. Dupes said fathers have come to the class, and in several cases, grandpoj'ents have filled m when mom couldn't make it. There are two classes, one on Tuesdays and another on Thursdnys. Each class has 15 parents and 15 or more children. There is a $40 fee for the eight-week sesson and an additonal $11 for the mini-se&sion There S an ad. ditonal fee for parents who bring more than one child. "We have had very positve feedback from all the parents who've taken the class with their children," Dupes said. "f the demand mcreases, we might consider a third class. This is the first tme we have had two classes. Lisa Montague of the Park has two children in the program - Stephen, 1, and Jonathan, 2. " love it, t is so much fun," Montague Sad "t's two hours of concentrated play, and t doesn't mess up my house. There are art projects, treats for the kids, and you get to talk Wth the other mothers and exchange ideas." "This has been so good for her," said Martha Miller of her 20-month-old daughter, Meghan. "She gets to be around other kds, and it gives me something to do for two hours m the morning" n the back of the room, there S a jmgl1ng m the air as the chldren and parents put together a Silver bell craft complete With jmgle bells t's a simple craft, but t takes the tull attenton of the toddlers, who seem to love every minute of the closeness with their mothers Santa will Visit the group next week. Parents were asked to brmg a $3 to $5 present for Santa to grve the youngsters The spmt of gvmg was part 01 the topc tor the gj oup du::'- sions. The actual title of the discusson was "'TS the season to be greedy." The group discussed such thmgs as what w get chldren, how to determine what t S the child really wants for a gut and how to get the child to share with siblings and other chldren. Dupes suggested that instead of giving money to the youngster and having them pick a gft out for their father or vice versa, they might consider helping the parent. "Whenever she helps me out around the house, we make a star and put t on the tree," Dupes sad "That way they learn that gfts aren't always somethmg you have to buy" The parents share mformatlon about how they feel when the kids are good and when they '1 e bad "t 1S good to know that you are not alone that when they're so bad, you feel hke hanging them," Dupes Sad. "Some parents thmk they are strange or abnormal when they feel that way, and t's good for them to know we have all felt that at one tme OJ another and how we coped With t " Photo, by Peter A Salinas Susan Gaidica. left. one of the instructors for the Grosse Pointe Community Education Parent/Toddler program. talks with two of the class participants. Barbara Wagner and son. J.P.. 21 months. The crafts tables are a busy place. Parents can work with their children on a variety of projects each week. enabling the youngsters to learn new skills. Get high interest and short term flexibility. Martha Miller gives daughter, Meghan. a ride. Miller said the ParentlToddler program is an ideal way for her to spend time with her child and meet other parents and share ideas. ALA joins in hazardous waste disposal effort ThE' Amedcan Lung ASSOCiation of Southeast Michigan called on Gov. James Blanchard to form a task force to estabhsh rules concermng the locaton of municpal and hazardous waste incmerators and processors n MChigan The Lung ASSOCiatOnproposal reflects the heated controversy surroundmg the DetrOt Resource Recovery Faclhty now under construrtion Slgmficant Stmg concerns also affect recent apphcatlons for two mcmerator permts n Downnver DetrOt (ncludlllg one adjatent to Hlstonc Fort Wayne), as well as exlsltmg ncmerators n suburban DetrOt "No one seems to know how many waste handlmg faclhtles Breathers to meet People With chroj1lc lung dl" (',1<,('.1, P 11Vll<'d to joll Bl hlth ('J" Cluh 11l'11!JPl'".:\, Dc'( 21,101 a "p('c1.d (,hll"trn"" (pjr' hi,t on Tlu tll11(> " 2:l(j pm ('L, 'l of tllp Lllthellln S(K,t1 >l VC{'" ('al" ill)' Sf'nlm C( llt(» 49f>O (.atp...hpad, ])C!101t BH>,lthpr" Club meet.. the thll d Monday of pach mont hand " d [rpp uj1hllunlty "(' V((' of thp Ampllc,lll Lung A"...ouat On of,"'olllh(',...t Mlchlgdn n COOPP,11)(,n With Bon Secour" O"?t al F(n 11on' llfm r,1atlon, r:dl we need, where they should go or what characteristics and controls they should have," said Rod Burton, president of the associ a- tlo,1. n his letter to Blanchard, Burton called on the governor to appoint a task force to set standards based on need, alternatives to reduce waste quantitles (such as source separaton and recychng), appropriate cat hment areas and desired charactenstlcs for potential ncmerator and pro. cessor Sites "Our goal S for the state of Michigan to set standards that Wll allow t to provde an adequate, yet not excessive, number of facihtles and to locate those facl1tje'l so as tu equalne the burden among various regons of the btate" By establsh 109 the task force, the Lung ASSOCiatOn hopes the governor W]] re-estabhsh the method of siting ncmerators and processors so that applicatons for such facljtles wdl be Viewed "n broader context than a pro ject by project, Site by-site struggle of pohtlcal wd]s and legal "trateges " Burton", letter also called on the governor to SUppOlt the ef. fort" of the new All' Toxlcs Pol. Cy Committee recently formed by the Mchigan Air Pol lltlon Control CommissOn The commttee wdl examme and reg ulate the emissons of toxcsota the environment Standard Federal Bank Savings/Financial SelVlces Main Office: 2401 W Big Beaver Road Troy, Michigan Minimum deposit $2,500 Thl::, seven month certificate from Standard Federal offers you a very at1actlve rate of interest and a short term that allows you the flex- bility you want for managing your funds. Plus, ths account S nsured to $100,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan nsurance Corporation (FSLlC). Available at every office of Standard Federal Bark Substantial nterest penalty for ear1y Wthdrawal from certificate accounts

13 December A Mary Grimes. registrar/curator. displays antique dolls from the Lawrence Scripps Wilkinso'n collection affiliated with he Detroit Historical Museum. The dolls. from the left. are an 1899 French doll. a 1923 Byelo and a 1930 Shirley Temple. James Bridenstine. director of the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House. watches Mike Slater, head houseman, hang a wreath. one of many inside and outside the house. Tours, regularly given at L 2. 3 and 4 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays. will be extended to 5. 6 and 7 p.m. the following days: Dec. 16, and 30. Admission is $4 for adults, $3 for senior citizens and $2 for children 12 and under. For recorded information, call brt!i!iing Part of the Wilkinson collection of antique toys on display at the house inlcudes the buffalo hunt. Shirley Brennan of the household staff trims one of five trees inside the house. { 'N' '",,.r-'" ;J. "..#- Armando Risi of the household staff helps decorate a tree. 'l1oto.6 by ert temanuele Cindy FragnolL secretary to the director. at the left. and Donna Oliver, tour coordinator, bring some of the decorations that will be used outdoors. (

14 "c... _ - 14A 'Messiah' Two holday season performances of Handel's "Messiah" will be presented at the natonal historic Site of Fort Street Presbytenan Church m downtown Detroit by the 99.vOlce Furt Street Chorale and full orchestra wth both performances begmmng at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Dec 12, and Sunday, Dec. 13 Among those performmg Wll be Sue Henderson, Helen Santlz, Manan and Al Schweitzer and Bette and Melvn Kettelhut of Grosse POnte, Ann James, Else Wassenaar, Jane and Russell Yamazak of Grosse POnte Park, and Thomas Wells of Gro!>se Pointe Farms.. The concerts will feature solo StS Glenda Krkland, SOplano, ElSie n<;plman mp771-"onr'mo' Carmen Cavallaro, tenor: and Steve Henrikson, bass Tckets are $8 and are avalable n advance by calhng or may be purchased at the door Adjacent lighted and guarded free parkmg S avalable Holiday recital Voice students of Dons Pagel wll perform their annual Chnstmas concert Tuesday, Dec. 15, at 7 p.m. n the War MemOral's Fres Ballroom. A varied program of opera, operetta and Christmas carols will be performed. A special treat for the audence Wll be the chldren's performance of songs from Cinderella. Tickets are $2.50 for adults, $1.50, children 12 and under Refreshments will be served Call DSO musicians schedule MUSCansof the DetrOit Sym phony Orchestra will produce two perf01 mances of Handel's "Messiah" at Orchestra Hall Saturday, Dee 12, at 8 pm and Sunday, Dec 13. at 3 pm. Joming the musicans Wll be s111gel s from the DetrOt Symphony Chorale and the Cantata Academy The pelformances Wll be conducted by DSO vlolmlst Felx Resmck Admls!>ion S $10 for general Grosse Pomte Woods resdents are mvlted to rmg n the Chnst. mas season by caroling at the gazebo n Ghesquiere Park Sunday, Dec. 16, at 6 p.m. The event is sponsored by the Country Club Woodo;Progressve Henry Ford, Greenfield George... Shearing, internationally known pianist-composer, wlll appear in concert at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 13. Tickets are $16 for adults and $14.25 for students and senior citizens. They may be obtained at the Center's box office or reserved on credit card by calling , Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Center is located on the Center Campus of Macomb Community College at Hall (M-59) and Garfield roads in Clinton Township. 'Messiah admsson,$15 fol' loge and $25 for box seats For tickets, call the box office at They al e also available at all Ticket Mas tel' outlets nformaton about other hohday concerts S avalable over the musican's concert hothne at All proceeds from the concert Wll be used to pay the muscans' nsurance benefits dunng the CWTent DSO stalemate Woods residents invited to carol The month of December at Top - All mimatme Every con- Henry Ford Museum & Green. celvable crcus Vgnette, played field Village will be marked by out for generatons on crcus the gaiety of a circus, intermn- grounds across America, can be gled with Christmas musc and seen at a scale of 3/4-mch to the the laughter of children foot, mc1udmg tmy performers, From Dec. 5 through Jan. 3 ammals, roustabouts and audl- (except for Christmas and New encea. Year's Day), vistors to the m- door/outdoor historical complex More tladitlonal hohday Sghts can.rekindle some of the chldhood magic that marks the holi- VStors in the concourse area, and sounds will await museum day, as well as rehve a variety of where the cheelful toots from a Christmas traditons from past fantasy LOnel tram layout will generations mmgle Wth the strams of Everyone knows that the Christmas music A holiday pup magic of Christmas can best be pet show Wll entertain children seen through the eyes of a chld, of all ages, and a fat, Jolly Santa and Henry Ford Museum will Wllpreside over the merriment celebrate the holday keepmg youngsters - and the young at For a final touch of Chnstmas heart - m mind. enchantment, the Henry Ford The centerpiece for "A Chld's Museum Theater will present World of Christmas" Wll be a "Snow White and the Seven towermg Christmas tree n the Dwarfs" The two-hour play was museum concourse, decorated 'wntten by Jesse Braham White with cookies, candy, small toys and produced on Broadway n and circus characters n keepmg 1912 t will run Dec. 5 through with a specal Chnstmas gift. Jan. 2, Saturdays only, With additional performances Dec. 27, the Howard Bros Crcus. Blled as "the greatest httle 28,29 and 30 Two matmees Wll show on earth," the Howard be staged each show date, the Bros. Circus will offer all the first at 11 am and the second at thrills and chlls of a 1930s Bg 3 pm. except Sunday, Dec 27, AssociatOn, whch reminds Sngers to dress warmly and brmg a thermos There will be a special surprse for the children. For more mformatlon, call Darlene Stefamch at when only a 3 p.m show Wllbe pelformed. The audience S in- Vted to meet the characters after each performance, and reservatons are suggested Dozens of Chrstmas activites abound m the historic bulldmgs of Greenfield Village, tradltlonal ClL.%Onlh and trimmings from past decades of America's history will be enjoyed Ranging from a rural English yuletide m the seventeenth-century Cotswold Cottage, to a more modern, turnof-the century Chrstmas celebraton at the Wnght Brothers' Home, vistors can experence the changng manner n whch Amencans have observed that most specal tme of year At scheduled times throughout the day, costumed staff m val' OUShomes throughout the Vllage Wll create decoratons and gfts, and demonstrate cookmg and food preparaton usmg recpes, utensls and techmques from the past The Firestone Farm Will offer one such domestic scene With the preparaton of a hearty Chnstmas dmner performed n the manner and style of the 1880s Youth dance A festve holday youth dance wlll be held Friday, Dec. 18, from 7:30 to 10:30 pm. at the War MemOral. All students n grades 6-8 who eslde m or attend school in Grosse POnte are invited to celebrate the season dancing to mu. SC provided by J.R Entertainment. Tckets are $3.75 per person (hmlt two per student) and must be pw'chased m advance No tickets Wll be sold after 5 p.m. the day of the dance. Students wll! not be permtted on the War Memorial grounds the evening of the dance Wthout a ticket. Attre for the evemng is dressy, guys in tes, girls m dresses or skrts P"rpnt" <lre l!eeded to chper one and they will be given a complimentary tcket for ther student. Call Polish Christmas Carol Concert The Polonalse Chorale, directed by Bronislaw Starkowski, will present a Polish Christmas Carol Concert Sunday, Dee 13, at 4 p m at Om Lady Star of the Sea Chmch, 575 Ballantyne Road. There S no admission, but free-will donations will be accepted. A cassette will be avail. able after the concert. This is the second in a series of five concerts. For more mformation, call or plan Christmas events Other holtday settmgs and actlvlties to be enjoyed will include an 1890s mllinery where ladies busly fashion winter bonnets; the creatve craftsmanship of potters and glass blowers; a daily organ concert in the Martha-Mary Chapel, and the General Store where children arp welcome to play with reproductions of yesteryear's toys. Nlghtme weaves a special kmd of Christmas spell around the museum and village, so the public S mvited to partcipate m two after-hours programs: the Henry Ford Museum Holiday Gathermg and an 1850s ChrStmas at Eagle Tavern. n the former, guests Wll enjoythe decorated ambance of the museum at night, featuring hohday music, craft demonstrations, shoppmg and a sumptuous meal m the American Cafe. n the village's Eagle Tavern, a hearty, famly style meal n the manner of the 1850s Wllbe served, complemented by holiday music, a slegh nde and shoppng. Advance reservations for both programs are requred. Boston-Edison home tour scheduled Join the resdents of DetrOt's tour, which will be decorated for Boston.Edlson Hohday Home the holidays. Tour Sunday, Dec. 20. GUded Followmg the tours, resdents toms will begin every 30 minutes from 11 a.m. to 4 pm, with phmentary refreshments n the of Boston Edison Wll serve com- shuttle bus departmes from Sacred Heart Seminary, locatd on cred Heart Seminary. Bishop Gallagher Room of Sa- Chcago Boulevard at Linwood Tickets are $8 per person and Avenue. must be purchased in advance. Reduced rates are available for This combination walkmg and groups of 25. Send yom check bus tom will take you back to made payable to Historic Bostonthe tmn of the century to view Edison Association, along Wth the fine exterior and interior ref:,- yom name, address and the tme idential architecture of the early you would prefer to take the 1900s Resident tour gudes wll tour, to: Historic Boston-Edison r accompany you throughout, providmg interesting histones of trolt, MCh For more m- Home Tom, P.O. Box 06666, De. the five homes included on the formaton, call WHAT BETTER GF1' THAN BACCARAT? Now the beauty of Baccarat Crystal comes beautifully boxed, ready to be shared. Shown: Massena flutes, $170 a pair. From France. CARlES -,. W. WARREN JEftlWa 190J: 5OOl1llSiTAU. UU'" )411 US11.Atm-lA&EZD-l..u'tJ..AM UN.' c..."....., b... "'-or December 10, 1987 FRESH CUT CHRSTMAS TREES FROM CADLLAC 5-10 fee. t " Blue- White Spruce Scotch Pine i Douglas Fir Come see us at the. L V.F.W. Bruce Post 1146 i E. Jefferson, St. Clair Shores December 8.22 Open any time.j -.JMUMl_n Jr.* bw Natural gas has a price advantage over eleclrlclly ftj" FROM "/.ONG brqant When you buy a Bryant Plus 90 furnace from Flame Furnace, you'll be making a smart nvestment The Plus 90 S both affordably pnced and up to 97% efficient, so t'll quickly pay for tself by lowering your heating bills And Bryant will reimburse you for any two of your montl1ly gas bills this winter after installation That's a return 01') your nvestment that's hard to beat And when you buy from Flame Furnace, Michigan's largest residential Bryanl deafer, you'll also get the protection of their free two year parts and labor warranty Call today' FURNACE SAFETY & ENERGY CHECK-UP r0ilkp <;W' your furnace S ready for wlnt"r $36 With ').r horo,qh safety and energy p' rl<'lenry chpck ur Offf'r exprras Nav 30th DETROT WARREN TROY brqont.fe RUNS N THE FAMLY PROMPT SERVCE We prrde Ourselves On Our prompt e.<pert servce THS HOLDAY SEASON, "THE TURKEY'S ON US!!" leave the family car at home, and rent a current year, low mleage vehlde from Thnfty Car Rental at special weekend rates, startrng at $17.99 a day. * n addition to a relaxrng vacation, you will receive a Turkey or Ham with any mid-size, full-size, New Yorker, or Mrnl-Van rental Dnvl' a new not a used car, les'i worry ahout mamtenilnce or repar All that wear and tear gol" on a rental car, not your own You,tart r('laxmg from the moment you leave your drveway You Wll wcelve a Turkey or Ham Wth any md-,ze or larger rental FOR NFORMA TlON & RfSERVA TlONS Mack (at Fisher) Grosse Pointe Farms... &t.m -:lcar Pental :iifj.l\..., ",11 tt Thrdt..,,'ur., qua/"r prnduo, of th Chrr,r.r Molors Corpora'/on SpeCial raie available Thursday. Noon through Mar-day. Noon 3 Day Minimum ReqUred 100 Free Miles Pf'r Day Ga Tx Waive' & ncidentals Mllnduded Car Class subjocoavailability Explles ,,

15 - at December 10, A Pen pals meet Story on page 1 John Graffius. fifth-grader at Ferry SchooL visits his pen pal Georgia Sammartino. who lives at St. Joseph Home for the Aged. r Zena Boussoulas greets her pen pal Brian McCloskey. Photos by Kay Photography Sarah Ponton and Jessica Buttiglieri visit with Sister Mary Magdalene. administrator of St. Joseph Home. That's-Muffin. who also lives at the home. checking out the girls. Erin Springstead meets Ernestine Taylor. remodeli ---=---=-- ---= sale Scott-Shuptrine will be completely rernodelec1 We will be.' _. C LfVE 20%-60% broadening our assortrnent of the finest furniture Jines,,'l\_', '1,'11 UL 1 renovating our existing Henredon Gallery and adding a.!,'- '' Thomasville Gallery. We need to clear out existing stock to,t.'<.1 -.' make room for the construction. i -' t, - -.,,--_m L EVERYTHNG WLL BE REDUCED NCLUDNG: HENREDON CENTURY THOMASVLLE SMMONS SLGH MGM SHERRLL HCKORY STFFEL MARLBRO HEKMAN MASTERCRAFT CHAPMAN UNON NATONAL DELVERY N TME FOR CHRSTMAS ON ;JJ.,.r /'';f '...J Our nterior DeSign Service Willbe available \1 throughout the sale 1 \1 N-STOCK MERCHANDSE /1 f 50%Off SELECTED HENREDON PECES SELECTED CENTURY PECES 50% Off MOST SMMONS BEAUTYREST MATTRESSES & FOUNDA TONS //.,Jdcott-dfiuptrine ' MACK AVENUE, ",". GROSSE PONTE FARMS - \ 1 Conveniently located Just off 1-94 Use Your Mastercard / at the Morass (7 Mile) exit east to, 'J Mack Ave and south on Mack Visa or Scott's r<evolvlng Charge ) \

16 16A _J - December 10, 1987 >&t Bob Easterbrook. president of the National Wildlife Education Foundation. accepts a check from students in Sharon Trickey's. left. and Dyanne Apkarian's fifth-grade classes at Ferry School. Students raised more than $780 to adopt a panda for a year. Students Panda-monium broke out at Ferry School recently after fifthgraders in Sharon Trckey's and Dyanne Apkanan's classes raised more than $780 to adopt a panda for one year Pandas, WhCh only number about 1,000, are on the endan gered speces hst Because then main diet source - bamboo - S dying out m the remote areas of China where they hve, the Forestry Department of Schuan Province, Chma, and the Mchl gan Department of Natural Resources have established an "A dopt-a-panda" program to ensure the pandas' survval and growth as a speces To raise adopton money, adopt a panda Fen y fifth-graders sponsored a Famly POtra t Fundraise' and collected donatons from other students at school. Although Children's holiday workshop only $500 is required to adopt a panda, the fifth-graders donated the extra $283 to provide additional help for ther panda The DetrOt Hlstoncal Mu- lted to 50 chldren m each ses seum Wll sponsor a Holiday slon. ReservatOns wll be made DecO!at On Workshop on Satur- on a first-come, first-served bass day, Dl:;c 19 Parents are invted Call Walter Weaver at to Jom theu' chldren m makmg,>mple holiday omaments and deco!atlons The workshop Wll be offered twice - from 10:30 a m to p m and from 1:30 to 330 pm. The workshops are free of ('hal g ', but regstraton is hm- Call US News Classified Advertising South to sponsor Alumni Day The fourth annual Alumni Day, sponsored Jomtly by South Hgh School and the South Mothers' Club, wll be held Thw-sday, Dec. 17, m South's gymnatorum Alumn Day has been deblgned by South's Counselmg and GUdance Department to as- Sst students in makine- the tran- Stion from high school to college a c; smooth as possible Recent South graduates, m cooperaton Wth the admssons officals of ther respectve col leges, Will return to the school to share their new college experences Wth JUniors and semors A College Far format, Smlar to College Nght, wll be used Each college represented Wll be assgned an approprately dentfied table m the vmnatorium The college freshmen and sophmores Wll sit behmd tables and field questons about college hfe on that school's campus Semors Wll be excused from ther classes on a voluntary ba- SS from 8.55 to 9.55 a.m. Juniors will be excused from their classes on a voluntary bass from 10'15 to a,m. The students may choose the three or fow- colleges in whch they are most mterested and spend ther tme VSting the rep resentatves from these schools m the gymnatormm Students, who elect to partcipate in the Alumni Day Program, must stay in the gymnatonum for the full tme allotted "Because this program complements the official college information already available to SGth students through College Night and Vsits with college representatives, we expect a hgh student mterest," sad Russell P. Luttinen, assistant prmci. pal-student servces at South. "We expect student representatves from 50 to 75 colleges to be on hand to answer questons the students would feel uncomfortable m askmg official college representatives" To assist South students m ths process, Teresa Lloyd, South's career counselor, has prepared a lst of questons stu- t's A Holly Jolly SALE All o({safj* Sleepwear 25% Off December 10 thru December 17 Evenmg hours startmg Dec. 7 Monday thru Fnday untl 7:30 OPEN SUNDAY 125 DEe 13th & 20th 369 & 375 Fisher Rd. Grosse POnte, M GrOS_Sep_ointe_News dents should be thinking about before leavmg home for college. Lloyd and the Mothers' Club have planned a luncheon for the college visitors, South faculty members and other guests from 11 a m. to noon n Clemlnson Hall. At the mformal luncheon, students can dscusstheir recent college experiences with South faculty members to gve them feedback about thelr preparaton for college FRESH lour Namr ONE tnd SZE FTS ALL Humor in Heraldry Your ',"onahled Armorial ns1gma 'nnl<d n Color On P.,dullent Qualll) tock llltdble f or r,jmlng Pnnl Naml (!ldrl; Llldme SD (J() ca,h (ndud<> landll/lg and 'o"age) n Huke- Unllml1.d 1'0 Box \30 Ma,k A"nue lwol\ \ TURF $45B. $99B. "'i.he/i -,p.q., en MAKE YOUR Vl NEW YEAR RESERVATONS FOR DNNER NOW Sparky's will be closed for dinner December 15th for a private party Kercheval 822'()266 -:$1355 FSHERRD ,!l OPEN 8 to 5 30 P rn DAilY, Wed tll Noon - Closed Sunday WE DELVER FRYNG CHCKEN LEGS 39LB. MEDAGLA D'ORO 100% EXPRESSO REG. & DECAF $5 98 LB. CHEESE SPECALS FLEUR DE LAT.GARDEN VEG.GARLC SPCE. HERB SPCE. $3.49 LB. BOURSN $3.39 PKG. PARMSRl@T SURF& WHOLE BEEF TENDERLON FRESH JUMBO SHRMP Me LANN'S QUCK RSH OATMEAL $2 1!!x DSSANT BEER BREAD CLASSC OR WHTE WHEAT $298 PKG. SALE PRCES N EFFECT Dee 10th 11th & 12th SMALL LEAN SPARE RBS.$1 CANADA DRY AMERCAN HOLDAY MXER GOLDEN SODA-TONC.ALE, $229,i.r,.t.:, CAVAR + DEP.._ :r:; $ oz. 6PACK r.$ Z. f LOUS DUPRE VOUVRA Y RAFFETO PRUNY, ",..1$499 $2ERRYi'g BOTTLE GODDARDS LARGE Co DAHO 56 SZE FNE CARE PRODUCTS GOLDEN POTATOES EATNG $1OOOFF CRANSHAWS $159ORANGE $ 69 1oU l " 00 : ALL PRODUCTS 2_LO 8 LB. BAG.....r 3 1,. YELLOW #J TOMATOES COOKNG CARROTS SWEET RED ONONS 2 BAGS : b PEPPERS 89,98(.'79U' $19! LB. 3 LB BAG JAR DONATE OR MOR FOR A DSABLED CHLD* AND WE'LL NSTALL CABLE TV N YOUR HOME FREE. Share the warmth of rt hobdrty Wth all the ('xlra good thmgs you get Wth Cable TV Curn'nt ht mo\ e,' Exclu'ilve Sports' 24 hour m depth New,;' Chlldrpn ''i Show, Hundrerl of da77hng features avadable only on Cable For pxample 'iep Paul :-.Je"man n "The Color of Money" or Nell Smon" "Bng'hton Bpach McmOlrs and Whoopl Goldberg and Oprah Wll1fr(' n "The Color Purrle" For children of all age'> we have' Thp Roy Who Could Fly' and "Care Rear., 2 A New GpnClatlOn" Spc fahulou'i cahle only Hobday Shows Tune n on ESP Sport." MTV Ml'C, and CNN Np., and more Christma'l.,hould h' specal for {'\,(>ryone,.,0 call today and help H dlsahl{'d child. GP Call 'A C SOSSEPOTUAU _/ fj 1f(1We.a (ftj, i4d e..' "

17 December 10, 1987 Grosse Poi nte News ss - Krfsten LeAnderson 17A Chester E. Petersen Cty AdmmlstratOl Clel k "Winter" "Christmas Concerto" and other season works Each week m th/,s wlumn, we Will fows on the work of a stu. dent t can be a poem, a draw. lng, a short story, a pcture of a.,cumttfic e:tpenment or a woodworkmg project, a book review The following was wntten by Knsten LeAnderson, a second grader at Ferry School. She ts the daughter of Jeremy and Michele LeAnder son of Grosse Hunte Wood., Finally Morning Came Once upon a time. there wat; a httle town and they Just had Halloween They all went to bed that mght waltmg for November, because the clllidren hked to wrte Thanksgiving poems The children were waitng for Photo by Kay Phowgraph) Monday and t never came Ther alarm clock woke them up Bill Day. Detroit Free Press political cartoonist. shows one of ljis creations to a group of Pierce and t was dark, so they went students. From left. they are Josh Wood, Day, Brian Young, Eli Ruh. Nate Cook, Andrew Ostrowski. Malt Ludlow and Aaron Riccinto. back to bed They slept a httle longer, but t was stll dark, so they went to their mom and asked when S t gomg to be Brown Bag Forum gives food for thought mornng. PolitCal cartoonist, veterinarian, wardrobe coordinator or year as part of the lunch activi- from all groups and the results a Visit to the forum started this process includes suggestions The mom sad, " don't know." By the way, the dad was out movie-tv CritiC. Depending on tes. have been rewardng, of town, so the mom called the their interest, Perce Middle The program began this year Speakers have included Mke father. He said, "t is light School students decide each when Principal C. Suzanne here." So the dad sad, "Do you Duffy of the DetrOit Free Press, week f the menu for ther Klein presented the plan to stu. Dr. Lawrence Herzog, a GrC''jse have anythmg over your face?" Brown Bag lunch might include dents, faculty and parents. The Pointe veterinarian, actor Mchael Evans, and Lnda Downs She Sad no. And he Sad, "Are the blinds up?" from the Detroit nsttute of And they said no. So, they put Arts. them up and it was light so Poupard to greet Santa with breakfast Future speakers will nclude The Poupard Elementary For more mformation, call an expert on the stock market School Parent Teacher OrganlZa. Lynne Stockwell at or and a major league umpire. Kate Elsla, a Pierce parent, has bon will sponsor ts annual Wendy Krebs at Breakfast With Santa Saturday, helped contact potental speak. Call us Dec. 12, from 8 a.m to noon. Pancakes, Santa ers. Each speaker makes two Santa will be avalable to hear News presentations durng the lunch children's requests and there ClaSSfied The Ferry School PTO will period and in turn, is rewarded will be other activities in the Adverbsmg sponsor the annual "Breakfast with a Perce lunch, Christmas Village. The village With Santa" Saturday, Dec. 12, will consist of an Ornament. from 9 to 11:30 a.m. making Shop, Gngerbread Fac. The feast features pancakes and sausage, tory, Bake Shop, Craft and Secret Santa Shop and Secret JUce, mlk and coffee for $3 (advance sale) and $3 50 at the Santa Pick-up and Wrappng Staton. There w111also be a con door Pre-schoolers are free tinuous drawng dunng the Santa Will be takng orders and breakfast with many prizes pictures Wth him will be avalable for $2. avalable. Tckets wll be available at Monogrammed tree orna. the school the mornng of the ments, baked goods, Ferry T. breakfast at $2.50 for adults, $2 shirts and sweatshirts also will for students and no charge for be on sale. Proceeds wll be used pre.schoolers for playground improvements. City of <&rolilie 'ointe G P N 12/10/87 1l00Cll1 f Michigan NOTCE OF AVALABLTY OF ACTUAL USE OF GENERAL REVENUE SHARNG FUNDS As required by General Revenue 8hm mg RegulatOns, d leport of the actual use of General Feeral Revnue 8hm 1g Funds With supportmg documentaton for the hscal yem endmg June 30, 1987, fo! the City of Grosse Pomte Woods S available at the Cty Hall, Mack Plaza, Grosse POnte Woods, Michgan 48236, between the hours of 8 30 a m and 5 00 pm, Monday thlough Fnday Ars Music NCHOLAS McGEGAN - GUEST CONDUCTOR "Strenna Si Natale Di Musica" ' Christmas Present of Music" Performed on Period nstruments quickly that they got dressed and they were a httle late for school. Then they got to school and had fun. ThiS space ts open to any student 111 the Gro.,se POinte public or prvate school sy"tem from grades 1 through 12 Send your entry along Wth a ptcture to Student Spotlight, Grosse POnte News, 96 KeTcheval, Gro""e POUlte Farms or drop!t off at the office f you would like euerythmg returned, enclose a stamped and self-addressed envekme DECEMBER 11-8:00 - St. Paul's Catholic Church Also Featuring SARAH SUMNER, Baroque Violinist PENELOPE JENSEN, Sopmno CARTER EGGERS, Baroque VVALD, CORElLl, Trumpet Kristen GWe (l GiH Tirol A Le.t1nderson UNQUE GFT DEAS FROM R.C.. NC. NVESTMENT A.N.A.C.S. Graded & Certified U.S. Coins Rare Coin nvestment nc Kelly Road, East Detroit M"n fro pm at un'" Christmas Sun 1 r> m 5 r> m till Christmas ik UtlfM All New American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins Constitution Coin Sets 1987 Proof Sets Estate Jewelry at Fantastic Prices FuJ line of coin collector supplies. City of <&ro.6lie 'ointe llo0cll1 f Sealed plopo"al<; for fulnlshlng all labor, matenal and equipment for A Fabncat\On and el ectlng a new 60 foot Wde pedestnan blldge conssting of ramp, stalr<;, landmgs, exposed support,yc;tem and foundaton, havmg one span near 160 feet all \\ lth required appurtenancec;, and H RelocatOn of R mch diameter c;anltary e;ewer and water main, \\ th appurtenancee; Michigan ADVERTSEMENT FOR PEDESTRAN BRDGE AND APPROACHES (OVER THE MLK RVER) AT LAKE FRONT PARK FOR THE CTY OF GROSSE PONTE WOODS, MCHGAN all m the Cty of Gro,"e Pomte Woods Lake Front Pm k \1,111 be re celved hy the Clt) of Gloc;,e Pomte Woodc;, Mack Plaa, Gros'ie Pomte Wood" Mlchlgan at the office of the City Clerk untl 4 o'clock PM, local t1m(', Wpdne<;day, January , at which tlmp and place the bd" wl11 be publirly opened a,ld rl'ad No bd may be wlthdnm n allel "chl'duled c1o"mg tl me for at leac;t thrty day, Plan" and "peclficatlon" may he exammpd at the office of the City Clprk Blddlllh documl'ntq will he availahle aftl'r noon, Wedne<;day, f)('cember 9, 1987 and?viay BE OBTANED at the office of Pate, Him and BOh'lt', rnc, \velve Mile Road, Southfield, Mchigan 48071' at a co"t of $2,'; 00 pel c;et, (check or exact cac;h), not refundable Bl(ldmg nocumrnt" wlll h(' MALED to hldderc; upon rec('lpt of $.'30 00 p(,l <.,('t.not ('funnablr Bd" may lx. rejp(trd unle"c; made on forme; furn "hed \th hlddmg docunwnt" A c('j! lfll'd check hid bond or ca"h e''' check olcccptolble to the Owner tll(' amount of )', of bid made payable to the elt y Trea"urel, mllql accomp,l1y ('ach p"opo;ll 111(' depoc;lt of th(' "ucce""ful hldder "hall he forfpltec! f h' fail" to ('"ecutp the c01tract and bond" \\lth1l1 follrteen (14l daye; aft('r ll\\llrd Thl' CltV re'>('rv('" thl' lght to reject any 01 all bid", WalV(' mfol'molh t 1(''' or,c( rpl anv bd t may d('em be"l ntroducing the SEKO FASHON COLLECTON. For him and her; A fashion first made to last. New avant fashion Superb Selko quality All n his and her ver'ilons Melon Green. GOld tone case White dial, oversize 12 Melon green matte peccary leathe' strap Gilt-edged Black. Gold tone sdhou l'ttmg blackest black both the case nel leather strap Great Grey. Grey on gold tone case, 'it grey leather strap Striped grey dial erfnlund t. AH EE jewelers Mack Avenue Grosse Pointe Woods HOliDAY HOUR') Mond,1-Frlcl.1Y lo-q, ';, 10-7 GPN 12/10'37 Chester E. Petersen City Adm 1lqtratm Clerk s.."" T me C"rp 19f15

(Video) Free Auto Repair Manuals Online, No Joke

18 _..._ _..._ Photo b, Mal!(le Rem_' Srll1th Paul Locrichio poses with Michael. 1 1/2. and Paul. 4. in front of four of the 6-foot soldiers he made out of old oil drums and stovepipes. paint and felt and lumber. He built the first one last year - just for fua. But he's had requests to build a dozen more. He sold eight to a roller skating rink and two 10 a neighbor. WOl k lllght<; 'm a wllectoj of Junk had some old oj! dl umb " LocnchlO WOl k'> mghts as a wrnlc mp e%loll.,t He just fin l"hed dn engagement at Gmo's, on 16 Mile Road and Jeffeli'on,lml he'll "oon be oft to the Cal lbbedn to \\ 01k on a Cllllhe,>hlp ' smg and do mplesslon"," he '>dld, " - about 50 d!f'::1 ('nt ones, fj om Johnny Mathl'> to LUCano PdVdOU" He al"o '>l1gh at St Joan of Al ( Cathoh( ChUl'ch evel)' SUll day Wth a con temporal y pop Clll,>tl,111glOUp "r" m) way of payll1g back fol my good tot t line" The h'10up con"l"ts of 1,0 (j (hw, tin ee back up smgel s d nd thl PC 01 foul mu'>clans He sad the 6-loot boldlel s wn tam about $40 WO th of matell' db till, JUllOel, pdll1l, black lelt tol the face", three yal d" of $1 a- Yald gold bl ad t takes applox mately five days to complete one :->oldlel They ' e pamted ed, \\hlte and blue, With black ac tents The helmet alone takes thl ee day,> to do because t's thl pe colol", and each colo!' has to dry before the next colol '> applied, he "ad Each "oldlel stands bolldly 011 a pall1ted wood base that hah to be sanded, pllmed and pamted The boots all' made out of wood, the legs flom stoveppes A cus tom-bult wooden fl ame slips mto the legs and S bult to sup po!'t the ad dlum body "They're vely htlldy," he Said LOC ChlO spent a 6'1eelt deal of tlllle cleamng used ol drums for the fil st few sold Wh He now buys unused Ol dl ums He sad the fil bt solder was a laugh dl aft, and he has made mprove llwnt" on later one'> " call the ii "t ones the 5,000 selles" He pomted to othel, later editons "Thl" S the 6,000 selle", ths S the 7,000 sel es " A nelghbol bought two of the "oldlel" to plate on hpl hont poleh dlllll1g the Chll <;tmas holl d,lv" LOl'llChlO dn a nc\\ "papel ad lat \\ eek, ju<;t to see f thel e" a llldl ket fo h 1<; Clea tlons "The"e seprn to be some thmg thdt could be used com u t CATERNG We will cater to all of your Holiday needs. Birthdays, Weddings, Office Parties, etc. Trust our 8 years of experience. December 10, 1987 His toy tin soldiers are larger than life By Margie ReinS Smith Staff Wnter La"t yeal, jll,>t belole the Chll.,tma,> "ea<;on, Glo.,,,e Pomte Pal k re'>ldent Paul LocnchlO wanted to do <;olllethll1g specal 101 his olde"t.,on, 4 year old Paul 'Becau"e 'm italian, evel ythlllg ha" to be blggel than life, lght?" he bald So he bllllt a largel than lfe toy "otdler and stood t be'-lde the Chl\stn1d" hee Young Paul loved t Slllce Chn"tma" 1986, Loc ChlO hab bult a dozen mole " "a\\ "olde s like this 111 Jacob. son'" one day dbt yedl," Locn chlo sclld, "weepmg his hand to wald SX led white and blue pamted SXfoot,>oldl(''>,>tdndll1g at <1ttentlOn around the pellme tc cf h ') b :;C1. h...z.. t" vi h..,lvp. ''The '>oldlel'> m Jacob"on's wel e made out of cal dboal d thought could do bettel " LOCllchlO put together an old 011 dl urn, some pwces of stove ppe, a lttle lumbel, some bolt" and a few bts of felt, braid and plumes to Ceate the unque holl day deco!ation The LocllchOs had a Ch 1St mas wcktml party and the Sl),. foot "oldlel beside the tl ee was a frequent topic of COlwelsatlOn One of the guests asked if she could buy eght soldlel s to use m a Chnstmas display at Skateland West, a roller skating 'lnk LocrchlO agreed " have tme. have my days flee b('cause merclallv like for store dsplays. could probably make 10 more by Chnslmab, but 'd have to get some help There's no way to mass produce these " Young Paul wll be 5 years old n January. He and his younger bl othel, Michael, 1 1/2, 81 e enchanted with the solders and with a de "17cd Santa Claus fig ure that their father al"o made He built the frame fol Santa's body, slpped '>ome old black boot'> on t, remade an old red "lilt mto a fu trmmed Santa "lilt, and bought a Santa mask Sant:! wll stand next to a sol. de 111 the LocnchlO's foyer ths ypal dulllg the Chrstmas holiday" Jerry Mickowski BUiCk, nc. Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, n'c. Detroit leasng All Makes - All Models Foreign & Domestic Trucks - Vans Contact Leasing Department Bad CONCORD. WATC MAKERS TO H THE GENTRY SNe f 1906, LADES STEEL AND GOLD SARATOGA' WTH DAMONDS POLiSHED18 CARAT GOLD AND BRUSHED STAN ESS STEEL WTH SXTE.EN SPARKLNG DAMONi>S TO ENCRC L E.THE BEZEL SWEEP SECONDANDDATE edmund 1. AH EE jewelers Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe Woods HOLDAY HOURS: Monday-Friday 10-9, Saturday 10-7 A camera for all seasons: The totally automatic, weatherproof 35mm. SAVE $10.00 YD.! 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PURE WOOL BERBER Neutral colors 312 sq ycls RegUlar $2799 yd nstalled $15ydS! 8ugtMg.1tJJJ Hb?A hetm w.1 ::1:11 Sf'EaAUrr(i rljllfllf'ual 'ftalutof r..u Ou, Conl,oct D<pl (31 l) l' 7000 STORF "01 A \1(),[)\ frl\ [) 1m 10 'J pm qn RO) H am n (, pm 1"OAY Noon 10'i pm J /

19 December 10, A Banking for two! Photo by Rob Fulton North's Heather Mergos (14) pops from 12-feet out despite a swat from Cass Tech's Rena Kindred in the Region 3 Basketball Championships at Warren Woods-Tower last week, The Lady Norsemen lost 58-34, but they were the first girls' team at North to win a district title. They did that by defeating Lake Shore two weeks ago. For a complete look at the Lady Norse.\ men, see page e:. KG.. At Comerica, we investments byfollo. this important in catol: EK Christmas concert tradition continues FO 20 years, Manus Fossen. kl'mpl'l. former pnnclpal elan. wt ht \\ th the DetrOt Sym. "Wlly 01 chestla. has offered fl ee l 11l1-,tnd'>concerts to the pubhc 1hl hohddy tradton Wl! con [Ul' \\ hen he conducts the De 11 (l]l '-)tllng and Hal p Ensemble 1\ t he acoustical splendor of the 1'J,h u'ntuly Old Christ Church, ljbu E,Jefferson n downtown h tl Olt, 111 the shadow of the Hl.l.lh"dnc.e Centel Concert. 1111('1<, 3 pm on Sunday, Dec 1 ]'pdtlll ed artists wdl be so p,,u10 N ma Machus and mend "Opt,110 Deanna Relyea, who \\ ill "mg selectons f!"om Han Plan tree plantings now Now S the time to be plannmg ahead for tree-plantmg pro- Jects next sprmg, A free brochure is avalable from The NatOnal Arbor Day FoundatOn. The brochure, tltled "ConservatOn Trees," uses colorful photos and illustratons and easy-tounderstand descnptons to guide tree planting and care. t includes these sectons' How to use wmdbreaks and shade trees to save energy n your home; How to attract songbmls to your yard; How to save trees during construction; How to save topsoil and help farm profits with shelterbelts; The right way to plant trees; The right way to prune trees; For a free brochure, send your name and address to: Conservation Trees, The National Arbor Day Foundation, Nebraska City, Neb , Call us News Classified Advertising del's "Messlah," as well as other holiday musc Also performmg Wll be vlolm 1St Jeremy Zettlm, who will play BalOque mac;tel Tomma<;o Vltah' "Chawnne 111 G MlllOl" Zeltlll1, who studies Wth VCtOl Danchenko at the Royal C()ner. vdtory m TO!onto, S dlso the vlolll1 md"ter c1a., of concert VO hmst Jame Lat edo The Cranbrook Kmgs\Vood Madllgal smgel swll abo alse thell voices m hohday musc by Vl'g1 Thompson and Fell" Men del%ohn Other pel-[olmels m elude pianist and 01 gdl1lst Mat tm BUwell and young vlohl1lst AU!ora Lope? Correction An obtuary notce last week for Jan Herrmg madvertently ornltted the name of her sw"vlvmg husband Russell L Herrmg We are sorry for the ommlsslon Denby plans 20th The Denby Hgh School Cla" of 1968 S plannmg a 20th leun On for July 23 at the Royalty House n Wallen The conunlttee h ;,eekmg all Janudry and June b'taduate Call Sue at O! Pat at fo! mfo!matlon HARK,YE HARRED LAsT MlNJffi SHOPPERS ToTHESourn The Four Sea50llS Toronlo illvllesyou to Christmas shop ill a C1VliJzedmanner \Vith comfort and JOY 011,the joys of bemg ill the center of Thronto ill tho most fashonable area, YorkvJlle Go ddslung through the shops - a pamcujar JOY WthU.S dollars - for the fmest of gifts from allover the world Be memly surpnsed at how unfranbc lasl roome shoppmg can be when you have the best of everything before you Then, stroll back 10 the Four Seasons Holello enjoy a well-{jeserved gift to yourself An evenmg of unsurpassed comfort What pnce comfort and JOy?Only $108 U S unwjanuay 10th (Just m bde for au the apres Chnstmas shopping specials)rooms are umted, so please 21 Alenue Road Thronto reserve early n Toronto Store Hours. Man Fn p.m Sat Sun The Lassale Nightwatch. Clear the diamond of watches. George Koueiter & Sons Jewelers Mack Grosse Pointe Woods At ths POlllt tashlon. a woman at elegance would be hard put to fnd more perfcct mght Jcwelry Both are gold tone hnged with damonds The polished rectangle has a black dial. ts octagonal facenmg S echoed n Silver tone The tilly romantic Crclehas a glll dal \\'hlch to glt wrap' With elthlr, you re absolutely nght Lassalc The hentagc 1<; obvous \ Take a closer look! / \t l onwllcn, \\(' thl11k that f "-r\oll JP'1' 11)( omfol table',hout \ \(',>1nH'1l1-.. th('\ r(' p)o!ldhh th( \Hong n\(''>tnwnt,, \\p r('alllp that,>onl(' prop](' lt( ( (omfort.llllp \\llh 11\(..,tn)('nr n"'!< t h,m ot her'> \\ hleh '>\\11\ \\C l.ilk t h \ Clt] onf' on on(' '10 tmd out h(m 1ll11(h lilli'.l1m\( "t <lnd hdt cll'gn'(' of n..,), \Oll r(' tiling tl) l.d,( Th('11 1\1' LJlor d progld111 to 1111'('( ho"1 nf'('d",1ld nukp \Oll f('pi good dijout tll 111\ (",t nl 111" \ 011 \ (. Hdd(' At ('0 ( th d \()Tl1ll' d'-,>,gnpd d pl'r..,ondl ll\,pq nf>nt dd\,>or \1ho lh'lp \Oll hdlnl1(,( \our holdmg" 111 a long t{'lm program AlmC'd at <,t('ad,nri con,>l<,t{'nt grcmth And h('cau<,p \our 11\('<.,tn1('llt<.,are dlversl 11C'(!,,md ('on <.,t<1l t h hf'lg 111on 1torpd. vou alc;o n.du( (' tll(' lmpm t of <"lddc'nn1<1r!<('t<;wmg<., Phi'> \our ('onlc'rl( d n\('<.,tnwnt,h!\ c;or 1<., a1l\(\<., 111 touch l pddtlng \our portfolo. '>0 \011 'dn lla!<' 11111ll0"! of Ollr )('r,>onal,111(1 (01 po d[(' 111\ l'-.lllwnl '> O f \01]!OOkll1g fol,111nv',,!nwllt pliln t hilt l('t \ (llj 1ll( rl'.l'.,p \ Oll! polen t 1a 1 for profit (Jnd 11'1 \ CH J (.1.1'. (,dll1w ('OlTlPr( d hl,>t 1)1\1,>01.1t ll11 n2 :11.2 Bp dll'>( dl ('onh' f,l. '>,t"fl('d (u'>ton1l'1 '>d good mdl(.t loll h,lt tlw ll\!'''t n1l'nl-. dl('\o1,l1g comenca '! J ' 3 89 KERCHEVAL on the Hill STOAg HOVAS: MO'!day.Saturday 8.00 to 5.30 Wednesday till Noon Closed Sunday - - BONELESS LUN ANDMATY CElfTER..CUT COUNTRY STYLa PORK LON PORK RBS ROAST S2 8!. 79 CHOPS S32! CUBE STEAKS $2 CHU) U.S.D.A. CHOCE FRESH FROZEN BRE FULLY COOKED JUMBO ROAST; SHRMP $!,d$3b WHOLE j c:. BUTTERNUT ('f CAU'ORNA CALFORNA AVOCADOS SQUASH, 25 5.!«> :f/1y 9C Home DeUvery PH 181J.84OO,. GROUND $1 69 LB. GROUND $189 ROUND LB. BREMNER WAFERS z TN \

20 A ( Have you seen this man? ThS S a composte of a whte male. about 21 years old, 5 feet, q lilt hes, 150 pounds, brown hall' lld >lown eyes, Wth a pock. Old! h.ed face who pcked up two gill" on Harper at CahfOll1la \, o an out of gas '1 he subject was dnvmg a late llodel dark blue or black Mus t,mg Szed two door car He oper- <lted unde! the pletext that he \\,\" goll1g to hs home to get a g,lc, can and then leturn to the Ull He then prodmed a kmfe and demanded a sex act When the glll" refused, he began waving the kmfe and both gll'ls sus lamed 1lll1or cuts Melone of the girls gave m to 11ls demands, they wele released December 10, 1987 f you have any mformatlon, call Detectve Howard sham at the St Clar ShOl es Pulice De partment at , \... l \ Students from throughout the metropolitan area gathered al South High School recently to take pari in the Teen Leadership Conference. Students from South. North and University Liggett participated. Above are some of the students from North - back row. from left. Woods Detective Daniel Koerber. Andrea Lovasco. Natalie Cespedes, Missy Carson. Vince Bono, Tracy Teetaert. Jennifer Galvin and North substance abuse counselor Doug Merkle; front row. from left. Kathlyn Pendolino, Kathleen Kalfas. Ted Loumanis. Christine Snow and Shannon McKenzie. FRE EMERGENCY ElectrOniC Siren AvaJ!able to Police & Fire 24 Hour MOnitoring Standby Battery Porlable Panic Bulton $595 0 NSTALLED Students 'P;/lWW% M! HWV1' '.%@f<y;''* Y''''M0>' From page 1 fnends at the conference. The SlOns went well mto the early most important thing she mormng houro; learned was that students do Because the emphasis was on have a choice when it comes to bemg, organizers pro drugs hbted smokmg by any adults All of the students agreed that and served only ca..ffeine-free cofthe small skll groups set up at fee the conference were the most Phil Ohver Diaz provded musmemorable and important part leal entertainment and brought of the conference. Students were a message about substance encouraged to discuss their dif- abuse Peter Alsop played guitar ferences, similarities and what and also brought a message. The they felt were the problems students were treated to a dance caused by substance abuse The on Saturday night students!:laid these group discus- Carson said because there sions were informative and often were students from a wide area, very emotional. many had preconceived stereo "We spent the time trying to types of what Grosse Pointe stufigure out ways for preventlon dents were hke and vice versa. and just talking with the other "t didn't take long and those kids," said Natalie Cespedes, a deas were put to rest," Carson sophomore. said. "People were serious about Most of the students admtted what we were there for There the two-day conference was were no problems with anyone draining. The students slept in sneakmg out for a cigarette or sleeping bags on the floors of anything hke that. No one felt classrooms. The day offically the need to." ended at midnght, but dscus- Merkle said the school admm- rnm\m\\m1\&llrnlln.!ffi1l 'i1'jflmllld.\tlm111ul\1ll/ll THE ir100d!{mor East Warren Avenue Three major cabinet lines, in 40 styles. Countertops and accessories available. T Do it yourself or installation available Free estimates The HGHEST Money Market Rate Among Major Financial nstitutlom n the Detrot Metropolitan Area for 193 Consecutive Weeks NSTANT LQUDTY straton is plannmg to brmg another group to meet with students from both schools and pas. sibly ULS to help mcrease and fine tune the leadershp sklls learned at the conference. The students plan on meetmg several times by thelnbelves, and later with student volunteers to organize drug-free actvites Adults, including Merkle, Susan Pierce, a South substance abuse counselor, Koerber and Michael Smalley from ULS, Wll help guide the students "The thmg we want to get across," Koerber sald, "S that we wll help wherever we can, but this is going to be up to the students. Tn declblons Wll be thers." Koerber said a number of 01"- ganizatit>hs, by generous donations, made the conference at South possble He smd that the Agley FoundatOn, a local organ- Dodge Aries lzatlol1, donated $900, and the local Fraternal Order of Pohce Lodge and Associates No 102 donated $1,000 "The consequences for teenagers usmg drugs and alcohol are Just too great," Koerber Sad The students agreed "t can be done," Kmafas said "t is totally possble for students to have a good time Wthout alcohol or drugs We need a lot of support though - not Just 12 people can do t" Jennifer Galvm, a sophomol e, sad that the conference provded hel Wth the knowledge that she was not alone when it came to trying to cope with the substance abuse all al Dund her "t is the support you get from other students and from the commumty that W! help a lot," she sald o What the well-dressed wall wears. Save 40% on Schumacner Wallcoverings. MERCURY PANTS THE PANTS THE PROFESSONALS De1r,?lt EestWerren USE at Cedlevl<) RoseVlle,30159 Grahot north of 12V2 Mile, Sterling Heignls, Van Dyke atfbv2 Mile, 139=9400 Monday fhrough Fnday, 730 AM-5 PM, Saturday BAM-2 PM RENTALS ALL NEW 1988 VEHCLES For Your Convenience Our Grosse Pointe Location is Open Saturday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Weekly, Weekend, Monthly and Unlimited Mileage Rates available. Passenger Vans also available. NTERESTRATES AS OF: FNANCAL NSTTUTONS MONEY MARKET RATES' Franklin Savings 6.60 Comerlca Flrsf Federal Savings Bank & ]!s_ Firs! Fede'al of Michigan First of America Manufacturers Michigan National of Delrolt Na!lonal Bank of Delrol! Sfandard Federal j B'l<.('d,')hlt\l(ldql<,1 t...onr r1mlflun lq rrf'qlr('n{" f» (' ol. cr J list' (Or r'("\ T 1'"! C \ tlhh<.' H Hrr dq'w <,,... Franklin Savings i\ l \h " (\" (111,j,ill <",,,, fo ",\ 2l247 l"ll k A\l 1H (HO'C romll Xooll,,[lll\llUl,- f,( <'1 \1i1e ROlldl) (313) )\1, \\C!>(' Ylilc Rd SouthflclJ (313) ( Dodge 600 $22 95 * DOly rate With 50 miles per day - 10C each additional mile Plus tax - Optional CCDW, PAl and PEC not included.. 1HE LEASNG ESo;ONALS LEASNG p 12-M Month long Term leasing Available!\ rjlvson Of 1HE MEADE GROUP 3 Locations to serve Mack Ave. 130 Kercheval Av. Located at POlnle DoriC!'" /13 Locaten On lhe H',' you 1625 S. Gratiot loealed at POinteChler J!,

21 1 ts),c%tm: Christmas evokes memories oflong-ago December 10, 1987 and streets and wmdows, t nspres us to open our hearts and pocketbooks and spend. As we wander through a ven. table faryland of merchandse, we are glad we wated. Such a fine array of merchandise was not here n September Another thought - would the gft we wanted at an earlier date stll be on a preferred list now? The whims and choices of September may not be those of December. ThS may be ratonalzmg but t provdes solace to those Wth pie are tryng so hard to please those they love CommerCal it may be, but the Sprt of buymg and gving is a very human expresson of the love of one person for anothm- Back to shoppmg and then tme out for lunch Have somethmg specal. Treat yourself En- JOYthe day. t's over. You have somethmg for everyone You are tired but happy But walt a mmute What do you want for Christmas? Thmk holiday seasons By Marlan Trainor 'eb'eat Take courage and jom tued feet and weary bodies e about t - the pob,>lble, the 1m. dehght and fun of gettmg up on PrecOus memones Endle<;s Special Writer the multitudes suting from that all.too-famlliar pob&lble Chllbtmas mornmg and watch. memones These are the days we The stores are crowded The Comfort yourself With the Chnstmas!'Ush k mg children unwrap ther glfb" would hve agam f such a gft parkmg lots are mpossble and thought that next year t wll be n you!' eagerness to get Just _ e most peop e evelywhere, the year the dog tpped over the were pobblble Thc<>e are the there are warnmgs to travel m different but also be honest You the rght gfts for those very spe you would like to live m a safe, tlee, the hours spent a&semblmg dreams that steal quietly mto twos when shoppmg, yet the know t Will be the same stol'y clal people in YOU"1.e, don't peaceful wojld, it ee from the our hves to make Chn<;tma" a f Ch 11 tlirerlt of nuclear annhlaton a toy and then watchmg the SPll'lt 0 nstmas prevals For Chn&tmas has ts own bea push yourself too hard f you You would like to know that chld play With the box t came httle more than glvmg and e Some consder shoppmg a son of excitement - somethmg find yourself gettmg tred, St on llbtead celvlng chore Others look on t as a the early shop""r msses When a bench m the mall and watch people - wherever they live -- cha enge t's an adventure t's the wreaths andl' hghts and deco- the othe! &hoppers Thmk ho\\ have enough to eat You would Free health classes offered fun ratlons come out n the stores wonderful t S that so many peo W"h that tho'>e searchmg fol wok and a decent hvmg find t Pel,>ons Wth cmdlac dlsea"e Mmch 16 (all Wedm..,day<,) Whatever, it's too late now to Wsh you had taken advantage of an unseasonably warm Novem. bel' and early shopper sales, Too late now to back away from the crowds and compete for those gfts Too late now to envy those conscientous shop pel's who have completed ther hst, wrapped ther gfts and are free to enjoy the pre-christmas actvtes, concerts, partes and walks through homes decoiated for the season Tme S no Longe! fleetmg t's flyng. There's no /!, 11'/ " \ V\ You hope that somehow a way 1& Cdn lealn to live healthier Wth Cld'>b haul'> all' 10 ao a m to'12 l 1\1,\ found to curb Clme and make h ee dab'>eb that covel the die :30 pm A lunch ba:oed on till' 2 ' "A - ) "jl r Olll homeb and streetb safe taly, phy<'llul fitness dnd medl pllllupleb dl'>cu'>'>ed dunng \ But thebe aj e ntangbles and C<.itlOn concel/1'> of Cdl<!lac pd <,tluctlon "; ncluded ),1' \1 0 J 'l'o\', 'J' 111 no \\ dy dn an'>wer to the Ques tlenh t tlon of "what do you want?" t The dd'>-.e'>...1l1 be oifeled at The NUl'>llg edle Centpl '> means someone wants to expen the Bon Secoul'> NUbmg Cale locdted R at E Jelfel <,on ence the satsfacton of showmg Centel St Clall Shol'e on the hervatlon" a e e(jub ed then love and apprecaton by follo\\ l1g date Jdn 20, Feb 17, ('dll gl\lng you a gift you Wll trea& lito " TTllo.TT"'O"""T GTT'rT'l 8T,.u"",,,,,, ", V.l."U.'V.l\.L'l.l.l' 1 n r Often oldel people a e reluc "Cards & Books tant to name thell preference Harper What they fall to appleclate S 2 blks S of 13 Mle Rd that those \\ ho love them want St Clair Shores to show that love by gvmg them somethmg Everyone has day to Speclahzmg m day needs Tell tho"e needs You will enjoy them mol e f they Hummels Precious Moments Pewter calty a tag of love rather than a usic Boxes Country tems prce tag Along Wth the possble, f 50% Discount on German Lead Crystal sometmes not probable, gifts all' those that exist only m memory Check Our Pl'lces For those who had the blessngs of many Chnstmases, the season always bnngs mto focus those whch are treasured and those, f t wel'e possible, we would like to live agam Every year the ghosts of Chnstmas past rises up like mists on a foggy morning de mandmg to h ve m memory And every year we welcome them back to ther rightful place m our hves at ths specal tme There 1S a sm11al"1ty m how both young people and older peo pe recall Chnstmases they have known They are not all remembered, Just those WhCh for one reason or another were marked by some special gft or event OtheJ wise they merge mto a col. lage of tradtonal celebratons Ask an older person about any Christmas he or she knew when the chldren were young and the memores return - the JOYof cel ebratmg Wth a first-born, the Solid Brass Kickplates reg NOW NSTALLED OR FREE WTH ANY DOOR ORDERED BEFORE CHRSTMAS VLLAGE LOCK & HOME Vi"it Our Shonroom At REPAR CO MACK CARPENTERS locksmths REMODELNG REPARS 21A The best cooks seek the finest ingredients. Make your family's meals healthy and de- icious with fresh fruit and vegetables. ann, Fruit Baskets - Various sizes, shapes and prices Custom prepared With Fresh FrUt, Wine, Cheeses and even Steins. Beautifully arranged to make a thoughtful, healthy gift Fresh From Our Deli-Party Trays L "THS WEEK'S..6- ' \,.J SPECAL FEATURE" -. ".' ';t.j2 1/1.,tfl:;...-.;...J /" «"'''; ".-' Taste our FREE Samples TORTES Cherry Walnut Apncot Raspberry Chocolate Cherry Nut Black Fore"t Prneapple/5t rdwnerry Choose from our wide variety of freshly baked cakes and pies. Advance Orders Appreciated AND RECPES, TOO! Danny's is more than Just a market..,our staff ncludes experienced cooks who offer new, exciting recipe deas to our customers, Pick up a free recpe and try a sample each time you "hop at Danny's. FREE RECPE This week's free recipp will show you a great way to prepare eggplant for your fam;!y. P( k one up today! ample parking in rear Fresh Fruit Produce Bakery Deli Hours: 9-8 Daily 8-7 Sat. 9-5 Sun. \

22 - 22A.Jt not jadt a Pup- to- tze... December 10, 1987 t's a food shopping adventure at Farmer Jack To order call t Quick and Nutritious Chicken Pie 4 for 7.95 To order call SHELL-ON Medium Shrimp SHELL-ON Large Shrimp PREMUM OUAUTY large SZE lobster Talis TO 40 PER POUND L T025 PER POUND 99 LB. APPROX TO 8 OUNCES EA. Hearty Beef and Vegetable 1.50 Pint GENUNE AlASKA King Crab Legs FRESH fpasteurzed) Lump Crab Meat JUST 8-0l. CAN, d, COUNTRY STYLE Lean Boiled Ham WTH THAT OLD WORLD FlAVOR CHPPED OR SLCED TO ORDER FNEST QUALTY Lean Corned Beef or Roast Beef SERVE HOT OR COLD FOR A GREAT SANDWCH CHPPED OR SLCED TO ORDER For assistance in ordering party trays call /2-Lb. SAVE.4<l LB. 1/2_Lb.2 89 SAVE.60 LB. KTCHEN FRESH WORK SAVERS Egg Potato Salad, Cole Slaw or Macaroni Salad NO PRESERVATVES ADDED OUR FABULOUS Natural Casing Frankfurters FNEST QUALTY WHTE MEAT Turkey Breast - SLCED FRESH TO ORDER Lb Lb. SAVE.30 LB /2-Lb. SAVE.60 LB. To order cau ahead No hormones, antibiotics or growth stmulants are ever admnistered to Coleman steers. No chemcal additves, preservatives or artifical ngredients are ever added to this natural beef. U.S.D.A. CHOCE BEEF, Q.L. T. Rib Steak U.S.D.A. CHOCE BEEF, a.l.t. Boneless Sirloin Tip Steak Lb '", : ';. ',,.' +.y ')..., - '., 88 Lb FULL OF PLUMP, California Raisin Bread BAKED FRESH DALY Kaiser or Egg Knot Rolls GREA T SNACK JUCY RASNS FOR THE HOLDAYS Banana Nut or Date Nut Loaf '6-Qz Loaf 1 00 SAVE.59 Each z Loa' 1 79 SAVE.19 GRAHAM CRACKER PE SHELL FLLED WTH WALNUT CE CREAM ON A layer OF FUDGE TOPPED WTH A LGHT WHPPED CHOCOlATE FUDGE Walnut ce Cream Pie 1f4 Sheet ce Cream Cake 7 3-lbs 3.0z 14 6-lb 40z RCH, SOPHSTCATED CAKES THAT HAVE A FESTVE HOLDAY LOOK SAVE 2.00 Seal of Quality Tortes 2 ;8u' FROM TO FLORDA Red Ripe Strawberries 150 SZE Zipper Skin Sweet Tangerines WASHNGTON Red Delicious Apples Pint 1 98 S-lb.1 88 Sag Also available for your convenience": * POST OFFCE to buy stamps, mall packages, send registered letters. * PHARMACY with Pharmacist on duty 7 days a week. Call * DNER'S EXPRESS CHECKOUT 3 tems or less hot prepared foods to go. nstant out! SUPERMARKETS Prices effective through Saturday. Dec. 12 at 9 Mile near Mack Store open Monday through Saturday 8 a.m until 10 p.m Sunday 9 a m until 7 p m,.

23 December 10, A Student journalists invited to compete- Kerby School students Jenny Curry and Brian Lorey play RAMROD, a mathematics pentathalon game. Kerby's Pace (Program for Academic and Creative Education) adviser Juaita Arndt oversees the students. Foundation J he (;1 asse POnte FoundatiOn 101 Academc Ennchment, n ts 16th year of sponsonng ennchment plobrrams for publc school students, S sellng a board game to ncrease the endowment The sale of Grosse Pomtopoly S a fundrase' produced for the purpose of mcreasmg the endowment, and S now avalable for purchase m ts final editon. The board game S for sale at Barnes School, North Hgh's Rainbow Bndge and South Hgh's bookstore t S also avatlable at the War Memonal, Neghborhood Club, Ths & That for People, Two's Company, Young Clothes and Vllage Shoes for $15 plus tax The foundation was estabhshed m 1971 t was the bram chld of a numbel of local citzens who conceved the idea m memory of JoAnn Bokram, a dedcated school volunteer continues to enrich students property owners representing a geographcal and retail crosssecton of the five Grosse Pomtes Kathleen Judge, a 1986 graduate of South, dd the artwol'k on the game board The foundaton has supported numerous programs over the years, including workshops for teachers and lbrarans, grants of money to all nme elementary schools for the purchase of classroom materals, and poetry-wrt. mg workshops. Foundation officers for the school year are. Kathleen Herschelmann, presdent; Eugene Matecun, vice president; Sharon Masek, recording secretary; Peggy Davis, coltesponding secretary, and Ann Ncholson, treasurer Other trustees include Anne Berry, Cathe Bnerly, Lsa Caramagno, Alfneda Frost and John Hammel Edward Kane, Rchard Kay. Eva Koch and Florence Miller serve on the board Gor- Tle game features 10(':11 huqinesses that purchased space as "...- ''':'lll ry." BRASS" 'POLSiNG Make t Shine For The Holidays VLLAGE LOCK & HOME REPAR CO MACK AVENUE ONL / fnenl\rl ;mj HOURS don Modan, Marge ND>.an, Ginny Peattle and Clare Perry are also trustees Linda Schnel del', Robert Welch, Catherine Weyhmg, Joy Williams and Ruth 2mn complete the boal d Our Pharmacy "Stays Open for you Until Midnight 365 Days a Year. ST. (lar PHARMACY S Clalf Profe,,[onal BUilding Ground Le,el Moros" Road (313) Op n Monda} thru Frida, 9 00 am to & all pm Saturdal 900 am tn 2 ll() pm Clnsed Sundal and Hohda\\ n. CUR AnER-HOURS PHARMACY Saint John Ho,pltal Conlentrated Care Building AdJatent to the r,mergen< \ Center (313) Open elen elenmg 4 pm to midnight John Hospital 2210' 'vlorm, Road Ortrolt M -182 lh &1Saint -igh school Journalsts from Hn oughout the state at e nvited t<) p,utcpate n the High School Journalism Contest "ponsored by the Michigan Press Women The cont'-,t S open to any vllchlgan student who has had 11ls or hel work pnnted n a newspaper, school papel q, \ eat book or other publicaton be tween Jan 16, 1987 thlough Jan 15, 1988 Tine; yeat'e; competition 1l eludes five categones newe; sto nee;, spolts stonee;, featut e artl New tax law changes medical deductions ReqUrements for deductng nwc!lcal expenses not covel ed by n''lll ance have heen changed unclel the new federal income.' tdx law Unde!' the old law, tho'>e out of pocket medcal expenses that exceeded 5 pel cent of an indivdual's adjusted 6'lOSSncome wele tax deductble. Begmnmg m January 1987, the new law increased the minimum plopor HJU<.l' <.ll!juul.l LV { cl ljel elll For example, f an mdvdual's adjusted grose; ncome $25,000, then under the old law he/she could deduct all out of-pocket medcal expenses that exceeded $1,250 (5 percent of $25,000). Under the new la\, that same mdivdual Will be allowed to de duct those unmsured medcal expenses that exceed $1,875 The mdivdual will have to spend $625 more on medcal expenses before hs expenses are deduct! bie n order to take full advantage of medcal expense deductons, t S helpful to keep accmate records of all out-of-pocket medcal expenses Such expenses mclude doctor, dentlst, and hosptal blls whlch are not covered by illsmance polices. Out.of-pocket medical expenses also mclude the cost of health msmance premums, prescrpton medicmes, transportation to and from the doctor's office, eyeglasses, dentures and hearing ads. Some less ObVOUSexpenses for specal services also qualfy for deducton. Some examples of deductble specal medical servces mclude psychologcal analyss, treatment for alcohol or drug addction and chropractc ser- Vces. Medcal expenses paid on behalf of dependents are also elig- ble for deducton That means that all uninsured medlcdl e>.. penses that pal ents pay on be half of ther chldl en can be added to thel\' own medcal expenses calculatmg the deduc ton Dvorced 01 separated par ents may clam deductons for thel' children's medcal expene;es regardless of WhCh parent gets the dependency exempton for ther children o des, edtorials and feature photogl aphy, First, second and tbll'd place ce!tlficates Wll! be awalded n each category and l\1rchlgan'c; first place winners wll be advanced to natonal competiton, sponsored by the Natronal Fedel atlon of Press Women A copy of the rules and ently blank e; bemg mailed to lugh schools thloughout the qtdte \hdllgan CQntest entnes mu;,t l1elude a complete entry b),mk and must be postmarked by Jan 16, 1988 FO audltonal mformatlon, con tact N.uda A Ayad, director, 1:PW Hgh School Journalslm Conte'lt, 1105 East FJeld Dnve, Laming, lvhch Phone S Not all heating contractors were created equal. At SUPREME we don't Just sell you a furnace, we design a home comfort system. With 37 years of experience we are able to diagnose your needs. whether t is our completely installed no o replacement furnace at & or an i.,tricate hi-efficiency boilel ::-ystem. See what the others - have to offer, but don't decide until you call your Marketing Representative at SUPREME Heating and Supply Co., nc FREE ESTMATES r:lj :D. SUPREME Heating & Supply Co., nc. METRO DETROT MACOMB COUNTY OAKLAND COUNTY or the woman who lias everything. Treat that special someone to a 7 hour limousine rental Shopping Dining Entertaining Day Evenings Weekends. Anytime $ ncluding tax & lip CAll MARK BEGHN Coronia Dodge , (t "T' r 1 tr % 11 rrbuol's. m Everything ec. loth_ Santa Claus Hot Chocolate Cookies and Rpreshments 6-10 p.m. fuatv WOR.D A RainY Day Co Mack Avenue Grosse POlnle Woods (313) ,...,... '4 ':.. Get Your Custom Framing Done Early NOW HEAR THS.0 By Hugh A. DaVS.. SGNS OF LOSS Many persons With degenerative hearmg loss are not aware of t unlll the condition becomes ')0 pronounced that olhers notlcp the handicap Some of the early signs of heanng loss are Siralnmg to hear finding yourself leanll'g forward or sitting on the edge of a chair Often asking to have something repeated Seeming to other'> to be not concentralrng or paying allentron A tendency to turn '''dlos or televsion louder No longer healing your watch licking failing rain Wind a telephone nglng f you have any of thest' warnl'1g signs see a healing professional pr( ""';'to determine whether you are suffering a hearing loss 9roughllo you.. & public.. ",ce n he nlerul 01beller h rlng by Maico Grosse Pointe Mack Ave. Grosse Pointe Woods, M/4B S"rv'ng you for 27 yellrs A" ordmg to th(' Nat\O!H Automobl]p 1kalc''" \""Oll,1110J). h,,1\ C!,g, pill ' 01,llM tod,l\ h lhollt l:!, (}O ' he <l<lbq()(),o"t<; d (oupk ofthou"',lld mol,' 1)](',l\('r,lg( (dl, h(l\('\ (, " pc"'lllll,lbl, nll11 t ( <\{ dgc "t.,d,11d" \\ hc!c',1" h{, b ll)l) \, ctlc" tl\ ('1\ Hlllt tothe"',1l}('"t,lld,jr("a..,thea,lb9()o hllho, d(dl thdt(o"ho\\'",j( Ollil The <!\('rage (dl offer.., dwragr handllllg 11](' 'l<l'lb ljol h,lldl('" ihc <l 'llmpt',1l "po ' "t d,1i1 And t he a' Pr,lg<, l ar ( OT1W.., Wlt11 an (lh rage,1"'01 t111('l'tof equlj)[]wl11 \\ 1111('\ he,",,1,1), lj()o {011](", \\ th ll1dt phi" il fc'\1..,o1w\\hell uno!dll1il1' f('(ltlt! e" "( h h L1ol'c'1"(',lied!Jedll1hcddll\.d " «(,l!l llol h11l ;md d 20 \,llt, allli theft ll,h!lt\i\l [.lld"'l \1(' four '" (dt "tl't'o A. A Allof\\!l(h\\olJld'('('l1llo,JHhldt( th,l! fmllh ( 11!J1\1 \\th,lhml d\t [ l( "t,meldl d.., the ( 0111"l.., l ledl '111.lll.!ht for,!t',t <ll \ (' 11)(,<"'""i ullil, 11,,,,1 lilt, lwl ill 1/1" " hul11 ANN ARBOR John Lee Old..mobilr, lnc Wa...htenaw AVC'TltH.' (313) DEARBORN Seaway Motor..., ne. 23(11) Michigan!\V('tllH' on) DETROT Seymour 3162 [a..t Jcffcr<,on Avenue (13) 21)<)-9000 OUTlF[LD Old.,mobJ1t' h'legr,lph Ho,Hl (13) {S4 noo froy Lllvey Motor...ot Troy 1my MotOl Mall - (i 1) 643-b.}On

24 24A Msgr. Edward Nt-W4 Msgr. Hickey: A man of charm and accomplishments turns 94 By Marian Trainor Special Wnter A dehghtful, \\ltt v,.f1<1 <,rholarly gentlpman \\111 Cel, bute hi" 94th buthdav Suno 1\,( 13 He S Msgr Ed\\dld,J H r,l\ J. Hickey December 10, 1987 There S not much that can be cultivate other interests. He is a hon mto space. He has kept pace He began collecting. The reo n addition, he is also an as. sald about him that hasn't been renowned art collecter, a world with it all and perhaps a little sut was the Cloister Gallery on tute businessman. When the late said before The former Grosse traveler, a historian, a car buff ahead of t. Grahot and East Grand Boule. Cardinal Mooney persuaded hm Pomter has worked trelessly for and an award.winnmg sailor He likes to tell the story of the vard where he once had on dis. to accept the postion of chancelthe Cathohc chulch and for De- He S what any selllor Citizen handsome horsedrawn buggy play some 3,000 art objects. Pro- lor of the ArchdOcese of Detroit trolt, hut he ha" J.l'>Omanaged to would wish to be, retired but With "Hudson's Big Store" 1m. ceeds from the sales benefited and pastor of St. Aloysious ustamed by the interests cult!. pnnted on the Sde that would numerous charihes as well as St. Church, he lfted the archdiocese vated over a lfetime, glowmg occasonally pick him and his Mary's of Redford where he out of the red during the Depres- With health than anyone 40 father up at their home t was serves as pastor emeritus and sion when it was on the edge of years hs JUnor rmght envy. He an mpressive experience for a says the dally 6 a.m mass. balmptcy. meets each day with enthusiasm young boy to ride in such an ele. Hickey is also interested in Asked what he considered his and plans for enough projects to gant vehcle history. n 1967 he was named best contrbutions to Detroit, take him through many more Other fond memories are the official historiographer of the Hickey said his service to the veal's times he spent at Higgins Lake city of Detroit, a htle he still reo DetentOn Home of the Wayne The present and the future are as a boy where he learned to tains A brilliant historian on County Juvemle Court and the mportant to the monsignor, but SWim, hike, play tennis and sail, Detroit and Michigan, he is re- Ford Republic School for Boys he has good memones of a past mterests that occupied him for garded as the foremost authonty where he taught, while he was well spent. 50 years on the life of the Detroit pioneer, also teaching at Sacred Heart Many of his accomphshments He S also a scholar. After Father Gabriel Richard. Seminary. were recalled for hm on an an- graduating from the UniverSty mversary of hs ordmaton He of DetrOt m 1914, he received a has been a pnest for 68 years t master's degree m busmess adwas \\frtten of him: "His multi' mmistraton at Harvard Univer. ld.l;t:wu gt:uuh WhCh nas earned Sity. 1<'rom t. Paul's Semmary him the soubriquet 'Universal m Mmnesota, he went on to Man,' has never ceased to serve earn a doctor of philosophy at as a model for others in hs pro- the Catholic University of Amer. fession lca. He has also been awarded And agam: "He is the oldest honorary doctorates m laws and pnest in Mchigan. There is no letters from the University of illusion that these words could DetrOt and Wayne State Uni. begm to reveal the noble lift: of verslty. Monsignor Hickey, a man of A world traveler and an art comprehensve thought and UnJ- collector, Hickey has been to Eu. versal phlosophy Simply to rope 22 times. n the spring he know hm is a fond journey into will conduct a seven-day tour of life beyond its meaning" Europe. One trip he particularly His life, like so many others remembers S a trip to Cairo his age, runs concurrently with where he met Teddy Roosevelt. the history of progress. n hs His most memorable trip, howlifetime he has seen dirt roads ever, is one he made as a boy to become sweeping freeways; the the Mediterranean m He horse and buggy replaced by the toured the great art museums automobile, the Wright Brothers' and a lifetime interest in art was bold venture develop into jet born. t was later strengthened planes, farm lands become cities, by two years spent at the Sol" PhotQ by Elsa Frohman annexation of state and explora. bonne in Paris. t FURNACES & BOLERS - l8eplaced, r f '1;f'fJ'' Uj PlUMBNGtf4EAT LVERNOS KERCHEVAL MAPLE RD M&M DSTRBUTNG Cleaning Matenals & EQUipment co. WE DELVER The money account t beats em E. WARREN DETROT. M "'--COU"ON;---..,..Why Pay Morel.1!AET Nly;$6.00i TESTNG..... J 7 Days a Week NoAppointment Necessary. HARPER& CADEUX. SHELl' Harper. Come, ot ClldieulC... - _.- -!o.!!.:'-o.!=!! J sour "Home of th9 Blu9S" tictj [t SALOON & RES1AURArt1 Detroit's Oldest Saloon and Rlvertown s Onglnal Good Food and Ent9r1alnm9nt Spot Featunng Downtown's Be"er- Pasta, Creole, B-B-Q and House Specialties at moderate prices COMPLETE LUNCH AND ONNER MENU OPEN 7 DAYS TU.sdlyi:.(j... :... 1:':', 2.5;10rctlest"f,.:JtssilWN aij-'. the 21111St,.. flju,,'''nll TburSlap:. DoWltH.,.,. lpu W till lud.r trothrs'. -. Sund.ys: "ccollic Snen Nitlit. --EveryFrlllV nd Saturny N,i1 - The very blli 1,,'oc.'nd natlonillv-reco,rlled bluls b.nlls! MONTHL Y DETROT'S PCK FOR 1986 "Best Blues Entertainment" 10 minutes lrom the Grosse Pomtes at the!xmom of 75 2 Bile; S 0' Jefferson 4 Blks East of Ren Gen DetrOit s Rlvertown 1585 FRANKLN at Orleans r National Annual Percentage Yield. Empire of America Annual Percentage Rate Big E Fundbeater 6.75% 6.53% Donoghue's Money Fund Report 7-day average 6.63% 6.42% Bank of Detroit 5.90% 5.75% Fin;t Federal of Michigan 5.54% 5.40% Standanl Federal 5.54% 5.40% As you can see, the Big E's Fundbeater lives up to its name. Not only S it guaranteed to beat Donoghue's Money Fund Repore" average, it also beats these other banks' rates. Your mterest is compounded daily, you get immediate access to your money, check writing privileges, plus FSLC insurance on deposits of up to $100,000. And there are no fees, commissions or service charges. Want an account that really beats 'em? Open your Big E Fundbeater at any Big E office,today.or callsmartlneat THE mee ( ). is open seven days a week, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hell help you Jiveyour dreams / f' eral r.,v "fcs a"nlo( Mrm/1,.., F<;t e SMARTLNE R,!('\ and y,dd, ar(' a of and "!.cd (or dcj1(>llo( SO 000 To aehlcvc the annual Yeld,hown all pnnclpaj and mterest must remam l'n deposit (or one)'car at the,taled rail Twenty-one offices throughout the metropolitan Detroit area: DETROT: 2()()()(1Van Dyke \q 7]1\0 1771l) West Vernor Hs.!hway / We,t 7 Mile "i EAST DETROT: 1<j()1\0Ea...t 10 Mile SOUTHFEW: Northwe,tern H/thwav 1\ Welt 12 Mile 3"iR '))77 Greenfield, / Tel Twelve Mall. 2i1658 Teleraph BRMNGHAM: 4140 We,t Maple. 621).2546 /12ROO Southfield OAK PARK: Wet CJMile Coohde CLAWSON: 1305 We,t 14 Mile 41')-4430 FARMNGTON HLLS: Orchard Lake. 1\')).7222 WARREN: East 14 Mile, 2CJ41l.1S0 STERLNG HEGHTS: 1747 Ea.,t 15 Mll. 977-()<j')7 UTCA: Van Dyke 731-4"iOO DEARBORN: 110m We,! Warren. 11\47650 ROCHESTER HLLS: Great Oak, Mall. J266 Walton Boulevard. 651).1040 GROSSE PONTE WOODS: Mack Avenue AA4-Olfil LVONA: 338l)7 Five Mile Road. 425-AA13, ',.

25 . ", MCHGAN'S CUT-YOUR-OWN CHRSTMAS SOUTHEAST MCHGAN 1 MATHES 134\6 Lulu Rd da Ph 1313) rees $12 $65 Open Nov 2\ da,ly 9 a m dark (ABEFGHJKLMNP) 2 GlE S :3500Mines Rd Hillsdale Ph (517) trees $14 up Open Man F, 8 am -6 pm Sun 2 pm 5 pm ABCEFGH JKM) 3 SPRUCE ACPES N L. W son & Taylor Rds Hillsdale Ph (517) 4J rees $12 $15 Open Dee & 13 9 am 5 pm (ABCGHJKO 4 AREND S M 50 B'ook yn Ph (517) or COO trees $16 'JP Open dally 10 am da'k (ABCEFGHJNOP, 5 CHRSTMAS TREE LANE 4311 Fish','. e Grass lake Ph \ rees $\7 Open dally 9 a m dark (ABCEFGHJKL 6 FODOR S 3738 BuriCh Rd Grass Ph 1, VOO trees S5 $.3'5 Open No Der 22 da 1110 am 6 p m 14BCEFG HJKLMN 7 AREND NoUen RJ G d55 Lake Ph, trees $1b up Open No.. '27 daljy 9 m 5 p m ABCEFHJKLMr1 8 GREEN TREE 2233 Oak,,1 e Wallz Rd New BaSion Ph or 654 l "ees 2O Open dall')l noon dd.k (ABCGH KLMO) 9 BOUGHAN S # Hu Rd e Ph (3' 3) VV'" "".. :> ".J or u.., Open da.,. 8 a H. 'J 30 p m {AS CDEFGHJKLMNOP BOUGHAN S \ Martlros '1lle Rd Belleville Ph trees $15 Open da.,.10 am 5 p m (ABFGHJK THORNHOLLOW Hull Rd BelleVille Ph rees $17 Open dall 10 am 5 pm AJK) WENZEL S B475 B shop Rd Broghlon Ph ( ", trees '518 Open Noy 28 Sat Sl..n 9 am 5 pm (AFHJKN BROADVEW 4380 H ckory R,dge Rd Highland Ph 1313) ',ees $10 up Open da y 9 26 am 5 pm (ABCEFHJKLMNOP FROSTY PNES 7600 H,'eheock Ad While Lae TO'pPh l313, rees $2 pe, up Open Wed Sun 10 a m dusk (ABCDFGHJKLMNOP CANDY CANE Se1mour Lake Rd Oxford Ph, rees $14 $35 Optn Nov 2B Sal Sun 10 a m.4 pm tabkpl CENTENNAL PNES 2775 Brock er Emmelt Ph : ljees $01442$1923 Oren 29 NOli 27 Dee '22 o1uly 10 am darloc: ABGHJK) RUBY b"67 mlay C,'y Rd Good ells Ph trees Open Wed SUfl 11 a. m S pm (AHJKLt.'N PAMPERED Plt-.ES 424B Rab,dJe 31 Rd Ruby Ph ' 'ees $18 up Open daily 9 am 6 pm (ABE.HJKl MNO TOLLANDER # Bryce Rd Pori Huron 5000 rees $15..Jp Open No...27 dally 10 a m dark ABEHJKLMN TOLLANDER 5000 G ".0 d Rd Po f1l ron 10{}){l trp(ls $1"; l.<t Open Nuw' 27 'M ('era"l 10 do r' 21 darll (AEHJKlMNOi A & B 4370 Hal S RJ Jado Ptl BOOftes $B up Open dady 10 a m dark (ASK 22 KRAUSE 2950 Applegale Rd P.p plegale Ph, Cl000 trees $12 up Open da ty 9 d m dar ABCEHJKLM 23 V.ESTERN S 3375 French Lne Rd 4poleQale Ph trees Qp<>n da y da.. n dusk (ABFHJKLN EAST MCHGAN 24 MLAY CTY 2330 Rd mlay C ty Ph \313, rees S22 Open weekends 10 a m 4 pm (AGH...lMNl 2 caul TER S 4914 CLl s Ad All ca Ph ( Hee" $1250 up Oppn dd ly dd...n dar ABYK BUBLTZ Peppp/mill & Wilde, Rds lapeer Pn trees Open Mon Fr 3 pm da.rk Sal Sun 10 am da,k (AHK 27 DOG PATCH 5236 Snover Rd C 10ld Ph 1517) rees $14 $28 Open dally 10 a m 5 p m ABGHJKO 2B ED t.'ar 4552 Mertz Rd "'ayville Ph (517) rees Open Man Fit 11 d m 6 p m Sat Sun 9 a m 445 P m ABEFJKP) KARPOVCH 3450 W Caro Rd Cara Ph 1517) Open dally dawn dusk (ABFHK) 30 PENNYWfCK 3295 W Sanilac Rd Vassa' Ph lrees $5 up Open dally 9 am 6 p m (ABCEFGHJKLMNO SMTH S 7242 E Mt Moms 01 s Ville Ph trees SD up Open Mon Fr 3 p m dal Sat 9 a fl darr< (AB EFJKNi 32 TRM PNES 4357 E Baldw n Grand Blanc Twp Ph ( trees $10 up Open dally 10 am da k ABEFG JKLMNP 33 SNO CAP Hare <".0 th.. 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Ph (517) trees Open Man Sal 8 a m dar Son 10 a m dark ABDEGK) 41 ARROWHEAD 2.02 S G.,hd" Sagonaw Ph ' trees Open Frl Sun 8 a m dark AEKN 42 ALWOOD 4110 N Woodruff R j We drnan Ph (5 7/ llets 53 per f1 up Ope r dl,. 9 am da k At.GJKNOP 43 SHULTZ 70 S Cov lie Rd Harr s v lie Ph trees $5 $20 Open tioj 27 Der 2\ (ja.ll) 'loon '1 p m ABCEFH JKOP 44 GQUNE S BlJ41 G.lbca,lh Rd Cheb01gan Ph f6' ,pes S1 75!-3 00 pe n Open da 1',19 it rr '5 pin (ABOEF HJKO WEST... CHf1AN to'" 8(S',","" jlj 11';,1 Hlrbc S...r n"';,. r cr 553?' 100()()tH'.;l $1 r r; dd '+ am '5 p m (ABEJK 46 PNE POGE Rt '0 Hl nor Ph (616) lflCS $5tJt Open da 8 a m b pm,abchl 47 OUDDLES US 131 F ee...ay E.. 1 #159 Ashloo Ph 1616) 8J trees Oren Mon F 4 P rn dark Sal 10 a m da.r Sun 1 p rn 5 pm (A8CEFH K 48 RATCL FFE S 1795 S Ro d[, Rd Remu5 Ph ' oeo trees $2 per t up Open No\' 27 Dee 22 Mar. 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ABCEGHJKNO 52 HART Yourog Aile RoClo(d Ph trees Ope 1 No\! 27 Dee 21 dally 1 pm 5 pm ABCEJK 53 t.'dwest, 1685 Siu tz Rd Rock lord Ph 1616) "ees $70 $25 O"en Sal 8 am dar", Sun 12 pm da,k (ACEHO} 54 HUr'iOr N Creenv 'e Rd GrEen. e Ph \616/ tref>s, Oper. da y 9 a m 7 pm ABCEFKL 'i5 CRAWFORD 7840 Br ggs Rd N \0/ Stdr'i!On i 000!r6es Open Cia )' 9 a n dark (AEFGHlK) 56 BLANDNG 905 Ever9reen S Greenl,llie Pn [ ' !reC!:> $8 Opel) da 3 p m.{j P f (AK.l l:: 7 lenn EMANN S 5304 Ctlarles on d Ph 15\ lrres $10 O..t.n da y f"t00n da,k A'1K 'Xl HORROCK 1776 N Stale Rd or <;1 Ph 16' lwes $9 $35 Opel') Mon Fn '1 a n 7 pm Sal Sun 9 am pm ABr,GH,KOP lon ol Ph ( !rees $10 Open Wed Mon noon d...rh Tue 9 a m dar (AHK) 60 T"ORNAPPLE 1700 McC"nn Rd M do evolle Pn (616) COO) LF e::. $7 up Open Thur'S Fr & Sun roon5 pm Sat 830 d m 5 D m tabc..efhjk) b1 J & D PLANTATON 421 Lincoln Lk Rd Lo"e Ph SOO, 000 Lr >es $5 per up Open Now' 28 Dee 25 Sat S\..or'o 9 a rn 330 p m AEFhJLMNO 02 PNE CRO, T 5313 Bauer Rd HudsonVllle Pi) 161'» l 500 trel's Open Mon Sat dawn <1us' (ABEFHK 63 PRNCE #1 96th A... e &. Van Buren S Zeeland Ph 1616) trees $3 S10 Open Moo Fr 2pm6pm Sal loam6 pm AEHK 64 PRNCE Buchanan S We51 0 "e Ph ( lee $J up Open Mon Sat B a m 6 pen ABEFGHK) 6'; WOLDANG S James S liolland Ph 16\ rees $3 up Open Mo" :>al 8 am 9 pm faehjkno) 06 KRADER Counly Rd 681 Grand Junc110n Ph (616) ;> ".es $6 S40 Open d. y No) 25 Dee 25 9 a m 9 p m (ABCDEFGHJKNO 67 SPECH County Rd 657 Paw Pa' Ph ' jfet=>s $150 pe t up OPE:rl da y 10 a 1l 7 D m (ABCE FHKNO, 68 SMOND ;> A,e O,ego Ph 1616,69' t,ees S3 per /1 up Open Mon F"rl 3.30 p n dark Sa' S'Jn da.wn dark \ABHKOl b9 H' M fi4 \ 7 VJesl 8 Aye Plain Pr o1fi ( 7.r..'1S'L :re" Sal un "" dar.. AKN Pt:f4Cf ( 4501 Ba<;ebm.. Ro Bo 'vee Pn 1616) trees $14 up Open Sun Thurs 9 am dar,- Fn 9 am 430 pm ABCDEGHK 71 ASHBROOK ohr.san Rd Three R 'ers Ph ( rees Open dally B am da, ABEHK n FARVEW Fawn Rver Ad Sur9 S Ph 1616) 65\ 7'7' fees Open >Jov27 dally noon da,k 4BCEFJKD 73 TMBERLY N Lakevew Slu,q s Ph 1616) lrces SJ '50Der t up Open dallv 9 am 5 pro,abefghk Tree farms offer selection Mchlganians pming for the perfect tree to spruce up ther homes for the Christmas holidays can select and cut their own by Vsiting a state tree farm, reports AAA Michigan More than 589,000 evergreens are available for sale at 73 farms!jsted n AAA Michgan's 1987 Cut-Your-Own Chnstmas Tree GUlde. Buyers will find tree prices up shghtly from last year, Wth Scotch pmes running from $5, $1 more that Bigger trees, such as a Douglas fir or blue spruce, may reach up to $50. At farms chargng by height, perfoot prices vary from $2 to $4. Those who choose to leave their walking shoes and saws at home will find they can still brmg home a forest-fresh tree Thirty farms offer wagon ndes throughout the grounds while 47 have pre-cut trees available. Wreaths and othel evel green items are for sale at 34 tree farms Some farms have gift shops, entertainment and visits with Santa Claus. To help buyers select top qual- ty trees, the Michigan Christmas Tree Association has initiated the first Michigan Snowfresh Christmas Tree Program. Thrteen Snowfresh farms are listed in AAA Michigan's guide, Wth more expected to Join the program next year. The Snowfresh growers - recogrnzed by a tag tied to trees - guarantee high quality care, includmg soil management, dsease protection and contmual trimmmg and shaping throughout the growmg process. Michigan Snowfresh trees meet or exceed the guidelines for US -1 Grade. They are mechanically cleaned and have reasonably straight trunks. AAA Michigan offers these tips for persons visiting a cutycur-ovv'n f"in Brmg a hand saw. Most tree farms provdesaws, but supplies may be hmted during peak cutting times Axes are not allowed Saw the trunk close to the ground and shake the tree n the field to remove old needles Norway, white and black spruce and balsam fir trees should be cut when temperatures are above 40 degrees to help hold ther needles Colder temperatures could cause those trees to drop their needles more easly than pmes or Douglas, Concolor and Fraser firs. Brmg some twme. Forty-four farms wrap trees, but t is advls. able to have some twne for transportmg trees home Secure the tree bdse w the front ot the Baklava Bythe 60 piece tray $19.95 car to help the tree Wind dunng transport Assorted COokies Walnut or Date Filled Gift Packages $ A wlth&tand f the tree S not placed n water mmediately and S out- Sde for a few days, be sure to cut an inch 01' two off the base before puttng t lllto a water stand Wth a freshly cut stem, the tree wll easly absorb needed water CheGk the stand's water level dally Place the tree n a cool area, prefel ably away from open flames and heatmg ducts. n spect all electncal Wlles to be placed on the tree for frayed cords, damaged lghts or bare spots Never overload electrical outlets Etnily's HOME OF THE MEA TPE Lebanese Cuisine Made Fresh Daily FOR YOUR HOUDAY PARTY... Horsd'oeuvre *e Meat Pies Spinach Pies Reg. Price Kibbee Aras (bas) $6.95 Doz. Doz. on atlyanced orders only HOMEMADE ASSORTED PASTRES GREATER MACK between 8 and 9'Mlle ST. CLAR SHORES m.2256 Parking n Resr - Front Entrance., Medium Shnmp in the Shell, REMODELNG? THNK PRCE. THNK QUALTY: THNK LETO BLDG. CO. Why wait? Call now. ADDTONS DORMERS REC ROOMS KTCHENS ROOFNG AND SDNG.. LETO, BULDNG CO Medium Shrimp Peeled & Deveined King Crab Legs. Snow Dungeness Frog SqUid deal direct With father & son owned and operated business CALL Crab Legs Legs Crab DECEMBER DSCOUNT PRCES on the Highest Quality Fish and Seafood f you want to save even more, SAVE 10% MORE off advertised Harper, Detroit 2 blks west of Cadieux price f bought by the case $1095 $375,,$ ' Mon-Thurs 9-5 Fn 9-6 Sat 9-4 SNCE 1911 ntroducing Scan-Alert sm Service.! ChNTRAL AlARM GNA, Nr. 1)'f(l{) W \('n Mllr Rd Detroll, " S 31.) l:ag.j: StClRTY SYT,M S<'ar, ntall('d 110m' ('(Uflty Sy,trm'i Mile Rd Warren, M 4RO<)) ) 151.0)Hf) " Because, the gap tween secun and no securi is very small indeed. You may be thinking about nvesting n an alarm sy!ltem to protect your business or residence. Or you may have already invested in one. But what happens f an ntruder cuts the line to that system? n most cases, the system shuts down Unless you have new Scan-Alert. service Scan-Alert service S an inexpensive addition for most alann systems that use your phone hne to transmit a signal to your alann company. So not only can emergenc)' calls gel through, the system S also automatically tnggered if the telephone line is cut or tampered with. Defimtely a worthwhile nvestment for your peace ofmmd PLEA.lENOTE MChigan Bell's responsibility S limited to the tranmllon link hct\\een }our husmes;; and your mdependent alarm company's momtonng facility.<;nn AJtrt sm"", M.hle '" ttl'uln.rt'2< RtslnnJOrlS om} apply ""'on n " "'Met m.rt of We"",,,,," lieu n< usrd undrr to \ldlln lfll Protect yourself with Scan-Alert service by contacting one of the following participating alarm companies: A\11 RCAN PROTFCffiT A1\R\ 1\(, {" W lw1t \-lk Rd DetrOt, n H6l 8600 \DJO 1:l'TR" (,()R'ORAT() 18()i (tka Rd fra.,('r, M, H SilO 9272 G'ARDAN AlAR\'! CO Southfield Rd uthfield, M '1807') )HH WOO r,clrrn' CORPOR \TON OF \'!CHGAN 150') F m('\rn \ilk Rei Royal Oak, M '18()6 )1 54S MilS Helpmf} }{X ComrTl.J()/Ci{ev. ()\ RO { Rt Yll\ 1611 \\ \ g \\l D('trolt, \ l 12 2fJOO \H \ ( \.1R\1 n Rll,0(1)) hooll r,lft 11\ \11 limo ) ')22 O C'_l_'}H.: Rr't_\_«J

26 g,1a.: December 10, A._. Shores woman makes A Good Place into a great _ By Margie Reins Smith Staff Wnter Elame Lootens had 25 years worth of family photographs stacked - helter-skelter - on a closet shelf. "We had tons of pictures. Shoeboxes full. kept buying albwns. We had stacks of aiburns," she said. "The plan was that some cold Wnter night, my husband and would sit in front of the frreplace and sort and store these photographs " They never dd. Then a friend asked for a pcture of a sal1boat race Wlthm two years, Lootens had solved her storage predicament by creatmg, developing, financmg, manufacturmg and marketmg a product designed to store pnowgrapns. A Good Place 18 a plastic selfstacking storage box Wth 10 indexed slots for categorizing up to 350 photographs and negatives (35mm, no, 126 or Polaroid pnnts) by subject or date. The photo file S compact, stackable, with outside labels to provide instant identification. During the second year of her new-found role as manufacturing executive, Lootens sold between 60,000 and 70,000 of the products. All the bills are paid and she said she's close to paying off her primary investor. She had no busmess experl' ence. Before she was married to Richard, a podiatrist, she had graduated from the UniverSty of Wisconsin With a bachelor of SCence degree 10 SOCial work She worked for the Chicago Welfare Department as a general case worker before marrymg and settling down to raise three children. While the chldren were growmg up, Lootens was busy With family, church and CVCactivities No time for orgamzmg photos m albums No time to' learn the los and outs of runnmg a small busmess " didn't know anythmg about developmg a product or starting a bus1oess," she said " discovered that would not be able to walk mto a bank without any experience to ask for financmg for a new busmess So my husband agreed to finance it." She said she and her husband skmmed the yellow pages to find a list of plastics manufactur. ers. A Mount Clemens frrm agreed to make a prototype from her husband's drawmgs. " went to an attorney to protect my idea apphed for a patent. A Good Place S a trade. mark for the storage box." She manufactured an nitial batch of only 500 of the boxes. p- Susan Etherington-McKinney of Grosse Pointe Park has been named a sales associate at Schweitzer Real Estate!Better Homes and Gardens Hill office. She is a former reporter for the Grosse Pointe Advisor. Maria B. Abrahamsen of Grosse Pointe has been named a partner at Dykema, Gossett, Speno cer, Goodnow & Trigg. She had been an associate since Abrahamsen is a health speciahst with principal areas of practice in third-party reimbursement, hospital.physician contracts, disci. plinary proceedings and medical records. She worked previously as administrative assistant and assistant dean of the Vniversity of Detroit law school. She has a bachelor's degree in history and a law degree from the University of Michigan. Burton Abrahamsen Dr. Lawrence R. Crane of Grosse Pointe Park ""rill serve on the state House Public Health Committee's Blue Ribbon Committee on ADS. The committee will review the efforts of other nations and states and study Michigan proposals to contam the disease. Crane is an associate professor of internal medicine at Wayne State University. Rod Burton of Grosse Pointe Park has been reelected president of the American Lung Association of Southeast Michigan. Burton S Vce presdent and director of retail advertlslng for J Walter Thompson. He is past president of the Detroit Adcraft Club and the Detroit Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Speech Photo, Mack, in Grosse Pointe Woods, was her first customer when the frrm placed an order for 100 of the storage umts. Lootens next began sending mquines to catalogs Paragon, a catalog based n Rhode sland, said t was interested. "They've been my best customer so far," she said She also sold the product to a number of fast photo stores and a friend sold some to Kmart, where they were m stock for about SX months "But Kmart wanted me to agree to advertise the product myself. couldn't afford to advertise, so it's no longer in Kmart stores. "t's in a new store in Lansing called 'Made in Michigan Distnbuting Company' and-it's 10 a catalog of Mchigan products," she said. A Good Place is also available at the Mercy College bookstore and in a gift shop in Texas called Creative Storage. Jacobson's earned t last Christ. mas. She said each retailer sets ts own price for the product. Catalog prices are generally hlgher, runmng between $10 and $12.50 per box. Lootens said the whole experience of creating, developing, manufacturing and marketing her product has been an educa. tional experience. " learned not to take rejection personally," she said. "t's been primarily a positive expenence. learned that women are very helpful - with networking and such." Lootens said she received help from the Women's Business Bureau, a di- Vsion of the Michigan Department of Commerce. "Marketing and sales is the most difficult See PHOTOS. page 27A Ac e wealth Because our rates reflect current market conditions, the beiow rates are not guaranteed. Please call Regency SaVings Banl< for the most current rates available. ryroduct Grosse Pointe Shores resident Elaine Lootens conceived the idea for A Good Place, a protective storage case for photographs. She was originally looking for a way to identify. organize and store her own 25-year accumulation of family photos. She sold between and of her product n faster with higher returns on savings and CDs at Regency Savings Bank. REGENCY SAVNGS BANK STANDARD FEDERAL NBD MANUFACTURERS BANK OF DETROT Regular % Savings Account 5% 5% 5% Philip M. Andrews of Grosse Pointe Park has joined &hweitzer Real Estate/Better Homes and Gardens Hill office as a sales associate. Andrews is president-elect of the Grosse Pomte BUSness and Professional Association of Mack Avenue and a member of the Citizens' AdVSOry Board for commumty block grants in the Park. Andrews 1. % 00 6 Month CD 625 % 6 25 % 625% 1.4(J% 7 Month CD 700% N/A N/A 1 Year CD % 2 Year CD % 7.18% 696% 696% 771% 7.76% 776% Nicholas Dennis Nicholas of Grosse Pomte Woods has been appointed an account executve at ntegrated Resources Corp., a diversified financal services and stock brokerage firm Wth offices m St Clar Shores. 3 Year CD % 4 Year CD 9.000/0 5 Year CD % 798% 776Qo N/A 8.24% 803% 857% 851% 900% 857% Marian Enright of Grosse Pomte Farms has been appomted country r1sk/loan admmlstratlon officer n the world bankmg department of Comerlea Bank.Dett oit Enright Jomed the bank as a credt assistant and has held postons of m- creasng responslblhty smce then She receved a bachelor of arts degree m 1986 from Walsh Col lege Logan Jan Alder, a natve of Grosse Pomte, ha" 1:)('('11 promoted to advertlsmg manager for Arby's Fran chlse ASSOCatOn,the marketmg arm for A hy ", ne Alder was prevlc.'lsly a sales promoton mdll ager 10 the firm Enright Von D. Logan of Grosse Pomte has been named deputy director for mternal affairs at the Michgan Employment Secunty Commlsc;lOn Lo. gan, who currently heads the MESC's Bureau of Reseal'ch and StatstCS, JOned the d.gcncv 1967 as an analyst He holdc; fl master" df'gl ('f' n eeo nomlcs from Wayne State Umverc;lt\,1l1d, mile;- ter's of busness adml11lc;tratlon and d!j,\( (J of arts degree from Mchgan State Um,cl "!\, late SurYey TAken 11/4/87 All Regency rates are shown as annual rates Regency pays consistently higher rates on regular savings, long and short term coos. How much higher? Use the handy comparison guide to see lares are $Ubje<t to d\me wfthout notice. Subst.ntl.l pawty f«emfy wfthcr_al Oft certlru ACCounts. Then: are m1nmum hajmc.e N!- qurementa Oft savtnp.uad CD ACCountJ"..2 REGENCY SAVGS BANK FSB 337 [ Liberty at Division Ann Arbor Michigan Hours are Monday through Thursday clnd 9-7 on Friday Competitors regular savlng <lccounts <n<! 6 month CO s show annual rates ail other CO ri'tes are effective yelds how Regency stacks up against other major Detroit financial institutions Vile give you more money for your money Open your Regency Savings Bank account now by calling one of OlD' Sclvlngs counselors toll free at t-8oo or n Detroit They'll be happy to help youl FSLC,_.. "'7'" u ) J \

27 101 1 December 10, 1987 Employers invited to collegiate fair Employel S - both large or small - are nvted to paltlclpate n the first Mchgan Collegate Job Fall-, co-sponsored by Wayne State and Eastern MChgan Umversltles Fnday, March 25. The event will be held on the 01 chard Rdge Campus of Oak. land Commumty Collegl:! Farmngton Hlils John ClUSoe, drector of Placement ServlGes at WSU, calb the far "a 1dre opportumty for employers to pre-sc een the resumes of student canddates n advance, and then follow-up wth hundl eds of belected mtervlews n one place" Crusoe also POnts out that the p()nhl1 nf r }Q'.."CCS by the fo.;.r organzers offers compames a gold mme of talent from 47 Mchigan colleges and universl. ties He adds "The whole pomt of ths fall' S to make t easier for employers to find competent professonal help, not Just from one or two ulllversltes, but from all four-year mstitutions in the state, and the beauty S that it's all under one roof" The one-day fall', ncludng a contnental breakfast and lunch S $200 per company Packets of resumes from partlclpatng stu. dents (bachelor and graduate deg ee holders) are avalable n advance for a modest extra charge ThS specal servce Wll enable employers to pre-select students they wish to ntervew on the Fall' Day. Resumes are being categorzed nto the following areas Man. agement and Busmess, Sales and Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Data Processing, Scence and Engineerng, CommumcatlOns and Lberal Arts, and new MBAs Furthel mformatlon, along with a more detaled brochure on the far, may be obtamed by callng Kay Kozora at WSU at , or Ken Meyer at EMU at Elame Lootens fottfld a great deal of nformaton about mamtanmg and preserving photographs whle she was domg research for her product, A Good Place. Here are some thmgs she learned' 1 Photos should not be stored n attcs and basements Store them n areas where you spend tme The lving areas of a home are usually kept at a moderate, constant temperatme that's better for photog aphs 2 Light b the enemy of color photos Yow' most m- From page 26A aspect of a busmess for a small person lke me," she sad. She has hired a mother-daughter publcty consultant team in Dearborn to help get the word out about A Good Place. n a small busness, Loot:ms sad, she gets to do a lttle of everythng. So does her husband. He has been warehouse manager, truck driver and investor. She has done the billng, lugged boxes around, kept the books, wntten orders and made delveries. Lootens Sad she was naive at first, not realizing how much work her small busness would be. She works about 30 hours a week durng busy seasons. Keeping photos safe portant pictures should be removed from walls and desks and stored to mantain their color qualty. 3 Examne famly albums and check for evdence of dete. rioration Pctures stored m magnetc albums with plastic sleeves should be removed and stored before the plastc permanently bonds to the pictures 4 Stored prints should be placed n boxes made of a hgh quality polyester or polyethylene plastc to mamtan stable temperature and hu- The lightweight 35mm auto focus pocket camera that performs like a heavyweight. OLYMPUS nfinity Jr Got r,erfert pictures al a perfect price With the high performance highly affordt1blr,'"llty Jr Adva ncrd aulo torus With focu5 lock and close focusing down to 26 fully utomall(' proqr ammrd auto exposure With totally automatic film tlardllnq from 10ildlng to rewlnd,ng Built n QUick Fla')h fires adtomiltlcally when needed powered by long lfr lithium hiltlrry that recycle') fla<;h n about 2 see or by ootlonal AAA balterlrs E ctron c self timer With 12 ')rcond delay Ult", prr c,c;e Olympus 35mrn f3 5 lens Extrrf11rly compact and lightweight Wt',qhs f',)s th<ln 71; 07 Come see the compact Olympus 35mm that shoots big. "The product seems to have found acceptance. t's pnmanly a woman's product," she sad. "Women far outwegh men as customers. Women do the famly's organizing "'d like to call the manufacturer and say, 'Produce to capac- ty,' but 'm not interested in a hard sell. 'd lke to just let people know the product exists and t's avalable if they decide they need t. Many people find it useful." Asked f she is an organzed person, with neat closets and well-orgamzed storage areas, she Sad, "No, don't have neat closets But 'm not a Fbber McGee ether. Ths product was the answer to my own need to get organzed." mldlty. 5 Never wnte on your pctures n nk. Felt-tip nks have a tendency to bleed. Ballpomt inks can become dif. fuse too. t's best to categorize pctures on a tabbed section of a storage contaner or use a No 2 pencl,, A ward-winning " \ " designs Grosse Pointe Park resident Terrance Baulch has started a new business HomeTax, a home tax preparation service, is avalable for the current tax season. PreparatOn of personal ncome tax 1040 forms will be completed on a portable computer at the taxpayer's home Baulch tells clients beforehand what data to assemble. "That's the beauty of t," he said "f some pece of mformation S mssmg, they Just have to go to the babel1wnt for t " Baulch S a licensed, practicing certified publc accountant Wth offices in Grosse Pointe Park and Southfield Santa at Marquis Photos b) Balthazar Korab Ltd Six buildings in Michigan were honored by a jury of architects who met in St. Louis to evaluate the best efforts of the state's architectural community in the Michigan Society of Architects 1987 Design Honor Awards Program. Grosse Pointe residents were among those honored. At the left is the ndustrial Technology nstitute in Ann Arbor: architect William Kessler and Associates. Above is the Cambridge Center Office Building in Livonia; architects James Blain and Robert Wakely. Aging workforce to be discussed Wlthm 12 years, there Wll be an addtonal 14 mllon Amencans over 50 and a reduced num. bel' of younger workers These changmg demographcs n the workforce wll be the subject of a national conference March 10 and 11 in DetrOt's Westin Hotel The conference, JOntly sponsored by the US Depmtment of labor and Wayne State Umver- Sty, Wll be titled "An Aging Workforce Agenda For ActOn." Representatves from labor, mdustry, government and hgher educaton \Hll dscuss such thmgs as retrement polces, Job retranng, age dlscnmnation, health care and new drections 111 labor. management relatons John Stepp, actng deputy un dersecretary of labor, Wll dehver the keynote address to open the conference Other speaker Wll nclude Owen Bieber, presdent of the Umted Automoble Workers Uillon, Arthur S. Flemming, former secetary of Health, EducatOn and Welfare and co chair of the Save Our Securty CoaltOn, Douglas Fraser, presdent ementus of the VAWand profes SOl labor studes at WSU Karen Nussbaum, executve dllector of the "9 to 5" NatOnal Assocla tlon of Workmg Women, and Jerome Rosow, plesldent of the 6 To perpetuate the life of color snapshots, avoid instant developng laboratores These labs often don't wash the p ints adequately and chem- Work m Amenca nsttute cals that can cause detenoraton aren't removed $100 For mole nfol maton, call Conference regstraton Wll be SKNG 0hop pr our MKt crit', Chr at our 'f1dl Wt..ftdl WV f«'ui, Cr7 0vtvttr. Wt W 10K'll 1m Oij( S, our profvhwnol cjt}jj tnl(?bi ttad.7 cuul 17@(L( Ve, 5!:4 S VCK 1jmL:ft f ojt ijtv 'Wp fxmui? WtJt hdp fmt qtt r1t gulf at& r priet., UQ UWL JUqr. Park man starts home tax service Santa Claus S takng tme from his busy schedule this year to ViSt Wth children and adults from 2 to 4 p m. each Saturday untl Chrstmas at Marquis Ltd, a new card and Vdeo store at Mack the Farms He comes drect from the Thanksgivmg Parade "We want to g1ve the children n the nezghborhood an opportunity to talk with Santa," said store owner Mary MarqUS "Here they can receve indvdual attenton from the legendaly fellow which S hard to do in a Terrance Baulch shopping mall setting" Parents are encouraged to bring ther camera to record the event There S no charge for vis- ting Wth Santa The new store, located next to Frendly Restaurant, opened this fall. t offers more than 500 move Vdeos, mcludng a heavy concentraton of Dsney titles and the classcs. t also sells greetng cards, posters, seasonal gfts, handmade pllows, quilts and Orginal sculptures Oriental 'Baas Equal to An,y Other masterpiece of Art. Large Selection ilf Ltd. in Slock 27A -v!v olla P'UlW/1Uj Ull fat Kercheval Avenue "N.THE.VLLAGE" EAST DETROT: KELLY SK SHOPS between 8 & 9 Mi,

28 -,, 28A Surprise! Pharos by Peter A Salmas f Eleanor Pawluk had a quarter for every student she's taught. she'd be a wealthy woman She has been teaching at Trombly School for 33 years, and last week, Principal Sheila JoyC invited school officials, board President Fred Adams and former students to help celebrate Pawluk'a birthday. Each of her first-graders presented her with a carnation. Former students read poems and presented her with gifts. December 10, 1987 Shore-dwellers' fears rise as Great Lakes fill to brim SheH Lulkin once could see beach behind her Chicago condo fr 1 am S. hupenor to OntarO,. S organzed a coalition to persuade But now it's gone, a victim or ower t an the next. officalsto pull the plugs that let Lake Michigan waves that some. Channels connect the lakes water out and turn off the fau. times slap her building's ffth but they are so naltowthat out: cets that let t in. floor. "We are no longer on the flow is slow. for instance, a com- CoaltOn co.founder Chff Sasfy shoreline, we are the shoreline" she says. ' plete exchange of water in Supe. rio' would take 200 years This wants officals to turn off the Long Lac and Ogoki diversions, Other residents along the means that when the lakes are whlch pour an average of 5,600 Geat Lakes are. paying a heavy full and litle evaporation occurs,' CUbCr eet of wate, a second into n for the dehghts of lakeside the water S not gomg anywhere SuperOr. He also wants outflow hvmg. Beaches, back yards, anytime soon. "Everybody through the Chicago diversion r?ads, seawalls disappearing. and homes are thnks there's a plug YOUcan pull, but there's not" says mcreased But there are other political "Do you know what's down in Qumn. ' considerations besdes those of the lake?" asks Donna Asselin of Another reason for the chan. homeowners. Becuase the Long St. Joseph, Mich. ''The roof of ing lakes is something called._ Lac and Ogoki diversons pro- y house, sinks, a stove, beds. sostatic rebound" The earth's duce cheap ydroelectric power,.d!1e,:er o back on the lake. crust still is reboundmg from the few Canadans want them aon t th'1r u... people belong on th e weignt. oro. the last ce age's gla.,.,1",,,"rl l\",.,.., - _ h.l", ",,. Cl..., m. shoreline anymore." ciers. Although this upward downstate.llmois, fearing floods, Record water levels thrust is only a few inches a cen. want o mcrease flow through North America's fresh.water tury, it has the effect of tilting a th Ch1Cagodiverson. seas are flled to the brim. Four pan of water - downward to- What we need S a total manof them _ Superior, Michigan, ward the south - as the outlet agemet program for the Great Huron and Erie _ recently channls of Michigan, Erie, and Lakes, ays Sasfy, hose La. reached their highest record levels in this century. Ontario is Onf:ario are tilted upward more rapdly than their southern Salle, Mlch, home S 5CalTed Wth watermarks that appear afclose behind. shores. every flood. "All told, the lakes cover al. Diversions change levels.xperts question controlamost 95,000 square miles" writes Charles E. Cobb Jr. in the Man-made structures lake levels somewhat. modify For inbility Total manage.ment f the July National Geographic. "To- stance, the Long Lac and Ogoki les ould requre massive en. gether they hold some six quad. diversions bring water from Can- gmeermg:. new locks, channels, rillion. gallons of fresh water. da's James Ba:y wathershed and dr;dgmg. n adcl!tion the That 18 one.ffth of all the sur- mto Lake SuperlOr, while the project s. huge cost, ts envronface fresh water on earth and 95 Chicago diversion removes water me!1ta mpact could be grave. percent of all the surface fresh from Lake Michigan via the mi. QUnn s concluson:"the ability water in the United States. Pour nois River. o mn to control lake levels is that over the contiguous U.S.. A study by the nterna. shm.. and we'd all be in water 10 feet tonal Jomt Commission - a CurtS Larsen of the U.S. Oeodeep. U.S.-Canadian body created by a logical Survey also suggests that "Today there are waves and 1909 treaty - concluded that the Great Lakes may have the surf more akin to oceans than changes in existing diversions final word. He has challenged lakes," Cobb writes. "On these would lower the upper Great the view that lake levhuge expanses of water, even sf. Lakes less than a foot. Erie els nse and fall within a two-foot tel' a storm has passed, the would drop nearly half a foot. range above and below historic waves continue to crash. Erosion occurs everywhere." Last November, a preliminary report by the commission said averages. Larsen says that for centurys Why are lake levels at their that high water levels pose a the lakes have been at a longhihest? For two decades, more ram than usual has fallen and threat of a "possible emergency." The report called for improving term low and are retw:mng to more normal levels, possiblyfive cooler temperatures have siowed wg.programs and greater feet igher. "Th,trend s up. evaporation. "You can't predict coordinaton of flood-control ef- ward,. he adds. 1m talkmg of climate; it'a like the stock mar- forts. cetures." ket," says Frank Quinn, head of But some along the Great.f Lsen S correct," Cobb the Lake Hydrology Group of the Lake say tey find little com. Wrtes, the worst may still lie Great Lakes Environmental Re- fort m reading commission re- ahead. Parts of downtown Chi. search Laboratory. ports while waitmg for the next ce.o.could be.engulfed by Lake One way to think of th lak storm to strike. Two years ago Mchigan. SectlOllSof other cities Quinn suggests, is as a S:ries ef homeowners, convinced that would ha,:e to be abandoed." bathtubs filling with precipita. more could be done and rejecting Natwnal Geographw Nw tion, ground.water inflow, and blame for building near shore, ServCe surface drainage from surrounding watersheds. Each bathtub, FRANK'S WENER SHOP JEFFERSON 2 Biles. No. of 10 Mile , U.S.D.A. CHOCE TJ::/ EXTRA LEAN 'SRLON$29o:«:() GROUND CHUCK Tl(_h WHOiEm-- _ :N LMT 8' (N 10 La BAG).99, ''' HOME MADE NEW ZEALAND HAMBURGER & HOT DOG. ORANGE $3 79 ROLLS 890 \ ROUGHY LB. BAKED N au:store ;:LY ' Certfied Angus Beef S a natural food no additves, art! ficla! color or preservatives are ued n processmg THNKNG OF A NEW KTCHEN? WE OFFER THE ULTMATE N DESGN & CRAFTSMANSHP AT COMPETTVE PRCES.i;1CALL A PROFESSONAL 5'!R.F+ e332 mack avenue V,Sit our Showroom 20% OFF with purchase of $50 0 or more. 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29 a 51 _ Ch urches 48 Grosse PO nte Board of Realtors Section B December 10, 1987 Gross Pointe News A beacon of Baha'i faith shin\es in Farms By Peggy O'Connor Andrzejczyk Feature Ed,tor Jahan Fets smles as he shows a Vstor a photo taken more than 20 years ago at her engagement palty m ran The faces m the photo ml 1'01 her snllle and depct the happy occason t was as a goup of young t dman professonals bid fal ewell to Fets, then a young nurse about to marry a Belgan and move to America Fets' smle fades, though, as she descnbes the nf ph '2!'SO!l!T t phcto "Th:.3 r:1:1t:,\t,':j.z :J. doctor He was executed and left hs wfe with a newborn baby ThS man S still m ran, abrilhant man who S not allowpd to practice his professonand this woman barely escaped executon only because she mssed a meetmg because of a headache," Fets explains All had one thmg in common: They were ramans who were members of the Baha'i fath and wel e pel secuted because of t Fets S a Baha', as were her parents. Her son is al'3o a Baha' There are several dozen Baha'S m the DetrOt area, over 100,000 in the United States and more than four mllion worldwde, includmg 300,000 m ran. There are fewer than mne Baha'S in Grosse Pointe, which constitutes a "g'oup" Fets S her group's "corresponder," WhChmeans that she serves as liasion between the g'oup and the natonal assembly and receives all the mternatonal Baha'i news to pass on to group members Recently, Fets wrote a letter to her local newspaper whch mcluded the names of 12 Baha'is known to be in mminent danger of death in ra. man pnsons, as well as the dentties of six other Baha'S arrested m October and now being held m Tehran's Evin prison. ran does not recognze the Baha'i faith as a e. gitmate religion and thousands of ranian Baha'is have been Jailed, many tortured for ther beliefs. By wntmg such letters and in general, nform. mg the world of what is happening to Baha'S in ran, Fets says that members of the faith all over the world hope to put pressure on the ranian gov. ernment to stop the executions and further perse. cutions of Baha'S. The names of the 12 m immedate danger are Ehsanullah Ayadi, FaraJullah Saadati, Dustdar, Ramezan-Ali --Amui, Behnam 80hrab Pashai, Humammad Dehqani, Ezzatullah Khorram, Meh.!'an Tashakkor, Farid Zkiri, Vahid Qodrat, Shahl'oukh Hoveydal and Parvin Fanaiyan.Edilkhani. The SX an'ested on Oct. 21 include former NatOnal Sprtual Assembly members Hasan Mah. boubl and Jamaluddlll KhanJam and Changz Famyan, Sohrab HaJyan, Bahman Samandar and Rozlta Samandan. "We hope that the Ayatollah Khomemi Wll see that the whole world S findmg out about what they are domg to Baha'S," 1"ets says The colnfortable Grosse Pomte Farrlls home Jahan Fets shares Wth her husband Joseph, son James and her mother S worlds away from the ran she knew as a young woman And, whle she!1:ls been :1 /\.mc:cn Clt"zcn Slf.lCi..17G auj hct-' not VSted her homeland smce the revoluton n 1979, ran occupes much of her thoughts. " mss my friends mss ran n Baha', we are taught that whatever country you are m S your country. am an American and am proud to be an American. have many friends, both Baha' and non-baha'i But sometimes, even now, wake up dunng the night and think of the stuation in ran. wonder why these things have to happen to so many innocent people. " thmk that Khomeini is a Sck man No normal person would send small children or pregnant women to their deaths," Fets says. Baha'is in ran are accused. of heresy because the Baha'i hehef in the common foundations of other religons goes against the Moslem beltef that Mohammed Sthe one true God. Baha'is believe m one God, in the oneness of mankmd, in mdependent investigaton of truth, m the essential harmony of science and religion, in the equality of men and women, in elimmation of prejudice of all kinds, in umversal, compulsory education, a spritual solution of the economc problem, in a universal auxiliary language and m universal peace upheld by a world government Baha'is are not born, Fets says, they choose to accept the faith f they so desre. Baha'is believe that the Bab, meaning "The ahan Fets of Grosse Pointe Farms is "corresponder" for her local Baha'i group. Gate," was a messenger of God who came to pre. pare the people for the coming of Baha'u'lah, who spoken out m SUppolt of the rehglous nghts of this cousm's persecuton," Fets says At the same was the "Glory of God." Abdu'l-Baha, meanmg raman Baha'S Proposed legislation sponsored by tme, Fets tl'les to find somethmg positive about a "Servant of God" was the oldest son of Sen Paul Smon (D.,m) urges the presdent to horrible StuatOn, pomtmg out those faces m that Baha'u'llah. Adbu'.Baha's oldest grandson, take all necessary steps to focus more interna. long-ago engagement party pcture who have es. 8hoghl Effendi, is called the "Guardian of Faith." tlonal attentlon on the plight of the Baha'i com. caped ran and made new lives in Amenca and He ded in 1957 and cun-ently, the Universal mumty. elsewhere House of Justice m Haifa, srael, admmisters the And n Grose Pomte, Jahan Fets Wll contmue affairs of the Baha'l fath throughout the world. "Maybe God has a purpose to all this Maybe to help make the fate of Baha'is m ran known Because a primary belief of Baha'is S peace She Wll also quietly worry about a cousm who S the blood of the Baha' martyrs will feed the and harmony, the current persecuton of members Baha' fath After all, ' of the prophets an raman pnson of the faith is even more difficult to accept, Fets Moses, Je>.us Christ and Mohammed - were tortured n "He was an army genel al under the Shah He says. ran's abuses of human rghts, in particular some \\ dy for thr faith helped hs t\\ 0 ons escape from ran, but he could the Baha'i relgousminority, have drawn attention all over the world President Reagan and wnte, 80 hl', \\ fe 1\ ltes to Jet U.'o h.ncj\\1\ hat h till Rlil'!J,llll, l!lllll kno\\j1 throughout the not escape and h l1 pl'lon He 1not pelltltted to nd l<l\be the '-,ltuatlon m ran has made members of the U.S Congress have repeatedly gomg on.:\1\ J1lothel do"" not l \ l'll kl1)\\ "JOl'! 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30 28 CD 'Tis the season for a garden of holiday December 10, 1987 delight By Ellen Probert Specal Writer Now that the Thanksglvmg turkey S but a memory we are thinkmg ahead Joyously to ChrStmas According to hlston cal records t was Henry V who mtroduced the turkey as a feature of Christmas dmner m England m competiton With the tradtonal roast goose n Sd bella Beeton's cookbook classc. pubhshed m London m 1861, she says that "among themselves turkeys are very fw'ous, but among other fowls they are weak and cowardly They are dtfficult to rear but theu' flesh S much esteemed" Chrstmas cactus has long been popular as a flowenng holday plant The lovely archmg oranches Wth tnelr i:>311ny flower lusters n shades of pmk, red and whte dress up any room. To msure a long floral dls play be sure to pw'chase plams with buds Just showmg color and keep them m a farly cool envronment. The flower should la'lt several weeks There are some beautiful Chnstmas cactus plants, as well as nearly a hundred magnificent pomsettlas m gorgeous bloom decoratmg the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House for the holiday sea. son. The roping and huge wreaths and the immense red velvet bows ornamentmg the 'Friends' focus: Chinese foods Elizabeth Chiu King, author of ''The 15 Minute Chinese Gourmet" and libraran at Henry Ford Community College, will speak in the main room of Central Library Thursday, Dec. 10, at 7:30 p m. She will discuss the historcal, anthropologcal and cultural as. pects of food m the Chinese way of life - a wonderful introduction for those plannmg a trip to China. King, an expert on Chmese food and restaurants, studed. with major chefs in Hong Kong ; nd China. _e has taken part in the Cranbrook PM series, and has had articles publshed n "Mchigan Living" and "DetrOt magmficent oak starway, alld the five ghttermg Chrstmas t ees adornmg the largest room m the house are dehghtmg hohday V'lltors A favonte tree S the one m the lbrary adorned Wth mynad green satm bows and mnumerable feathery birds Flom earhest tmes the mistle. toe has been held sacred n Europe Plmy, wntmg m the first century AD, says that the DrUds (alled t the "all healer," They believed t came from heaen and beleved ts growth on a host tree was a Sign that that tree had been chosen by the god'l For ths reason t was al ways cut Wth a golden Slcklp rather than any common tool, and was al\4,ays gathered on the "xth day after the full moon [ne early talans gathered mistletoe on the first day after the full moon and m England for many centw'les it was gathered on Midsummer Day as well. t was the plant symbohzmg fertl. ity until Vlctonan tmes when, prudishly, t was given the symbolc meamng, of "surmountmg difficultes" Queen VctOra's consort, Pnnce Albert, S generally cred- ted with mtroclucing the Christmas tree to the world The decorated tree had long been popular Germany and he dd mdeed mtroduce the dea m England But there are some other poss- Elizabeth Chiu King Monthly" She S workmg on a book ttled "Creatve Chinese CUsine" The program is sponsored by the Frends of the Grosse Pointe Public Library mecapture the holidays at TrappersAlley... Shop for yourself and others at Detroit's most fascinating collection of fashion stores, gift shops and boutiques. OVER 40 TO CHOOSE FROM! blhtles, too. Some people credt Martm Luther Wth the origin of the Chnstmas tree. They say that he saw a beautiful snow-touched tree outdoors agamst a back. ground of ghtterng stars and came home to put candles on a tree m imtaton of t. Some folk tales trace the decorated tree back to the pre Chnsilan druids Another explanation of the Chrstmas tree attnbutes t to the Miracle plays performed m the 11th century in European churches or before the cathedrals One of the most popular plays was one called the Paradse Play whch dealt With the creaton of Adam and Eve and ther eventual expulson from the Garden of Eden, and ended with a pre- Vew of the commg of the Mes- Siah. The garden was always m- dlcated by a fir tree hung With apples and it became a custom for people to decorate trees in ther homes on Dec 24 m honor of Adam and Eve who, though not accepted as samts m the Latm or westel n Chni>tlan church, al e so accepted m the eastern church Whatevel ts onglll, the Chnstmas tl ee S now almost umversal Wth the celebraton of Chnstmab PomsettlaS ""el e first mtlo 'Evening of Elegance' for DSL The DetrOit Symphony League will benefit the DetrOit Sym. S planmng "'"n Evemng of Ele- phony League gance" hohday party featuring Tapper's Jewelry S located m wme, hors d'oeuvres, mmes and the Franklm Savings Center at entertainment at Tapper's Jew- 12 Mile and Northwestern. The elry in Southfield on Frday, event S fl ee and open to the Dec. 11 public, no reservatons requred Jewels Wll be for sale and t Wll run flom 6 to 9 p.m. partal proceeds of this event plants to hs home m South Car. ves, dates, pomegranites, figs alma where he propogated cut. and melons tmgs and gave them to botamcal gardens and to fnends mcludmg the famous hortlculturalist John Bal1rdm of Phladelphia FlOm that time on the pomsettla has had an mceasmg populallty and now S Vrtually the offical flowel for Chnstmas News about a most fasclnatlllg gill den ha" come to OU atten tlon t S the biblcal botamcal g,u den located on the property of Rodef Shalom Temple m Pitts bul gh Thii:>gal den, the largest of the few biblical gardens the country, attempts to duphcate the vaned topography of the Holv Land There S a cascadmg watjfall a desert and a bubblmg stl eam, m addition to ovel' 100 vanetjes of temperate and t apcal plants Among the many plants the gdrden are the staples of the ancient sraeltes' det such as wheat, barley, nll11et, cucumbers, leek!:>and omons as well as the more exotc plants mcludmg 01- Call us News Classified Advertismg CHRSTMAS FUR SALE Tamansk trees, associated Wth manna, the food mlracu. lously provded m the Wilder. ness, are mcluded, and in the meandermg stream, a mimatw'e River Jordan, are lotus, waterh. les, papyrus and rushes The garden S a popular place for scholals, school tow's and other b'toupsand admisson S h ee A descnptive brochure given to VStors gives plant names SiX languages lllclud mg bblcal and modern Hebrew, Enghsh, French, German and tahan A bblical verse accompa. mes each plant The garden was developed by Rabb Walter Jacob and hs Wfe, rene, who is a scholar of blbhcal horhcultme, and has attracted much attenton natonwide f you are mterested to learn more about t, wnte to the Pitts burgh CVC Garden Center, 1059 Shady Avenue, Pttsbugh, Pa ights and Sounds Fashion Mini Series December & 19,2-4 pm Fashon wardrobmg and gift deas by 'lake Tme Services of Blrmmgham Jingle Jazz Jazz quartet featuring ChriS Collins Dec Sth-5:30-7:30 pm: 6th-3: pm. 11th pm. 13th - 3: pm. 18th pm: 19th '00 pm: 20th pm. 23rd :30 pm 24th pm Santa Village Old St Nick Wll take his post on OlJr fourth level Free gifts for children. Snapshots may be pu rchased Holiday Voices Tappers Alley third annual choir competition for all ages Call for dally schedule Art in the Alley SpeCaltrees decorated by Detroit elementary children. displayed through January 8 ervices nformaton booth-first level. Gft wrap & shipping-third level. Lighted valet parkmg behmd ltappers on Lafayette Street, People Mover Station- third level Ql)ur gift to you... lwo hours of free parkmg (valet lot) With $10 purchase or more Validate your ticket at the information booth D1SCOUNTyourhohdayshoppmg (15%) Wth your 'ltappers Preferred Customer Cardl Pck up an applicaton at The Wlilow Tree or Harmony House, {' /, Holiday in Lights A glowmg review of holiday lights m Detroit and Wmdsor Don t miss our 25-foot liummated trees n Greek town Through January 10 celebrity Bell Ringers On behalf of the Salvation Army well known commur.lty personalities Will take ther turn at thp traditional KettleDn December 12 from 11 am to 9 pm MUSCthrouqhout the day 111rag ranees Freshly baked pastries cookies cinnamon buns. and food from over 25 restaurants and eateries FREEPeople Mover tokens for Preferred CustomerClu bmembers Detals at the mformatlon booth LATER HOURSfor "onvenlent shopping (year round) Mon-Thurs. 10 am-g pm. Frt 8. Sat 10 am 11 pm. Sunday. noon.g pm TRAPPERS ALLEY MONROE & BEAUBEN GREEKTOWN DETROT "A MRfA Of'tro t CCr'lventlon A V qtors AllrE'aU (fin! Atp, nfj<,<;.nltr,(t As!>()( So Jthl'a'itfrr,...f10Hgan T, l,ff A. To mc;t Asc;.o( DetrOit Chambpr of CommNc M rh Strite fhambpr of Commercf! LALL FURS REDUCED UNTLL [)t:ct:mt;t: L4th NCLUDNG SABLE: LYNX. MNK. RACCOON & MANY OTHERS AS SEEN N VOGUE (NEXT TO WOODS THE:ATER) MACK AVENUE GROSSE PONTE, M M F HOLDAY THtill 7 00 PM HOURS SAT till 500 PM

31 December 10, 1987 C. ' LL A.G.r.os.s.e;...;{ Cultural, photo exhibits at ULS sociation presdent is Marjorie Fahimj Grosse POnte Symphony Society president is Patricia Young. There's that number: The number 80 was a popular one for the Beatty family of Grosse Pointe Farms last month. Frends and relatives numbering 80 attended the 80th birthday celebraton for Audrey Beatty of the Farms, hosted by her son, David Beatty. A good time was had by all, the Beattys report, as they gathered at the Chateau Rouge for a day of looking back. 'A()l2f)TM With This Ad Photo by S Ka; Young Framed by the balloon arch which led to the upper gallery at the Detroit Artists Market's "Holiday Toyland" benefit preview gala on Nov. 19 are co-choirs Joy Emery and William Chapin. both of Grosse Pointe. Take a trip to Toyland: The Detroit Artists Market's benefit preview gala "Holiday Toyland," on Nov. 19 was a success, resulting in proceeds which will provide scholarships for several Wayne State UniverSity art students in the school year. The gala kicked off the exhibition of art objects and unframed works selected for holiday giving, which continues at the Artists Market, 1452 Randolph Street in Detroit, through Jan 4, The Artists Market S open dally Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p_m. Speaking of "'- a good time: The sell out crowd at the Grosse Pointe Symphony Women's Association's annual Christmas Concert and Champagne Brunch held at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Nov 29 thoroughly enjoyed the food, the music and the company, WhCh managed to turn a dark, dreary Sunday into a httle bit of Christmas. Conductor Felix Resnick led the Grosse Pointe Symphony Orchestra m several popular selections, mcludmg Waldteufel's "Skater's Waltz" and a wonderful renditon of Anderson's "Bug. ler's Holday The event was orgamzed by general chairman Marcella Habernak, Wth assistance from arrangements chairman Sybil Jacques, decoratons chairman Barbara Robinson, hosts and hostesses charman Marjorie Jewell, mvtatonsand program chairman Sylvia Rutkowski, mallmg charman Matilda Haelewyn, publctychairman Mary Nolan, and reservatons and seatmg chairman Jeannette Szulec. Hostesses mcluded Helene Eagan, Catherine McMullen, Mabie Skaff, Edith Smith, Mary Whitley and Patricia Young. Symphony Women's As- The Arts Wing Gallery at Umversity Liggett School S a busy place these days, With both the photographc works of Umverslty Liggett School upper school students and "A Cultural Exhb- t" from the People's Republc of China on display ths month. The students' photography exhibit Will remam on display through Dec. 17. The works of four Chmese artists w1l1be exhbited m the Arts Wmg Gallery through Dec 23 The exhibit S coordinated by James L. Hagemeyer of'hedelberg College m OhO Hagemeyer spent SXweeks n China last summer, teachmg at TlanJm Normal Umverslty The works on display were done by frends and relatives of his students The artists represented are Li Jin, one of the foremost young artists m Chma today; Li Li, a young student of Li Jm at the TanJm Arts Academy; Wang Tong, an ll-year-old student at the Chldren's Palace, a school for gift d students n the arts; and poet Min Ren, one of the most noted lving Chmese poets, whose work n the exhibt was translated by his daughter, Min DongChoa. The ULS Arts Wing Gallery is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m t S 10 cated at 1045 Cook Road, Grosse Pointe Woods. For more nformation, call A 'Giftos' to Grosse Pointe: Members and friends of the Grosse Pointe Garden Center found a perfect way to beat the blahs of a blustery, late November day; They attended the Berry Memorial Lecture presented by the Garden Center on Nov. 20. Chris Gftos, florist and director of special events at the Metropoltan Museum of pjt in New York, brought his gift to Grosse Pointe - a taste of spring m the form of hundreds of beautuul flowers. Giftos entertained those present in the War Memorial's Fries Auditorium with his two-hour presentation, which included a slide show, informallec- de 2f)MA HOLDAY SPECAL HARSTYLE BLOW DRY & CUT PERMS & HARCUT Ask for Pamela Professional NALS By Josle GET YOUR HANDS N SHAPE With Manicure for only $8.00 and receive a FREE Paraphm Wax (Solar Nails For Only $25 00) SaJs Ends 123' Harper n Sterling Vision Plaza -: blk N of 12 Mile, S.C.S. -, Chris Giftos of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York displays the fine art of Hower arranging. ture and a!lora! arrangmg demonstraton GlftOSshared some of his secrets - usmg two-tiered contaners to double the height of the arrangment, flying all the flowers he uses n arrangements drectly from Holland and "help- ng" recalcitrant tuhps to open by peelng ther petals back gently (this last tip drew a mixture of surprsed gasps and delghted "ahhhs" from the veteran flower altangers n the audence) And Gftos dsplayed some of the humor that has made hm a popular fxture on the garden club lecture tour, telling the group that his favortetool m flower arranging was a SWSS Army kmfe. " always carry one with me," he said. " also always carry a pocketful of Band-A1ds." 'Return to Elegance': The opulent lifestyle of the auto baron era is brought to life agan durmg "An Auto Baron's Christmas, A Return to Elegance," bemg presented now through Dec. 13 at Meadow Brook Hall on the Oakland Umversity campusin Rochester. Remmiscent of the elegant family balls and parties once held in the manson, Chrstmas Walk vistors are invited to celebrate the holidays among lavish chsplays through- Photo b) Pegg) 0 Connor Andrzej<.'ZYk calvary Day care for Adults 4950 Gateshead (near Mack & Moross) A unit o! Lutheran Socla Services ofmichigan. out the home built n the by the widow of John Dodge. Public tours are 10 a.m. to 9 pm Thursday and Friday, Dec. 10 and 11, and 10 a.m. to 5:30 p m. Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 12 and 13. Admission is $5 for adults on weekdays, $7 on the weekend; seniors over 64 and students under 19 are admitted for $4 all days. "An Auto Baron's Christmas" committee members include Mr. and Mrs. David P. Williams of Grosse Pomte and Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gibson Jr., of Grosse Pomte Shores. For more nformaton, call n the past 6 months HAVE YOU MOVED? BECOME ENGAGED? HAD A BABY? We have lots of free gifts for you!!! f you now live in the FAJMScall 882.7't9 PARK OR CTY WtqJm1l - A warm,caring place for seniors to spend the da Calvary Day Care for Adults offers activtes,meals, mendshtp, help. And a postive, low cost alternative for adults dependent on farruy and mends. Call for more information J Second musical on tap for CPT Grosse Pomte Theatre has be gun preparatons for ts second musicalof the season by announcng auditons for "1776 " "1776" recreates the momen tous days dujmg the Second Continental Congress whch led to the compositonand slgnmg of The DeclaratOn of ndcpend ence ncluded 111 the cast of character'l are John Adams, Ben Jamln Franklin and Thomas Jef ferson, along With many othcr famliar names from Umted States hstory Open audltlom' to cast the 24 male and two female role"! n "1776" are qcheduled for Satur day, Dee 12, from 1 to 5 pm and Sunday, Dec 13, fl'om 6 to 10 p m The auditons will be held at GP"s rehearsal studo, 315 Fisher Road For more mformaton, call director Edmund R Guay at (cv('mn!{h) Jhc shops of Wlton.'irc GROSSE POT Kercheval Holiday Hours Mon-Fn Saturday till 5 30 A GLMMERNG C1JC;pone on. A SinUOUS, sensuol!'> Lassale br<lcelet watch. QUetly extravagant. ExtraordmJry desgn. Tme keepmg \\as never <;0 pohshed We are pleased to be your place for ongnal Lassale dec;lgn Lassalc, The heritage is obvious. edmund t. AHEE jewelers Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe Woods HOLDAY HOURS: Monday-Friday H)'c,Saturday HP,ell) "ne ( "1' Q'>(, OF LASSALE.,, \ \

32 48 December 10, 1987 Travel agent specializes in sojourns good for the soul By Peggy O'Connor Andrzejczyk Feature Editor There's always a surp! lse 01' two on a tour ananged by Al Bolden & Company Tla\el of GlOsse Pomte Woods One time, t was an 1mplomptu meet 109 Bolden'.; bus load of tounsts had with Muhammed All outside All's home 11 Chicago Another lime, t wa... The wafers are embossed with figures of the Chnst Chtld or other Nativity scenes. The use of the Oplatek wafers is no longer rel:.trieted to indivduals of Po1Jsh a chance to...hake hands with then plesldent Jimmy Carter in \Vashmi,'lon Those kmds of surprises are dlways appl eclated by Bolden's clients, he says But the hallmal k of a Bolden tour S that thel e m en't any unplew,ant sur- Pll'leS for people who book a vacaton through Bolden, whose company specla!jze" m Chnstlan Pholo by Pegxy O'Connor AndrzeJczyk Ai Bolden and Ruby Blake of Al Bolden & Company Travel in Grosse Pointe - specialists in Christian tours. Mariavites offer wafers The Mariavlte Old Catholic descent, but has become a part Church, founded 10 Poland in of the holiday customs and tradi- 1893, plans to preserve a centu- tlons of others as well nes-ald tradition by making available the traditional Polish Christmas Eve Wafers, Oplatki The Oplatek, a symbohc hnk between Poland and Poles who have settled in various parts of the world, is a thin, unleavened wafer similar to the commulllon wafer, but larger and more rectangular. BQ ASS 1\lllihl (cf bcflull1 ul rl1r he liclhdny"l Clean, polish & lacquer Coach House A N C l q h 1 Daytime, Evenlns and Saturdays Carol J. Quinn, V.V.S. Gentle Mack near Cad,eu Someone Telephone The Oplatki wafers, baked in Poland by the Mariavite nuns, are avalable in envelopes of three each by writing to: The Most Rev. Robert R. Zaborowski, Archbishop of the Mariavite Old Cathohc Church, th Street, Wyandotte, Mich., Re4uests \'1111be honored through Dec. 17. A mmlmal voluntary offering of $3.50 S requested for each envelope to assst m defraying lost" and malmg DNNER A THEATRE "THE HEART OF CHRSTMAS Jlles"tlled by Bethesda Sanctuary Choir Fri., December 18th Sat., December 19th BETHESDA MSSONARY TEMPLE Dining Room 7616 E Nevada at Van Dyke tor reservallons s per person C'Jlefing by Mer P V Michael Velrano Our reputation is for compassionate caring. f('<'tff() 'it <'f',. ( Fr--.<'Frl";\( ll( \1 'Jl-N<, "UR<,f<'/\ff<'. rl\/f N «()\\'\',(l\j<, MACOMb 'Dentistr!} You Love Can Use Our Help tz"'f Pnv,lh horn!" Hmplt.ll m nl""1 honll' 24 holl' flll/ or 'M! 11m' < OV<",l!, Bonrl4.<J.mll 1\Ul'fl )80 NURSiNG UNliMiTEd NCORPORATED A ('ommulllfv l)roj'lol1aln/lr1119 Service OJ tours "There are many people 10 ths world who have made a commtment to Christ, people who are dedicated to the Chnstran prmciple. Now, there are things this world thmks al e great and goes for and thmgs that these Chnshan people don't thmk are so great They want to thmk lke God thmks and try to be hke God," Bolden says "They don't drmk or gamble or swear or look at pornography And they don't condemn people who do, but they want to keep those thmgs out of ther!rves And when they travel, they want to go places where those thmgs are not present l'hat s where we come m" Bolden opened his travel agency 111 May He had been presdent of a stock mvestment group made up of a large number of hs church related friends. The group had been to gether for several ye'8l s when Bolden suggested that they take a tnp. " figured that since most of us had grown chldren and had pad for our homes, we might all celebrate 10 years of the investment group by takmg a trip. They thought t was a great idea and asked me to plan t "So planned a big trip to Eu rope, detail by detail, day by day, hour by hour And when presented it to them, they well' flabbergasted They had had no dea how extensive a tnp 'd been planning. And one year later, we all went to Europe and had a fantastic tme," Bolden re calls. t was so successful that when Bolden showed movies of the tnp to an audience of about C!twad Christmas Fantasia at G.P. Baptist " The chancel choir of Grosse Pointe Baptist Church Wll present a Christmas Fantasia of songs to celebrate the season at 11 a.m Sunday, Dec 13, at the church, Mack Avenue in "Afraid" Luke PRESBYTERAN the basement of hs church, Grosse Pomte Baptst, he was asked by those 10 attendance to plan a tnp fol them "So planned a trp to Hawa and sold t out Whch led to thl ee more Hawan tous And at that pomt, was not a travel agent but was bookmg every thmg Just hke was Fmally, the alrhnes started askmg me f was an agent and when said no, they sald 'Why not become one?'," Bolden H'membeJ" When Bolden apphed to be come an agent, he dle,coveled that his tour plannmg expel ence was more than enough to qualfy, but that a lack of tcket \vntmg and tar expel )ence would keep hlln h om eallllng hs agent'" statu'> But he leal ned that f he could find someone who hetd expellence m those al eas, he lould open an agency " had an acqu3mtal1le, a young woman met,>evelal years befme tblough Chnstlan fellowship knew she worked Wth Amencan Alrlmes and af tel calling all ovel the <..Quntry to find bel, located bel SX blocks away," Bolden laughs That woman was Ruby Blake, who had taken an edlly retll e ment flom the ::ilrlmes and was Just slttmg around "lookmg for somethmg, praymg for some thmg to do Wth her hme," Bol den says Blake Jomed Bolden, h mgmg With her her tanft and hcket wllting expellence as WE'll as a "Chllstan SE'lSe of wanting to help people," Bolden adds The Air Traffic Conference gave them thp go ahead to open the agency. "When fi!!;t became ESTABLSHED 1865 an Grosse POlllte Woods The chancel chor wll be featured m a concert performing standard seasonal classcs, can. temporary selectons and tradtional carols The pubhc f> 10- vited to attend and shal e in the Chnstmaf> spmt For more informaton, contact -- '--. agent, t waf> not my mtentlon to f>ell tckets wanted to develop and sell tours But that's not the way t works m the travel busness So we did the oft.the-street t avel busmesf> and in the meantllne, kept on deslgnmg and conductng tours of a Chnstian lldtule" Bolden mcol polates hs own likes dnd dlf>hkes mto the tom-s, OJdel thd.t other Chllstans llight have hips they can enjoy Wthout hdvmg to wolry about the f81th belllg challenged, he says -"'ve been all over the world keep the ChllstlBn pnnclple and know whel e to go and what to do m these CltWS 10 order to follow that Pllllciple What do when desgn these tours 18 to an ange t so that the people see the greatest thmgs and have the greatest amount of fun Without havmg to won y about bumpmg 1to situatons which may try thell faith," Bolden says The result has been tours whch sellout m the first mailmg, he adds Bolden has arranged tours to England and Scandmava, to HaWaii and the Canadan Rockes and throughout the contmental Dmted State" He has been asked to conduct tours of the Holy Land, but sayf> that pastors at many local chulches arrange such tours to help supplement ther retu ement funds and that he is leluctant to mtelfere With that source of mcome "We have all kmds of denominatons, all kmds of people on our touf> Catholic nuns and priesb, even people with no professed rehglous preference We like to provde the kmd of tour that is acceptable to everyone," the church at St. Paul Altar Society Mpmbers of the St Paul Altar Society met on Dec 7 m the Par- sh ActiVties House. The pro-!,'j am mcluded Christmas musc, WORSHP SERVCES Redeemer United Methodist Church Vernier Just E 01 r 94 Harper Woods ( ;;0 a m Worshlp 9 15 a m Church School GROSSE PONTE 240 UN TED ;tal!onle n.jj JrW... Lothrop "-""' a caring church 930 & A M SeRVCeS 930 CHURCH SCHOOL CRBROOM 80TH SERVCES DR ROY R HUTCHEON PASTOR REV DAVD R KASER- CROSS ASSOC THE SUBJECT FOR THS SUNDAY S: "God, the Preserver of Man" First Church of Christ, Scientist Grosse Pointe Farms 282 Chalfonte Ave, (4 blocks West of Moross) Sunday 10:30 A.M Sunday School 10'30 A M Wednesday 8.00 P.M ALL ARE WELCOME DAL-A-PRAYER Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church GUEST SPEAKER Bob Marshall 1-11 a m Service & Church School MAUMEE John Corrado, Pastor St. James Lutheran Church "on The Hill" MeMillnn nt K('r< h('\:,1 fib t O:ill 9.30 a m Sunday Worslllp 9:Wnm Sundny Schoo] a m Sunday W'lrshir Pn.,tor Rob,.rt A. Rimbo Grosse Pointe UNTED METHODST CHURCH AF'nt'ndlyChmchfOl All ;\ge, 211 MOrOR'l 1l<1, <) on.1 "'PE( 1,\1. 1\1l "'(.., 11\ f( "The ncarnation llncl Om Fait h ' J)1. Bohrl t \\ Holl'\ p ('.' hjlllz 9000 m Worship & Church School a m Worship & Nursery through Kindergarten Dr Rob0f' 110PY Rev Jock Monr C' (>c Cateh the rit t THE UNfTEO METHOOST CHURCH GROSSE PONTE MEMORAL CHURCH THRD S'NDA Y N AJ)VENl "Th(' Op('n Hond" Mort ('rim, N('"Anchor, WHV TV N(." 10;30 Adult Ed. "Pr('!'r\'AllOn of Wh!, Wh, nnd lo...?" Pntrl!'11l Ron(')- Col('tt(' &.10n (,.1111/4'101 (;1/,,,( POlnt< ""l" J(.11 "'0< J( h Children'. Church School 9 30 & 11 :loa m Worshlp C'nb. Tocid cr Care 16 Lakcshol'(' Dnvc GlOqqe POinte Fnrmq RR2.1i3.l0 First English Ev. Lutheran Church Vernier Rd at Wedgewood Dr. Grosse POinte Woods ,lOpl1' h (J() d ll1 q l'i, U!.l 9 10 & a m Worship 9 10 a m Church School T x Paul F Keppler, Pastor Bruce Qualman, Pastor. ST MCHAEL'S EPSCOPAL CHURCH \!Ol., unnmgdalr Par. (,rt",'r POintE oo<h R lr2u Po (", "11'!lol} Euch"n" 10 H01n (hoi, l-,udl.r1 "nd SermOl1 <'ln<ld\ <'dw(ll,ur,ery lhililahiel \\!'ehday l'ut h.ll,t q ;jig! m Tue,da\ Rertor Rnhl'rt E Nelly 1"n" fln< l. a<,<,oclatr LooklllR J. or Fnend,hlp and B 11)11'Tp"l hlllr 0...,.U i 1\ loh bllh,"t "lnrl 1\ 1101\ EUl!1dl )..,1 1101\ 1'.11( h.ll)o.,( ( hili ('h lhool & Adult Fot um 11,, \101ll1l1g 1'1,)\ (' hi '-l nrll\ l"h h 1) 1-.1 ii (ro\r Pointr Bhd. RS.')-tS 11 Bolden says. Bolden tours are characterized by lots of Sightseeing and shoppmg, stops at what Bolden calls "clean, moral" entertainment spots, good hotels, great meals and the presence of either the boss or Blake, his "rght hand" " never Just send a group out always look at every hotel and restaurant and make sure it's right for our clientele We fur- 11sh all meals and make sure that we find special entertamment and a 'surprse' on every tnp for our people We want them to have fun "The thmg get a thnll out of S seemg people get enjoyment out of these kmds of tnps. t's a blessmg, that's what t S," Bolden says. Rght now, Bolden and Blake are bulding the bus mess back up after he had to take a few years away from t to work as a SVe Bible classes WhCh focus on the onginal language of the scnptures 10 order to have a fuller understanding of the m. tent behind the verses. "We're back to buddmg up the travel business now, though. We hope to have branched out mto Cahfornia, Flonda and Texas by the end of "We're plannmg tamlly tours and we Wll be desgning tours for young people, thmgs hke ski tours, dude ranch ViStS and white water rafting tours... all consultant to hs son, a manufac. turing engmeer whose company was engaged 10 a large mhtary contract Bolden also teaches Bible classes and studies comprehen- Wth the dea of Christan princples n mind, but with lots of fun and entertainment, too " tea time and a presentatlon by speaker Genevieve Casey, former professor of library science at Wayne State Umversty, who dscussed "Marj'ln Literature" See CHURCH, page 5B Christ the King Lutheran Mack at Lochmoor a m Sunday SchOOl & Bble Classes 900 a m & a m Famly Worshp a m Wed Bble Class Preschoot Call Joseph P Fabry, Paslor Randy S Boelter A% St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church it a m Famlly Worshp a m EducatOn for All 1115 am Worship Nursery avalable GRACE UNTED CHURCH OF CHRST Kercheval at Lakepomte Sunday School and Worship am Nursery S provded Rev J.arvey Reh Faith Lutheran Chi Hch CHRST CENTERED-SPRT LED Jefferson at Phlhp Sunday Worshlf l m Sunday Schoo 9 00 a m Pastor Ronald W Schmdt Mack (between Moross & Vcrn'f'r) 5 00 p m Saturday 9 00 a m Sunday 11 :00 a m Sunday Chancel ChOir Cantatn Wth Organ and Harp aeeompamment Richard.lohn, director "Star of Love" 8: Nursery Chtldren Adult Education

33 December 10, 1987 Church*<i' "N,n..,."g,,, ;0_ (, 'A Christmas Concert' St. Margaret'" Adult Chou and the Taylor Commumty Cho rus wll present "A Chnstmas Concert" on Sunday, Dec 20, at 7 p m. at St Mal gdret of Scotland Church n St Clan Shore::. Doors wll open at 6 15 P rn Greg Housewllght, bel::>b, Davd Lemehn, teno!, dnd Jpnm fer Ohver, bopdno, \\ pel-folln wth the full 01 dw"tt a undel the drecton of Stephan Paul Schubert's "Mas" n G," Wll be pelformed, along with a Chnstmas carol smg-a long A free will offel Jlg wll be accepted. Call for mole information -'* Ketchum group will meet Dec. 11 The Eli.labeth Ketchum Group of Grosse Pomte Memonal Church Wl! meet Fnday, Dec 11, at 1 p m at the chmch Margaret Young Wil! be hostess. Devotions wll be led by Amy Beltz 'Music Sunday' at 1st English First English Lutheran Church, 800 Vernier Road at Wedge wood in Grosse Pomte Woods, will plesent its annual "Music Sunday" at 11 a m. Sunday, Dec. 13, featming ts own choir, the Good News Smgers, and a chamber orchestra performmg pmt one of Handel's "Messiah," a Mozart "Church Sonata," and a specml arrangement of "Joy to the World" by John Rutter - Featw'ed sololsts mclude Jan... Lang and Jeanne Heller Ludwg An offering wlll be accepted dwmg the servce Living Nativity "Chrstmas m the Stable," a Llvmg NatVty scene, wll be held at Chn,;t the Kmg Lu theran Church, Mack and Loch moor, m GlOsse POlnte Woods, on Sunday, Dec 20 flom 1230 to 3 30 pm Childl en may pet and touch the hve ammals Alea Sunday School chldren will pmticlpate as Bible chm aders Chldren and adults me mvlted WCCC From page 4B Christmas cabaret at Trinity On Fnday, Dec. 11, at 8 p.m, the LYe Chamber Ensemble will present a Chnstmas Caba rel Concet at Hlstonc Tnmty, 1345 GratJOt, DetrOt Featw-ed Wll be boprano, Eal'nestme Nm1- mon", Fedora HorOWtz, plano, Stacey Woolley, VOln, and Ml chael Stockdale, gultm The pro gram Wll mclude a medley of bongb by Cole Porter, G orge Gel shwm, Scott Joplm, and rvmg Berlin's "White Christmas" Tckets are $8 For resel va t!r)jl'\ call Christ Child Society celebrates 75th TllS Satw-day, Dee 12, members of the Chnst Chld SOCety of DetrOt formally celebrate their 75th Anmversary at a Mass of Thanksgvmg, 11 a.m at St Peter and Paul Church, Archbishop Szoka officiatmg. A luncheon at 12:30 p.m. follows at the DetrOt Athletic Club. The Christ Chl1d Soclety "Woman of the Year" Award Wll be presented at that luncheon and members who have served the SOCetyfor the past 50 years will be honored Co-chars 31 e Mary Kroener and Anne Lemhagen. Pat G rbig S the overall Damond Jubilee charperson The Christ Child Socety's concern for children led them to found the Christ Child House, w.ith the first house opemng on falllster Avenue m DetrOt n 1957 the Chrst Chld Society bmlt a house on Joy Road espe- Cally for children. The Christ Chld House now holds 20 chldren between the ages of 6 and 10 referred by the courts and social servlces because of neglect or abu"e The Chnst C1lld SOCety also operates Joy Place, an outreach program designed fo! hlgh-nsk parents Wth chldren 5 years of age and younger. While parents are learmng parenting sklls and how to relate to ther chldren, the chldren enter a pre school learmng prog-am t S now par bally funded by the Umted FoundatJOn Boys Hope, Ronald McDonald House, St FranCS Home for Boys, Oxford Center, the Judson Center all receve assistance from members of the Chnst Chld SOCety offers church music course A new pedo! mmg mis cow se focusmg on chulch musc wll be offered dul mg the wl1tel' semes tel' at Wayne County Commun- ty College's (WCCC NOlihwest Campus Jl1 DetrOt ntroducton to Church Mu"lc (MUS260), a three credt COU::.e, wlll cover the hstory and de\ el opment of sac cd musc, the h turgca calenda chowl and 01 gan hterature 31ld hymnod) evaluatjon Studenb also \\ explore the typcal elements of a church musicprogram Church musc admmlstratol and orgamst James Abbmbrton, <.,tel of musc and church 01'- gamst at Detl Olt'S Hartford :\lemollal Baptist ChUl ch, wll be nstructor The class \,,111 meet Mondays from 7 to 10 p m.t WCCC's NOihwest Campus, 8;)31 Greenfield, DetrOlt For moce mformatjon, call FURNTURE REFNSHNG Phone ". -.,'- \._-... Everlasting light The Chancel Choir of Ebenezer Baptist Church will present "Everlasting Light. A Christmas Carol For a Dark World:' a contemporary cantata composed by Claire Cloninger and Mark Hayes. at 6 p.m. Sunday. Dec. 20. A time of holiday fellowship and refreshments will follow. The Chancel Choir is comprised of voices fronl all over the metro area. Almost 40 percent of the members are from the Grosse Pointes. including soprano soloists Jan Stewart of the Park (left) and Linda McCroskery of the Farms. Tenor Reno Pietrantoni is from Warren. Ebenezer Baptist Church has been serving the Grosse Pointe-Harper Woods area since 1948 at Moross. one block east of Rev. J. Kevin Butcher. Ebenezer's senior pastor. notes. "The cantata offers a joyous message for the holidays. t will be an excellent time for the community to experience the true spirit of Christ and his birth." For details. call the office at Cantata Academy to perform at St. Paul Church Dec. 20 The Cantata Academy wll perform ts popular Chrstmas concert on Sunday, Dec 20, at 4 p m at St Paul Cathohc Church The Cantata Academy S a 50- member cholr whch has grown Since ts Jl1ceptJOn n 1961 as a 16 VOce chamber chor. t has appeal ed Wth the DetrOlt Sym phony and has made seven concert tours of Europe The Can tata Academy has also pelformed \Hth the Allen Park, Dearborn, Flint, Macomb, Pon tac-oakland, Bu'mmgham- Bloomfield, Sagmaw, and Warren Symphomes as well as numerous churches n the Metro polrtan DetrOt area Members of The Cantata Academy aj e drawn from all palis of the met! opolitan DetrOt area l1cludmg Detroit, Dearborn, Brmmgham, Ann Arbor, F armll1l:,rton Hlls, Royal Oak, Bloomfield Hlls, Rochester, Troy and Grosse Pomte FledellcJ.. Belllngel, musc du ectol dnd conductol. has led Going Out Of Business n Gtosse Pointe the g'oup smce HS muscal background mcludes underg'aduate study at Phlander Smth College and graduate work at Michgan State Univer- Sty Presently, he S on the mu- SC faculty at The Cranbrook Schools and S ChOrmaster at Christ Epscopal Chruch in Dearborn Bellinger has ap peared as tenor soloist Wth the DetrOlt Symphony Orchestra The featured work at ths year's concert wll be Damel Pmkham's "Chrstmas Cantata" for Chorus and Double Brass ChOr The Brass Ensemble Wll also accompany Cantata Academy on many of the famlhar and traditonal Chnstmas musc m the program whch Wl! mclude works of John Rutter, Wilham L Dawson, Charles ves and Healey Wlllan There wll also be a selecton of Hanukah songs and the tl adltlonal audence smg along Tckets are $10 each and may be purchased at the door Group rates are av31lable For fulthel lllfolmatlon, call , j Charity Lutheran will expand Chanty Lutheran Church, 1n20 Kelly Road at Morang, break ground for a two-story l,ducaton Wmg on Saturday, ])('C 13, dullng a.m WOl "hp ';Cl vce. fhe 2,500 square foot addton, dl'''f,tj1ed by Men-t and Mc- {'<ilum AChlteCtb, Wll be bullt 11, The Eagle Company of Grosse Pomte t will mclude one floor de"lgned to accommodate day cal e 01 preschool and a second, lower level to facltate the many eldult nuliule progl ams of the cong egatlon A restroom for the handicapped and an elevator, whch Will make the entll e Unfancy", "gallery in a barn" 58 bulldmg accessble to the physcally mpared, also are n the plans, along Wth an expanson of the narthexllobby "We are commlttmg ourselves to our com mumty," announced Fled Clem, Executve Dlre(tor of the congre gatlon Charty, whch has been cele bratmg ts 40th anmversary th", yeal, S a member of the Lu theran Church - MSSOUrSynod ts Sunday Mornmg schedule m e1udeb a 9 a m educaton hour and a 1030 am WOro,hlpserVce Advent services are on Wednes day at 1 and 7-15 p The pd" tor S the Rev Mm k W Hetmer Tn hp hpnllh(,,1 '" n,...t "'{ ",-,1",, J'"...:::> J"... 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NO LAY-AWAYS THE PHOENX 63 Kercheval (Dodge Center) C mid VSA /J,'lr orne "We Discount Luxury" CHARLES FURNTURE WAREHOUSE 222 F Harmon. Hoyal Oak b block Norlh of 10 Mile, 1/4 hlock fa.,l off Main opt'n Monday-C)alurday 10 5 friday 'ii 8 r m fr DEJVN 10 (.ro'... ' Pom!,' Underpriced DeSigner Furniture and AcceSSOries at Warehouse Prices 1==='=-" : "- N' f >,

34 - 68 Honorary chairman Wilma K. Christensen of East Detroit has been selected honorary chairman of the Fontbonne Auxiliary of St. John Hospital's 34th annual White Christmas Ball. Christensen's grandmother, Mrs. Arthur D. Kerwin, was the first president of the Fontbonne Auxiliary. Sister Verenice McQuade, SSJ, of Grosse Pointe Farms, is director of the Fontbonne Auxiliary and vice president for Patient and Community Services at St. John. This year's ball "Celebrating 40 year.s: Fontbonne :' will be held on Saturday. Dec. 12, at the Country Club of Detroit. For more information call the Fontbonne office at , Grand Marais Questers Grand MaraS Questers Wll celebl ate the Chrstmas season at 10 am Fnday, Dec 11, at the h6me of Call} Barrett The pro gram, "One Special Chnstma'1 Memory," will feature memories recalled and shared by each member. A gift exchange and po tluck luncheon Wll also take place AARP Chapter No The Grosse Pomie Chapll'1 No 2151 oj the Amencan A<;<"oclallOl1of!{et11 pr! P(' sons "'n hold ts Chll"lma', <;('[,,(,,1 lll't111g at 1 p m Monday, Dl'l 14. at (;10-.-'f' POll1te McmOllal ChUi ch The Gro-,<,e Pomte South Hgh School cholale f,tj-oup wll ente! tmn With Chll"t mas songs, undel the dn eltlon of Ellen Bowen Fo!lowmg the entel t,ln11l('nl, 1(' lie'lhmcnt<., w11 be sel vc'd F C'(' hlood p p-. <.,111 e chelk<" will w gl\ ('11 h( f(ll,l1d,\( the pi ogl am C.P. Camera Club The Glos<,e Pomte Camera Club will lll'l't on Tuesday, Dec 15, at 7 30 p m at Blfm lell Middle School, 260 Chalfonte Av Plll' '1 he evenmg Wll feature a competj llol1 night, Wth black and white prmts, colo!' pl'lnts and natme and pictorial slides V1'1ltors are welcome For more mformatloll, call 8R 8034 G.P. Farm and Garden Club Ml'mbel <; of the Grosse Pomte Farm and (;,\1 den Club Will meet oln Monday, Dec 14, at the Countly Club Dnve home of Mrs Wllbcl Hadley Mack The Noteworthys, a gloup of young women from the commun- t\, wll pi ec;ent a muscal plogram celehi.t lg the Chi stma season Jlo<.,[c'<"",(,s 101 the day de Mu... Rusc;ell i\!('\jdll,111d1\11" John DUlno AdmSSOn S $3 For tckets or mformation on either program, call the Smith Theatre hox office The Pomte Garden Club Wll meet on Monday, Dee 21, at c m, at the Ton nancour COUlt home of Mal garet Webb Members Wll exchange Chnstmas oma- 1wnts School of Government The School of Gavel nment, nc, mvltes members, guest'l and ft lend'j to paitclpate m ther 47th holda) rntlslcal luncheon cel eblatlon on Wednesday, Dec 16, at the Glo",se Pomte Yacht Club Social houl be 1,'111<".t 1230 pm, toll 01\ ed by luncheon at 1 and a plogjam at 2 Club pi esldent E<,thel C ay e} \\ p e "de Progl am COOldnatOl pro tem Cecelia Mason \\111 ll1tloduce da Mae Massnlck of Gro.;se Pomte ShOl(''l, c1u man of the day She will pi esent membel <, of the muscal plo!,'1"am, "Chll'ltmas Mernment 1987," m dudmg De Shaheen, vocalsts A mgal d Fel'llholz and Margawt Ahee and mal11<,t Janet Urolshagen Resel vatlons foj' the day, whch mcludes a smg along, food, decoratons and a gft exchange, may be made by callmg Wanda Sepansk at Sally Kmnet? at Village Garden Club The Decembel meetmg of the Vllage Gat den Club Wll be held on Fllday, Dec 11, at the Country Club of DetrOt Hostess ne.l Mullaney at The Smith Theatre is located on Oakland Community Col- Wll be assisted by Elzabeth Boutell, Marga! et Gueltler and Ann Scott Louisa St. Clair, NSDAR LOl"a 3t Clan Chaptel, NSDAR, will obsel ve Chllstmas tl adltlons at the Glosse Pomte Hunt Club at a.m Thursday, Dec 10 Hostess Mrs GeOige C Frederck. son Jr, \ greet membel s and guests Regent Jacklyn OmlOl Wll conduct electon of delegates to the Contmental Congress April 1722, 1988 Andrea Weyhmg has been apponted to the NatOnal Speakel's Bureau Chairman Mal tha Tttle will accept canned goods and gfts for the NOth Amellcan ndians MalY V MacDonald of the Col JO'Jhua Howm d Chapter, \1 present the day's progj am, "Deck the Hall'J " For luncheon esel vatlolls call Jean Glass, Eva Klem 01 Harl'lette Wheeler Park Garden Club The Monday, Dec 14, meeting of the Grosc;e Pomte Pal k Galden Cluh Wll be held dt the huj\e of SUMl Zugel, who wll! be asslted at the noon luncheon by co hostesc; Diana LeVick Followmg the busmess meetmg, Mane Mamw8ll1g wll present the prol,'1am, "Fact'J and FanCies of Ch 1stmas Greens" LOdll1e Lieder has been welcomed as a new membel Holiday music, jazz at Oakland Community College The Oakland Communty College Chorale will present a hoilday concert at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec 15, in the Wallace F. Smth Performmg Arts Theatre Full choral works W]] be mcluded m the lineup of pop and sacred seasonal selectons, along Wth solo and ensemble performances Admssion is free; the publc S invted. The acc Jazz Band W]] pel form m concert at 8 pm Thurs day, Dec 17 The program Wll feature vocalst Julie Ftzpatrick, along with mstrumental selec tlons of contemporary, bg band. Jazz and holday musc Pointe Garden Club See CLUBS, page 7B lege's Orchard Ridge campus, at Orchard Lake Road n Farmmgton Hills THESEKO BGTME SPLENDORS. Detroit Concert Choir to sing This Saturday, Dec 12, at 6 pm, n the St John Hosptal Chapel, Moross at Mack n DetrOit, the newly formed De trolt Conceit Choir wll g1ve ts first fl ee publc concet The choir S under the drecton of Gordon Nelson, prevous cholal drector at DetrOt's Denby High School Nelson holds a master's deg-lee n musc from the Ulllvelslty of Michgan and has studed With Robet Shaw and Roger Wag-nel HS chors have twce won iil "t place awards m the prestlglouc; competiton at the nternatonal MUScal Eisteddfod m L1ang-ol len, Wales The DetrOt Concert Chon Will travel td Wales July to compete 111 ths VP<l1 <.,. ". --'._ _:....--:- PNEHURST the golfer's paradise 1 and 2 bedroom condominiums from s69, 900 1,200 to 1,000 square feet fireplace whirlpool tub private entrance fe'jtlval The maugural collcert is a unique collaboration of voice and bw'j'j, With the ChOlf Jomed for pal t of the plogram by the Ac caustc Art'J Collective, a bras'j ensemble which Wll also pel forlll alone The chor, lkewise, c;llg a cappella and With plano, as wlll men's and worn en's ensembles Although not a Chll"tlnas concet, seasonal fla VOl wll bp added by Handel'<' "FO Unto U'l a Child 1<,BOl1" flom "Mes<,wh" and BpnJamm Bllttpn'<., "Cel emony of CalOls " Adclit Onal membel swill be added to the Detrot Concel t Chou 111,J'HlUfll Y ntel e'lted <'l1gel" should contact Nel'Jo!1 at solarium all G.E appham ('s pallo tloor covering and wallpappr f'lp( lion, CALL OR WRTE FOR MORE NFORMATON PNEHURST MANOR, LTD. P.O. Box 1957, Pinehurst, N.C (Collect) December 10, 1987 """"= -- Pinehurst Manor is located on thirty wooded, acres with Pinehurst's new #7 c04rse across the street and bordering to the south is Pinehurst National's Nicklaus designed course under construction STANDARD FEATURES GREEN CHRSTMAS TREE TAG SALE J We nvite you to experience our quality fashion and honest prices You Will be served only by Master FUrriers who Will be sure the style and fit Will be perfect for you Fine Furs THERE S A WORLD OF DFFERENCE N FURS PRE-CHRSTMAS 'l SAL SAVE STOREW',. 9 a m 5 p m Werkdays 9 a m 7 p m Thursdays 9 30 a m 5 p '1) Scllll, days 1230 fl m -1 pm SHlrlajS Groue POnte Mack Douglass A May P&ter M Pplcotf lht r>('\.1,""i«h( k'(k Ji\1 l"t<..,gr...10 lr(drdht dln"'('fr" lj\ lht. dt"<.o '-.t.n thlk d <"!,ul r {.;.y ty J fill hrt f t r '\ n ( r lh lhl "uhll, ( '... 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35 .1_.A_' l; Lauren Sallie Remus Todd and Kerry Remus of Grosse Pointe Woods are the parents of a daughter, Lauren Sallie Remus, born Nov 22, Maternal grandparents are Vaughn and Orpheha Carus of Sab'1naw Paternal grandparents are Stanley Remus of Grosse Pomte Park and the late Salle Remus Brigid Ellen Leavy Bernard and Susan Leavy of ChcagO,, are the parents of a daughter, Bngid Ellen Leav\ born Nov 30, 1987 MatE'rn'll grandparents are Dr and Mr, Thad Joos of Grosse PO!!! Woods. Paternal grandpah, are Mrs James Leavy of Ma. \ nooth, County Kldare, rp!,lfld and the late Mr Leavy Andrew Louis Thomson Mchael and Jll Thomson of Huntmgton Woods are the par. ents of a son, Andrew Loms Thull.m, born Nov 5, 1l:J1:l7 Maternal grandparents are lous and Evalyn Heavennch of Hun. tmgton Woods Paternal grand. parents are John and Theresa Thomson of Grosse Pomte Park. Amy Joan Kathryn Barger Mchael and Allita BargE'r 01 Grosse Pomte Wood" are t hi-' parents of a daughter, Amv.JO,1O Kathryn Barger, born Nov 16, 1987 Maternal grandparentc; dl P Joan and Dr Kenneth Retford lf Grosse Pomte Shores Pate "ld grandparents are John aud Kathryn Barger of Lake\ Jlle, Mmn. GPLA hosts Christmas tea Grosse Pointe Lawyer's Auxiliary president Connie Buydens and Christmas Tea chairperons Lois Martin and Sue Rockwell get into the Christmas spirit in preparation for the GPLA's 1981 Christmas Tea set for today. Dec. 10, at the home of Carol Neef. "Price" of admission for guests: one wrapped gift to be given to a young person at the Wayne County Juvenile Home. Special guests Judge Gladys Barsamian and James Lee. director of the Wayne County Youth Home. will be on hand to collect the donations. The GPLA supports the Wayne County Juvenile System and has helped other groups such as FLEC and Safe Rides. Grosse Pointe Lawyers' Auxiliary membership is open to spouses of attorneys practicing and! or residing in the Grosse Pointe area. For more information. call ClubS dffi {d...", 1. «". {0;'JM' '_!Ji'l)l) mt- lllljllnillsl!lillt)tr,,,,,,,-&"". Zo,;.f-.. From page 6B Mah-Nah-Be-Zee C.P. Woman's Club The Grosse Pomte Woman's Club's Christmas Tea Wll be held Wednesday, Dec. 16, at 12'30 p.m m the Crystal Ball. room of the Grosse Pointe War Memonal. Frst Vce presdent Adar Alexander wll mtroduce the program for the day, the strmg quartet "Les Amles," presentmg "A Touch of Class" The qumtet S compnsed of Grosse Pomte resdents Elzabeth Peterson, first VOlin; June Cuffa, second Violin; Jame Dobmwsk, VOla; and Elzabeth Allport, cello The social committee. chan'ed by Aline Saverlno and Gloria Gilders, have asked the followmg membel s to serve that day' Judy Lvmgston, Elizabeth Bromley, V olette Webby, Regina Lesmsk, June Fran cone, Elame Mlcklethwalte, Lllan Wlllms, Tlly Haelewyn and Betty Lou Doyle. Members brmglng guests are asked to make reselvations by Dee 12 by calling Elizabeth La Strega Boutique MOVNGSALE 20%.70%OFF ALL WNTER AND HOLDAY MERCHANDSE Cass OAR Florence Heath presented a plogl'am on "The Hstory of Grosse Pomte" for the Ehz abeth Cass Chapter, Daughters of the Amencan RevolutOn, on Dec 7, m the home of Mr8 F G Verbeke Vce regent Jane Rudolph conducted the meetmg, as-.."sted by A VS Kn sch Grand Marais Branch Farm & Carden Assoc. '111L Gldnd l\llldl" B'lOCh of the NJ. lon,11 Fdl111 & Gm e!('j1 A"'lOllclllOl1 \\ hold h DeLembpl mcetmg on Mond,lj', )('L 14,,lt the home of Mary Eve!, n Self ( 0 ho"te";,e,, foi the luncheon \\ be 011\ e \ll',klp,md Mmg,let Young The ploh'l,11ll \1111 1)(' Chll"tnM",11,Hlgl'lll('nh hy the ll! llh('..,llp on upper & lower levels monday -SATURDRY9:30-5:00 63 Kercheval Ave. Grosse Pointe Farms Questers The Mah Nah Be Zee (,hapt!'l of Que;, le" \\ meet elt 8 p m Tlnn "d".", Dec 10.t the Mount Clemens home of 1\11 s (;eoll{e Killeen, ho \\ ph',,('nt the pi 0 " dill "The Ch"tmd" C,ll d' A looki{' e, :h'lnge 1\ highlight tlw!'velllnl-.( Mom') ill be dandled for tlw "cho]al"hlp fllnd On Opc 1, 10 membel!:> met at tlw home qf ;\h s Paul Hondelllh to s!llng popcoln,me! clanbeillec; to make VlltonHn Chll..,t ll.l.., OJ namenb to dell elte the \\llllte r {oll"e on BL':le 1"le Josiah Harmar OAR HL'gPllt ljonnd Bloolll \ d J elltl! [dill lll'mhp" f ' Jo"wh H,lll,U l'h.!»(1 oj 11ll' lj,lli., " ut the \11)( llell! l{e\ ulltlo1 elt hel 1\.ldlhon Heght;, home nool1. Satul d'l\, Dec 12 Dolly Young and GOlel Plilhel wdl,""ht \\ th the lunl!wol1 dnd htma;, 1','ty A..,dk P,ltl!l\O k quilt 11i1 be Limed Speakel Louhe Bell of Sterling Helghh \\ 111 p e..,ellt the pro!,'l a 'Umtpd'l hth _ By Om COlilltlY';, HStOlll Ch htm,)', Cus tom" " Thel e \\ dl he no meet l1g" 111 January,md Febl ldl \. mpetlllg" \\ dl 1 e..,ume 111 ;\lm ch Pi Beta Phi Al umnae Tlw GlO'''''' POlilte Aluml1ae Club of P Beta Ph \ ill hold h elnnual Chll..,tm.1'l party and 'Cooke Shmp" elt 7 P Man day, DE'c 14, at the )10111(' 01 Vh..,,Jack F ey Any alumnae not,dll'a<h cont acted 111[\' call foj mol' llfol matlon The January meeting will bl' [\ ".11ad luncheon and card patty ell ]230 pill.,m 21 :'vr" How,lld Blood \\111 be ho"t('"" C.P. Questers No. 147 The Gro..,se POllllt> eh"p!l'l or Questel'" No 147 \\Jl hold d ('hll"lllld" mcetlllg clnd luncheon on F 1(1,1\. D(,(. < () cl m elt the Wa nel l{o,1l1 hollll' 01 Eh'elllOi DUl no Mal lyn SUJlku,me! :-'1, \\"('bon Wll <lh;,l'it a'-, lo w"tp"'''l''' Folio\\ mil d "holl 1J1" ll'"'' meetll1f! "Come to the F.11l ill 1)(, pi ('''ented by E t ledd Pdlmellt )('1.,111,d 1\" 1lH'll1hel 01 the lhelptel '-,111(('!'- f1llllhlllll ()fjl.. A sjlent.uctlon (0111dTll t( d b, B,ll bm a Cldne will be p,l[ 01 till' Delelllbl'l meet lg Melllbel" all.,,),('d 10 hllh.( LlVOllte l oll('c! bl"",11l1grit ('lh fill t)1(.1l on Trowel and ErrUl ' ll' '11m\( 111<1 11'1 ".t 11 (ub \\111 hold, ('hll"'(11,h 11Hhlol1 pol[\ dll elm Thul,,(LlV, Del tll!' (,o""e POl1te Pel k llolw of ('onllll' 1{('c!11011<1 Tlwle \\ dl hl'd l.(dldl'l 1('].11,,<1 L:dt,,\( h.l1 ;" Professional Women's Network Tll' 1\1)( hlgoln 1'1 ol( ""11111 i \\ OJ!'11.., Net \\01]( \\111 h \\(' (11\ 111g1 1111,116 pill MOlldd\. Dl'( 1/.1t 1ll'... 1\ Fo\ 111 Bl lllj1gham BO.lld 1'Oil '1.11\ 1{1"..,('11 \ldl he gue"l Pldl\hl.l1d 1\ ill hll:hllghl.1 plo gram of..,h.1[,.: 1l1!.- lld ( \Pl 1l'll(" \\ th 11H'll1bp!,> { "," 1 1\111 pi "1.1('1o1h by Lllottl. H,( h 111< (1,,1 " \\l'11,h (lll"11,h (.lnl:- 111'1 1[('1111>'1' ot 1lL'1 0\\ 11 Tll' ;\11lhll.1l'", '''lnl1 " \\ Oll]l'l1" Npl 01h. "!-l "( d f l" (f (/llll ( J1 to pl()f(''''''o,d \1!lll'1 :'ll, lilt.:". (' /lp('1 to t h (' puhll t,<. lll ' [ " \ h,11 {' e qllll('d FO 1ll0ll '1 [, 1)1 ll. \\ J11J111.t G47 1lhO fl 0111 q f. -, Pili Expecting Special Guests For The Holidays? C03ch f kll L!AC (<ll make your fine furniture look its be..t Refinish/Re()1or<> Repair Custom Uphol';1ery Distinc1ive Fahri< s,10, N t q,,-, J Mack Ave. Gros!> ' Pt,. RR?9_ John Charles Victor Dennis J. and Karen Victor of Grosse Pointe Farms are the parents of a son, John Charles Vctor, born Nov. 17, Maternal grandparents are Mar. vm and Margaret Voss of DetrOt Paternal grandparents are Stella Victor of Mount Clemens and the late John C. Vctor. Free plck.up & delivery free estmates VA HAYES f JOSEPH SeNlcmg Kristin Shea Dupuis Mark and Molly Dupms of Grosse Pointe Park are the parents of a daughter, Kristm Shea Dupms, born Nov 29, 1987 Maternal grandparents are S C and Rosemary Shea of St Cldll Shores. Paternal grandparentb are Wayne Dupuis of Gro:,be Pointe Woods and the late Jo",e phme Dupms. _ i _-- Come Share the Holiday Season The Colonial Shop cordially invites you to our Christmas Open House i December 11th & 12th from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. SAVE 10% ON OUR ENT!RE LNE OF MERCHANDSE 1 - and Enjoy Free Refreshments! E. Jefferson S.C.S :M-*tfJk'l! a;«_aw. the Pomtes for over 40 years - CLOTH AND PLASTC SLP COVERS 5 Year guarantee on workma.!1hlp Wide Selection P. PERSE with A& C u,,o ler'j CO. UPHOLSTERNG & DECORATNG of CASUAL & DECORATVE FABRCS 1iThe Panther' Wo.tches by ( ({din "" 0' 14-4'5,;/ -"' 4.1,WaLent :. JEWELERS : Kercheval Grosse POinte, n the Village Holiday Hours: M.F Sat 930.5' ,

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36 p... _._ _8B C_tJ tj:t 7kP December 10, 1987 First Lt Brian C. Ford, son of Jack and Janet Ford of Grosse POinte Woods, has been promoted to captain n the U SAl' FOce Ford S an All' Force fighter plot statoned n Okinawa He b'taduated from Gro!:>se POinte North High School n 1977 and received a degree n electncal engmeenng from the Umverslty of Mchgan-Dearborn hefo!e enter mg the Au' Force Sherri Lynn DeFauw, daughter of Mananne Kathleen and Robert John DeF'auw of Grosse Pomte, has been named assstant profebsor of bology at Berry College, Rome, Ga. De. Fauw holds a bachelor's degree n bology, a master's degree n bologcal SCences and a dodo 1ate m blologjcal bclences 110m Wayne Sate Ul1lVerslt) Mike Scicluna of Grosse Pomte Park was a member of the cast of "The CruCble," a two-act drama presented by SOUX Falls College m November Sclcluna had the role of "Judge Ha\vthorne." He S a sophomore nlajol mg n elementary education at Sioux Falls College. Scicluaa is the son of DommC and Marina Scicluna of Grosse Pointe Park. Among students who enrolled m Heldelberg College this fall is Grosse Pointe North Hgh School graduate Robert J. Poulos of Grosse Pointe Woods Martha Martin Doelle, daughter of Jean Doelle of Gr0sse Pomte Boulevard, receved a bachelor's degree geologcal SCences from AlblOn College in September.AUE." PARK Southfield Rd. PHONE: DEARBORN-222S0 Michigan PHONE: EAST DETROT-2490 Kelly PHONE: n GROSSE PONTE-Mack at Marosa PHONE: LANSNG-Delta Center PHONE: 323.(K)40 Suiilnr&W- The Corners PHONE: STERLNG HEJGHTS Hall Rd. PHONE: 'WARREN Van Dyke PHONE: WESTLAND-Westland Crossing PHONE: NO ONE DSCOUNTS DEEPER THAN AL. PRCE Susan M. lefevre LeFevre-Amine Robert J. and Mary Lou Le- Fevre of Grosse Pointe Woods announce the engagement of their daughter, Susan Mane LeFevre, to Anthony Michael Amine, son of Assad and Mamie Amine of Grosse Pointe Woods A May 1988 wedding is planned LeFevre is a graduate of Grosse Pomte North High School. She studied fashion merchandsmg at Macomb Commun- ty College South and S employed as co-manager of "The Lmted" store. Amme was graduated from Bahram nternatonal Hgh School. He holds a bachelor of arts m poltical SCence from the Umverslty of Michigan, where he was a member of Sgma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. He is employed as a sales associate for Oakwood Properties, nc" a Tt\)y-bdd real estate l:qmmerclalfmdustrial firm Christine Wright and Ken Delaney Wright-Delaney John and Joan Wnght of Grosse POinte Woods announce the engagement of their daughter, Chrlstme Wnght, to Ken Delaney, son of Patnck and Beverly Delaney of Owos<;o A January 1988 wedding S planned m Coldwater, Mlch Wright S a graduate of Eastern MlChgan Univerblty She S employed as pubhclty/pubhc reo latons drector for the!'lstoic 1'bblts Opera Hou!>e n Coldwater Delaney '> a gradudtc of Central Michgan Umvel,>lty He S assstant new., director for WNWN wrvb rado Hodges-A darns Mr and Mrt> Paul E Hodge of Mllford announcc the f'ngage ment of ther daughter, Mary Stewart Hodge'l, to GeO! ge KeVin Adams, )n of Dr and Mr'> Vmc('nt Adam'l of Gl'O,,<;e Pomte Farms A Fporuary 1988 wedding 1<;plann('d Hodf.{es hold a hachelor of flt,> degree n Engl1<;h and communicaton.. flom the Um. ver<,lty of Mchigan Sll' 1<; f'm ployed hy Hodge,> Management Adam'> attended Austm P e para tory School and Gro'le Pomte HJgh School He holdq a hachf'lor of arts dei,'1'cf' En. gh&h economcs And phjlo'lophy from thp linlvn.,lty of Mlthlgc!n He S a publj'lhel g? YOUR CHOCE 30z REGULAR NNJA Cologne YOUR CHOCE DlRABEAM' COMPACT LGHT rze $251 Batteries r1.-i.q,\e ;4 ijill _..$3.75 SPRAY...$5.63 SPRAY..$5.63 g?.e BODY $506 LOTON. DUsnNG $506 POWDER.. PRMO $.31 OFT SET ' :, ESOTERCA MEDCATED f., FADE CREAM l For Clearer Younger Looking Skin HELPS FADE & PREVENT AGE SPOTS, meckles & SKN DSCOLORATONS FaCial Unscented -Fortified Scent or Unscent. $4O $373 YOUR CHOCE DURACELL 'llip POCKET LGHT Banenes ncluded $283 DURABEAM FLASHLGHT DURACELL BAnERES 4-PACK "0" SZE 4-PACK "C" SZE 8-PACK "AA" SZE $342 DURACELL LANTERN BAnERY 5 44 Alberto EUROPEAN STYLNG SPRTZ 80z, $216 Alberto. GELEE EUROPEAN STYLNG GEL $2 ''TUMS'' Antacid.150-cT. REGULAR 150-cT. ASSORTED '9B.CT. E.X DURACELL 'llip HANDY LGHT ( Sallenes ncluded JT.HSZE $553 $536 Batteres '!A-:."""t'p.l:'''''-' Alberto MOUSSE EUROPEAN STYLNG FOAM Reg. or Extra Body $2 16 STORE HOURS: MON. THAU SAT. 9 A.M. 10 RoM. SUNDAY 10 A.M. - 8 P..M. 1., t \

37 - C... _,, December 10, B News Call us Classified Adverts10g " i,! 1 Heart Ball The American Heart Association's Heart Ball - a benefit event for the association - was held at the Detroit Athletic Club on Dec. 3. t was also a chance to salute Dr. Forest D. Dodill. who pioneered work in the field of heart research, specifically in the area of the mechanical heart pump. Among those present for the event were. left to.right. lohn lager and Mary Beth lagger of Grosse Pointe and Kathie Carrick and Dr. Lee Cem:1ckof.Grosse POlteFarms. General chairman for the Heart Ball was Roy Zurkowskl. chairman of VC Tanny nternational. Grosse Pointe resident David Lawrence r.. publisher and chairman of the Detroit Free Press. was the evening's speaker. Adlhoch & A",,,ocmtes,[ll ChampOn & Bael nc BOlland Johnc;ton ASSOliale,of E'll Kelm Realty Dammdn, Palms, (U('['nHe.1ltms CentUlY 21 Ea"t n the Vllldge R G Edgal & AS"OCldlec, Centwy 21-LochmtJ6f1..., /1'1'1"<7"''''-' --r.dames R Flkany Real Estate Co CharnberlalaltOl i.,", ","..1l Among students who partlclj! ('vel m the Kalamazoo College l' 0' l'!:.'11study program thls fall dl (: jtll1lor David Chadwell, son oj Hlchard H Chadwell of Glos"e POlllte Woods and Charlotte Douglas of Belvedere, Callf, studyng n Madnd, Spam, JUnor Sarah Colegrove, daughter of Bm bara Colegrove of Glosc;e POinte and Geoffrey Colegrove of St Clan, studying n AX, F ance, JunOr Lori Grei. ner, daughtel of Mr and Mrs Joseph D Gremer of Grosse Pomte Farms, studying Caen, France, JunOr Bryan Droste, son of Raymond Droste of Grosse Pomte Park and Ahcla G Droste ot Walled Lake, studymg n Madnd, Jumor Julie Blanken. horn, daughter of Judth BlankenhOl n of Grosse Po1Ote Woods, studymg m Hannover, West Germany, JUnlor Lisa Miller, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Thomas D Mller of Grosse Pomte Woods, studymg m Madrid, and Jumor Stephanie Hakim, daughter of Dr. Margaret K. Hakm of Harper Woods and DaVd C. Hakm of Oak Park, studying n Madrid. Renee Mordec a 1987 graduate of Umverslty Liggett School, has been enrolled as a freshman at Marietta College, Manetta, OhlO. Renee, daughter of Robert and Pamela Mordeckl of Mount Clemens, is an adver. tlsing major. Debby Lubera, daughter of Ehzabeth and RChard Lubera of Grosse Pomte Shores, has been elected to the Smth College Chapter of Phl Beta Kappa after her Jumor year She S on the Dean's LSt, S a Sopha Smth Scholar and a recpent of Frst Group Scholar honors, awarded to students of hghest academic achevements Last year, Lubera studed art history n Florence n the Smlth College Jumor Year Abroad program ThiS year she has been nomnated by the Smth College faculty for a Mellon Scholarship for gaduate study 10 art history. Lllbera l a 1984 graduate' of UniverSity Liggett School Cindy Sartor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V Sartor of Grosse Pointe Woods, graduated cum laude with a degree in CVl1engineerng from Mchigan Technologcal Umverslty on Nov 21. A short story written by Rob. ert A.F. ngall, son of Dr. and Mrs. J.R F. ngall of Grosse Pointe, has been published in a book called "Beginners' Luck" ngall's story, "Just Another Number," is one of a number of short stories written by students in St. Lawrence Umverslty's Technques of Fiction class conducted by associate professor of English Peter J. Bailey. ngall is a junior at St. Lawrence. Semor Arman Eric D. North, son of Paul D. North of Grosse Pomte Woods and Valene North of York, Pa, has reenhsted n the U.S Air Force after ooing <>electedfor career status. NOlth, a 1981 graduate of South Lake High School, S a Jet engme mechamc With the 325th Compo nent Repall Squadron at Tyndall All' Force Base, Fla Rex G. Ciavola Jr., son of Rex and Lomse Clavola, former Glosse Pomte Farms residents who now hve m Spring Lake, Mlch, has been selected as an Outstandmg Young Man of A ftlprwa for 1qH7 H" Joint; R group of young men from across the country who have demon strated excellence n professional endeavors and clvic activties. A 1981 graduate of Grosse POnte South Hgh School, Clavola hves in Dallas, Texas, and is employed m executive sales by Maxwell GraphCS Kevin M. Burrows, son of J. MOlTS and Sdney Bt1JTOWSof Grosse Pointe Farms, is a fresh man at Northwestern University, where he is enrolled in the School of Speech. A graduate of Gilmour Academy, Gates Mills, Ohio, Burrows received Highest Achievement in the Ohio State Acting Competition and was a member of the National Honor Society and the Headmaster's List. "--' m==---'::::_:--, Grosse Pointe Board of REALTORS. l.:! REALTOR' EQUAL HOUSNG OPPORTUNTY THE PROPERTES LSTED ON THESE PAGES ARE OFFERED EXCLUSVELY BY MEMBERS OF THE GROSSE PONTE BOARD OF REALTORS (" 0,,1' Pmntl' Hl'dl L,tdtl' ( 0 John E Pl'lll' & 1\"O<.ldte, 1m Slle Red] Etdle Co ll'ndlllk" & A"Oll'ltl" Hudtol' Jll S,1l0" Agenl\ Jill 'iappdn & A"Oll,lll" nl Hlglm' :\1,1"on[nl Hl'.llto!" 'Xlh\ell7el Re,11E"tdte nl Wl1eo" He,lltm,.]olllhtone &,]ohnqoljl.llll ShOle\\ood E R BO\\n Realt\ nl Younghlood & Fmn. lll..j mrealtor Damman.Palms.Queen r?ealtors FOUR BEDROOM ELEGANT COLON AL THREE BEDROOMS N GROSSE PONTE FARMS 1319 ANTA, GROSSE PONTE WOODS- Take a walk in the Woods from ths well. mro.ntamed Buna1ow found in an area of all brck homes Among the attributes of this three bedroom home are new decor, recreation room n a finished basement, and fantashe wooden deck $84,900 OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 P '.of ELFORD CT., GROSSE PONTE WOODS - You'll take delight n tills two 0.- three bedroom home set upon a Wlde sweep- ng curved lot and offenng a breezeway leading to a two car arage, firushed basement with wet bar, full bath and fireplace, new kitchen Wlth applances and second firepl'1ce upstars. $143,000 OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 PM 8&,' PEACH TREE, GROSSE PONTE WOODS - LUXUrOUSlivmg can be yours n this five bedroom, three anti a half bath home. Enjoy an endless array of features that ncludes a fil eplace \\ th rdl-.ed hem lh 111 the famly loom, lustom ktchen cabinet", dnd a fil st l100 laundly OPEN SU\' DAY 2 5 Pi\! LAKEVEW, GROSSE PONTE FARMS - A quet, secluded area of desrable, older homes S the settmg for ths channing two bedroom farmhouse Wth an eat-m lotchen, redwood deck, and tnple-track aluminum storms and screens. $150,000 OPEN SUN- DAY 2 5 PM You can't V '3lt al1 the open houses this weekend, but we've made t easy for you to find the better onl:ls!just look for our Schwetzer Real EstnrelJ3l:ltter Homl:ls and Gardl:ln<;stop Slgns We have so many excting homes to choasl:lfrom t11at we're hnv1l1ga specal Open House Wel:lhend to show them off. FRST floor laundry! Extra room with skylight! Spral staircase! Call for many special appointments! OPEN SUNDAY NEED a home Wlth low maintenance? Brick B\lngalow with formal dining room, natural fire. place! mmedate occupancyl 284 STEPHENS E. CLARVEW J,'4t "' i/_. ''" BRCK Ranch on cul-<\e-sac! Prime area of Grosse Pointe Farms! Nce sze ktchen, break. fast room! GROSSE PONTE FARMS Four bedroom Colomal in Grosse Pomte Fanns' mmechate occupancy' Owner would lke to see all offers' Home 1S also av81lable for leasel Or lease Wlth option to buy! THS lovely brick Bungalow is located on a court in Grosse Pomte Woods. Fonnal dimng room. Close to bus transportaton! VACANT LOTS AVALABLE "ATTENTON NVESTORS!" BALFOUR - Lovely Bungalow, three bedrooms, screened porch, $24, WASHNGTON, GROSSE PONTE CTY - StllTound yourself 111 the style and chnml of ths tour bedroom Colomal and delight n the many tine appomtments such as oak WCJOdWOl k, hoidwood noon, and hut!er'c; pantry. Basement pool table and al1 Wlndow t1eatments are mcluded 111 tllc; home $130,900 OPEN SUNDAY 2.s PM !)49 SHOREPONTE, ST CLAR SHOlmS - You'll find ",]<>gance111 CVl:lrydet.all of thl luxury townllouse, complete Wth larg<>p:ltlo and two<ar covered (nl)()rt. 'fhc first f1()01 ls T'l'wly decorated and quarry-tj pd, the 1l.1''(> ment fomlly room hns a bnr find naturnl fir<' place. $149,900. OPEN SUNDAY 2 ') PM G7 HAWTORNE, GROSSE PONTE WOODS -Poslblp Land Contract term, 11fl:l allel l:ld f] th tll harp thrcl:l bedroom, one and a half tory hnck 110nw You can movp nght nto ths!<'c<'ntly pajnt<>dand carp<,tpo hom<' Wth ts updat<'d kjkhen nnrl famly mom Wltl! sky1jght c"th( drill ce1hng, and \.r Jrlhul 1'r11!,t('( ( (, -, O(J OPEN SUN- 1\" ) - P \l "", FEE APPRASER ON OUR STAFF Thoma, Blondell M Vn gmla Damm,\1 Rohrrt Damman Traci Taprl t Elgie Alexnndl:ll GJ11 Frl:lldn Fuhrm.1l GP m d Leone lc'rhel t LO!en/ Yucel M1hlPl GCOlgePalm" Wilham QUPPl P.llnck W1..101,kl lb REALTOR o.. Our Brll,.r 1011lr... mc1 ("rrlrn...jllllf> \.u krtlll "\"...t< ru hrlp 'ou...fll ollr honw (...1.wel,lltu f...1 po\""hl< ptl(f JUllli ', t d.,,111 lid '" '.. tll...l ll... lltdl. lllhl (ll t. ' '" 11'1 ' \\1 dlllil t,. \

38 - 108 December 10, 1987 Grosse Pointe Board of REALTORS' ChampOn & Bdl'l nl Damman P,dm., Quel'J H( io" H G Edg,lJ &,\."oudlp_ J,lnP" R Flk,ln\ Hldl 1.,dlt (0 ('10""(, POllltl' Redl E...tdte Co Hendl lk" & A"'>(J<.ldte... R<"dltol_ Hlgbl" Md\On ll RedltoJ-,John"tolll &,]ohn,tol1p 1m,John E Pll'l U' & A.,.,()( dte" nl,j lnl S, 0" Ag<"ll( \ llil S<. h,\ t'lt/lj Rl',d E.,t,ltl' llll Sholl'\\ood E R Blo\\ n Rl'dlt\ nl REALTOR' [QUA HOUSNG OPPOR UNTV THE PROPERTES LSTED ON THESE PAGES ARE OFFERED EXCLUSVELY BY MEMBERS OF THE GROSSE PONTE BOARD OF REALTORS Adlho<.h & A""UCldle", nl HOlldnd John.,ton A"'<;OCldte" of Edll Kellll h,111\ Cenlul} 21 Ed...l lh<.' Village CenlU) 21 LochmO<J Chdmrn'llalll ReditOl., 11' Hp.i E"[.Jt(' ('0 Ll)J.!11 &- A",,()(,!<., lilt Wilw\ [{('dltol" Younghlood 6. Fllln 11l( LAST MNUTE SHOPPNG PC:T..- 1""\O" _..,...- SHORES RANCH square feet of one floor living located near Yacht Club. Three bedrooms, two full baths, large family room, attached garage, ready for immecbate occupancy. OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 P.M. OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 P.M. Ol,r::RTTAi;8rr;\\ED l00kujg lor specal people to apprecate new features of ths Farms Enghsh. Fresh decor with neutral wool carpetng, hardwood floors, new roof and furnace, spacous ktchen, three bedrooms, and one and a half baths. 437 Moran. OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 P.M. ROSLYN ROAD - Charming family,horne Just a walk to Mason, Parcells and North. Three bedroom bnck Colonial featuring a newer kitchen with eating space, dining room and heated den. All this and priced under $100, Roslyn. JOHNSTONE & JOHNSTONE, NC. - OPEN SUNDAY KERBY GROSSE PONTE FARMS FOUR BEDROOM, two bath Farm Colonial in handy location near Kerby elementary and Farms pier. ncludes large family room with cathedral ceiling, eat-in kitchen plus family-4rize dining room, energy saver Thermopane style windows and oversize garage all on nice wide lot. A charmer! NEWLY DECORATED CONDO m St. Clair Shores includ(>fltwo N>(l..t)()m",,.,..,'" "..,.1 }1!']f baths, eqwpped first floor laundry room, large kitchen Wth appliances, pnvate basement and central air plus attached garage. Nicely priced for young marrieds or scaling down at $67, NVESTOR'S DELGHT! Neat two-family offers two bedrooms each unit, two-ear garage and bd'>cment :1>56,900' [OPEN SUNDAY 2-5J 1678 NEWCASTLE - This home has tre. mendous appeal from the exterior and the interior will satisfy you even more. Many amenities nclude recently decorated livng room with natural fireplace, channing formal chning room, family room with Anderson windows, overszed master bedroom Wlth wallt-in closet. Just reduced. PRVACY AND LOCATON - EllJoy con. temporary living in prime Shores location with spectacular private backyard. Three family sized bedrooms, two full baths, two bathrooms, family room, br6akfast area, and much more, call to. day! OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 P.M. ENGLSH COUNTRY MANOR - Four fireplaces are just the first indication of the authentic nature of this special GROSSE PONTE FARMS home. Magnificent stone construction on spacious lot near lake, beautiful paneled library with fireplace and bay, updated kitchen with appliances, possible suite above three car garage. 56 Vendome. OPEN SUNDAY Newcastle 1744 Roslyn 354 Ridgemont Moran 401 Roland 56 Vendome 3 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 5 Bedroom CENTER HALL - Four bedroom, two and a half bath and over 2,500 square feet of living area. New Vnyl Slding, finished wood floors, fresh decor throughout this authentic New England Style. The "transferred" owners are sorry to leave this beautifully restored home. NEW ENGLAND CHARM in ths three bedroom Colomal with a first floor den. 60 foot wide lot and Just n short walk to the Village' shops, elementary school or Neghborhood Club playfields. CAPE COD on quiet court in convenient FARMS locaton. Onginal owner offers this home with newer furnace and central air, spacious den, two car garage and pleasant yard. 401 Roland Court. GRACOUS FARMS COLONAL overlookng Country Club Golf Course. Grand floor plan for entertaining comfortable rooms for family livng. Over an acre of private property affords many possibilities. Call today for the many details. OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 P.M. SPACOUS COLONAL near KERBY SCHOOL - Ready for mmechate occupancy this lovely home has three bedrooms and a possible fourth bedroom or second floor den new modern kitchen with bult-ins' paneled family room, central ai; and two car garage. 354 Ridgemont. HOME FOR THE HOLDAYS and forever. EnJOY relaxed but gracious living in this stately horne nestled mto the hillsde. Multple fireplaces for cozy winter living and a large secluded patio for pleasant summer entertaining. Four family bedrooms Wt private baths, hard. wood floors, hand hewn beams and uruque pewablc he are just a few of the amenites this home has to offer. LAND CONTRACT -Attractve tenns available, spacous four bedroom home in private WOODS locaton. Famll? room, large kitchen, central au, attached garage. MERRY CHRSTMAS FROM..J78CLOVERLY - FoUl bedl Dom, one and a half bath English has "hdl p nc\\ Cu...tom Cmlt ktchen and bl eakfast room, den, new carpetmg, custom wmdo\\ tl eatments, new stolms dnd sel eens a deck and MORE' ' FARWAY - QUET WOODS STREET offers three bedroom, two bath all condtoned RANCH Wth 1mge famly room, all apphances, fireplace and attdthed gal age 8E HB:3 FSHER - Shalp Engll!,h has thlec bedlooms'jden, updated kltchpj1 and hledklat loom, flt,.,h dewl and terrific NEW LOW PRCE' Now offered at $119, GRAYTON - Famlly,sZe four bedroom center hall Colomal has new ktchen With evel ythlng, pos Sble thrd floor expanson fm the growmg famly and lovely new deco! The quahty shows' $129, KERBY - NEW OFFERNG' See picture ad above LAKESHORE N THE SHORES! Sparkling new Colonial includes countless amenities! From the dramatic foyer with fireplace to the large master suite complete with JacuZZ and sauna you are welcomed to live-in elegance. The generously scaled rooms include library and family room with fireplaces, four bedrooms (one on first floor), four baths and two half baths and a wonderful gourmet lutchen! Exciting details at A PRME FARMS LOCATON and a classic four bedroom, three and a half bath Colonial offering quality throughout! Outstanding features include a library with firep[1ace, a versatile den and huge garden room with adjacent greenhouse! This wonderful family home has been lovingly restored throughout with a sophisticated "Architectural Digest" ambiance. Defimtely noteworthy -don't miss t!! POPULAR AREA NEAR THE VLLAGE AND THE LAKE offers a special Colonial with wonderful open floor plan including three bedrooms, two and a half baths, large famly room with fireplace all on nice deep lot TERRFC FAMLY HOME with three bedrooms plus playroom and sitting room, huge kitchen, dining room, NEW furnace and deck. Young budget priced at $74,900! SCALNG DOWN? Don't miss this Cox & Baker two bedroom ranch on qulet wincbng Farms street! Nice large rooms with excellent floor plan. mmediate occupancy and a fi.1e value! CHARMNG WNDMLL PONTE AREA offers a spacious family Colomal mclucbng four bedrooms, three and a half baths, family room, newer furnace and extra insulatlon. Temfic space at $156, SHARP RANCH m a budget-mmded ptlce range has great famlly ktchen, fim'lhed basement, extra in. sulatlon and many great extras' All ths for $59, TWO-FAML Y on Rivard' A great locaton for thls two-famly brick home offel mg two bedrooms m pach umt plus carpetmg, two-car garage and fenced yard Ncely pnced foj the mvestment mmded at. $123, GREAT SPACE AT AN AFFORDABLE PRCE' Four Bedroom, one and a half bath brick Bungalow hasl famly room and mce fresh decor' $115, GRACOUS ENGLSH CONDO on quaint Clty lane is profesmonally decorated Wth custom features throughout. ncludes four bedrooms and two baths on second floor plus a two bedroom and bath suite on third floor. Updated kitchen with butler's pantry and many supnse extras' GREAT STARTER! Nicely priced three bedroom Harper Wood.'l Ranch has newer fanuly-ffize ktchen fireplace, finished basement Wlth extra full bath. $74, Wlham G Adlhoch Dotte MAllen Maureen L Alh'lon PatTca S Barto'l Marv A Daas Mar;anne DaVes HenT! EttedgUl Nma Foster Cynthla C reland KERCHEVAL John D Hoben, J Karen N Knud'loll William F Leslie Wilham R :\cbrearty Chelle M Pille Ann W Salp'l Darlene J Steen Thoma" D Steen Thoma" L Taber "N THE VLLAGE" (,Ho..,..,: PO!\ J E \H\'" Xl 1\1'1 {ll \,i lh4.'j (,H)"''''' 1'01\11 1'\,,1--. hldll \ hh 21"1 --_._ Grosse Pointe A Unique Community lo{)',"1 1'11\1! \\(111)" 1'17'111 \1 t -. r,1111 A Cultural Cornucopia AppreClalJonof the arts brgm al an earlv age fn Gf0S<;f Pomte chddren The pubhc library a divsionof the Grosse Pomte PublCSchool 'lyst m offer' at no C0,1 a \.11 leiy of children, reading programs at tsthree k'callons For adult, the library program, rdnge from travel films to nform,lllvrrrr'(ntatlon' on 'ljb)l'cts of currrn! n tere-;l Th<"Se,too are free to residents of all the Gro'se Pomtes Another great source of local culture" the beaullful War Memonal c.enter the formrr man,lon of the Ru,sell A Alger famliy With tssubsequently added ballroom and theater overlooking dke St C.lalr the center" a communityattraction that nval, the many pnvate clubs n the i!rea Here-orC'll to all rp,tdtnt'-me offered art c1as'ies and exhibits lectures, concerts, pjilys ballet and SOCaldanCingm,tructlon and children, th('iller a, well as membershp 111 a long list of speclal-mterest-1ubswhose foeu, " either CUltUfillmformatlve or 11'l plam fun A more recent addlhon to public property" the Edsel and Eleanor rord Hou(' OC'ilgnedby archllect Albert Kahn and supported by a $15 mllljon endowment th" gracousreplcaof an Englshmanor house ' now open for tours and Sused for meetings, fund-raisingevents and sewral sen of nol<;(' concert,

39 December 10, B gml21 LOCH MOOR When you list your home with CENTU. RY 21 LOCHMOOR we place a picture of your resdence n the Macomb M.L S book and n the Grosse Pointe Board of Realtors book You can double your home's exposure by listing with u' OPEN SUNDAY LANGE, S C S YULE LOVE THESE! LOOKNG FOR A RANCH STYLE HOME? FRST OFFERNG HUNTNGTON - Appealing three bedroom one and a half bath Ranch n a great locaton of Harper Woods Fnished besement, large lot (1l2x165 feet), attached garage and more FRST OFFERNG VERONCA - Spotless three bedroom Ranch n a mce location of East De tlolt Super kitchen with new apphances, mamtenance free, fireplace and more!! 622 FARFORD ROAD - SPRAWLNG three bedroom, two and a half bath Ranch m a super locaton of Grosse Pomte Woods Shows extremely well Amenites inlcude updated kitchen, outstandmg recrea. tlon room m basement, large Florida room and more Move m condton COUNTRY MANOR close to lake. This special home gra- Cously beckons the mscrinunating buyer. Relax in the paneled lbrary, large family room with lake views. Cozy up to one of the five fireplaces m the winter or en. joy the picturesque private yard 10 the Spnng, Summer or Fall. EXCELLENT WOODS LOCA- TON! Ths charmmg three bedroom, two bath, one and a half story home boasts updated ktchen, pato Wth gas gnll, newer roof, Florida room and finished basement. All this for im. medate occupancy too - don't miss tms one! See t tms Sunday at 1570 Falrholme. COZY AND CHARMNG are JUst two words to descnbe ths two bedroom Bungalow n the Woods t's a great begnner or retirement home that's fceshly decorated and painted Wth hardwood floors Well located und pnced 10 the mid 60s AVALON - FUNCTONt\L three bedroom Ranch in a super locaton of St Clair Shores Fm. shed basement Wth recreaton room and half bath, Flonda room, bg patlo and more 2220Q ANT;);' - A'rTACT!VE focr bedroom, t\\o full bath,..l...ulluulll ".J;;J, Oil;; tulu t half story home n a great locaton of St Clar Shores Large family room Wth fireplace, first floor laundry >,",.!(il! -. _ ""A,...',., -, Grosse Pointe A Unique Community Architectural Diversity As the great variety of home sizes and styles suggests, growth has continued slowly over many years. t continues even today. Old estates are subdivided for building contemporary homes, making the mansions that still survive (and many do) all the more treasured by ther owners and tradition-minded residents. At the same time, the area includes homes of just about every style and size-from townhouses, twofamily units and other small homes to gracious English Tudors, colonials, executive mansions, contemporary ranch styles and a variety of modern designs, including condominiums. This diversity has helped make Grosse Pointe attractive to all who value well-maintained quality which far exceeds its price. SPECAL FOUR BEDROOM two GREAT COLONJAL with three and a half bath Colonial plus bedrooms, two and a half baths family room well lor.ated n the and a Flonda room. Also included City of Grosse Pomte. This S a fimshed basement Wth full chafmlng house S situated on a bath, central ror conditlorung, mce lot Wth park-like pnvate two car garage and a large pnbackyard. t's a convement walk vate well landscaped yard with to the Park, Village and transpor. spnnkler system. tation. FANTASTC HARPER WOODS LOCATON! Move nght 1Oto tills lovely three bedroom Ranch. There S an extra large family room Wth fireplace Recently redecorated and ready for mmedi. ate occupancy Gro:x.e Pomte schools make tms an attratlve purchase. BORLAND-JOHNSTON 395 Fisher Road oppostte GP Soutb High ( OPEN SUNDAY 2-5) 1222 BSHOP - Charming three bedroom Colomal WJi; den and Flonda room With new ktchen, t's the perl'ect gift for Christmas FAffiHOLME - Great Woods locatlon for this charnung one and a half story Wth three bedrooms and two baths. Updated kitchen. 84 VENDOME - Stately French Provenclal home n the Farms. SX bedrooms, four dnd a half baths plus fine detail of well designed home. Assoeiates of Mack Avenue opposte Pill (ell.. (hl' Selhng or Bu} mg - Our Full Tme ProfeSSOnals are ready to help Most malor natonal referral,tr Jle Happy Put Number 1 to work for, YOU.@ Holidays GROSSE PONTE FARMS GROSSE PONTE CTY / FRST OFFERNG FRST OFFERNG ThS lovely four bedroom home features lbraly, family room, three and a half baths, finished basement All this and much more stuated n the Fa! ms fin e"t locale GROSSE PONTE CTY ThiS lovely two family duple'. features separate entrantes, totally remodeled, all blck, a true money m,lkel. walk to Village Priced to e]] OPEN SUNDAY YORKSHRE Call it affordable. Channing ranch in great Harper Woods location Wth Grosse Pointe schools. Three bedrooms,screened in porch, eatmg space in the kitchen and central ror. rresistlbly pnced under $70,000 and avrolable for mmemate occupancy nve"tment Potentldl Add one of the(' multple family properties to your Christmas list. We are offering a two family and a four famly residence, both with two bedrooms in each unit and seperate utilities. These popular Park locations offer an excellent return on your investment. -- Beautlfully le,>toled Fal m homp npa! Vllage. foul bedloom, onp Wth loft. New oak ktchell, lovely ('ountry clewl Nev' Vnvl <adng'and tllm Totall\ en ovated Ownel want" to ]ook dt otel'>, not, drl\ e by, ; Thl'> beautlful hi ltk B,.."dlJ,\ '" chall11 L.u g( dill lg ()ljl1l c('nll,li an, upd3t('d kltllwil hl1l1l..,h,m..,1""1ll tl fully 0\\ 11('1 P\ll ch,,,u! l( \\ 110rlH JUST LSTED GROSSE POlr-.JTC WOODS Don't settle fot second best. This mpressive Georgian colomal is perfect fotthose who value excellence From the nchly panelled hbrary,to the sunken hying room, to the magnficent gardens,all of your exp<'ctatlons Wll be fulfilled when you Vew tills grand home [H "ALO Be in by Christmas. Super sharp condo with mme. diate oocupancy and a convement Detroit locatlon This showroom shape unit has plenty of fine features inclumng a ceiling fan, huge walk-in closet and carpeting le88 than a year old. All ths at an econonucal price. 114 Kercheval ThH'p heclloom bllck,ll( h pi lw Shol (' locnlc!onw U1' loh o( pnlpn t 1,1] rllcpd 10 ell,,\lck LO\\ fio" OntuM 1M nrr21 EAST N TilE VLLAGE 17\.,lKrrchr\<11 \H,(,P SR tach office mdependenlh "' d dnll "petaled Thl.., lovplv h lk \1l (Jill< t llllll' 1\\0 hedloom do\\11 nil' 1,,'d00111 ''11 \\,lk n clo..,eh n,llll1,ll (ll pl'h' hill-wcl h.1'" 11\('111 \ 1lU-t -,, JUST LSTED ESTATE SALE HARPER 'NOODS New fumace, Rlullllnum f1hlmg, two nnd a hnlf cnr {RrRg(' l>nced to!!en quck n thf> low 40'Q JUST LSTED MMACULA TE thrpe heclrlj(jl'1 brick Ranch on a ]ove-1ycul..oc-aacn Harppr Wood'! (1(l'h(' POlnte schools Flm llhnl bml<'mf>nt Wth professlonn! saloon,ty10 hnr Home has many Ad(htlOllnl fcl1tnres A must see

40 (r 12B December 10, 1987.E,, g' ;E»t4u. "Where Sales and Friends Are Made" FRST OFFERNG YOUR BEST PRESENT EVER.,. Unwrap this sohd brick Bungalow with expansion attc in time for the hohdays. Lvmg room Wlth natural fireplace, two bedrooms and bath. Kitchen with tahlespace and extra deep basement Two car garage. OPEN SUNDAY LANG Stop n and see this chamllng doll house located at LANG. t sparkles and shines. Features include new carpeting, updated kitchen alarm system, three bedrooms plus sitting oom, basement with recreation room and much more. See for yourself MACK AVENUE Grosse Pointe Woods OPEN SUN DAY HAM?'OT\' Thl e( bed oom Colmudl with largp family loom Upddted kitchen Full b,\th plu" half bath Two car gal age Pr<.e Ju.,t reduced. Aml'llldll Homl Sheld" "Home ProtedlOn Plan" J1duded HARPER WOODS - Large foul bedloom Ralllh Wth!il';t nodi laundry, dmlng room Lalge f<lfillly 100m \\th.,kl'l1ght RetreatlOn room Two tal gal <lge At talhed bl ( elell llj "Amencan Home Shield" "Home ProtettlOn Pldn" lltiuded HARPER WOODS - Three bedloom Bungalow Wth newu fun<lt(' and roof To h' olrl n An "A" l' Nm,l,t,nn " "R""o",,, :,d,.;.:: rage BRAND NEW HOUSE - UNDER CONSTRUCTON Lal ge foul bedroom Engl1sh Tudor situated on a cozy block Wth the lake at the end of the street Three bath oom, powdl'l loom, two story famlly room Master bedroom Wth fireplace, whllipool tub and large lounge 22 6x14 feet Cu"tom built by "BayPolllte Desgn Company" Prints available m OUoffice HARPER WOODS - Two bedroom bnck Ranch With heated Flor da room Recreaton room With half bath Alummum sided two car garage New wmdow" throughout Roof eight yeals old Furnace and cent al all' three years old AMERCAN.""'iTV HOME SHELD. Amerca's Home Warranty Company F COST S AN OBJECTON... Overcome the ob,t"ll' llth thl" pllled lght.,m,dlel home on park-lke lot 10 St. Clair Shores. Newer kitchen has stanless steel smk, bath has,.,"w"" t"!y"ho,,,e"!'!ld roof ye!'!'s old WOODSDE... Petite home full of improvements. Excellent decorating, updated kitchen, added insulation. Features living room, dming room, three bedrooms, basement with tiled floor, bathroom and stall shower, fenced yard, porch and gas grill..<lvely Ranch right on Lake St. Clror will be a hit Wlth your family! 'Features three bedrooms, full basement, natural fireplace, boat house and to car garage. nvest 1n this growing area and eojoy the 1u:n.:.jP of v,.uujmont '".1J\v. WLDWOOD... Change your life... put down owner's roots in this comfortable and nicely decorated home on Wlde canal. Two bedrooms, dll1l1lg , iii "l l'lundl y and lclude" stove, wshwasher, refrigerator and large wooden deck. Steel seawall with well that holds 32 foot boat. -., TAPPAN AN D ASSOCATES OF 90 Kercheval Mack OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 FRST OFFERNG E JEFFERSON - OUTSTANDNG four bedroom luxury Colomal Truly a decorator's delght! Wonderful spacious hvmg room, for. mal dining room, tremendous family room With Pella windows, and just about all the amemtles you would desire The efficient kitchen opens to the family room With a breakfast bar. The master bedroom has an ex. ceptional amount of closet space. The property has been meticulously landscaped - has a carpeted pato and a workable fountain m the garden Pl'lced at $245,000 with mmediate oc. cupancy OUTSTANDNG FOUR BEDROOM, two and a half bath Colonial n the Woods boasts such fea. t,lres as a country ktchen With hardwood floors, cozy family room with natural fireplace, recreaton room With wet bar, attractively landscaped yard, newer roof, first floor laundry room, two car at. tached garage, etc, etc. Call today for a preview WHERE ELSE COULD YOU FND a four bed. room, two full bath house with a family room and two car garage? ThS convenently located sem Ranch in Grosse Pomte Woods offers mmedate occupancy at a very affordable price $119,900 ENJOY A GOOD RETURN on your nvestment _ or live n one of the Unts and rent the other Ether plan a willner for enjoymg a carefree lfestyle Don't miss seemg ths nevver bnck two famly on Somerset pnced m the $80's BEAUTFUL ENGLSH HOME Wth five bed rooms and three and a half baths Careful at tentlon to dptall throughout Two first floor lesure rooms, breakfast area off ktchen, three car garage, and wonderful mground pool Don't mssths ternfic home A WONDERFUL ESTATE nestled 111 the heart of Gro'lse POlllte on LAKE COURT Located on an acre of land, near the lake, mdst fantastic gardens ths manor house 1<;manageable m Sze A wonderful family dwellmg offenng pn vacy and space The turret contams a separate apartment ThiS very <;pecisl offenng 1'1 one of Grosse POnte' finest EARLY AMERCAN COLONAL nght m the heart of ndan Vllage Beautiful entl ance hall, hvmg room, hhrary, dlllll1g room all have fireplaces, plenty of bedroom,;, mother 111 law SUte, garage apartment and a pnvate garden $132,500 ME:MBEA EMPLOYEE RELOCATON COUNCL CHAMPONBAER REALTORS 102 Ken hc'va1 Aw,Cro..,e,('fbmte Em 11\ M 4R OPEN SUNDAY LORANE - A FANTATC PRCe on a professonally decorated home 111 a great loca. tlon Three bedrooms, two full baths and a den ThiS charmmg Cape Cod features large ary rooms, abeautlfu bay wmdow, cove cell. mgs, wanscotmg, and hardwood floors accent the New England feehng $124,900 OPEN SUNDAY ALNE - WELL MANTANED three bed room Ranch Wth two fireplaces located on a m the Woods Extra large garage, great storage and walkmg dstance to schools ESCAPE FROM THE ORDNARY A great n vestment property n a great locaton Two bed room apartments With lots of updated features, newer loof and gutters, furnace, first floor bath and deck Lve 111 one and let the other pay your way HAPPY ENDNGS BEGN HERE m this excltmg three bedroom, one and a bath Colomal ThS bulder's residence has been dramatically re modeled to mclude a famly room With beamed ceilmg, wet bar and Frankhn stove, lovely ktchen Wth spacous eatmg area, carpeted recleatlon room, mamtenance free extenor, newer loof and furnace $125,000 BEA UTFUL LANDSCAPNG AND GARDENS sun ound this archtecturally magmficent re';l dence n Grosse POinte Cty de-.lgned the French manner Ktchen, butlel ',; pantry and breakfast area were desgned and bult by a ma,;ter craftsman combmmg the chal m of the old Wth the elegance of thp new A sweepmg bnck terrace ';U1 rounds the rear of the house for casual summel hvng Two of the four bed room,; on the second floor fpatul e fireplace,; There are three bath'l Thrd flom ha<; two bedroom and a bath Hard\\ood floo,leaded gla,; Windows and tatefully decolated By appolnlmpnt only READY FOR MMEDATE OCCUPANCY - Well maintained one half duplex on Moro.,., handy to tran,;portatlon and,;hopplng LVing room, large ktchen With eating,;pate, bedroom and bath on fir"t floor, lal ge bedroom on second floor RecreiltlOl room n the ba<,pm"nt along Wth furnace room <l.ndlaundry Call today for an appolntm('nt mm mgbe MAXON REALTORS@) N. ROSEDALE - St. Clair Shores near Grosse Pointe. Popular area. Specious custom built Ranch. Three bedrooms, two baths. Paneled family room with fireplace. Central air and lawn sprinkler system. Two car attached ga_ rage. S. ROSEDALE - Grosse Pointe Woods. Four bedroom, two and a half bath Colonial. Paneled family room with fireplace. Patio in private yard. Recreation room. Hardwood floors. Two car attached garage. Recent price reduction. NOTRE DAME - Deluxe two family flat. Two bedrooms and den on first floor unit. Second floor unit has two bedrooms on second plus two bedrooms and bath on third. Newer roof and gutters. Two gas forced air furnaces. Excellent rental area. WHTTER ROAD - South of Jefferson. Colorual with five bedrooms and three and a half baths. Family room Wlth fireplace. Nicely landscaped 7Ox153 foot lot with patio. garage. Two car attached KENWOOD - On a court off Kercheval. Five bedroom, four and a half bath Colonial built in 1960 on a llox183 foot lot. Newer 20 foot lutchen. The hving room and the 22 foot family room both have a fireplace. Central air. Security system and lawn sprinkler system. Recreation room. Two car attached garage. STONEHURST - n the Deeplands area of the Shores. Fve bedroom Colonial. Powder room on first floor and three and a half baths on second. Fannly room plus a den, Central mr, secunty system and spnnkler system. Two car attached garage. PROVENCAL ROAD - Private road overlooking golf course. Four bedroom, four and a half bath Colomal bult in Large entry way. 2Ox17 foot library with adjoining terrace. Updated lotchen. 20 foot dining room and 30 foot living room. Apartment with two bedrooms and two baths over three car attached garage. Central air. New room in MORAN ROAD - Sharp three bedroom, two and a half bath Colol1lal. Alm08t new kitchen With eatmg area. Large wolmanized deck oft dming room. Gas forced ror heat. Garage. Mf Mflf fl fi) EMPLOYEE RELOCATON COUNCL FRST OFFERNG - Fantastic view. Three bedroom, one and a half bath Condominium, BOOnto be comple_te.on Lake Shore Road in the Farms. Library, firat floor master bedroom and laundry room. Two car attached garage. Pool and pool house in common grounds. Many other fine GO.,.,e Pomte Prop('rtJe all" cur ently avlll1ablc For a'n,;tancl' m lociltmg thp light property fol your need, p]pil.,ccall one of our full tlnw,;alp,; a"';oclat(' AVALABLE N THE GROSSE PONTES CALL FOR AN APPONTMENT kercheval avenue grosse pointe farms. michigan RVARD - Well located deluxe Townhouse Condominium. Six bedrooms, three baths, all newly decorated with updated kitchen and butlers pantry with new oak flooring, natural fireplaces in living room and den, screened and awning porch, two car garage. Association fee -$56.00 month. MORAN ROAD - Attractive three bedroom Colonial. First floor den. Breakfast nook and formal dining room. One and a half baths. Two car garage. 45 foot lot. Gas forced air heat. CALVN - Delightful Bungalow. Modern kitchen Wlth large dining area. Living room has fireplace. Two bedrooms and enclosed porch on first. Large bedroom and storage on second. Recreation room area. Central air. Lawn sprinkler system and new landscaping. Garage. An inground heated pool completes the picture. MT. VERNON - Three bedroom Enghsh. Freplace in living room. Slah for rear porch. One and a half baths. Two car garage. ncludes side lot which is possible buildable lot. MARFORD COURT - One and a half story residence. Two bedrooms on first floor and one bedroom plus 8ltting room 0;1 soc.,l1d. Florida room. Updated kitchen. Rec-Jeation room area in basement. Two car garage. Poesession at close. KERBY ROAD - Near Kerby school in the Fanns. Attractive English on 701:140 foot lot. Three bedrooms, one and a half baths. Modern kitchen with breakfast room ard pantry. Screened porch. Recreation room. Newer driveway and garage doors. Newer roof and attic losulation. LAKE SHORE ROAD - Built this Colomal offers five bedrooma and four and a half baths. Kitchen has built-ins. Library and master bedroom have fireplaces. Heated Florida room. Central air. Two furnaces. Security BY. tern. Beautiful lot overlooking Lake Shore Road and the Lake in Grosee Pointe Shores. Call for further mformation. BEACONSFELD - Two famtly brick income. Three bedrooms and bath in each unit. Two car garage, Great Park rental area. $77,000. HOMEQUrrv\ RELOCATON CENTER i

41 December 10, GROSSE PONTE FARMS This beautltul home featul es a bedloom and full bath on the first 1100l with two bpaclous bedloomb dnd a "econd bath on the becond fiodl You Wll also apprecate the Ceened tl'l'l'ace, pi line Farm" 10 latlon and above all the eahbtlt pike of :j,l34,900 Call today fol an appollltment R E Mack Avenue Grosse POinte Woods OPEN SUNDAY Fleetwood, Harpel Wood" Maue, St Clar ShOles YOUNGBLOOD ATTENTON frustrated HOME BUYERS - Whell' can you find a till ee bedl ovm, l\\ 0 and a halt h(\th Colonial With a bedutlful 'lnllly , att.-lched gal age 1)1 a pi Jll1C locaton to! only $104,900 n a desn able St Clan Shm e" subdl VlblOn n St Joan of A c PUlSh, that'., whel e call fm detadq B.\LFOUR SQUARE CONDO Lovely fil "t fl()o! wndo clo.,e to shoppmg and tl dn'>polt,1 tjon KltLhen itdtule,> bul1t 111 o\en, dnge, dl"h\\d"hel and (.h"posal Centl al.- and Cdl poll Slop Sunddy 2 00,) FLEETWOOD & FNN, NC. A L TOR S ---- (313) Jim Saros Agency, -nc. YOU CAN HAVE T ALL WESTCHESTER Elegant Colomal features th, 8e bedloomb, one and a half bath", an appeal mg.lvmg room Wth ""almmg natural fireplace, formal dmmg room, Flonda room, fimshed base ment, two car garage and a truly mpressve plice of $115,9001 A PERFECT FAMLY HOME! OPEN SUNDAY RVERA TERRACE - En JOY the benefits of convement condo llvmg Recently up dated, ths one bedroom condo S freshly pamted and located m St Clall Shores near the watel Perfect fol smgles, newlyweds or rell rees' BY APPONTMENT ELEVEr\ \lle ROAD - A hfe of olle " e Cdn bl yours n ths magmficent two bedroom condo located m St Clmr ShOl es. Features plush new carpetmg, brand new wmdows and total carefree hvng all at a fantastic pnce, $56,900' LVNG AT TS FNEST 1324 THREE MLE DRVE - Beautiful pillared Colonial. ExqUlsite decor, palatlal stalrcase, paneled fanuly room Wth double faced fireplace, Great kltchen Wth bul1t-ma, first floor laundry room, recreaton room. Attached garage. Covered pallo, Home bullt n 1969 by Leto BUlders, mmewate possesson KENMORE - OPEN SUNDAY Your search is over after V1ewmg this metlculous and weu mamtamed Colomal in the WOODS. Home features three bedrooms, bath and half, fanuly room and central mr. Call for many detrols 1393 GRAYTON - ThlS truly functonal PARK Colomal features four bedrooms, two natural fireplaces, famly room, recreallon room, central W', wood deck and paba. Many recent lmprovements Beautiful grounds. Don't nuss out JAMES R. FKANY REAL ESTATE 714 Notre Dame MORE FOR THE MONEY' LOCHMOOR ThS one deq('1 V', YOU! mnwdwte atten tjon' OUbldndlll b t\\o bedroom Ranch located on a g1 eat 100x162 foot lot offel s a family room, one and a half baths, newer carpetmg, central all, attached garage, underglound spmklel s and a supel pi ce of $169,000' MPECCABLY MANTANED J SNE REALTY T'S WORTH YOUR TME TO CALL SNE... Lookmg [01 watel flonv Beautiful thl ee bed oom, one and a hall bath, Tn Le\el, famly room Wth filpplace, ne\\ kitchen, large attached gdl age, covel ed well \\ th hol"t on 280' of canal, one of a kmd, 5 mmute'> flom lake P estwllk at C dig, thlee bedloom, bllck anch, hvll1!{ 1'00111\\ th dlnmg ell, l drpetll1g, ktchen \\ th edtll1g "pale, ecpatlan room, dl1\'e gal,lge 8 Mile Hdlper died, thlee bedroom, blllk lanch, dll1l11g loom, ne\\ fulnace With centldl all, two enl gal age, (''(lid clean, pi ce e duced n the Wood;" pllce leduced on thl'> he<lutlfull) t. done foul bed 100m, bllck Cape Cod, t\\ 0 full bdth", nl \\ model n kitchen ne\\ cal petmg, ne\\ stol ms and ;,Ceenq,,mnwdlate po.,e,,"lon, mu"t.,ee SNE REALTY MULTLST SERVCE FARMS OFFCE 18412MACK Tle Artistyof Marketing... T WORKS! SensitiVity. Creativity. Enthusiasm. Combined, the key to our marketing success. A success based on more than just numbers. But on customer satisfaction and quality service as well. We're committed to the arti!ltry of marketing. To understanding the needs of buyers and sellers. To creating individual marketing strategies. To finding the right home or the right buyer. At Grosse Pointe Real Estate Company, our artistry takes many forms. For you it may be the design of a high-profile marketing program for yom' luxul'y residence, working with your company on all the details of relocation, or advising on the right community for your family. No matter what your real e!ltate needs are, we're committed to offering you the highest quality service available. Lr $.. WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH to descl"lbe this custom contemporary located n a p estlglous Grosse Pomte Park settng PJesented m mint conditon, ths professonally decorated home offers a dream kitchen Wth buit-ms, three warmmg fil eplaces and so much morel. (19HAR) NOTNGHAM ThS S the one you've been waltmg fort Splendd Colomal offers thl ee bedrooms, one and a half baths, formal dmmg loom, an overszed family loom and d llvmg room with cozy natulal fileplace Tled garage and two car garage A home you must see to apprecate A GOLDEN OPPORTUNTY BALFOUR ClaSSC En ghsh TudOl offers a dl earn kitchen Wth bullt'lnb, an elegant foll11aj dmmg!oom, foul bedlooms, and one and a half baths The completely fimshed basement ha" a famtly loom Wth wood bulmng stove, half bath and full kitchen Also mcluded, a tantahz mg mground pool and pond' JUST REDUCED BAR VARD SU round yourself m style m this lovely bllck Ranch as you warm your self by the cozy natul al fireplace m the hvlllg room EnJOy the convement panhy off the kitchen "paclous famly oom and formal dmmg loom, two lajge bedrooms, one dnd a half baths and alarm system DSTNCTVELY DFFERENT RANCH OFFERED FOR THE FRST TME and probably the last Wth such fine amemtles as a new kitchen, famly room leadmg to a bl"lck pato, fimshed basement, thl ee bedloom') and thl ee and a half baths Presented n mmaculate condton, this GlOsse Pomte Farms home can be you! fol ChllStl1ldS' 357 McMLLAN OPEN SUNDAY 25 FSHER Tll ee bedloom Colomal offel'> an unllvalled hfe style' Hlghhghts mlcude a ll\mg 100m Wth cozy natural fireplace, fomal dmmg OOP1, modern kitchen \\ th bult 1l1" and an S land and 0ne and a half baths Th!' mnstel,>mt!' ha'> a huge \\ alk m closet newer loaf, double lot and an extra g.-lrage The p ce '>educed - HURRY' BRfARCLFF Every room S an nvtaton n thj be,lul1ful Colomal Fpdtunng a kitchen to fullill.ll yom nel'd" and an 1m pi e"qlve family loom \\ th C07Y natulill fileplace and \\et bal F\ e "paclous hedloom, the ma '> t(,l '>UltP has it p 1\ ate bath and hug!' \\alk closet Fl1",ed haq('1l\"nt cpntl,,1 dll, mglollnd pool,l1d m lit h ' -,>!'elllg " hlill \ lll;' ATTRACTVEL Y DECO liated WOODLAND n it popu lar al ea of Hal pel Woods ths P il\\)lllg hllck Ranch ncludes a 11l11que set up fol a luxllou<; 1110thel!,\\ 'iulte' OffClll1g t\\ 0 llvmg 100m" both Wth cozy natu 1.1] fil eplace'i, t \\ 0 fll baths Wth beth OO11S,d d('n and d lovely fin hlll'd bcl.,ment Call for an ap pont nh'nt HOMl: SWEET HOME CELEBRATE' You've found the wondt'l ful EnglJh tudor that you've been lookll1g fm t,just one hlock flom 1l)( lak(' 111 Glo')')e Pomte ShOll''' hl" fh"hh d(,lol<lt"rl (,,1,,11, ho-!'> of a new kitchen, cfinhhrd h'ltd\\ood flo(.], n 1111 i, 'OL, \l1d ]paded gla')" (70COLi.-- AT LARD 41'\4-1':\1'1\ rid\ iol ('1\10\ thl",hdrp Jllck R.lll(h," \ 011 \\.11 m \ OU "( f 11\ tlw dl,,('d h(,dl th lin'' thl "P,lCOl'> tdmlly room Hlghhghh mclur\( h1('( wdlonm" h\o Jd. h.llf hitth" kltdh11 wllh millll),lppl,.111«('- itnd d pdnllv dlh. (Ol1V'1\ ( nl ii "t nom.lun(!j \!Jon "" out' BRCH LANE G 11'\ t'>, ph',j'> 'll 10,,110\\ till" golw'ou" thl(l hlchoom (olonw.1 f(',llullng, -!J('(LlCll,ll f.lmlh 10"111 \\llh hll 1..11,11d \\ l' 1111ng l t 1J1,li 11l'!J,C 'J\' <).lnd. h,lif.,llh 1'(\\.lpplldl1<,." n h( kltc!h'l1. (llhh,.d h",>( ll( 111 «'1111 i,m 111<1.ll "tllc!wd g.l dg(' ('J(ALFOTE R('mm Kitb]!' 'l 1111 R.l11lh off( " "PdClOlh fitllllly 11\ng F(',llul1J.(, f01nul dmlllg loom "p.llw" kllchl nand hvl1j.( loom Thl n"l"t 1'1!wdl oom lllk h,".1 ]111\.\t. '>lltlllg,llf'd LO\ph hnoll, pll1l' tl11"lwd ha"m('nt \\ th fi pl.,,(', bal l'l (',t On 11l111ll,111t1 ('Pdl,lt(' \\01 k,11(',1 (JrH of Olf h( "t lli,,' Jim Saros Agency, nc Mack, Grosse Pointe, M PA Y A'TFNTON TO DETALS,' Vall tou thl" homp Noll' till' '>Upl'1 ('10"'1' Pont.. elt; m.l.. good -1/('(1 toll.11 dining loom up dated kltch('n, hm dwood floor,>. pi 1\ <1ft. i.11d,md watf'd,ull! oom Thl'- four h.'(!j oom ColonHlll' 1)('1f('cl foj,ou f,) \ ' 192\\'.\81 Kt= A k'l"1lt\3c d l\gfl 01!dllV Mack Avenue Grosse POinte Woods, Mchigan :

42 - 11.A1... D_e_c_em_be_r_1_o_, _19_8_7 148 l,; Healthful sweets can make great Christmas gifts Researchers tell us we would all be much healthier f we fol lo...ed a pure diabetic menu. Here are some wholesome reci. pes - on the sweet side - that we can!>hare with our families and our diabetic fnends for healthy and delrghtful holiday gathenngs The followlllg recipes come from the low-calow:!, low cholesterol, budgetw!6e kltthem, of Thyra O,ey Howard and Helena DeWitt Roth Krispie Date Bars Frozen Chocolate Pie Carrot Fruit Cookies Apple Peanut Crisp Pinapple Bread Pudding KRSPE DATE BARS 1 Tblsp. unsalted margarine 32 chopped pitted dates 1.1/2 cups Rice Krispies 8 chopped small walnuts n small saucepan simmer dates and margarme covered until dates are soft, about 15 mm. utes, strrmg often Beat until smooth and cool. Str n Rice Knsples and nuts. Pack mto small pan and cut mto 16 squares One serving = 1 frult, 1/10 bread and 1/4 fat exchanges. FROZEN CHOCOLATE PE 112cup skim milk 1/2 cup dates, finely chopped 1-112tsp. cornstarch 1 medium egg yolk 112cup coconut 1 tsp. vanilla 1/2 cup evaporated skimmed milk 12 graham crushed crackers, finely n saucepan, mix skm milk and dates; cook and mash up dates MX cornstarch, salt and cocoa With a whip until thoro oughly blended, slowly add date mixture while constantly whipping Beat egg yolk and quckly stir nto hot mixture. Cook slowly untll thckened Add coco. nut and vamlla, blendmg thoroughly and set aside Beat well chlled evaporated skmmed mllk until stiff and j1 (",., ' ' gt::jh)' UJU lulu ClllX-OJULe nuxture. Lme lo-mch pie pan With 1/2 of the crumbs Fll With chocolate mixture, top Wth remaming crumbs and freeze. Makes 8 servmgs Exchange = 1 bread, 1 fruzt, 1/ 5 mrlk, 1/2 fat and trace meat. CARROT FRUT COOKES 1/4 cup shortening 1 egg 4 'l'blsp. frozen orange con. centrate 4 Tblsp. water 1/2 tsp. orange extract 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1 cup self-rising flour 1/4 tap. baking powder 114cup non-fat dry milk 1 tsp. cinnamon 1 small banana, finely chopped 12 dates finely chopped 1 cup shredded carrots 18 walnuts, finely chopped Cream shortemng; add egg, orange JUce, water and flavormgs. MX flour, bakmg powder, mlk powder and cinnamon thoroughly To the creamed mxture add the banana, dates, carrots and nuts. Slowly stir the flour mxturc ::1:D the C1 (...(..l...uc:j juj.a ture until thoroughly blended Preheat oven to Drop cook- es by teaspoon about l-mch apart on greased cookie sheets Bake for about 12 mmutes or until cookies test done Makes 36 cookies Nzne cookzes = 1/4 bread, 1/4 meat, 1/5 mlk, 2-1/2 frult, 1/2 HB" vegetable and 1/4 fat exchanges. APPLE PEANUT CRSP 4 small - medium apples 114cup finely chopped dates 1-1/2 Tblsp. water 113cup oatmeal 2 Tblsp. flour Pinch of salt 2 Tblsp. Cocoa Pinch of salt 2 Tblsp. unsalted margarine 20 small peanuts, finely chopped 2 Tblsp. crunchy peanut butter t_ Peel and slice apples; place m greased 9x9.mch bakmg pan; sprmkle with raisms and water. Bake m preheated oven for 15 Dunutes Combme melted margarine with remainmg ingredents, stirrmg untll t becomes a crumbly mixture. Sprinkle over the top of the apples and mix lightly with a fork. Return ro oven and bake for about 30 minutes or until apples are done. Exchange for recipe = 1-1/3 bread, 6 fruzt, 1 meat and 9 fat PNEAPPLE BREAD PUDDNG 3 slices French bread 1 cup skim milk 1 egg, separated 2 Tblsp. unsalted margarine 1 tap. vanilla 112tsp. cinnamon Pinch of cloves Tips on buying a fresh Christmas tree Fir trees, long known for their fragrant, long-lasting quahtles have appealed to Chnstmas tree buyers for many years. Trees such as the Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir or Balsam Fir are the most attractive and traditional-looking Christmas trees, according to John Darin, Jr., chief operating officer of English Gardens and Fairlane Florist. "Firs are the most luxurious, long-lasting and fragrant ever. greens," barin says. "They look more like an old-fashioned Christmas tree than any others." To determine if a tree will stay fresh and. green during the holiday season, try these tips: Bend a needle. f it is resi- hent, the tree is fresh. Check the bottom of the tree stump for sap. f wet, the tree is fresh. f few needles fall when the tree base is bumped hard on the ground, the tree is fi'esh. The size of tree purchased wlll depend on ceding heghts and placement in the home. Consider the space before deciding on a tall, slender tree, a large bulker tree, or a well.rounded and shapely tree. Once a tree 18 selected and taken home, proper care is essential to maintaining it. f the tree won't be decorated immediately place the tree outdoors in a nonwindy and shady area. Make a Dash of nutmeg 1 cup crushed, drained, unsweetened pineapple l/2 cup raisins 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut Pinch of salt Crumble bread m saucepan, add mlk and cook 2 mmutes, stlrnng constantly Cool slightly. Beat n egg yolk, margarme, vamila, cmnamon, cloves and nut meg Add pineapple, ralsms and coconut Beat egg whte until stlff Lightly fold mto the pud dmg mxture Place m a greased bakmg dsh and bake n pre heated oven about 35 to 40 mmutes Best when served slightly \varm E:tchange for complete recipe = 4-1/2 bread, 1 medum tat!'leat, 1 milk, 6 frult and 9 {at fresh cut across the bottom of the tree approxmately one inch from the ongmal cut and place the trunk m water. Never let the water level be. come lower than the trunk, or the end Will requre a fresh cut m order fol' the tree to receive water Fresh cut trees requrre two pmts to one gallon of water each day, so be sure to check the water level daily. Once a tree S mdoors, never place t near a frreplace, televison set, radator or other heat source This wlll cause the tree to dry out quickly. Always unplug the tree lights before leav. ing the house or retiring for the evening to prevent a frre hazard. ),Count.erPoi :ts By Pat Rousseau Gryphon.Art Framing located in the back gallery of the Gryphon Gallery 99 Kercheval on-the-hill hours: Tue-Sat. 10-6, Thur. till 8 * * CONN 'S. 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43 - Fitness Entertainment C assifled 4C 5C 6C Section C December 10, 1987 A shooting \ start s ths the way the basketball season should begm? Both t ams are supposed to be sluggish, lethargic and anythmg but mto their game plan No wam S capable of playmg that well at the start of the season Only at the end of 10 weeks do teams gen erally look that talented. :n the season's opener, the Blue DeVils invfh1e>dn'rwth c>nd""3.tchm;; frem the fleg did not notice any sluggish begmmngs Sure there was your casual stomach pam, or the gasp for air, but for the most part the two teams banged heads in a quite impressive game of round ball The rival schools like to open the season against one another because it is not difficult for the players to "get up" for t. North versus South always perpetuates adrenaline flow and it even packs the stands. North's Steve Szymanski was the high shoot r for the Norsemen with 18 points and South's Lance Harding hit for 12 to lead the Devils. Does it matt r that North heat South 48-40? Would it matter if South came out on top? 'm sure it would for some of you, but what you must be concerned with is the league record. Both schools should prode plenty of wins, but let's just wait and see. ' At ULS, Harper Woods was the guest, but the welcoming mat was yanked straight forward by the hands of John Yancey and company. Yancey, an all-state hooper and nationally ranked tenms player, turned Harper Woods away with some spinning moves and some long-range bombs that were set off as they sld through the hoop. Yancey led the Kmghts With 28 points and it won't be the last tme you hear from him t was a night to remember as ULS needed a couple of free throws from Kevin Crociata m the the win waning moments to seal t's nice to thip_k that hoops n Grosse Pointe got off to a booming start, but hope the pace can continue. The speed, agilty and finesse of these players is excit. ing to watch, and it will be interesting to see the progress they make as the season wears on. For many of them, bank shots, three.pointers and rebounds are what it's all about, but let's not forget about the slam dunk Maybe we can coax a few players to "set the ball down" Games are not fun this time of year, or are they? t's mce to see nail-bltmg gomg on so early in the season, but it seems unrealistic that only after 17 days of practce teams can be so well groomed. Maybe t's the competiton Maybe it's the new season, or bett r yet, maybe t's the calber of players Either way, it was mce to get the ball rollmg and the defensve guards up for what promises to be a banner season still can't get over the fact that Umverslty Lggett School has a girls' hockey team used to play aganst one of the town bullies on the baseball diamond and she (yes it was a girl) could hit a ball falther than anyone. She could even scoop a ground ball and whirl it across the diamond before my glove would have hit the dirt But hockey? Really! Girls on skates banging mto the boards, poke checkmg, elbowmg, slashng and taking slap shots Dd you ever hear of such a thmg? am ready to see what ice hockey for girls entails thmk there S a place fol' girls in the world of hockey and hope many more schools can follow the preced. ent the Lady Kmghts set Wno knows, t could be a snowball effect as t S now another facet of sports available, at a prep level, to girls s there satisfacton n weight-loss, SPit. tng, a,>t ady det of nothmg to eat and another,>teady diet of twle;t,bends, pm,> and cross.face cradles? Sure there S For many wrestlers, this time of year S golden Grapplmg, or a reasonable facsimle thereof, e;a tough SPOlt For week,>, ath letes are slammed onto a mat, held at bay by another athlew and Virtually ted up hy human parts Wrestlmg S a favonte of mille Many people claim t is bormg, but that's only because ther attention span '>short The muscular motons that t takes to grapple Banner year ends for North Cass Tech buzz saw cuts North, North's Sue Nichols (52) tries to turn the corner on Cass Tech's Marthea McCloud in the Region 3 Girls' Basketball Championship. The Lady Technicians beat North Devils honored nside: Blue Devils and Norsemen squared off in the season's first basketball game,2c GPHA hockey hits full stride, 2C North, THNK YOU'RE PREGNANT? AND DDN'T MEAN TO BE? Pregnancy Tests and All Services FREE AND CONFDENTAL Pregnancy Aid (Mack near Cadieux) Seafood Seafood Seafood Grosse Pointe Fish & Seafood Mack, Grosse Pointe Woods, SERVNG THE PONTE FOR 41 YEARS WHY "FSH" AROUND FOR QUALTY CA TCH T HERE! Buy Now and Save for the Holidays. Photo b Rob Fulton As the football season drew to a close last weekend. many postseason awards were bestowed upon the Grosse Pointe South Blue Devils' football team. Front row, Joe Reynolds. an Thompson and Chris Lash. Back row, Doug Lucas, Marcus Wysocki, Mike Paull and Ted Mills. Each player was named to the first-team All- League squad. Wysocki and Lucas also picked up first-team All-Metro and Suburban honors as well as Honorable Mention All-State. Jon Rice, head coach of the Blue Devils. was honored as the Coach of the Year in Region 3. The Devils finished 9-2 overall and won one of two playoff games. r , 3 b Lmg b-lm;;;e Raw.,b. [JC'eled ('f DC1'emed $29 95 By Rob Fulton Sports Editor n a game that meant so much to the Lady Norsemen, a season filled with pleasure and exclt ment ended with a loss to the Lady Technicians of Cass Tech Tech, a top-ranked Class A t am moved ts record to 20-1 he:admg into the quarterfinals, and North, the Whlt DVsOn rhrmnq in the> M<lf'omb _e Confrence suffered only ts fifth defeat against 19 wms "They're just an outstanding team," said NOlih coach Gary Bennett. "We knew t going in, but you've got to give t your best shot. They were Just too big and too strong." North, only the second team to wm a re'ional game (56-51 over Fraser in round one) and the first girls' t am to win a district title in Norsemen history, had only three points m the first quarter to the Techmcians' 18. "We came out a bit tentatve and t cost us," said Bennett. "We knew they were gomg to put plenty of full-court pressure on us, but really believe we handled it well." Monique Van Assche, who along with Mary Lex led the Norsemen with six pomts, opened the sconng with 2:22 left in the first quarter and it was evident the power, size and talent of the Technicians would be dfficult to overcome as North trailed at the intermisson. " really think we played well," said Bennett. "The grls were relaxed and did what they had to do. t Just wasn't enough." North, a generally strong defensive t am, held ts own on the defensive side, but the ll1side play of Cass Tech caused havoc amongst the Norsemen. But, t didn't come without wnnkles "We caused them some problems with our pressure also," Bennett claimed. "We defensed them well and we didn't back down. But it S awfully difficult THS WEEK: Basketball-Dec. 11: ULS hosts Lutheran Northwest at 7:30 p.m.; South travels to Highland Park for a 7:30 p.m. contest and North will hit the road for a 7: 30 p.m. game at Utica Eisenhower. GROSSE PONTE HARPER WOODS HARPER (Bet Cadieux & Whlltier) to wm when you get one shot at the basket and they come down and get the ball mto the post" While most people expected the Norsemen to do well this season, many skeptics beleved they would not wm 19 ball games, let alone get the opportu ntty to epresent Grosse Pomw m a regional champonship The Norsemen defeat d South and Lake Shore to wm the distnct t. tie and one week later found themselves among the top 16 teams left m the playoffs "For these girls to get to play in a game hke that says a lot about this team," said Bennett "Many people ddn't expect us to do all that... ell, but the girls earned every bit of what they got. We've had more talented wams m the past, but this team fought hard to win because they really felt they could and they did." Although North S credted with a distrct title, a league championship and 19 wins, the 19th victory was the sweetest reward of the season for Bennett. "We had a great season and am really happy, as well as proud, for the girls," he said "The whole season was made for me when we won that regional game t meant more to the en. tire team than winning the distnct title did" The Lady Norsemen started the season even at 1-1 after two games, they won 10 straight at one point and made believers out of non-believers. They meshed as a squad and Bennett stat d the girls should hold their heads high "We played well together the entire season." he Bald. "t is so rewarding to have the girls play together as well as learn together Going mto the game we knew we would have to play an outstandmg game to beat them, but nobody should be d1sappointed. t was a great season to remember." GROSSE PONTE GUN SHOP PRE.CHRSTMAS SALE UNQUE GFTS Hand Guns Rifles Shot Guns Amo Binoculars M,T,w. TH, SAT pm Friday pm MACK AVE. (N. of 8 Mile) te PTE ST. 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44 _2_C S /...-t December 10, 1987 G_r_o_s_se_P_o_"_t_e_N_e_w_s_,/J'J...;. ;._.:; North sports Swimmers place third in state Fumble... t's not a fumble, but it is a loose ball that South's Andrew Ament (32) and North's Steve Szymanski battle for in the opening basketball game for both schools. North beat the Blue Devils North dumps South By Rob Fulton Sports Editor n the season opener for both schools, the Norsemen of North were four buckets better than the South Blue Devils, South (0-1) was outmat<:hed only on the boards as the Norsemen (l-o) yanked down 37 caroms to South's 16 as both teams battled impassable defenses most of the way. "They totally outrebounded us," said South coach George Petrouleas. "They really hurt us on the boards." North, led by Steve Szymanski's game-high 18 points, took advantage of two 19-foot msses by South to break open a game Wth Just over two minutes to play. "We missed two perimeter shots and they came down and hit two in a row," said Petrouleas, "and trying to catch up was awfully tough for us." South got bumped on two shots, but they were in the hunt for an approximate five-minute span when North had trouble locating the basket. "We went through about five minutes without scoring," said Norsemen coach George Olman. "That was a key that could have hurt our team." But North got some heady play in the paint from Nick Lowry who canned 13 points and pulled down 15 rebounds South was led by Lance Harding's 12-point performance and Andrew Ament's 11. "They're all big," Olman said about gettmg off on the right foot. "t's always big to beat South. Both teams played real well." The Norsemen took a lead at the end of eight minutes and outscored the Blue Devils to take a five-point edge, 31-26, at the half. "'m just down a bit because we ddn't execute the things we worked on," said Petrouleas. "Basically they executed and scored more easy baskets. The team played with a lot of inh:!nsity. They lacked execution, not effort." North, which lays claim to a tight man-to-man defense, was forced to use -the. zoneat 'tuneit'1".. Center ce in the GPHA Flyers-Bruins Joe Ricci's Flyers took a 5-2 win from the Bruins thanks in part to Andrew Ricci's two goals. Jon Paul Delauner opened the scoring for the Flyers and David Legwand and Charlie Eldndge netted one apece Massu and Amsden talhed for the Bruins Steve Owens, Tm French, Jay Lambrecht, Andrew Murphy and Alex Rust played well Spartans-Lions The Spartans were 2-1 Vctors over the Lions as Eric Oke and ErC Lmdsay paced the Spartans Teddy Hanawalt fired a slapshot to score for the LOns. Scott Wleczorkowski earned the wm in net Lions-Stags szewski and Braun closed the gap to 3-2. With less than a min. ute to play, Fehling, assisted by Lsa Aronson and Allard, put the Guns on top 4-2. But, with goals at the 27 and 1-second marks, Staniszewski capped the 4-4 tie with his hat trick. Magics-Flames Behmd Aaron Wudyka's frst goal and Staniszewski's two goals, the Magics beat the Flames 4-3. Tom Stroble added the fourth goal for the Magics. Chris Mitchell, J. Donohue and Patnck Pound scored for the Flames. Magics-Top Guns Blly Gmemer scored a hat trick in the third period to hft Major MagCSto a 3-1 win over the Top Guns. Kate Calandro, ErC Ckrnack and Kurt Faber had assists Aronson scored for the Top Guns Leafs win tourney J.P. Sweda got the 4.0 Wn in goal for the LlOm; Jesse DaVS banged a hat trck Wth assists from Hanawalt, Lindsay, Everham and Dos'lm Bo Dossm scored hs first goal of the season The G.P. Leafs won the SqUrt also Ross, Wse, McCartney, DVSOnTurkey Tournament at Robby Cook, Olson and Smth the G.P.C.R in four straight all played well. games Lions-Red Wings The Leafs came out shooting m game one to earn a 6-0 wm. Teddy Hanawalt, Lmdsay and Chuck Shervlsh recorded the Cook all scored to lead the LOns shutout n net as Paul Megler to a 3-1 Wn over the Wmgs (two unasssted), Jay Rcci, Greg Olmstead, from Crain, snapped Ryan, DaVd Collins and Geoff the shutout for the Wngs Kimmel scored goals Ricci and Major Magics (tourney) Collins each had two assists. n the second game, the Leafs Major MagiCSlost two (82 to got another six-goal performance the Chlef and 4 0 to the Blazers) and ted one (4-4 Wth Top Pas 6.3 Hat tncks by Joey Lu to beat the Port Huron Star By- Gun'l) n a Thank'>f,'lvmg Tournamencounted for the Leafs' goals cwdo and Jay RCci(captan) ac- n game one agan'lt the n game three, the Leafs tal. Chiefs, John StamS7..ewbk and lied SX goals for the thrd Tom Stroble had the only Mag- straight time en route to a 6-4 CS' goals Playmg well were Wn over the Birmngham Wolvermes Kate Calandro, Brett France, Adam Doughty and Kurt Faber RCC scored his second hat n game two CharlJe Braun tnck of th(' season and Greg had a l1ce day n net, hut no of Rynn (2) and DaVd Collms fen'w ) front (,f hm Billy GmPnpr, Aaron Wudyku, grlc Gur. Greg Ryan, Lucledo, Tom Wald- provded the other tallies Lahey, nack and Matt Moran skated ron and Klmmpl assisted well agam'lt the SCS Blazer'l The Leaf'l beat Port Huron n the final game, the Maf.,'1c'l StRr By.Pas 2.1 n the champlontook on a f('low GPHA team, "hip game on goals from Paul the Top Guns Briar. Fehlng Megler and Jay Rlc<:JThe Leafs 8COrf'd first foj the Guns and were coached by Chuck Collins, then C T Ten")' and Mark Aron J()(, McCowell, Joe RCCand Bll son hit goali'! Goal" by Stam. Shepard i,, n opener and Olman feels that made the game closer "We did what we thought Wi: could gomg in, but we played better in our man defense than we did our zone. They got a lot of pomts off it and showed me we still have some thmgs to work on." "HERE'S TO ietyou AE-DEL[O. By John GUibord Spewll Wnter The gill..,' "wlm team placed thu d 111 the btate wmpetltlon held <\1 MKhlgcll1 State Umvel "11\ J( (. 4;) 1\01 tf! complied 98 pomb, lall llg "hm t to the only two teams thl \ lo"t 1eg-ular..,('.1son meets to Blllnngh,llll Glo\eo, (runner up \\ lh 130 pumt") and Ann Al' W PlOl1l'l'1Cla"" A champons 1')7) ;'\01 th hdd qute a "lccebsful.,l'<bol \\ th only two defeats ll'ldl Mddel, Wendy Madel, Ka tc Young, Kmen Dundon, (hllstll1<l :',ulm, Kat en Bll", i',o.1 BlOOh" and Patty Rom,- ll:ljl., \\ U l.,th l.ull:1 \::ll.\:: :>low. tlons n the '>tate competition, Yuung tooh fuulth m the 100 blltledh, Madel ""a" fifth n the SOO ) ee.,tyle, Laura Verona was 12th 111 U;e 300 mdlvldual rued-!py and Dundon was Sxth m the OU hel"lyle Roustemls fimshed nmth ) the dlvmg competiton n the pi ellmmary events, the tankel" set sevel al school re COlds as they set low tmes m nearly e\- J'yevent "n borne caseb we swam qute \\ell, but 111 others think we could have done belter," sad Coach llke O'Connor STARTED:' -Chuck Yeager O'Connor pomted out that Yuung s\\ am one day aftel catchlllg the flu and high tem perature Dundon was also plagued Wth the flu bug and that 'let the team back "Katle and K31en had gj eat pellormances under the circum stanceb," 'laid O'Connor "But f they were healthy we would have had 2030 more pumts" O'Connor, pleased about the peformance but a bit disap poll1ted,looks to the future of hs squad as the majollty of them wj!1 be back 101 another season 01 two 1he majonty ot girls that qualjfied for the state meet are commg back," he bald "We'll defimtely be back to rattle a few cages next yea! " Wrestling The Norsemen opened the sea son at the Lutheran East nvtatonal. John ShetTerly and Wlham LeWS were first place fimshers that led North to a fifth-place fimsh out of 11 teams The mat men will tmvel to Anchor Bay ths evenmg for a 6 A rebate offer e 1hlsone ought to get fou all charged up for the wl1ter 8uy a top quality Delco Frcf'nom or Duro Power or Voyager boftery betv.(,(,r1 October and December and yol., rom(' out $5 00 aead (Go for 0 40 series botter) ann you save 5200 ) All fxlrtlclfxltmg AC DE.'eo rplcld0rshove rebate coupons and detads Look for the one nearest you - res listed at the bot1om of the page While you re there non! forqf! 10 my about Delcos expressed limited nationwide warrant) thot oprl,ps 10 a'l batteries But you better get your toil m( v'lfly A.requests must be remved by DPcember pm stalt Hockey By Link Bessert SpeCial Writer The challenge has commenced The cers are 3-2 after five gameb as goaltendmg, tough defense and a newly discovered ollenbe have sparked the Norse men to a three game winning streak Aftel' a stmt m a Thanksgiv- 109 Tournament at East Kent. wood where they went 1-1, the NO!bemen retm ned for ther home opener agamst the Lakeview HuskieS North avenged a / lu LV LakeVieW Wth a bhstermg 11.2 wm Tm Young led North Wth a hat trick and moved the Norsemen mto a firstplace tie n the Michigan Metro League Held at bay for the first penod, the Norsemen's line of Black-Schweitzer-Bessert rattled the Bears' cage for four goals as Bessert scored the hat trick in the second period. Six goals in the final period put the game out of reach North hosts Catholic Central Dec 12 at 6 30 p.m GfNER.L MOTORS CORPORATON THEY DOD'T JUST FT. THEY mateh. DELED BATTERES AUALABLE AT THESE RETALERS: DETROT '. 1('1' \ '".,J (, Fr <L ll)'jy '> P/,RT C & M:'C #. EAST DETROT ST. CLAR SHORES )' 11.,,) ACTON AUTO 1/2 N 1?JOO ar, 11\, L (' P,\RTS COMPNY ""h,lt,f( ) 11)t> 'll '3 3/ 886, sr 1')136 W 10 Mile fio"rj MDWFST STfl.RTFR (313) r,' T '/ '/STF rh, \JT() TO'"Y') P,\RT" f, "('c #2 l1il) oj { 2623 Hmper 81 ACTON AUTO S PP Y, J', \ t> ", n ; 6 JJ'" Warr('n 1 \ f, t (' (313) 77S \1ack nil, 8AG 110 GROSSE PONTE l)) 1 " P/M''; AMERC/N ST ART ALl " DE THO T UTO PAP'S TONY S PARTS i\ce 1'3, i H(, --; ; '( rrfjv S f'mlts '. Ace #11 r); 0 Mi1Ck Ave Harper W 8 Mlc ",00' H"''('r A/< 11'(', 1]11) 8A2 SeOD n 3) 2%3140 (313) 5 J l)<:; r jt( UP,' (] 11 ') '1.., 8 & B fl.uto P!\Rl, f " flt ') TlRf UNTER TONY S P/,RTS 1\ ACC 1/12 11[l01 r Wam, \ 1 [ ff )... J 10 etfl '0'.'1' S f'/ll",) & '\CC #f'r 187[0 Ma, k 1",0, l (' (,realer Mar k DrTR()1! DS( AUTO tjn',r- f,.) '1, (1 11 rj',vt. 'l(l (J (313) W 8 M ", (,ll 11??100 " nl'l) S37 222) T "Ju " ", i'l V,M, '/lfll) fj/ Tl 9)? HARPER WOODS TONY S Pi\fHS & ACe #16 DONS AUTO P/,RTS f') f!1,".'?,'11w8mc CJmo 1\ KNGhT NC?460 1 Jc'fe'son Avenue 1 i400 Kelly R" ld 1' or ) 1 1 l, 10 j'1 12 ') 16? ;JOllO Harp", n1'<) (;0 Battery availability and prices may vary by retailer,..

45 , V'JJ 3C S. December 10, 1987 Blue Devils could be trouble e,robfu.?outh shoots to capture Eastern Michigan League Sports Editor "The key will be to get five should do pretty well though, " hope t's not a lepeat of 0 "This sea::.on 'll have the '''m hopmg the senors have n hs nmth yeal, George Pe. guys who can playas one umt." but we have got to come to. 13," smd Carr " don't thmk t most &eniors 've ever had," sald more of a calmmg aspect," said tlouleas S gomg to have to hve Defensively the Devils are gether" will be because we are hungry to Zmmerman "But the umque Zllnmel man "They wll have to and die by his own patience tough. They will apply pressure ExpeneJ'ced people on the hst W1 Eight of our 13 classes me pmt about t all " the fact that takp contlol and say 'we have to Last yedr the Blue Devls were from side to Side as well as allow of returnees are Patty Pentecost, tilled with fl e"hmen and all 'm only five of them have played do \hat we need to' and not slip 8-14 wth a third-place fimsh m you to challenge therr zone de. Chns Schulte and Megan Kellet lookmg for " mprovement" "lnce they were "ophomore,," mto some old habits They Will the Eastern Michigan League fense. "Those three will be the big have to help the mexpenenced re M L) and this year a young "We are gomg to do whatever leaders," said Sharpe Hockey Zmi.merman Will look to Bill kds out m "everal situatons " but talented t am S gomg t we have to do to stop the Carne Donaldson also returns Huntmgton, Tlln JelOme, Kevm With many talented players need plenty of directon strength of the opponent," said and Jenmfel Kalmmk should Wth only,>xplayers lost to Bourke, lya Snyder, Kevm Nes. dje::."ed n "kates, the team effort "Our ablty to come together Petrouleas " feel we can pres- step m to a middle htter spot 1,'1. aduatlon and 14 back from a le', Dellck Fan, Jml Smith, Ben S eb;,ental for success of the as a team wll hopefully happen swe them full court or St back "We've got a good nucleus 1383 yea!, Tm Zmmerman S Bayko, Mike Ragels, John Blue Devl... early on m the season" he Sad m a zone to stop them" the four we've got coming back hopmg ths S the year to \Hn Mcglone, Jamw Obborne, DaVid "1 am satisfied Wth our "But bemg as young s we are t S the first year, at the high so thmk they'll be able to the MChigan Metro Leaf,rue Rivard, Rodney Go, DaVid hne,,:' Zimmerman said "The we have to be pat lent Wth school level, that the three.pomt pump the younge kds up," said Last season South fimshed Hall, Bob Osborne, Andy Busbe, team has to WOl'k as a team We them" play is available and the Blue Sharpe "t S really possble to thll'd m the league, one pomt Jun Ry.lsewskl, Mike KUlskalt. don't have one f,ruy who will Wth an avezage height of 6 DeVls wllluse t repeat as champs, but we'l! have behmd Southate Anderson, but Brink Clawley, John out and that S mportant teet 4 mches across the front "We have about three guys to rely on some of last year's jay this year a clowded semor lineup dnd Pat Clavet to makeup the fo! us We have to playas one, Pet! ouleas is not lacking m who wll!, have the green l?t to vee squad Th: youn kds Wll wuld prove to be the djftcl'ence tedm ul1ll order to be successful" 'me. but in comnflr,"()n to other shoot t, sald Petrouleas. m a have to be agglesslve teams they could. be firm behever that you?etter "We al e not ultra bg but work on fundamentals and f you we're not small ether" he ald get the three-pointer then that's Roger Drabant Chris Graml- extra" mg, Andrew Am'ent and Lance South Wll try to win the Hardmg are the only returnees. league and man teams may be Jommg them wlll be Joe Cald. vulnerable to ther spell. well Tim Clarke Dave Mc " don't thmk people are look. Corllck ChriS Rovan Andrew mg for us to do a lot in the Ayrault' Kyle Schomaker Drew league." said Petrouleas. "but Walker 'and Fernando Gar'cla. we'll be surprising soe people " feel quite strongly that down the road, but we ve ot to we're going to be competitive," come out of the gates early said Petrouleas. "AP, the season progresses, we will try to build on the plusses and eluninate the negatives" Wth the sze and talent on the squad, Petrouleas sees a transiton game in the makmg. "We'll be able to rebound, rwl Wth the ball and 1f we can't then we'll set up.and run our offense," he said. "We've got the kids who can do those three thmgs. Volleyball Three could be a chann for third-year coach Cindy Sharpe South has won two straight league titles (last year 14-0 and 26-7 overall), but this year the strmg could be snapped because the lineup lacks experience m key spbts. "We are inexperienced in important spots," said Sharpe. "We "We should have a solid team," said Maskill. "We'll have few holes and \'olds, but we'll fill them With some qualty people. "t's an upbeat group that S workmg hard," added Maskill. "They are reactmg well to a new Wrestling f the grapplers wm one meet they wll1 mprove flom last season Commg off an 0-13 record and gainmg a host of freshmen S an mcenbve to do well this year Larry Can, m hs fowth year as coach, is headed for another challengmg season "t's always been a challenge," he said "We've had some poor records, but we've also had some mdlviduals do well." Jake Rowan and Barry Brookes are co.captains and Travis Perry, a transfer student from Maryland, Wll carry the weight Dale Wilson, Lou Preston, Tom Quirk, Tom Murphy, Bert Paul, Frank Voelker, Tom Caulfield and Brion Czaiczynski round out Carr's scorecard coach, new terminology and a different coaching attitude." A team with depth, talent and a new coach, the Norsemen are shooting for a title. "t sure would be nice to Wln the divisional title," said Maskill. " really believe we can do it. Swimming After graduating seven semors from last year's 8-5 team, Les Roddis finds himself trying to regroup his troops. Last yeal' the Norsemen won their 18th straight Bi-County champon. ship, but this year it could all change. "We're down m numbers as well as quality," sad Roddis. "We've got some young kids who are promsing, but they lack ex. perience." Four seniors back from a year ago are Greg Cooksey, Jeff Wllhams, Drew Dungan and Ron Jendretzke. "These are the four 'm buld. ing around," said Roddls. " also have a talented diver back in Dave Caldwell. We just have to feel our way around the fresh. men to see how they will blend in as a team." Andy Bringard, Matt Van- Coppeoll, Jon Schmaltz, Bob Jara, Peter Elhson and Jason Kahm round out the freshmen crew. Jumors John Bama, Ted Loumams and dver Bob Straske will score many pomts as well Steve Swan, Vctor Perez, ChriS Detloff, Ross MacNml, Brad Sisk and Keth Rader are the sophomore SWmmers. "We've got a lot of young bod. es, but we're gomg to do just fine," said Roddls "We are gomg to have to set mdlvldual goals and try to weave them m With the team goals 'Wehave" Hockey f ts a rebmldmg year you want, then t's a rebulldmg year you have At North, the state runner. up hockey team has eight players back, but the most damage happened when 11 skaters graduated from a 22-6 season "There S no doubt that we're m a rebulldmg stage," said fifth. year coach Mke Manzella "We had to put some new lmes to. gether after graduaton, but now feel we have the hnes that complement one another" Link Bessert, Brian Schwetzer and Tom GlUmettl, return as top offensve players, and Bob Poulos, Dave Gnmdman, Pete Mourad and Ben Gaskm are returmng defensve spe ULS sports Knights slip past Harper Woods The UmverSlty Liggett School boys' basketball team opened its season in thrillmg style with a win over Harper Woods After takmg a lead at the half, ULS stretched ts lead to 11 pomts midway through three qualters, but the POneers were not gomg to fold as they scored SXunanswered points ULS surrendered ts lead, early in the final quarter, but ULS took control, with little less than a minute to play. John Yancey, who led all scorers With 28 pomts for the Knights, and Kandia Milton, 17 points, led the fou'th quarter surge with nine and six points, respectively. ULS' Kevin Crociata hit two foul shots to up the lead to Roundball romises excitement Norsemen look to rule new league By Rob Fulton case for the girls' volleyball Sports Edrtor team. t was their frst Bi-County Under the direction of frrstbketball championship.under year coach Judy Richards, the Coach George Olman and t was Lady Norsemen will need to rely their last as well on some' offensive llchemes and The boys' basketball team at the ;Blayers from last year's jay- Noh will be 'd' -J"'vee"SijU'aQ,accoraing to Richards. strmght eague title, bu tills "Basically we're pretty well. year t wlll have to come m the rounded" said Richards. "The White DiviSOn of the Macomb girls ha'd a good junior varsity Area Conference. The Norseme?, season a year ago so that will a 17-3 team a year ago, wll defmitely help us out. Their skill stack up qute well m a league and determination will carry us that represents two top teams in through. Cousmo and Romeo. "We also need to develop a "t's" gol?g to be a strong more complex offense," Richards league, sad Olman, who enters added. "We are a very predictahis f!.fth year at the helm of the ble team so one of our goals is to Norsemen bench, "but we'll do become unpredictable." just fine. really feel we are a Although opponents can specugood team, but we'll Just have to late on the Norsemen offense d» ' walt an see. one may be unaware of the good Olman won't have to wait to positon the Norsemen seem to see the size his team has. On the be in. front me, whch consists of Krrk "We are young and hopeful," Lowry, Karl Schultz and Steve said Richards, "and that is a Szymansk, Nort averaes 6- good poston to be in. People feet 5-mches and t doesn t stop aren't expecting much from us there and like that because we "We should be a good rebound- should be able to surpnse a lot ing team because of our size," of teams." said Olman. "We have good SZe North will be competing m the and we'll bring in some guys off White Division. the bench and not lose a thmg in Returning from last year's height." league championship team will Bnan Peltz, Steve Langs and be Mary Lex, Monique Van Derek Lawson Wlll swlng m and Assche and Shannon Andrews out of the guard poston Fillmg Joining the three semors will be m at the backup center sp&t will Kelly Glanunzlo, Karl Andrews, be Todd Dessmger and Scott Heidi Cartwright, Amy Grierson, Klem Russell Rice and Matt Dawn Redmond, Mary Splewack, Brady Will pop from the forward Beth Stevenson Dory Unger, slot and Chris Allison Wlll see Kyungsoo Hur ad Sandy Glel. time at guard Tim Klerman, ' Chuck Thomas, John Kennedy Wrest mg and Charlie Stumb Will also be A pennant from the NatOnal looked upon to help the Norse- DlV1sion S Just what could be men pmned from the raf'-l rs of North OffenSively the Nor!.!men Wll hgh if the grapplers perform to look to their transltlon game and their ablity ablhtv to move the ball and Flrst.year coach Don Masklll when' t comes to long.range bnngs an mpre'sslve coachmg shootmg they have a few dead. record to North that will blend eyes, but the three.pomt play qute mcely Wth 11 returning Will not be worn out wrestlers, headed by 1987 reo "We lke the tran::'ltlon game," glonal champ, Wlliam LeWS said Olman "We hke to run the Joining Lewis on the list of reo ball We also have a few guys tumees are Dave VanDale, John who can shoot the three.pomter, Shefferly, Chns Hayes, Chuck but we'le not gomg to have a Schultz, Dean Demetropoulos, steady det of t,. Joe Ament, John Klostermeyer, OffenSively the Norsemen Kevin Dale, Dan Korzemewskl should hght up the scoreboard and Ade Alh and defensively they are hopmg Dan Colhns, Paul Attar, to unscrew a few hghts Bryan Flemmg and Bll Dunlop "We have a good defense," Wll also be able to fill some Olman sad "We stress our spots man defense and if you are gomg to beat us, you're gomg to have to beat us n our defense" Volleyball P. good defense S sometimes the best offense, and such S the cialists Chris Kubilak is the goalie and Matt Kreig backs him up. "We've got guys who have only skated together for 30 days," sad Manzella. "But now (after four games) we are sta.liing to see the positive- things come out." A host of sophomore talent is headed by Bob Beltz, Frank Lucido, Tim Ryan, Jim Bunn, Nick Black, Andy Bond and Ed Barber. Wayne Houle and Tm Young are Juniors who will see ice time also. "We have the talent, but we've just got to put it together," said Manzella "My Job is to get them to play as a unit and 1f that happens maybe you'll see us at the state finals again. But first of all we have got to get through our league (Mlchlgan Metro) and then win the districts and reglonals " EVOLUTON and the POneers added a threepomt shot to cut the margm, but tme ran out on Harper Woods. "We're extremely pleased With the wm," said ULS assistant coach Domemc Facciolla, "but we know that we have a lot of work to do in order to become a good basketball team." The Kmghts host Lutheran Northwest on Dec. 11 at 7:30 p.m. and then travel to Detroit Country Dayan Dec. 15. Hockey OF THE SPECES The New Breed JaguarXJ6 The 1988 Jaguar XJ6 Like ts forebears, ts sleek form Staut and well-muscled Yet t faces the wmd Wth still greater aerodynamic effcency True to Jaguar traditon, ts new fuel mlected SXcylnder engme has double overhead cams However, the added SOphiStiCatOnof 24 valves further en. hances power and respon<;e mde, the After five games, the Knights remain unbeaten Ther latest wm came against Team Michi. gan, 8-6. Scoring for the Kmghts were Charhe Roby (2 goals, 2 assists), Shannon Nowowlecki (l goal, 3 asssts), Jonathon Davis (2 goals, 1 assst), and Doug Wood (l goal, 2 assists). Two defensemen, Ross Kogel and Jesse Kasom, scored from the high-slot area. Captains Blll Jewett and Gordie Maitland each registered two assists. Steve Stoyka, a senior goaltender, turned back 34 shots. "We controlled the frrst half of the game," said Coach John Fowler "Stoyka held us up in the last period as Team Michigan began to apply some pressw'e." ULS travels to Port Huron Dec. 12 and hosts Little Caesars on Dec. 15. Both games start at 7 p.m. Marc demanigold and Karl Schultz are two of the state's top football players, DeManigold was chosen to the Detroit News' Dream Team and Schultz was voted to the Class A first team, new XJ6 artfully blends the classic splendor of supple leather and fme wood, with the most advanced computer-age engmeenng The 1988 Jaguar XJ6 t Stotally new, yet t reflects the fmest trats of ts forebears t marks the evoluton of a legendary species t's little wonder that upon prevewmg t m Europe, CAR magazme called t "the best sedan m the world" ENJOY TOMORRON BUCKLE UP TODAY S.E. Michigan'S Only Factory Authorized Jaguar Dealer Sales Service Parts Phow by Rob Fulwn "The best sedan inthe world': J

46 .. 4C December 10, 1987 Gifts of health for the holidays love to g1ve and lecelve booj...s at Christmas and a book about health how you tl uly care. Some gift glvmg..,uggestlon" are SwmlTmng for Tofal F,flle"., by Jane Katz, Ed D The only swlmmmg pool b00k you'll ever need Kat/. hold" many master' world swim mmg records, $1395.nt, (t:....: PU to> b) Pl.-Uch,--1 McLlsh A perfect gift for the female body bulder on your list t's worthwhle just to look at Rachell Not fol the begmner Warner books, $1295. Strebs Map developed by ES Systems The ultimate "tress management and self. assessment gude with an ac t1ve planmng worksheet Take an actve role n rellev. mg your stress, $14 95 The Elght Week Cholesterol Cure by Robert Kowalsk How to lower cholesterol by 40 percent wthout drugs or deprivaton, $1595. Jane Brody's GUde to Personal Health. f you're a fan of Jane Brody, a best-selling nutritonst, you should have ths book ThS encyclopeda of wellness covers most everythmg. Avon, $16,75, Eat and Stay Shm, Better Homes and Gardens, hard cover, $6.95. Deting for One. Better Homes and Gardens, hard cover, $5 95. Both of these books are recpe books WhCh are well presented and ap. pealing The Diet Center Program' Lose weght fast and keep t off forever. Many of our Vital Options students have lost many pounds on the Diet Center Program. ThS S a large book with plenty of good mformaton and recpes, $ The Aerobw Way, by Dr Cooper We can't forget the guru This new aerobics book :> by the man who started Amenca runnmg, Bantam, $3 95. A good stockmg stuffer SurvVing ExerCse, by Judy A]ter. Everyone enrolled n an exercse class shou]d lead ths book, Make sure you know enough about your body to know whch exercses are correct t's a safe and sane program, $5 95 Tamllee Webb'" Rubber Band Workout with a forward by Dr Art Ulene Complete Wth a large rubber band used for resistance exercise Com. pletely detailed, $895 Vdeos f you buy an exer Clse Video, you should exercise Wth t - not Sit and watch it Wth your mormng coffee Jane Fonda and Kathy Smith have excellent Vdeos, both are low mpact aerohlc'l and U<ie small weghts Healthy Vcu:atlOn, Plan a bicycle trp The Vermont B cycle TOUring Company (R D 3, Bnstol, VT 0544 (802) ) offers bicycle toun; m beautful Velmont Fall S best They are well or gamzed tours You can al'lo c.ontact Mlchlg'an Bcycle Tourmg, 161 Go]fvlew D lv', Brooklyn, MCh, They have wonderfu] tom s from May to October Certificate'! to health cluh.., 01 f>xerclse program.., ale al wayf>welcome Tie t up, 'iweatband and a note that 'lays " care about yol " Stay healthy thl" hohday watch your stres<; leve) A.., fm a" your weght.., collcerm'd, dulng Dccemtwl Jt<;t t1 to maintain, not gain Deanna Hahorne is owner of Vital Options and Mary BU88f", the writer of the Eat Smart column, is the owner of Diet Center, f there are any questions concerning the material in their opinion columns, you can write to them in care of: Feel Fit or Eat Smart,, 96 Kercheval, Grosse Pointe Farms, Watch the waistline Holidays bring happy, full stomachs By Rob Fulton Sports Editor Here comes Santa Claus, but hel e comes the buffet tables and the extra cakes and desserts as well ThiS time of the year finds We are a few short weeks away from the big day - Chrstmas' We may have already attended parties and celebratons with family and friends, and still have many to enjoy through the coming weeks. And of course, we must continue to attend to our daily tasks; the job, the household chores, school, meetmgs, etc t's no surprise that our eatmg schedules become no schedule at all. We Skp meals or grab something fast m between everything else. A quck candy bar or two seems lke a good answer as we rush through the lastmmute shopping; may you will get somethmg to eat later on, when you have tme. So t S no surprise again, when we finally do eat. that we choose the wrong types of food and eat way too much. many people perusing the kitchen and dming room table:> for a httle snack or an entree Many people are lookmg to fulfill a hungry stomach, but m several cases, eatmg S done be Christmas alternatives '" Part Va]erle Pokorny-McHugh owner and director at Super Shape, nc n East Detroit. attended and made a busmess pre- '!entatlon at the three-day nterna tiona 1 Dance-ExerCise ASSOCiatOn (DEA) Educationa] Conference n Washmgton, DC Ovel 1,200 mstructors and bu<;mes" owner" from around the world partlclpnted 111 the sold-out event at the Omm Shoreham POkOlny McHugh took part in ]cctm e<;, workshops and activty <;e<;<;lon<; By Mary Busse Research has proven that in times of stress our need for food increases accordmg to the level of stress we are experiencing. But ths need S not in terms of calorie mtake, as it S in the nutnents or quahty of the foods chosen "Junk" foods have been aptly named; our bodies become the dumping grounds and can tolerate only so much before they talk back to us. Exces sive wegh gam S only one indication that we have approached "overload" Heartburn, constpation,,diarrhea and gas pains are just a few of the methods our bodies have of telling us to cut down and change our behavor towards food Because of our umqueness as human bemgs, we can't separate what goes on m the body from the affects t has "The convent1on shows me how far we have come as an 111 dustry and how mportant t S to stay up to date Wth the latcst research and techmque"," :.ajd Pokorny.McHugh DEA, With 14,000 membel.., m 38 countres, S the \VOld'.., largest profess1onal organmltlon for aerobics/dance exel cl<;e professionals DEA pi omot('<; safe and effectve ex('!'cisc through networking and educol t10n of ts members Baseball clinic to be held younger are scheduled to partici pate ftom 8 to 11 a m on all three days From noon to 3 pm, hgh school and college pjay<'15 Wll take part m the clmc College coaches and profe" slonal baseball scouts will be on hand to view the athlete<; The cost of the chmc S $50 and should be made payable to Macomb Commumty College For more mformatlon, contact South baseball coach Dan Gnes baum at , or call MCC at cause the food S "just there" Accordmg to Beth Naber, R D, manager of Clmcal Dletet CSat St John Hosptal, the holl days are used, by some, as a eense for over eatmg on the mmd and on the soul Too often we let the body dc tate what and when we eat - to the detllment of OUl bl a\ll and our spmt But ths does not have to be f we choose to put all of ourselves mto the declsion-makmg plocess Alternative-thmkmg is just that - accordmg to Webster's die tlonary, an altel'natlve S a cholce between two or more thmgs We choose to take an alternate loute and so t can be with what we eat ' Hel e are some <;uggestlons to help you have a happy but healthful Chustrna" and New Yeal AT HOME 1) nstead of pcking, tastmg and samplmg when am baking for the holdays, choose to munch on fre:>h veg gles, chew gum or suck on a mmt as drink some of those glasses of water that are so healthy for me 2) nstead of headmg straight for the ktchen like one of Pavlov's dogs durmg a T V commercal, choose to make a detour to my bem oom or bath, take three deep cleansmg breath", and take a good look at myself m the mlltor 3) nstead of eatmg from the refngerator and cupboards, plopped agamst the kitchen countel because am n other news, tl1<' ntel nil tlon,ll Dance Exci C..,l' A""'OC,l tlol1,1110 the Cly"tal Llght r\cl ionoll Aelollie ('hamploll"llp JON NOW "People use the holidays for an excuse to till themselves up," sad Naber "Eatmg S a SOCal thll1g and a lot of food S cooked and people tend to overdo t when t comes to eatmg durmg the hohdays " Wlll]e mo:>t foods revolve around hgh caloric mtake, t S f>tlll po:,slble to avoid any weght gam Although t wouldn't be eay, Naber has several tips on how to avoid t "The key 18 to eat sensibly," she sad "People feel they have to tl y somethmg not to offend a host, but that's not true f you do tly many tems, t S recommended you eat small portons and ecognze when you are full. f you don't do ths, then t S highly possible to gam weight dunng the hohdays," Hoverng around a table laced With "goodies" does not necessar- 1y add a few pounds to a person, but changing one's proximty to the table could help over-eatmg or the w'ge to mbble, "Even when they are full, people have a tendency to stck alound the table and pck at food," smd Naber. "f they positon themselve" away from the table to avold gomg back and eatmg and eatmg, they would be le% tpmpted to eat too much. "When food is in front of people they have a tendency to pick and contmue to eat" so rushed, choose to take the time to eat, and eat my meals at the ktchen 01 dining room tahle, mcluding a pretty placemat, served on real dshes, 41 nstead of binging on empty foods because some other member of the family is dllvlllg me nuts, choose to take a long, hot shower or soak n a bubble bath untl have calmed myself down.,qut AND ABOlJF At the office, school or shupping 1) nstead of skppmg lunch because am so busy Wth my job, shoppmg, or because everyone else SkpS lunch at school, choose to eat a healthy lunch, whether take tme to go out to eat or brmg t With me, 2) nstead of grabbing a candy bar or other "empty" food when am running errands or mchmg my way through rush-hour traffic, choose to eat an apple, Mother Nature's perfect "can-y-out" food 4) nstead of fasting throughout the day because am tryng to lose weight, choose to follow a healthy eatmg plogram, that mslsts that eat quahty foods, eaten at dsciplned mu'rvals durmg the day dll ectol.., ha" e announced the dppollltment of POkOlny-McHugh 0\'" Oil(' of the..,1<.11] judge" fol the l'llll<'r! St,ltp.., final:) n Nash One of the most mportant J.recautons, according to Naber, S to never skp a meal in ordpt' to be able to possibly eat more later This may lead to some serousovereatmg. "Knowing they're gomg to eat a bg meal later in the day, pe0- ple sometmes skip a meal m order to eat more later," sad Naber "ThS can lead to overeatmg because if you starve yourself you thmk you can eat more This S not healthy. For one, you shouldn't get out of a normal eatmg pattern by skippmg a meal, and two, you should not kjpd medl LO u.ffyaw lf." Many low-cal foods are avalable to consumers and Naber suggests, f you are hostmg the party, that some low-cal foods be placed on the tray for nbblng. "f you are offermg the party, then maybe you could offer a lower-cal food choice," she sad "POSSbly some raw vegetables Wth a low-cal dip. You could also limit the amount of desserts on the table and Just cut them into smaller servmg pieces." Naber suggests eating whatever makes you content, but she suggests eating slower, smaller portions and eating until full "t's a real simple thing to follow," she said. "The key is to eat sensibly The holidays seem like a license to overeat. but a possible mcrease in exercise may balance that...possibly a walk." AT HOLDAY PARTES Pokorny-McHugh continues to travel as aerobic judge On Dec 28, 29 and 30, Macomb Commumty College Wll be holding a bac;chall clmc for any one nterested n conjuncton With several area high school coaches, the clme will offer partcipants the opportumty to get top-notch n structlon on the fundamentals of the game Llttle.leaguers and Babe Ruth players are encouraged to attend, as are hgh school and college baseball players Jumor high-age athletes and LEARN TO SK PROGRAMS MN BLlUARD: b,". v('ar (lne.. mull f('(lc; max supervsion 1) nstead of circling the buffet so many vultures around their prey, choose to fill a small plate with quality selections, then leave the room focusing on all the great people who surround me, and not the food. ->...- 2) nstead of answering yes tq...every food or drink offered, choose to answer "no thank you, not right now," confident that these magic words wll sustain me throughout the evening. 3) nstead of lettmg my feelings of msecurity at SOCal gatherings get the best of me (which know from the past leads me to over-eating) choose to take the first step and mtroduce myself to someone new. Who knows f they may need ths gesture of friendshp as much as need t for myself. 4) nstead of returning home, grumblng to myself about all of the foods and drinks depnved myself of at the party, choose to concentrate on how fortunate am to have been part of the holiday festivities, knowmg that tomorrow mornmg will wake with a light, but fuller heart. Ville The Crystal Lght NatOnal AerobiC ChampOnship show Wll be televised m Apr] REGULAR PROGRAM: fi n l '1''']( nldc; F!(lQlnner through Expert RACNG SKill DEVELOPMENT: Pr('par0 10 make your high school team ADULT PROGRAM: lor dill Coil for more nformation and application Weekdays 10 to 5 t

47 December 10, 1987 " 5C Spielberg comes of age with 'Empire of the Sun' BV Michael Chapp Special Wrller Leave t to Steven Spielberg n "Empn'e of the Sun," Spelberg takes a subject wth the epc sweep of world War and whittles t down to the war's mpact on a young boy Whle the drector's macro lens S documentmg the ravages of an unstable world, hs mlco lens S ex plonng the feelings and responses of an mnocent vctim And even though the heady nature of the pece might tend to bog t down at times, there's no denymg the artstic and human. StlC importance of such a senous undertakmg Spelberg, directing hs first film since "The Color Purple," spares nothmg m ths pcture, whch S based on J.G Ballard's mternational bestseller. At tmes looking hke a Cectl B. DeMille blockbuster, a cast of thousands adds a scope and authentlclty to ths film that would lkely have been lost in the hands of a less talented drector t's not the larger.than.hfe as. pects of ths picture that makes t so good, however At least not entlrely At ts core, "Empre" S rooted m the odyssey of chld. hood ThS S the story of 11. year-old Jim Graham (Chrstan Bale), a chld of the ehte who gets separated flom hs parents dunng a wartime exodus. Jm's father owned a textle mll m pi e-war Shanghai, provldmg hs famly Wth a very nce hfestyle m the Bntlsh secton of thdt city Whpn the armed forces of mpenal Japan marched mto Shangha on Dec 8, 1941 followmg thel' bombmg of Pel'l H"l' bor, people were scattered m all drectons Famlhes were separated, including Jm's Thus began a Journey for Jim whch dd not end until he was reumted with hs parents at the end of the war. "Empre's" chef busmes S followmg the boy as he tres to make hs way m a confusmg world He gets hooked up Wth an American merchant seaman (John Malkovlch), and together they end up m a Japanese pl'lson (,dmp t S at the camp that Jnn leal m about basc survval tactic" hke dl mkmg only boiled wa. Sheri Nichols, left, and Miche Braden star in "Holiday Cabaret" at the Attic Theatre. 'Holiday Cabaret' at Attic The world premiere of an ongmal AttC Theatre muscal creaton, "Holday Caban't," opens Fnday, Dec 11, and runs through Dee 31 t stars two of Detroit's favor- te cabaret smgers, Sheri Nichols and Miche Braden, and features Rochelle Rosenthal, Augustus Wlhamson and Jerry Rpple The sophstcated revue of 22 ne\\' songs and sketches has ts ongms 10 the mem01'les and expectatlons of each of the cast members Playwnght S Damel Yurgalts, who S also the dlrec. tor, musc S by Richard Berent and lyncs are by Doug Braverman To add to the festivites, there wll be a specal mystery guest at each pelformance, to be an nounced that day Additonally, the New Year's Eve pelformallce wll be followed by a New Year's Eve Party mcludmg champagne, hors d'oeuvres and party favols, entertamment by Sheri Nchols and Mlche Braden, and dancmg untl 1 30 a m Tckets to the show and the patty are $35 per person ReservatOns can be made through the Attc Theatre box office at Regularly scheduled shows wll be on Tursdays and Frdays at 8 pm; Saturdays at 5 30 and 9 pm, Sundays at 2'30 and 7 pm There Wll be no pedor. mances Dec 24 or 25 Tcket" ange from $9 to $21, and a1(' avalable on the day of pedor mance only, except for subcn bel s and groups Dickens classic at Macomb Center A touch of ade Enghsh re turns to the Macomb Center for the Pelformmg Arts on Satur. day, Dec 19, when a natonally tounng theater troupe presents ts muscal verson of "A Chnst. mas Carol," the classc Yuletde story by Charles Dckens The 35 member company of profe""lonal "mgers, actors, danc" el <;and muscan<;wll stage t\o pedormance" - a matmee at 2 p m and an evenmg show at 8 pm t Wll be the Sixth year that the center has hosted the "how Delgned for famly enteliam ment, the producton feature" costumes, sets and specml effects that recreate the charm of a London Chnstmas 111 the 1800" while te1l1l1g the agele'3s story of Scrooge, Tmy Tim and the Cratchlt famly Ticket" are $10 for adult<., and $9 for student" and "enlol Cltl' 7ens They may be obtamcd at the center's boll. office or e. "erved on credt card by ccllljng , Monday thlough F day, from 9 a 01 to 6 p m talian center plans New Year's party A New Yea! 's Eve party S plannf'd fo! Dec 31 at the tal- Hl.D CultUl al and Commullty Centc, mpenal Dnve m Wanen The $40 per person tickets 111- elude hors d'oeuvre", dmner, beer, wille and set Up'>, party favor, musc and dancmg featur mg AtlantS, and breakfast n addton, each tcket buyer wll hav > a chance to wm a ba<;ket of cheer All 6'uest" Wll be pl'ovldrd With party favors, hat" and con fettl to mg m the New YPaJ The party wll conclude \\th breakfast to be "C ved aboul 1 a m Tables of elght are avml ahle For more mfolmatlon, call nside a Japanese detention center following their arrest, Basie (John Malkovich) gives young Jim Graham (Christian Bale) his first lesson in basic survival - warding off starvation, in "Empire of the Sun," an epic drama set against the adult world of war as seen through the eyes of a young boy. Steve Martin is hap less traveler in 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' By Marlan Trainor SpeCial Writer Suppose you started out to get to ChCago from New York to be with your famly on Thanksgvmg. To be on the safe side, you booked your flight a month in advance. All you have to do is go to the airport and get on the plane. No problem. Rght? Not f you're Neal Page (Steve Martm) n "Planes, Trams and Automobiles," drector John Hughes explores the possblites of what mght happen to a luckless traveler trying to get from here to there, if everythmg that could happen does. An expert on stretchmg an dea to ts limts (which he so well proved in "SXteen Candles" and "The Breakfast Club") he goes all out on conjuring up far-out catastlophies that plague Martm and hs co-traveler, Del Gnffin (John Candy) The saga begns when Martm. a marketmg executive, tnes to get a taxl m New York He S knocked down m the street, cars run over his brefcase and he S fllm.flammed mto paymg $75 for a cab rde he doesn't get The plane S delayed mdefimtely_ To add to the StuatOn, he Sts down besde Candy, a shower rmg salesman who 111 SlstS on makmg fnends Wth everyone he meets. Martm tnes to dscourage con versatlon, but Candy perssts A true salesman, he S convinced that t S possble to \\-m anyone Auto preview tickets on sale Tckets for the 1988 DetlOlt Auto ShoVv Chanty PleVlew are now on sale from an) of the four children'" chantcs that sponsor the tradtonal, black tc affar to be hf>ld Jan 15 at Cabo Hall Those attendmg wll get a fil'"t look at the more than ;'00 ne\ cars and trucks on exhbt at the 72nd DetrOt Auto Show Vv hlch runs Jan 1624 Tcket" me $50 X' person, $100 per couple and can be or dered from Boy" and Grl" Club'> of Met ropollfan DetrOt, , Eastel &al Society, Wayne County, , Oakland COllnt\, , Macomb County, , A""c;tancp!,(',/-iliP to t\w Northea"t GUld,ll1ce ('entel, H: , The Chllfhen'.., l'pll«>l, H.n 5585 Tlcket<; may nl"o he plllchao.,{,d from the challl H'C; at t 1)(' dool the cv('nmg of t h(' ('vpnt La"t year's pl'cvww dlp\\ mol' ' than 4,600 peoph' over, even the standoffish Martm with his supe1'lor all's When the plane finally ar. rves, Martm, reheved to be rd of hs loquacious friend, settles down in hs seat to read Too bad, HS seat partner is Candy, Bad weather prevents the plane from landing in ChlCagto nstead it lands in Kansas where passengers are told to find whatever shelter S avatlable Once agam, Martm S thrown m with Candy, ths tme 111 a second-rate motel where they share a room Wth one bed The mght becomes a dsaster as Candy splls beer on the bed, leaves wet towels all over the bathroom floor and goes through a nosy ntual of c1earmg hs sinuses Wth no prospect of better flymg condtons, the two get on a tram and dsaster follows The only means of transportaton remammg S a rented car and what happens on that excurson S rotous The tnals and tnbulatlons of the two travelers are funny, not bo much of what happens, but because of Martm and Candy. Martm '>the perfect snob who deplores the kmd of person he thmks Candy S and shows t Candy S everythmg Martm thmks he S - a buffoon, a com pul'>lve talkcl and a slob, but ba<;lcally a good person who tnes too hard to please One of the New choir to give free concert Tll' 11l'\\ h folmed npt 1Ot Con «('t (,ho \\111 h\'f' t<; fih( fh'e plhllc (on(('1 t hltlll(ll'v. Dec pill,,t tlw St,John }o"p t.ll ( hdppl, MOl 0"" h(' (hol " llnc! 'l till' dllpc lion of (;Oldoll ;'\;pl'o(jn, fol1ll'] (hol<11 dll('ctoi.t l)pllh\ High,'-,(bo01 The De( Olt CO1l'l'l t Chon Wll tl avel to Wllc m.jlh to (Ollllwtl 111 thl'o \(.11'" fl "11\, 1)1(' ll1.lll gut, ( O1H ( t] '0, ln](1l)(' llill.dlill loll f \11]( (,md hl,h'o. 1h 111<'<lO11 111\T1Pc! tol p,ll of 11ll' p 0h'l,1m h\ ll' \( (\"H \1 h ('ollpll\ P,1 h],'o'o lll'o('lllhl(' h](h \\111,11'00 W 1,n,1lOll' Add,t 1011,11 llwmhpl'o \\ 11\ h',hided (hol 111,1.1l11.1l \ nll1(''o(d 'oll1g11'o 'ohlluld (,111 \11"1.1t -)21,1(,(, (f) Prepared by our Gold Medal Award Winning Chef at the Columbus Food Show FVE COURSE HOLDAY DNNER Southern Style Bouillabaise Veal & Fennel Sausage Mushroom & PhylJo Pastry Venison Roulades Flourless Chocolate Roll Dinner also includes a bottle of 1987 Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau s300 0 per couple Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays tel.nd eatmg weevelb fm plo tem t " dl.,o thcre thdt Jm1 ledl n".,ome of the hdl d fdct<-,dbout thp cold wolld of adulthood Much..,oonel th,1l1 hould evel be nec e<"<,,,1l) for a young boy, he learn" dbout betl ayal,1l1d death And 'lbout emot Onal..,U\"1dl By the tme the \\ ell end", the film hd" "ho\\ n u" a \\ mid \\ hlch e'otmed pe,1(p by djll1lhtlatmg tll') utw" But mole po\\elful lit ll\, t hd<., allo\\ed u" to ' ll'''''' one mdl vuu,'" gl edt!l'll' t om boyhood to m,mhood Spwlbel g hdndle the tendel Jl(".., dlld patno"" mplct 111 the -'llh. \\Ll l.!<tlt:'cj. Ut:'H.,t\-) Ottell we wondel h(m the boy \\ cope Wth h" "eelmngly hopele.., "ltuatlon But ne\'er do 1\e doubt tlmt he \\ mdeed find d wa\, Bale '; tl emendou" d",jim He n mg" to fl ultlon all of the emo tlon" dlld feelmg" one \ ould ell. pect om a chld m such a dfli cult "'ltuatloll Hl matery of "uch dfficult matellal belle" hl voung dge The film' metaph\.,c,ll ele mentb tend to O\\ t down m mole than d few.,pot., ndeed, two and a-half houlb a long unnmg tme for a 1110\ e \\ hleh has "par"e dalogue to carry t along StLll, anyone who can thmk and watch movie" at the "dme tune "hould ha\'e no problem keepmf.{ up With the plotlme dlld the phtlosophlcal elements, Empne" ple"enb Splelbel g has come a long way "mce h" move" about runaway tl ucks and Unidentified flyll1g oblect<, Between "The Color Purple' and "Emplle," thele S no doubt thdt thl" dne<.tol hds come of dge The theme" of his manes are gettmg mole mature evel y tme. best touches 111 the film S Mar. tin's gradual awakenmg to Candy as a sincere and wolthwhile fnend There are numerous funny scenes in the film "Planes, Trains and Automobles" S actually a feature-length gag CHET BOGAN -..-_.._----- played to the hlt by two talented comedans..... i..he? + 'i /;J "'...v:'vo ew Orleans D xfe and RAM'S HORN RESTAURANT MACK AT ST CLAR DAll Y DNNER SPECALS. 11 a m P m only HOMEMADE SOUP DAilY WE ARE FAMOUS for OUR DESSERTS' WEGHT WATCHERS Frosted Trea' & Desserts Lo Cal Menu NOW AVALABLE an<lu1ewolvenne Jau BaM Fealu"ng _ O"bele _, Every Tuesday 9 30 P m THE UDO DjnlnQ, Cocktails E. Jeffersorr (JustNorth of 9 Mile Semor Citizen Age 65 Discount 10 0 M n mum OrOer AMERCAN HEART ASSOCATON MENU Whals new at tne Horn? CrOissants, Stir Frys. Fresh Veg cooked 10order Chicken Breasts, Chicken or Tuna Salad Veg, Ham & Cheddar, Shrimp Sllr Fry Super Subma nne SandWiches your food bill (MentOn This Ad) Exp. 12/31/87-14jlJ')\'1. U.. i(,.6... _ 1 " 1 J Park Place e'a- 'e Lunch Special 25% OFF (fj lvow OPEN FOR LUNCH SATURDAYS (From 12:00-4:00) Make Your New Yt'ar',", Ev(' R('c,('rvatiol1 NO\\'," \

48 6C December 10, 1987 Call Kercheval Grosse POinte Farms Mich,gan DEADLNES Monca) 4 p m - All eorder and MEASLJRED (special type bolo c"ps etc) must be 1'1 our oft,c by Monday 4 p m Morday 4 p m - All CANCELS or CHANGES must be n our of f c b) Monday 4 p m 12 Noon Tuesday - Regular liner ads No borders measured can cels or changes on Tuesday HATES First 10 words, J3 85 AdditOnal words, 35 cents Billed rate AdditOnal NDEX ANNOUNCEMENTS 100 Personals '01 Praye,s, 02 Lost a'1d Found,03 Legal No' ces '04 Ob,tualles SPECAL SERVCES '::J5 A'1s/.ell'1g Services 106 Camps 107 Cater,ng '08 Dr;e Your Car 109 Enterta,nment 110 Health and Nulnlton 111 Hobby nstlucl10n 112 MUSCEduca\lon, 13 Pany Planners/Helpers 114 Schools 115 Transponal>O'1fTravel 116 TutorlngiEcue"tO'l \ 7 Secretanal Services HELP WANTED 200 Gene'al 20 1 Help Wanled Bab) S lie' 202 Help Wantea Cle' cal 203 Help Warved DefllaliMed,ca' 204 Help W"nted DomestC 205 Help Wanted Legal 206 Help Wa'lled Part Time 207 "'e'p Wanted Sales 208 He'p Wante-1E'Oployment Agencv STUATON 300 Babys uers 30' C1eflca' 302 Con.alescent eare 303 Day Care 305 House Cleaning 306 House S lling 307 "Jurses A,des 308 OHlce Clean ng 309 Sales 310 Seuetaflal Services MERCHANDSE WANTED J.OO Afl\lques 401 Appl ances 402 A UC'O'lS 403 Bicycles 404 GarageNardlBasement Sales 405 Estate Sales 406 Firewood 407 Flea Markets 408 Household Sales 409 Miscellaneous Art cles 410 MuslCallnslruments 411 OHCe/Buslness EqUipment 412 Wanted to Buy ANMALS 500 Adopt A Pet 501 Birds for Sale 502 Horses for Sale 503 Household PelS for Sale 504 Humane Sac,et es 505 LOSand Found 506 Pel Breed ng 507 Pe' Equ pment 508 Pet Grooming AUTOMOTVE 600 AMC 601 Chrysler 602 Ford 603 General Molors 604 Ant quelciass c 605 Foregfl 606 Jeepsl4 Wheel 607 Juners 608 PansTlresJAlarrPS 609 RentalS/Leasrng 610 Sports Cars 611 T'ucks 612 Vans 613 Wanled to Bu) 614 Auto nsu'a'1ce RECREATONAL 650 A"planes 651 Boats and Motors 652 Boat nsurance 653 Boat Pans and Service 654 Boat Siorage/Dcckage 655 Campers 656 Motorbikes 657 MOlorcycles 658 Motor Homes 659 Sncwmobl'es 660 Trailers REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 700 Apts/FlatsiDuplex- Grosse POinte/Harper Woojs 701 AptstFlalsiDuplex- Detrol\JBatance Wayne County 702 Apls1FlatsiDup r ex- S Cia" Shores/Macomb County 703 Apls/Flats/Duplex- Wanled To Rent 704 Hails for Renl 705 Houses- Grosse Pomte/Harper Woods 706 Houses- DetrolVBalance Wayne Counly 707 Houses- St Cia r ShoreslMacoll'b Counly 708 Houses Wanted 10 Rp'1t 709 To...nhouses/COndos tor Rent 710 To.'mrouseslCondos Wanl80 7'1 Garages f\' n Storage for Renl 712 Garages M n Storage Wan'eo 713 ndusll a Warei)ouse Rt' l'al 7' 4 L ng OJa" "s Sra'e 715 tv'o'or Homes '0' Rent 716 OH,ces ColT1me'cal 'or Ren' 717 OH,ces Commere,al Wan'ed 7' 8 Propert) lv'a')age't1ent 719 Ren l,'j n O;Jt on to Bu) 720 Roo'ns 'or Re"! 72' Vacal 0'1 Re"ta ' - F,orda 722 Vacat 0'1 Re"tal- Oul 01 Slate 723 Vacal on Rental- Nortern v',c>' gan 724 Vacal c') Re'l'al- Resorts REAL ESTATE 800 Houses 'or Sale 801 Co'O'11<,rCla '!3udlngs 802 CommerCial Propert, 803 Cofldos AptslFlats 804 CoU'1tC)iHomes 805 Farms 806 Floroda PrO;:>Brty 807 r.estmenl Propeety 808 Lake/River Homes 809 LaelRlver Lots 810 LaKe/River Resorts 811 Lots for Sale 812 MongageSJLand ContraclS 813 Nonhern Michigan Homes 814 Northern Michigan Lois 815 Out of Stale Property 816 Real Estate Exchange 817 Real Esta'e Wanted 818 Sale or Lease 819 Cemetary Lots 820 Busmess OpportuntlleS FOR SALE GUDE TO SERVCES 900 Ar Condillonmg 901 Alarm nstallallonlrepail 902 Aluminum S ding 903 Appl ance Repairs 904 Asphall Pavlg'Repail 905 Aut:J'Truck Repair 906 A\\n ng Service 907 Basement Walerprooling 908 Batt\ Tub Relln sh ng 909 B C\ cle Repa,r 1 0 Baal Repa rsrma n'ena'1ce 911 Br ck Blocll Work 912 BJ d ngjremooelng 90 \ Bl.rglarrF re Alarm Serv (e 913 Bus ness '.'ac'1 ne Repa r 914 Ca'pen'f\ 915 Carpel Clean ng 916 Carpel n-allal on 917 Ce "ng Repa,r 918 Cement Wo'll 919 C'1'nney Clean r q 920 Ch m'ley Repa ' 92' Clock Repa r 922 Computer Repa r 923 Construction Service 9.!4 Uecorat ng ::>er.lf,.e 925 Decks/PaLlas 926 Doors 927 Draper es 928 DressmaklnglTallor ng 918 Dnveway Repair 929 Dryo'lall 930 Electnca l Service 931 Energy Saving Serv ce 932 Engra"ng/Pll1llng 933 Excavating 934 Fences 935 F"eplaces 936 Floor Sandlng/Re'm,sh ng 937 Furnace Repalr/lnstallallOn 938 Furn,ture RellOlshlng/Repalrs 939 Glass Automotive 940 Glass Resldenllal/Commerclal 941 Glass Repairs Stained/Beveled 942 Garages 943 Gardeners 944 Gullers 945 Handyman 946 Haul,ng 947 Healtng and Cooling 948 nsulation 949 Janotonal Service 921 Jewelry/Clock Service 943 Landscaping/Snow Removal 943 Lawn Malnlenance 950 Lawn Mower/Snow Blower Repar 951 Linoleum 952 LockS'11lth 940 Mrror Service 946 MOVlflQiStorage 953 Musc nstrument Repair 954 Palnllng/Decoratlng 954 Paper Hangmg 925 Pallcs!Decks 956 Pest Conlrol 953 P'ano Tuntng/Repall 917 Plastering 957 Plumolng'Heatlng 958 Pool Service 959 Printing/Engraving 903 Refngerator Service 912 Remodeling 960 Roofing Service 961 SCissorlSall Sarpenlng 962 Screen Repar 963 Septic Tank Repair ",.,,,.,, ::;1c,r.t vl't:'c1l "'>Cl..;;a::...t=1 HJ'd v,\..t, Sewing Machine Service 966 Slipcovers 967 Solol Energy 950 Snow Blower Repalf 943 Snow Removal 962 Storms and Screens 968 Stucco 969 SWlmling Pool Service 970 T V {Radlo/CB Repa" 971 Telephone Repa'r 972 TenniS Court 973 Tile Wo'k 943 Tree Service 913 Typewnter Repa" 938 Upholstery 974 VCR Repa" 975 Vacuum SalesiServlce 976 Venlilalion Service 954 Wallpapenng 977 Wall Washmg 903 Washer/Dryer Repa" 907 Waterproofmg 978 Water Softening 979 Welding 980 Window Repa" 981 Window Washing 982 Woodburner Service 100 PERSONALS 100 PERSONALS 100 PERS'ONAlS 100 PERSONALS 101 PRAYERS 101 CATERNG BABY BRTCHES- we deliver dsposable diapers to your home Gift cer1tficates avajlable and newborn baskets delrvered to Mother and Baby n h0spital Tuesday 8 30a m to 1 OOpm ; Tuesday through Thurdsay 4,00p m to 6 30p m, THE Hair Conditioners, Traveling Barbers for the tnfirmed and dsabled , DOG GroomlOg and srtltng, pickup service Happy Holidays CAYST AL Lnnouslne For business or pleasure, we are at your semce AU amenities Uniformed professional chauffers Call for reasonable rates A.C.S, VDEO- Chnstmas plays, Chnstmas parties, Video Chnstmas cards Also weddings WANTED- First class upgrade Bonus Awards for Delta and Northwest Alrhnes Pnvate party WLL do what you don't want to' Two college stu. dents want to help Wth holiday parties, errands, wrapping, Silver polishng, ad nfinrtum Call Martha, BOOKKEEPER needs parttime woo Mature, responsible Also, checkbook balancing LOSE WEGHT Lose up to n 30 days only $35 00 All natural, 100% guaranteed Call "BE A STAR!" Have your wedding ceremony and reception Vldeotaped n full color and sound CALL MEMORES VDEO MAJOR Credit cardsl Regardless of credit hstory. Also, new credrt card No one refused For nformstlon call Ext M-1042 JACKE'S PET & PAL SERVJCES Animal Sitting, houses ttlng, chauffer services, doctor appointments Shopping and ajrport shultle BREEZE CUSTOM FLAGS Boat, business, home, etc, for more rnformatlon please wn1e, POBox 175, St ClaJr Shores, M TAXES, pnvate, confidential Anthony BUSiness ServiCes Mack Avenue, near Cloverly SelVlng you since CHRSTMAS Gift dea. Professional nk cancature done from photos $35 Greg Just a Note! COMPUTER HOURS TO OUR CUSTOMERS' OUR COMPUTER The Grosse HOURS ARE AS FOLLOWS MONDAY. 8 A M TO 5 P M TUESDAY,,8 A M TO 1200 NOON WEDNESDAY 11 A M TO 5 P M THURSDAY BAMT05PM < r. 3 AM' ().. F"' M OJr offices are open Monday through Fn day from 8 a m to 5 p m on Wednes. day we are open at 9 a rn to 5 pm However, during the computer "down time" we are unable to use our terminals to nput Classled AdvertiSing or to look up accounts f you have any questions regarding your classified advertising account we suggest that you call on Wednesday (after 11 am) or on Thursdays and Fr,days Monday and Tuesday are very busy wlln taking ClaSSified AdvertiSing On Tuesdays wa must follow lhe 12 noon deadline so lhat we do not cause costly production prultlng delays Po nte News FLY to Ft Lauderdale. $87 Call by Decem. ber 17th after 5p,m TO MY COWBOY HAPPY BRTHDAY FROM YOUR LADY F YOU are hav1ng a Chnc;t. mas party and would like 'Santa' to come, please call Arthur Kuehnel at 'Co 50 FNNEY Class of 68' 20 year ReUnion for nformation call SK Park City, Utah- Chnstmas week thru Round tnp air $248 Hotel reservations also made Unable to go Call TWELVE years ago you were Just a tyke and what a rascal They called you Mike You've grown so fast JUst want you to know you're a great nephew Have fun on the slopes Happy Birthday Uncle Marv. CHRSTMAS Cards hand addressed, stamped & delvered to the Post Office HOLDAY GFTS Shop in a relaxed atmosphe re -you r home To see an array of men's and wom. en's fragrance and lamour gifts, call Agnes A. Bums), proesslonal Mary Kay r: Beauty Consultant, \NT-CRUELTY SMALL dog sitting- not over 14 pounds, 24 hour care. Only or 2 dogs, excellent references Please call before 6 30PM SMALL dog sitting- not over 14 pounds, 24 hour care Only or 2 dogs excellent references Please call before 6 30PM PUppy STTER Servicesmall female dogs only No tinklers Expenenced, references $61 day VE PRAYERS WANT ADS CALL N EARL Y THURSDAY FRDAY O'JDAY 882,6900 PRAYER TO THE HOLY SPRT -oly Splnt, you who make me see everything and who shows me the way to reach my idea gve me the DVine Gift to forgive and forget the wrong that S done to me and you who are n all nstances of my de With me, n this short dialogue...ant to thank you for everything and confirm once more that never want to be separated from you no malter how great the matenal desires may be want to be wrth,you and my loved ones n you r perpetual glory NOVENA ST JUDE Amen Apostle d rty t Thank you for your love toan ma r, grea n wards me and my loved Virtue, nch n miracles, kinsman of Chnst, nter. ones Pray this prayer cesser of all who Ovoke three consecutive days your aid n time of need Without asking your Wish, ra to t 'after third day your Wish p y you 0 use your Will be granted no malte'r God-glven power to aid how difficult may be me n my urgent petition then prom'se to publish n return, promise to this prayer as soon as make your name known Three HaJJ-Marys, three your favor has been Glonas Publication must granted Thank you for be promised Novena favors received A D never falls Say for nine NOVENA TO ST JUDE (9) days n ThanksgiVing May the Sacred Heart of T L C Jesus be adored, glon fied, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever Oh. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for YOUR HOME A WORK OF ART Pen-and-nk. watercolor of Your Home, BUSiness or Boat BY CAROL A SNCLAR notecards and prtnls- Animal adoptions nlo loving homes Humane educalion Rescues and shelte'rlng With T L C LYlslatlve act on - local state federal Re unillng lost peb \ 1'1 'heir family r'";rllplty nvestlgatlo s Adopllon hours d T' 'n::; r> Monday Saturday CH3l ASSOCATO\J Joseph Cllnpal. DetrOt, :\ FEATURNG us Workers of miracles. pray for us St Jude helper of the hopeless. pray for us Say this prayer 9 times a day By the 8th day your 102 LOST AND FOUND LOST Pear shaped diamond n a Gold hor. seshoe seltlng RoseVille area, February 87 reward F you have lost a pet any. where n the Grosse 101 CATENG MARE'S catenng Quality CUSine. all occasions Excellent references YOUU FNDrT ALL N THE CLASSFEDS Custom' Catering Full Service References ENTERTANMENT A CLOWN CO, FeatUring: MAGC shows. available for birthday parties ban quets. your SOCial affairs Call Jim Shannon HEAlTH AND NUTRTON MASSAGE Therapy. Denise Miller, Days/ Evenings GVE the gift of touch Therapeutic massage by Betsy Breckels AMTA certified MASSAGE by Walter. Back, shoulder, neck and head or full body mas. sage Home care available_ Call Ger. titled,fj) and Member of the Amer. roan-massaga and Therephy ASSOCiation 112 MUSC EDUCATON Rainbow the Magic Clown PANO lessons, qualified The finet professional en- teacner my home 882. tertalnment 7772 ' All Happy Occasions PRVATE lessons Plano, VOice, organ UniverSity COCKTAL plano entertain. musc education degree ment for your holiday Mrs Junker pa, tv My own ptano f ' your Without VOCAL and ptano lessons HAVNG A Part? Add Grosse POinter With unlfor atmosp ere hid y h verslty degree now fur. plano C D t enng muslca e ucatlon a an at Wayne State offenng DJ MUSC for all occas- classical and popular les. sions Face The MUSC sons Phone Productions PANO leacher With degree LGHT-HEARTED has opening for begin- ENTERTANMENT ntng or advanced stu- MAGCAN dents Expenenced n ROBERT COOPER classical, pop, ragtime ALL AGES, OCCASONS, and Jazz CERTFED Plano nstructor WAYNE MUSC major Will Member Nattonal GUild play for your party Songs of Plano Teachers 839- known to al For rates 3057 and availability call Carl PARTY P1ANNES/ at HELPERS prayer Will be answered CLASSCAL musc for any t has never been known occasion Solo. duo tno. to fail, never Publication quintet guitar Winds must be promised voice Thanks St Jude for prayer answered J J 116 TUTONG/EDUCATON CHRSTMAS songs and ClaSSical musc for your YOU say you have an BM Holiday party. Flute and or compatible COM. Plano Jazz TriO also PUTER and don't know available for New Years how to use t? Call Clyde Eve Hipwell for NSTRUC POinte area please call us EXPERENCED Valet par at Grosse POinte Animal kers and Bartenders Climc lhls week...e have Now available for your a small male colhe X pm'ale party References found n Grosse POinte available Park for more mforma lon this or other lost pets Call "EAt TN AND NUTTON MASSAGE THERAPST Back shoulder neck and head or full body "ssage rlome care available Ce1 fled mas sage therap st and Mem ber of American MilS sage and Therapy ASSOCiation MASSAGE BY WALTER CASH RATE' r",,1 10 \Vords 3 85 adlllll(111 \\ord OPFN SP[CAL fatl RATr 116 TUTORNG/EDUCATON TUTORNG ALL SUBJECTS GRADES 1 THRU 12 PROFESSONAL FACULTY WE CAN HELP GROSSE PONTE LEARNNG CENTER 63 Kercheval on the Hili SECRETARAL SERVCES. RESUMES, theses, term papers} 'repetilive letters, WORD PROCESSNG Quality work LETTER FOR LETER Word Processing Resume Consultation - Preparation General.Personal Typing Medical, Legal, BUSiness Cassette TranscnptlOn Harper-Vernier PROFESSONAL Typist With Legal expenence Quality work Reasonable rates CHRSTMAS CARD ENVELOPES ADDRESSED BUSNESS TECHNCAL SERVCES HELl' WANTED G(NElAL DETROT Free Press. Single copy auto routes available students adults or retirees n the North east DetrOit and Grosse POinte area 882..{)()45 BLL[ D RATE A '1 00 ft'p Nill OP rlwqpd for h ll'q Mpl<;lHl'c1.ld<; ''1 00 PP f1( 11 Bordt'!.ld'; '10 00 [W nrh Bold rhilrqt''; '1 00 PC-f,np <lddll ()11, BUSNESS AND TECHNCAL SERVCES Busmess...Technlcal Medical - Legal Letters - Memos cassette TranscriptOn Personalized Repetitive Letters Envelopes -labels BEAUCOUP Reports -Dssertations Term Papers TheS88 BALLOONS Foreign Languages FOR ALL OCCASSONS Equatl<lns -Graphs Contact Ann at statistics -Tables -Charts Resumes -Cover Letters CULNARY skilled person Application Forms Will help you With your special parties Ask for ' J Greg TONS n beginners only please CLASSFED ADVERTSNG RATES EFFECTVE MPil';HP(1,'d" $7 00 p >rnch Bordpr ;ldc; '8 00 prr,,1('h Thp'-,c-,ld,; 1H'" rlln on il )?w('rk "rhpll'lle or h,',1 p'" pily lor, 11('e <;C)(,llUlp C" our (lils';lfleri adver1lslq rp!""hps('ntatlv('<; ill 882 6QOO tor fillp,; ilnrl rl1ihqt'" on photo loqo reverses or Otl1e1 han r('gular advcrll';lng copy

49 _ December 10, C 200 HElP WANTfD GENERAL 200 HELP WANTEP GENERAL LUNCHROOM supervisors NEW DEPTOF nterested applicants are NEUROLOGY now being sought for elementary school cafete- tory researchers We S aclively recruiting labor. nas These positions requre would like dynamic candiand good JUdgement dates nterested n grow- the ability to work ng with the department effectively With staff and STrong science background students $6 68 per session necessary Skills Apply at The n mmunology, biochem- Grosse POinte Public stry, histology preferred School System, 389 St Salary commensurate Clair With experience Eager, GFOVERNMENT Jobs recent college grads con- $16,040- $59,230/yr Now Sidered Submit resume hiring Your area to BUSiness Manager, R-1626 for current Federal list 4201 St AntOine, Detroit, Department of Neurology, M E 0 EfA A PARALEGAL. Large Downtwn DetrOit law firm EXPERENCED Dell person, partj full time, apply offers challenging opportunity for ndividual to Within Alger Party Store, work n our pension/ prophlt Mack shanng group A le- PARTY Helper, December gal assistant certificate or 20th, 3 to 11 pm $5 00 equilivent required Expenence an hour With drafting REAL Estate nvestment plans neccessary co seeks office help, pre- CoiolPBt",tjt1 ;'ellcll Y cilia VOUSmortgage, Legal or benefit package Submit Real estate experience resume and salary history preferred Some secretar. to Clark, Klein & Beaumont 1600 First Federal lal duties, Building DetrOit, M BECOME a Real estate professonal. Develop your skills and market WANTED homes Call now to enroll LCENSED n the last licensing class REAL ESTATE of 1987 NANCY VELEK SALES PEOPLE SCHWETZER REAL 200 HELP WANTED GENERAL. RETRED lady needs transportation AnXOUS to meet one or two congenial retired ladles nter. esrted n fnendly get togethers to go places do things Jeannette COUNTER Woman foi dry cleaners MUL TLTH OPERATOR wanted, experienced on a 2850 system helpful, part time work With flexible hours, deal for retiree COOK. experienced Also dishwasher Apply n person Wimpy's Bar and Gnll, East Warren at Outer Dr VALET parking attendants and security guards for luxury high-rise condominium on DetrOits east Side Must be licensed driver and Willing to work weekends ApPlications '11111 be taken Monday through Friday, PRE and post. natal exercise nstructor position open Will train Please call for interview Super Shapelnc GAL FRDAY, needed for busy chiropractor office, loving hard working person, typmg necessary, SOw pm, we '11111 train, call RECEPTONST 32 hours per week, Jacobson's Beauty Salon 'HRNG Goverment Jobsyour area $15,000- $68,000. Call(602) ext 3448' LOTS OF LEADS ESTATE AND FRNGES BEDER HOMES AND STEBER REAL TV GARDENS KERCHEVAL HARPER- 8 MLE OVERSEAS Jobs. Also LTTLE Caesars now ex- CrUtseshlps $15,000- ceptmg applications $95,4001 year. Now hlrhourly employees and mg! 320. openingst 1- assistant managers Ext OJ- Startmg at $4 hourly. Ap ply at Mack -C-LE-R--CA-L-P-A-RT-ti-m-e-pos-- WATRESS and barmaid MANAGEMENT ton available for busy needed for attracttve 18K.21K ENTRY DetrOit firm. FleXible downtown DetrOit restaurant LEVELCALL nly hours, Secretarial skills a Leave message at Manager '11111 contact you promptly. Fee $75 Job Network must $4 25 per hour. KENNEL HELP, part time Call Carrie Provenzano at mornings to work With an Ext mals and some light fll- BLLNG person full time, mg at Grosse Pomte Anl- flexible hours for busy mal CliniC medical office. Will train f CLERKS MDNGHT ShiftS, necessary a.m., Sunday- Thurs- HELP wanted- all ShiftS, V day, perfect for retirees, and R Donut Shop Ask apply n person only for Sandy, American Motel, E :- 8 Mile Road. ARLNES now hiring Flight Attendants Travel DRVER permanent position Agents, MechaniCS, Cus- Monday thru Friday, flex 1- tamer SeMce Listings able hours, call Salaries to $5OK Entry BE on T V Many needed level positions Call 805- for commercials Casting Ext A-1626 Fee mfo (1) requred Ext TV S-E-C-U-T-'-T-Y-G-ua-r-d-, -M-d-n-g-h-t ASSEMBLY light factory, and Afternoon Shift, outpart- time, deal for door work, must be 18, Woman must be 18 have car and phone, Days Oly, flexible hours. $3 90/ per hour starting Apply n person only rate Thurc;day December 10th CASHER and stock POS- Friday December 11th tlons, must be 18, full- 9a m to 3p m only time, apply Within Alger Harper Party Store Mack CAFETERA Contingents CPA Firm seeks 2-3 years are now being sought for experienced accountant The Grosse POinte Public for permanent staff POS- School cafeterias These tlon Replies confidential POSitions require good 1243 First National BUild- Judgement and the ability lng, DetrOit, Michigan to work effectively With DELVERY representative wanted For delivery of office furniture and supplies, must be handy With tools, personable, and knoe the Metropolitan Detroit area Need good driving record A plus rated financial planning firm S seeking several sales Oriented indi- Viduals With college degree for busmess equivalent, we offer excellent training, compensation and benefit package, Send resume to Bankers Financial Group, 1050 Wilshire, -191, Troy, M480B4 DRVERS NEEDED' Good driving record Will train. Excellent money making potential person Mack Ave Apply n ACCOUNT Executive for print advertising sales Potential to earn $50,000 plus Ongoing training program POSition open with trade Journal and consumer publication Serious candidates only staff and students $3 92 -P-H-O-N-E-G-f--s/-w-a-t-re-ss-e-s, Send resume to' Account per hour Apply at 389 St full or part time available Executive, POBox 36789, Grosse POinte Farms, M Clair Apply n person after AROBC'S nstructors, male 4p m Mama Rosa's PZand female, East Side zaria Mack HARDRESSER Earn Your Potential JOll a truly professional salon LAMA ON THE HLL Call John Lamia at BEAUTY Operator for Grosse POinte chent Spa, WATRESS Round Table BECOME A PART Restaurant, Har- OF OUR AGGRESSVE per, St Clair Shores MDNGHT Shift, Grosse SALES TEAM' POinte Shell, We now have openings for -D-E-L-V-E-R-Y-pe-r-s-on-s-w-a-nt-ed-, KENNEL attendant n animal hospital 18 years or older 882-{)505 two experienced sales flexible evening hours, people n our Grosse average $6- $9 per hour POinte Park office We of- Must have reliable auto fer generous advertising, Apply n person Mama floor time and SUperviSion Rosas Mack plus advanced training --_-_'-=--=--::..-_-_-_-_--- classes Call PARS DS N-O-W ANTO now for an nter- appointment 884- HRNG JOHNSTONE & Rallable, mature sales JOHNSTONE parsons who are HEALTH SPA East Side personable, enthusastic and depend- Woman or college stu- able "Staff" our ordent, full and part time, d e r d ask s sales, tele-marketlng, one man u f act u r a r on one service "phone direct" to ELDERL Y Lady needs experienced Nurse's Aid for eager consumerdays SMALL Developement Fnance and Planning firm " Downtown Detroit seeks full- time employee With writing and some clerical skills College graduate preferred and computer experience a plus, but Will train the right person with great products, great pricing, great leads and great opportunities GUARANTEED SALARY EARN 510 TO $20 PER HOUR Excellent opportunity With our 1B year old company Full train- ng and particulars f you're confident, will- ng and eager to earn an ncoma (Full or part-tlma) APPLY N PERSON Monday thru Satrurday HARPER SUTE 1 (2 blocks north of 8 Mila) ASK FOR' NOON Mr Pilkington to 7 P.M Mr Scasny CASHER needed n busy 8t Clair Shores service center Must be outgo,ng With plesant personahty Must be 18 or over Expenence helpful Send nformation n wrltmg to POBox , St Clair Shores, M A large well established restaurant n the downtown area, needs to fill position of Hostess mmediate opening Call LAW student, clerk n Grosse POinte office Late afternoon and early evenlllg Mack for application Minimum 6 hours per week PHONE Girls, up to $4 per hour Pizza makers, up to $5 per hour Delivery persons up to $50 per day Hiring retired people Accepting applications after 3p m East 8 Mile, WLL train pizza cooks. cashiers dell clerks Must be 18 Willing to work days, evenings, weekends Apply at Mr C's Dell East warren (DetrOit), Mack (Grosse POinte Woods), Morang (Detroit), Kelly (Harper Woods) 200. HELP WANTED GENERAL TEACHER'S helper needed, full and part time HARDRESSER - expenenced With clientele. Booth rental or excellent percentage Joseph's of Grosse POinte HELP WANTED ABYSTTER RESPONSBLE babysitter wanted n our home to care for 2 small Boys Monday thru Friday 7.45 to 4p m (Teachers hours) non- smoker, references STTER needed, after school for 2 boys- 8 and 11, Montieth area or after 6PM NANNES NEEDED Expertenced, mature, reliable Good salary and benefits Llve-m or ve-out Call us now for an appointment RESPONSBLE mature ndividual to Sit n my Grosse POinte Woods home One oay a week for 2 month old and 2 year old Non somker, own transportation, references EXPERENCED, responsl. ble, non-smoker with own transportation to care for 7-month.old gtrl Our home or yours, Monday - Thursday, BABYSTTER needed AM, ocasslonal P M n our house, 161 Harper area. Call WANTED. responsible college student for entire weekend Glr- 5, boy- 2 References please. Janet HELP WANTED CLERCAL SECRETARY-PART TME FleXible daytime hours, must be good typiest With computer and accounting knowledge a plus please call Bob, 9a.m -3p m, Monday- Fnday, at FULL and part time secretarial positions available for suburban law firm Must type 75 ' p.m accurately With dlctaphone and have cheerful and professonal manner and appearance No prevous legal experience required Venflable references and salary history required Call , 9a m to 5p.m, DOCTORS office, Grosse POinte Park deal for student majoring n account- ng EXECUTVE secretary needed for downtown firm Excellent typing and word processing skills required Call RECEPTONST some word processing for busy professonalren Cen office, energetic team atmosphere non-smoker Mlrco soft word experience helpful Call Head Quarters location needs personable typist able to project PR mage, deal With customers and tackle computer entry assignments Prestigious offices With great promotional potential FEE PAD. HARPER WOODS TROY rlarrot SORGE PERSONNEL PART. Time positon available for ndependant produce! foods Co postion nvolves callmg customers for orders and compnslng a detail master list for next days business Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons Aporoxlmately 16hrs per week Work out of Grosse Pomte Woods location before noon BOOKKEEPER experienced to handle account- 109 for small leasing firm and owner's personal books Part or full time, 2 to 3 days per week State qualifications and compensation arrange. ments Send resume to Box A-15, Grosse POinte News, 96 Kercheval, Grosse POinte Farms, M ENTRY Level Legal Secretary for downtown law firm Will train the fight ndividual Strong clerical skills a must Call Diane at to arrange an nterview 202 HELP WANTED CLERCAL ENTRY LEVEL SECRETARY Downtown client S seeking sharp entry level candidate With excellent typing, computer experience a plus Please call or send resume to Permanent Staff Co Harper St Clair Shores, ALL FEES COMPANY PAD WORD Processors DetrOit area corporation has var- OUS assignments available for professional ndi- Viduals With exel\ent office skills and word processmg expenence on any of the followmg Unsys B20 Workstation, Offlcewnter, Burroughs sottware SWP, multi plan, standard dictionary May tram on specific software for those With strong word processing background Call today Entech Services LTD, CHRSTMAS S COMNG Earn money now for a great Chnstmas Word processors- Wang, NB, BM PC, Dlsplaywnter Dictaphone Typist (55 wpm) Receptionist/switchboard operators Accounting Clerks Legal Secretafles Long and short term assignments With major corporations Cali today DetrOit Troy-Sterling No fee TRC_ 1lC"... ft 203 HELP WANTED DENTAL/MEDCAL DENTAL assistant, experl. enced Preferably Monday, Tuesday, Friday, or EXPERENCED receptionist for medical clinic needed mmediately. Two or three days weekly, no evenings 7 mllel Harper area DENTAL Hygienist, parttime, modern fnendly office 10 mile- Kelly SEEKNG medical assstant, full time for eye practice, works well With people, S adaptable and can meet the demands of a busy office, excellent salary and benefit package. Call between 10AM and 4PM PART time dental hygienist needed for pleasant Grosse POinte office Experrenced preferred Please call or HYGENST 2-3 days for pleasant St Clair Shores practice DENTAL AsSistant wanted, part.tlme for high quality dental office near east Side DENTAL Hygienist, full or part time, experienced preferred Call between 8 and 5 MEDCAL assistant, part time, general practice and weight reducllon NurSing, Biology, or Phy- Siology student preferred Grosse POinte Park office PART time experelnced medical receptionist for eastside doctors office Please call between 9a m to 4pm weekdays Mental Health Nurses 203 HELP WANTED DENTAL/ MEDCAL PARAMEDCAL examlnerl office looking for parttime secretary for phones, quality control of Medical exams and general office duties Simple Medical knowledge helpful A M DENTAL assistant needed for downtown practice, full and part time, excellent career opportunity, good pay and benefits Call Cheryl at WANTED FOR Cardiovascular surgeon's office Duties nclude, reception, flhng, transcnption Must type 65 wpm Expenence With word processor and medical terminology necessary Part time between 9am- 3pm R.N.'s Greenfield Health Systems Corp affiliated With Henry Ford HeAlth ('-are' Corp hiring for Med-Surg and CU staffing assignments n suburban eastside hospital One year recent expenence necessary Paid orientation, flexible hours and competitive wages EOE HELP WANT D DOMESTC. GROSSE PONTE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY years reliable service Needs expenenced Cooks, Nannies, Maids, Housekeepers, Gardeners, Chauffers, Butlers, Couples, Nurse Aides, Companions and Day Workers for private homes Mack Avenue Grosse POinte Farms HOUSEKEEPER wanted, two 5 hour days MATURE WOMAN to care for elderly lady, part time, light housekeeping, HELP WANTED LEGAL SECRETARY wanted for law offce located n downtown Detroit Duties nclude typmg, filing, and word processing. Experience preferred but '111\1 train right canddate Call for interview FULL time legal secretary for Grosse POinte law firm JOin a staff of 2 secretaries and 4 attorneys. Must have prior legal and dlctaphone expenence Salary commensurate With experience and abil- ty Send resume and handwriting specimen to Box -P-12 Grosse POinte News 96 Kercheval Grosse POinte Farms, M LEGAL Secretary Prominent downtown law firm seeks a qualified individual to fill an mmediate position full or part- time ThiS candidate must possess 55 to 60 ' P m typ- ng skills, 1 year legal expenence, PC experience helpful Non- smok- ng office f qualified call LEGAL Secetary, St Clair Shores Dictaphone, word processing expenence a must Resume 10 confidence to Box W-22, Grosse POinte News, 96 Kercheval, Grosse POinte Farms, M HELf' WANTED. DENTAL MEDCAL Port Huron Hospital Sa progressive 264 bed full service faclity We are currently expanding our adult acute care mental heallh unit and are m need of dedicated and experienced psychiatric nursng professionals to comple ment our multi dlsclplmllry team n addition to stall poslhons we are seeking a Clinical NUrH Specialist to be a role model for milieu therapy and coordinate nursmg patient care services Requirements 1'1c1udean MSN and 3 yeals of "xpenence OpportUnity also available (0' a Head Nurse TO assume 24 hour nursing management of the unit MUS heve demonstreted managemenl skills and 3 years of e.pen ence BSN preferred Localed n a reson communlly on 11lE' shores of Lake Huron we are only mlnules from Onlilflo and an easy commute fa Detroll Find out ma'e at-out a prolesslonal careel n our pleasant surroundlnq by confacllng Em. ployee Service. Port Huron Hospital 1X)1 Kearney Sireel, Port Huron, M (313) ,eK 2375 An equal oppor1umy employer mlflhlv lh1port HURON iihosptal 20S HELP WANTED. LEGAL ENTRY level legal secretary, for downtown law firm Will train the right individual Strong clerical skills a must Call Diane at to arrange an nterview 206 HELP WANTED 'ART.TME OFFCE help, near Ren Cen Must type Call Genny at 567-{) HELl' WANTED SALES SALES girl wanted at Verdonckt's Bakery, part time and morning Call NOT JUST A JOB. A CHALLENGNG CAREER and a new way of life With money for all those extra expensesl NOW S the perfect time to put all your talents to work Go from HOMEMAKER TO MONEYMAKER n real estate sales Here S an OPPORTUNTY to JOin one of the old line companies of the POlntes who has enjoyed a fine reputation for over SXtyyears n the real estate ndustry An excellent training program, generous floor time clnd leads are offered Think about t- now may be Just the fight time for you to start a new way of hfe Come n and let's talk t over- we'll help you de- Cide Call PARS DS- ANTO for an enlightening interview JOHNSTONE & JOHNSTONE appolnment 207 HELPWANnO SALS 207 HEl' WANTED SALES CENTURY 21 AVD 100% VOMMSSON PROGRAM TRANNG FOR CAREER FULL time, part time year round sales help for both Bayberry Hill Stores B,rmlngham and Grosse POinte Apply at 115 Kercheval ASSOCATE WTH TWO GENERATONS OF SUCCESS The well trained salesperson has an advantage We 01 fer excellent traln,ng programs including a lowcost pre-license classl EXf.lerienced agents ask about our 94% Pay Plan featuring no additonal hidden costs to you' GEORGE SMALE WOODS HLL NANCY VELEK MARK MANAGHAN FARMS Schweitzer Real Estate Better Homes & Gardens 300 STUATON WANltO AYSTTERS EXPERENCED Child care, nfants and older children References EXPERENCED day care mom has openings n her licensed Park home Drop- ns welcome COLLEGE student home for Holidays available for dally babysitting, TELEMARKETNG Seek- ng mature ndvduals for telemarketing POSitions, these temp to permanent 303 STUATON WANTED positions offer $5 per DAY CARE hour for the first 30 days, 30% commission thereafter Hours are from 5 to Quality professional child The Nanny Network, nc 9'30PM, Monday through care n your home Call Thursday and 10 to 3 us NOW for nformation Saturday Excellent opprotullityl deal for stu- 304 STUATON WANTED dents, housewives or retirees Call Kathleen today GENERAL at HOUSEKEEPER/ Com pan on DeSires live- n POStion Excellent skills and SUCCESSFUL TELEPHONE references Phone 278- SALESPERSONS 5459 HOLDAY relief, runlng n Are you good? Feeling n a my home Call Joanne rut? Would you ',ke a new, "proven" opportu- EXPERENCED painter nnlty to generate great terlor only, reasonable earnings? f you're nod. and reliable Call George ding 'yes"-are relatively "disciplined" - and can close a sale WLL do what you don't want tal Two college stu- WE HAVE A GREAT dents want to help With SPOT holiday parties, errands, FOR YOUr wrapping, Silver polishing Sell wanted, needed, hlgh- ad infinitum Call Martha, est quality, lowest Priced auto rust and paint pro- -R-E-T-R-E-O-H-a-n-dy-m-a-n-.-M--n-or tectlon - direct from repairs, carpentry, electrlmanufacturer to eager cal, plumbmg, broken customer Qualified leads, Windows and sash cord With full training and sup- replaced, etc Reasonport assure ncome poten. able References 882- tlal $200 to $1,500 per 6759 week (Dependmg on schedule commitment) POLSH HANDY Man Mnimum hours would like to refresh and pm dally Guaranteed repair your home All hourly or draw to sustain home repalnng Grosse qualified ndividuals Es- POinte area references tabllshed since 1971, our available Guaranteed people call this "homel" satisfaction Call after "f recording - don't tje 7p m bashful - leave name NEED SOMETHNG and phone" MOVED? SALES consultants for fur Two POinte residents Will salon, excellent opportu- move or remove large or nlty, highly motivated and small quantities of furlll- Willing to work a flexible ture appliances planas schedule, wllllllgness to or what have you Call for travel between stores, free estimate commission, liberal bene fits, mmediate discount AURA'S Apply Hudson's Eastland, HOME STNG SERVCE Fur Salon, 2nd floor, Kirk T L C of children elderly Anderson Manager, Man- Hourly, overnight and 24 day through Friday hour rates 12 years With REAL Estate Agent sales Mrs Hamn'on whose nterested the current agency served Grosse actve real estate market? POinte over 30 years L- Our's S and unusual pro- censed Bonded gram of training to obtain your real estate license and exceptional commission program Call Robert Damman Damman Palms Queen TO MARKET CommerCial floor wax soap entrance mats ect Good commission plus travel expense Call Gary at Timmons Wax 839 S860 bet"'veen?p m '0 5p m TAX Accountant- available to bring your books up 10 date for the tax prep Part time 19 years expert ence After S30p m EXPERENCED competant lady Wishes co'npanlon aide POSiton j:'ilrt'lrrc pxccllent rt"lt'rel1ce ') i;:>5. ' 207 NL' WA SAl$ COSMETC SALES Full 11'T1O' ilnd pmt llrl1t3 co<;c c,- ),,, \ \' neadad Sali'ry p ds,('1111''',"' \' "\.', nactls<;.:lry w,ll ',J n H r, 1," \,2', '.\ to v-.ork f,e\lble scl t"0 " A L,) t '.' oppor1w11ly f(l[,c,ll L'''''" : t' 't..,\ d,,;c\)u,t AOi." \ "l ",,"'\ HUDSON S EASTLAND p Sl.'\Al Cl l.. e t......""\. '\ TUlSOl\.Y 1HLlrlS["l\ "\ 1.' ':' \1

50 8C December 10, STUATON WANTED GENERAL STRONG young woman, would assist semor clllzen General house dutles- health care References RESPONSBLE mature woman Grosse POinte references wish cleaning! child care NEED Work, 12117to a m to 2p m Home Health Aide care, clerical, household Of mlsc CODE Violations Repaired. nterlorl Exterior Free nspection check over can save you time and money nsured, experienced, references Seaver Home Malntance WOMAN Will care for Elderly n your home, excellent references 772-{)348, !..!crcrD Pr::!c-"c-<, "h,rs'" for private duty, part lime Afternoons preferred Grosse POinte or St Clair Shores art'a HARD working male not Willing to collect unemployment needs winter job Larry 77HJ STUATON WANTED HOUSE CUANN, HONEST DEPENDABLE German lady to clean your house, call after 5p m MULT Cleaners Your professional housekeepers Apartments and houses Expenence, references , a m. to 7p m RELABLE, energetc woman seeks house cleaning and office clean- ng Excellent, excellent Grosse Pomte references or ENGlSH- Polish lady Will refresh your residence wrth her European style of cleaning, uses rags instead of mops Does the floors on her knees. Excellent housekeeper, with her own transportation References available. call anytime J&T Cleamng- residential, commercial Experienced, dependable Joann, Tem, POLSH English Woman 40 years, Will refresh your home wth her European style of cleaning Experienced n home health care for your loved ones Errands, companlonshtp, housekeeping and cook- ng STAR BRTE CLEANNG SERVCES Homes, Offices, Apartments, Condos HONEST AND DEPENDABLE Wall washing and much more EURO Maids nc recent Polish arnvals will refresh your houses Housekeep- ng, cooking, wall wash- 109, painting, Window washmg, landscapmg, European style POLSH HANDY Man would like to refresh and repair your home All home repamng Grosse POinte area references available Guaranteed satisfaction Call after 7p m B92-{)722 ST. Clair Shores couple cleans homes, offices and upholstery Experienced, reasonable, honest References upon request Bonded D AND S HOME and office cleaning Honest, dependable quality work Grosse POinte reference Call Donna or Sue HOUSEKEEPNG Full time, Grosse POinte references Own transportation anytime TOO Much house clean- ng? Reasonable rates, dependable and trustworth References Please call HOUSECLEANNG. Hon esl, dependable Grosse POinte references Call Margaret POLSH Oeanrng SerVice Old fashoned cleaning. Will do laundry, roning, elc Reliable service, n sured Call BegnlQna's Cleanmg Service at S STUATON WANT D HOUSE ClEANNG A. -1 Housecleaning Services Try the besll Not he rest Caliloday A CLEANNG team for your home Call for estimates EXPRESS Cleaning Service homes cleaned n 1 or 2 hours European service Also nlerlor of autos cleaned like new Reliable service, nsured CARMEN'S CLEANNG SERVCE Are you ready for the holidays? Why should you clean house? Let our professonals help youl Residential 81Commercial BONDEDNSURED 584-n STUATON WANTED HOUSE STTNG 307 STUATON WANTED NURSES ADES 308 STUATlDN WANTED OffiCE ClEANG 400 MERCHANDSE ANTQU 5 Call NEED CLEANNG? WE'RE READY The House-ke-teer ProfeSSionals Bonded and nsured leams Will take trose messy cleaning Jobs off of your hands Carpet and upholstery cleaning tool Gift Certificates Available WE Will come n and clean your home, apartment or ",ff.",("j r,.., " ".. C'y,..n' """"""" _..... lent references KJD ENTERPRSES NC, ReSidential, commercial cleaning UNQUE OFFCE SPECALSTS CALL KAREN NEED a housesltter this winter? Longtime Grosse Pomte resident Will care for home and pets while you're away Call Jeannie at LVE m care' 48 years old, 22 years experience Will- ng to relocate EXPERENCED Nurses' aides available Reasonable rates' Fraser Agency, state licensed and bonded WLL care for the Sick or elderly, excellent area references COMPETANT experienced home nursing and companion care Own transportation Excellent Grosse POinte references Monday thru Friday desired Full- time or relief part. time Leave message please EXPERENCED Nurse's Aide seeks employment, Day or night shift, references, EXPERENCED Nurses Aide worked many years n Grosse POinte $7 hourly Bernie ENGLSH- Polish lady Will refresh your home or office With her European style of cleaning Excellent housekeeper With her own transportation and Grosse POinte references Call HOLDA Y CLEANNG Call D and S Cleaning Service Grosse POinte reference Call Donna or Sue SEVEN pelca mahogany dining room set, tea table, 1920 pecan desk chair, excellent condition, SPNNNG wheel, 22 diameter wheel, perfect condllion UNQUE Christmas giftmuseum quality large Bayre Bronze tilled 'Tiger DeVOUring Antelope', signed Best offer over $2, ANTOUE Gast rron bed With brass knobs deal for that perfect lillie girl n your life Excellent condl lion, Single size Best offer over $ FURNTURE refinished. reo paired, stnpped any ype of caning Free esll males, , MERCHANDSE ANTQUES DAVSBURG, M. ANTQUES MART 'THE BG ROOM S OPEN' SUNDAY,DECEMBER 13TH 10 to 4 EXCEPTONAL BOOTHS OF CHRSTMAS ORNAMENTS AND ETHEMERA 7 A M EARLY BRD SHOPPERS WELCOME Free admission 1-75 N to exit 93 Right to DaVSburg Road, left to Andersonville Road, left to Springfield Oaks Center MORRS AND BRYS ENTERPRSES KEN NARY KAGE ANTQUES Open Thursday, Friday Sunday, 12-4p m Saturday, 9a m to 4p m WE BUY AND SELL Cadieux at East Warren DENLEY'S ANTQUES Large selection of furniture, clocks decoys, toys, quilts, and country pnml' tlves Harper, between 10 and 11 Mite Monday- Friday, 9-5p m, Saturday, t-5p m Closed Sundays WE BUY AND SELL J.e. WYNO'S Antique & Collectible Shows Roma Hall East Side Sunday Dec GRATOT EAST DETROT 9A.M. TO 4P.M. $1 ADMSSON Furniture, glass, pottery, jewelry, dolls and glass repair J.C. Wyno, nc ANTQUE pieces of furniture, ncluding a china hutch, small buffet, mlsc 115 Kercheval, Grosse POinte Farms 9 30 to 5 30 Monday thru Saturday COLLECTBLES LTD CLEARANCE SALE ExceptOnal Values China and Glass 20%- 40%- 60% OFF Harper Ave S. Clair Shores Wednesday thru Fnday 12 OOp m to 5 OOp m Saturday 11 OOa m to 4 OOp m THE COLONAL SHOP JEFFERSON NEAR 10 MLE Antiques, furniture, china, buy and sell Highest prices paid Monday - Saturday, MERCHANDSE ANTQUES WALNUT Cottage Organ, 116 years old, excellent condtlon, plays beutlfully Best Offer A'PlANC S TWO refngerators one upnght freezer Call after 5p m , ask for John or Tony WHTE Side by Side Admiral, also 12' G E A''L1ANCES REGA Planar turntable Excellent Condition $ f No Answer, Please Leave Message 400 MEUHANDlSf ANTQUES Rf><:,l( rllt\ r; 1nd,( r>11r 1rr P \nl,ql" R()lhl & Solo,76;>11 M ' (wellllf' (,r()" P' M,',n" 11K? l() 402 AUCTONS 401 APPLANCES 40S ESTATE SALES 405 ESTATE SALES 406 FREWOOD KENMORE washing machloe, good condllion Call REFRGERATOR. offwhile, Side by Side, 3 years old $ GAUGE/YARD BASEMENT SAlES MOVNG sale, everything must go Furniture, some Antlwues, mlsc tems, Friday December 11th 2 to 7p m Saturday 9 a m to 12p m 910 Beaconsfield MOVNG SALE Bedroom furnllure dark pine, king waterbed, girl's French Proenclal Dry Sink, plxtures mlsc Saturday 10a m to 4p m 1649 Severn MOVNG sale, couch, chairs, bedroom set lamps, dishes, clothing: etc December 11th and i2u i:!u:) 550 t'emoerton Grosse pointe park 405 ESTATE SAlES ESTATE ROXBURY DetrOit South of Whittier, between Kelly & Harper SATURDAY- SUNDAY 10:00-4:00 A jam packed home filled With treasures Furniture ncludes Jr Duncan Phyfe dining room set, Governor Winthrop secretary, 2 French nlaid nlghtstands, twin bedroom set, maple kitchen set, rattan porch furniture, sleeper sofa, 2 green velvet chairs and more. There are antique and crystal lamps, several antique and collectable clocks, including a limited edition Hamilton long Drop, Cuckoo clocks, clock parts There are a pair of Altec 15' Speakers n walnut cabinets, a Revox Reel to reel recorder and hundreds of records and tapes Collectables include, crystal and dishes, 3 Royal Doulton character jugs (Mr Mlcawber, Mkado, and Granny), 3 Royal Doulton 'Zorro' bottles, several German steins, 3 Oil paintings, ships model of Mayflower, great costume Jewelry, and several 14k rings and watches, and 2 amber necklaces There S a marvelou!:> crecke set from taly, and hundreds of great X-Mas ornaments from taly and Germany Also, many household tems, bar accessories, tools, garage tems and mlsc ThiS S a gem of a sale for X-mas gifts Take note of the Saturday, Sunday dates for this sale- there S no parking on ROXbury on Friday Numbers at 830 Saturday CONDUCTED BY KATHERNE ARNOLD BLEACHED Mahonay bedroom set, walnut double bed, 42 desk! chair, framed mirror 24x34, sofa 90', chairs, telephone bench 881-{)o96, FREWOOD GUARANTEED Seasoned Hardwoods or triple your money back $58 a face cord We Stack Kindling available or , ask for Brian or leave a message A hot fire S job MERCHANDSE ANTQUES 402 AUCTONS WE BUY FOR CASH or Tak on Consignment Antiques, Oriental rugs, and pillnllnq<; DuMOUCHELLE ART GAll FRY 409 EAST JEFFERSON SALE Elect rlc Avenue (313) L18hLin8, nc. HARTZ HOUSEHOLD SALES, NC. FRDAY & SATURDAY GRAND MOVNG SALE 10:00 A.M. 4:00 P.M. 291 CLOVERLY ROAD GROSSE PONTE FARMS BETWEEN KERCHEVAL & CHARLEVOX ThiS S a wonderful moving sale featuring fine quality traditional furniture for all rooms. We have four assorted sofas, one hlde-a-bad, three bedroom sets, ncluding a gloriousmahogany twin set, fruitwood, oak & mahogany end tables, a rattan porch set, mahogany dressing table and mirror, two cane club chalr<; glass top table down filled love seat """l'rdl lar f.''' dfl cllltique w,cker doll pram, two lovely chandeliers, several framed prints a 6x9 fool Durrey carpet, dozens 01 fine decorative tems, Qlassware, kitchen stuff, christmas tems, a few antiques, lots of interesting small tems We Wish a Happy Holiday Seasoll to our fine customers and clients Thank you for having made this another wonderful year NUMBERS ARE AVALABLE AT 900 A M \FRDAY ONLY) TO ESTABLSH YOUR PLACE N LNE WHEN THE SALE OPENS AT 1000 A M FOR Mvric \JFviiMA V'<, UHt0 TlvN ur Ut:- TALS CAll TE 24 HOUR - HOTLNE SALES CONDUCTED BY SUSAN HARTZ rlanbow ESTATE SALE ONE DAY MOVNG SALE 1369 BUCKNGHAM GROSSE PONTE PARK SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12,9:00.3:00 ThiS is a moving sale featuring quality furniture and accessories only We are offering for sale Pair Drexel Wing-back chairs rn a sunny stripe, contemporary light neutral overstuffed sola; coffee and end tables, antique "liquor cupboard, lovely mirrors, pictures, and lamps, antique buffet; French PrOVinCial dining room table and chairs; pair modern Drexel lounge chairs; several bedroom sets; large metal office desk and chairs; mirrored clock, and other attractive accasslonal pieces Come and select a piece of furniture or special accessory to put under your Christmas tree. No numbers this sale. Look for the Ralnbowlli We would like to thank all of our loyal clients and customers for making this a great year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Yearl Glen and Sharon tlartz Household HOUSEHOLD and ESTATE SALES APPRASALS ANTQUES PURCHASED Excellent References Sales YOUR SPECAL POSSESSONS ARE' MY SP!AL CONCERN 350 Satisfied Chents n the past B years FRENDLY PROFESSONAL SERVCE SUSAN HARTZ G,,j,9Jn!ty L KATHERNE ARNOLD, ANTQUES <:Rambow Complete semce Glen nd Sharon Burtlen ESTATE & HOUSEHOLD SALES BY MR "G' AND CO 8tote gaqes ESTATE AND HOUSEHOLD LQUDATONS EXCELLENT REFERENCES 7 YEARS EXPERENCE SAM GORDANO CHAPMAN, WLLAMS AND KLNGENSMTH ASSOCATES \RE PLEASEl TO A,'1NOl',""CEOl'R SER\ CES SALES - ESTATE & HOUSE APPRASALS - ESTATE NSURANCE, PRVATE' PRCNG SERVCE - An Option For The ndivdual Wlshmg To Conduct Their Own Sale, Be t Garage Or House Sale Etc, For A Modest Fee, We Will AdVise You Concerning Proper Merchandising Techniques, Security Provisions, Advertlsrng and Pncing. felephone \l Rf;' E CUAP\Al"., JLt S \HLUA\S. cualn F.> P K T:-.<.f;'\'S'TH Grosse Pointe D Estate - Household Estate Sales, nc. - MOVing MARY ANN BOLL PATRCA KOLOJESK " FREWOOD 100% oak, seasoned one year, $65 per face cord, cut split and delivered 4x8x16, flve-cord minimum anytime GUARANTEED SEASONED Or Your Money Back Face Cord Prices Cut, split Delivered and Stacked, $58 Kindling and firewood racks available Call , ask for Brian or leave a message A Hot Fire s Job - 1 FREWOOD SpeCial All hardwood and free kindling and hardwood blocks Dellvered- $55 a cord Pioneer Tree Ser- Vice, FREWOOD: 1/4 full cord, $ ,me NORTHERN F!REWOOD COMPANY Exceptionally fine, mixed t>ardwood Oak, ash, hickory and frultwoods Guaranteed to be quality, seasoned (dry) fireplace wood or double your money back $55 PER FACE CORD 7n.4876 FREE KNDLNG FREWOOD, all Oak seasoned split, delivered $65 per face cord Trudeau Landscaping MSCEllANEOUS 'ARTCLES FRENCH ProVinCial tnple dresser, off white, mirror, Queen size headboard, nlghtstand, $ ARTFCAL Tree, 6' SCotch Pine, $ CURO CABNET, lighted, 76x30x16, walnut, three shelves, glass doors, enclosed bottom cabinet $ TWO Pair white Traverse shears. 154 inches Wide, including Call after 4p.m CE Skates ladles, CCM, size , $ c:. "... wl. "1 \j1lyy"" VCR VHS, remote control Just n time for Christmas, like new $ MAN'S top coat, never worn, still has tags, size 44 Call after 6p m WOODMASTER 12 nch planner- shaper 5h p, new $1, KNG size headboared, excellent condition, $50 Sereo component cabinet, new, $25 calf after 5p m ATMOS Clock Heritage V, round dial, 19'x 14'x 23', new n carton, $ APPLE Macintosh 512K mage Wrlterl Printer, hard disk, rarely used Must sell $1, COLOR televsion Zenith 19', $ KMBAll electric Player Plano, completely renl>vated, nside and out, $2, MOVNG sale, 1990 littlestone, Grosse POinte Woods, Saturdayl 5unday, December 12th, 13th Noon till 4p m cash & Carry STANED Glass panels, large modern wall unit, gas stove, small tables Make offer EMERSON stereo With CD player 1 month old Remote control, With stand $350 or best offer After 3p m DRESSNG table, child's rocker, antique rocker, oak chair, mlsc furniture REMODELNG- must sacrl' flce butcher block With spice and wine rack, also complete stereo system, $225 each BEAUTFUL carved wood dining room set, table, 6 chairs, buhet and china cabinet $ FURNTURE from England Chippendale servers and buffets Chippendale and Shereton curto cabinets Sheraton and Queen Anne vanities Queen- Anne dresser MiSCELLANEOUS ARTCLES COUCH and love seat, one year old, paach pattern Contempory dining room set MOVNG Sale- slove, refrigerator, freezer Good con. dltlon Mlsc furniture, odds and ends call after 4p m KNG SiZed 10 piece, dark wood, Mediterranean style bedroom set triple dresser, armouire, etc $500 Solid maple dlnet set tablel leafs, 4 chairs, 2 piece hutch $500 Boy's Size 10 snow SUit, ski jacket, cordury pants Solid brass hanging rack 30' x 24' Folding screen on wheels! wood frame Solid copper bowl Overthe- door shoe racks Free boxes MATTRESS and box spring, 1 year old, custom, $ {)235 ORNTAl style ruq. 100% wool, 6ft X 8ft ColOnial Bluel Dusty Rose, $ ANTQUE Brassl glass sofa table and matching coffee table, $300 Painted wooden Brass front cabinet, $75 Queen brass bed, complete, $450 G E Spacesaver 11 microwave, $100 Krups coffeemaker, $35 Maple canopy double bed, amplete, $150 Triple Maple dresser, $300 Round maple mirror, $80 Child's desk, $60 Ratlan loveseat, $ WHTE Mink jacket- modern style, size 8-12, $1, DNNG room set, 2 piece china cabinet. top lighted, bottom- 3 door storage, table- center base With 2 leaves opens to nchesx 44 nches, 4 high cane- back chairs, solid wood, light to medium color Asking $850 Estate sale Excellent condllion HENRONDON cherry wood end table 19' color portable TV, $210, new. Span- sh area rug evenings REO Fox fur (pieces), beautiful mld-coat, never worn, size 8/10, $500 Days , evenings c ;.LAAO OAK cabinet krtchen With corner Sink, Kitchen Aid hot water tap, Superba dlhwasher, Jen Air Grill, 20 cubic foot General ElectriC refrigerator With Ce- maker Best offer MNK Coat- large Size, 14-18, dark ranch, large collar, full length, $2,650 Excellent condition, GRL'S dresser, Henry Link, 6 drawer vory With plastic top, brand new, $ WOODEN desk, 2 pedestals, 6'6'X 3'6' knocked down, best offer, FULL SZE canopy bed and matching 6 drawer dresser, antique white and yellow $200 After 6p m COUNTRY sofa by Broyhill, Honey Velvet Wth wood trim on Wings, arms, back and top of skirt 84' long, nice condition, paid, $900 yours for $ FULL LENGTH Arpin Mink coat, 1 year old, seldom worn, retail value $3,900, asking $2,995 call Days, MNK Jacket, black ranch mink, s,ze medium, ex. cellent condition $1, ARTFCAL fireplace set, Hedstrom baby carnage, hooded chimney cover, BAKER 4 piece traditional bedroom SUite, $1, THREE - N- One kitchen, counter height, 30 nches Wide Has 2 burners and smk on top, and under counter refngerator (see example n Sears catalog) deal for office or conage, $ , ask for Gale GENTLEMEN'S Kilt, Hams tweed Jacket and vest, size 36 Kameron of Errachl Tartan, made n Ed meburgh Worn twice $150 complete, price firm cart SONY Betamax, proagramable good condition. $80, 884-{)701 after 3PM, Tim ONE 8'x6'6' dark brown doorwall A

51 1 December 10, MSCELLANEOUS ARTClES HEALTH nsurance ndlvld. ual, Group, Temporary, Full Coverage, Medicare supplement We have a plan to meet your needs John E Pierce & Associates, nc LEADED windows, commercial coffee maker, deep fryer, ce maker, stainless steel tables, small metal lathe, Milwaukee hammer drill, Sawzall, Mozier safe, 4x 5 darkroom equipment, also other photo equipment, electncal motors and Woodworking tools CHNA Royal Doulton 'Jennifer pattern, service for 8, new STEEPLE clock $150 Call VDEO GAMES full Size, MS Pac Man and Centepedes $350 each LARGE buffet, solid mahogany, excellent condition $350 3O-nch Roper avocado gas stove and cabinet, excellent condition, $ ZENTH stero console Medlterrean AMFM phonograph, 8- track $ MACNTOSH 512KE With keyboard, mouse, external disc drive and a large selecton of software Easy to learn for both adults and children. $1,750 magewrlter printer also available, $400 Call ask for Harry SOLD OAK, dining room set by Bunlngton, excellent condition, Side cabinet, 4 chairs, Two captain, 2 piece china cabinet, table 2 leaves $2,800. Call 4 to 8 pm RACCOON fur Jacket, 2 years old, excellent condition, size medium, $ JAMES A. MONNG BOOKSELLER KERCHEVAL Selected books bought and sold Vintage Video Rentals SNGLE box spring an mattress set, like new, With frame, heaeooard and footboard Best offer SOFA Queen-slze hide-abed, deal for recreation room, cottage, etc $ RADAR Jammer Ends all your speedtny tickets $ CHRSTMAS SUNBEDS SUNAL- WOLFF SUNBEDS Fam y business Slenderquest toning tables Super moneymaker Call for free color catalouge and X-Mas specials HALF Models of Amencas Cup Boats 'J' class 'Ranger' full rig 12 meter class 'Vim' full rig also slander 36 class full rig Call EXERCSE bike and rower, deluxe model, like new $130 value for $ anytime COSMETC Trays $5 00 each, two display shelfs, $10 each ESTATE Sale, Chinese desk secretary, 2 breakfronts, 6 onental rugs, chairs, silver, china, paintings, desk 3 x 5 CoHee tables, CUriOS,an. tlques, Men's clothes Drakeshlre Place -13 Apt -102 Drakeshlr apartments Farmington Hills BUYNG GUNS, SWORDS ANYTHNG MLTARY MSCELLANEOUS ARTClES MAPLE 5 llece Queen bedroom SUite, ncludes Queen poster bed With mattress and boxsprlngs, Queen dresser With mirror and 2 nlghtstands Maple tables and lamps also available SUEDE Jacket, brown With Tan fur collar, like new, size 16 $ CHRSTMAS GFT! 5 nches color TV - portable AGDC New n carton, never used, contest gift First $150 takes t Retail at $ SNGER Feather weight, $175 firm, Farberware new rotlsserl $30 after 7pm DOLL houses, beautifully hand crafted, order now for Christmas 885-{)588 BROTHERS KNTTNG machine, used, With yarn and materials MOVNG sale Hldeabed $75, table, chairs, mlsc BEAUTFUL LYNX coat, $4,999 Size 12.14, GUTAR,c1alrnet, c- saxaphone, small organ, Chnstmas manger Private 771-{)158 MOVNG- sale Sofa bed, tables, girl's bedroom set, sewing machme BUMPER pool table, slate Great condition, $ TELEVSON 25', $ TWN size Oak headboard and bedspring, 9x12 bound red plaid carpet, two Futon chairs, open for sleeping MNK coat- Blacklama, female skins, full length natural ranch mink, petite $1,800 Call COMPUTER desk, Mahogany veneer, excellent condition, $ ORENTAL RUG, 9xt2, hand made, $275 Mahogany drexel bachelor chest, $95 Queen Anne highboy, $750, Tall mahogany breakfront With secretary drawer, $850:) mahogany buffet with - duncan phytj'1's, $125, mahogany coffee table With matching end tables and occasslonal tables, (Excellent condition), $110 each, mahogany kneehole desk, 42x23, $165, chippendale open arm chair, $95, size chair, $65, Governor Wtnt"'op secretary, $450 ( ) CLARY'S 'Tashmoo', 21'x 27' With 4 1/2' frame, Signed COLLEGE- career- Semor Menl After SX, 41 short, sport coat, 38 reg, SUitS, 40 reg Excellent condition and price JVC Video camera Camcor. der With all accessories, $ WOMAN'S Cross country SkiS, shoe size 71/2, like new Michigan's Largest Book Store Clip and save this ad- 09 MSCELLANEOUS ARTClES t: "AN Allan DearOOTl :>ttl, excellent condition, solid wood, medium to dark finish, triple dresser With mirror, one 5 drawer dresser, Queen size bed, solid wood, 4 poster, head and foot boards and Side frame, $800 m HENREDON couch, down cushions, $275 Three large end tables, $150 each Assorted table lamps Kery vacuum, $ MODERN SOFA, by Directional, blond wood, orangel beige check, $ t54 POWER Tools, 3,000 watt gas generator, cham saws, power lland tools, all types After 8p m LECOUL TRE worlds flnlst Atmos clock, excellent conditon $ TASCO 300 Power reflector telescope $ after 6p m. or Sunday OAK Buffet- mission style, beveled glass doors and mirror $200. ArtifiCial Christmas tree,s', $ RANCH Mlnk- custom made, full length, size 8-14, small collar, dark pelts, like new, asking $2,750 m765 MAHOGANY NTERORS Antique And Fine Furniture Shop Mack Avenue Sets of SX and eight mahogany dming room chairs, many large mahogany breakfronts, ncluding a Kittinger mahogany breakfront Formal mahogany dining room tables, buffets and servers Many room-size Onental rugs (some handmade), Royal Daulton set of china, Louis cart paper weights MAhogany duncan phyle din- ng room sets Several mahogany bedroom sets (Will sell bedroom pieces two S6tS seperately) LoUS XV French bedroom set, matching French martlle, tc;>pconscire LOUS XV French desk with bronze Ormulu Chippendale console table With carved ball and claw feet Queen Anne library tablel desk BoudOir chair, Governor Winthrop secretary Chppendale lowboy, Queen Anne highboy Tall case grandfather clock Solid mahogany QueenAnne desk, much more LOVELY gold coucht chair, 2 years old, excellent condition NEW DAMOND BACK BKE, real deal for Christmas, $ BRUSWCK pool table full size like new, excellent Christmas gift $ CORDLESS phone, 700- feet, With speaker phone n base $160 new $ AUTOMOBilE, Home or Health nsurance Very low rates' Call A Thoms Agency. Days or Evening THOMASVLLE ANTQUE white, dresser, chest, 2 end tables, excellent condition, $350 Full size brass headboard and foot board $75 mi WE BUY BOOKS N YOUR HOME Free Offers No Obligation Appraisals Furnished Entire Estates also Desl"ed JOHN KNG MUSCAL NSl'lUM NTS ROLAND Juno 106 Synth 176 presets Soft case Ultimate support stand. 75 watt Yamaha amp $750 Excel,ent condition USED PANOS Used Spinets Consoles Uprtqhts & Grands Used Pianos ExclUSively ABBEY PANO CO ROAYL OAK-54H116 PANOS WANTED TOP CASH PAD 4 J 0 MUSCAL NSTRUMENTS STARCK Cabinet Grand upright plano, natural Walnut finish, must sell now, $ after 7p.m FVE piece Slingerland drum set, red pearl, $ KNABE -GRAND plano, 5'1' walnut, like new, $4, BASS guitar, Ana Pro, excellent conditon, straps, stand and soft case Call late evenings PANO- Kimball spinet, new, perfect Christmas gift, best offer CONSOLE plano, good condtion, $500 8A CASO CT-7oo, new $600 Call after 6 pm 30%O%, all nstruments Christmas layaway, trum. pets, flutes, clarinets, $99 Fortuna, 8833 Van Dyke or Hours 1-7, Sunday, 1-5 STENWAY Rebuilt 'All Stslnway parts', refinished, and warranted Style M, satin ebony New York retail replacement price $18,000. mmediate dellv ery DetrOit, all taxes paid $12,500 Ask for Mr Owen, Smiley Brothers MSCULANEOUS ARTCLES GOLF CLUBS FOR SALE New and Used-Full sets odd Jots-carts and bags CHRSTMAS SPECAL Ca!: evenings 410 MUSCAL NSTRUMENTS SMALL Hudson brand Spinet plano, reasonably Priced Call ESTEY Console Plano walnut, like new, bench, $ HAMMOND Concord organ and bench, paid $7,500, asking $4,500 or besl offer MOVing or TRUMPET for sale, excellent condition, call Bill, LESLE channel, like new, $800 Accordlanl organ With Peavey sound system, $1, UPRGHT Grand Plano refinished mahogany cabinet, new keyboard, beautiful, $ BABY Grand plano- Brambact), walnut and brass, completely redone, excel. lelh (,onolllon :t>j, OU 88t-8842 ELECTRC GUltar- Gibson Eplphone, 1987 model, all black With case, 2 months old $275 or best offer Call 88!: %- 60%, all nstruments Christmas Layaway For. tuna MUSC Hours 12-7pm CALL N EARLY THURSDAY FRDAY MONDAY MSCULANEOUS AHCLES CHRSTMAS AND CRAFTS SALE Hundreds of hand made tems ranging from paintings, pottery, jewelry, weaving, glass and Christmas gifts and decorations Friday, December 11th, 5 to 10 p.m, Saturday, December t 2th, to t07 p.m BURNS N HSTORJC NDAN VLLAGE GONG OUT OF BUSNESS BATH COLLECTVES Everything Must Gol 50-75% Off Bath accessones-fix1ures-caslo cash register-offlce furniture-phones, etc Garfield, North of 17 Mlle ORENTAL RUGS WANTED AZAR'S GALLERY One of the largest selections of Onental rugs at mlnimutprrces 251 E MERRLL, BRMNGHAM The Missing LlNC:-: Linking individuals to Needs n the Community Sa non-profit organization whose purpose is to coordinate needs With resources ThiS S accomplished by placing goods no longer needed by ndividuals and businessesnto the hands of Metropolitan Detroit charitable agencies Operating since 1971, LNG S proud of the accomplishments t has made and stnves to increase tsresource base f you have recyclable tems, no longer of use to you OperatOn L1NC knows who can and Will use them Please call L1NCat With your donation KEEP T MOVNGl HAND TOOLS, ELECTRC SANDER, wood-working tools of all kinds are desperately needed by the MARNERS NN Due to a robbery the 85 resdents of this residential center for homeless men are out of work Hammers, screwdnvers plyers ALL TOOLS are needed LKE TO SEW? HAVE EXTRA FABRC? YMCA CAMP COVELL needs curtains for 24 cabins made from lightweight wash and wear fabric The camp also needs sofas chairs tables and lamps CAREGVERS, a home services organization work 109 With the Department of SOCialServices needs MATERNTY AND BABY CLOTHES sheets lowels, and cloth diapers These tem., are needpd by foster families CROSSWORD PUZZLE BOOKS MURAL TYPE WORLD MAP 35 MM camera bamboo rake'),he needed by SHELTERNG ARMS an adult day care center specializing n elderly respite care Also needed S a 16 MM projector to aid n craft projects and for entertainment JEFFERSON HOUSE a residential cpnter 01 men recovenng from substance abuse S n nepd 01 a paper shredder to nsure the confidentiality of their residents BALL. BATS, TENNS RACQUETS fishing equip ment. board games for all ages crafl supplies and computer game discswould be put to good use at CHLDRENS HOME These and morp tems would be used for recreation n hls home for emotionally handicapped chlldrrn BASEBALL BATS SOfTBALLS GlOVFS eno OUET SETS WATER TOYS BOARD GAME.S for all ages and CRAFT SUPPlfS desperiltely sought by CHLDREN S HOME OF DETROT CURTAN for a hpdlre ')laqr would <11')0 hp qrr,ll1y appreciated CONTACT llnc TO SCHEDULE DROP OFF 4 J 0 MUSCAL lns1'lum NJS KNABE Grand 5' 8' Ebony, rebuilt and refinished $5, GROTRAN- STENWAY German mports 9 foot concert size With artist taboret FinanCial conditions of owner accounts for sale price of less than half new replacement School church or profes- Sional muscian Will al. ways pnze this plano pur. chase Call Bob Cawson Smlly Brothers HAMMOND B3, WTH Leshe and tone cabinet, mmt condition $3,000 or best oher BABY Grand plano premier good musical condition, appraised at $ DRUMS - YAHAMA Power Rcc:Jdrig Sr.c3.1.nt conditon 7 piece, Palste cymbles, new case, hardware mcluded DRUMS - YAHAMA Power Recording Senes Mint condition 7 piece, Palste cymbles, new cases, hardware mcluded OffiCE 18USNESS EQUPMENT XEROX 800, Memory Typ- ng System With all accasorles Super for small office, excellent condition, $ BM SelectriC, electnc typewriter With extras, excellent condition, $ BM PC Junior, color monitor, Single disk dnve, DOS, WordStar, one year old, perfect, manuals, $699, electronic typewriter With dictionary, evenings CLASSFED ADS CALL MSCEllANEOUS. ARTClES WANTED: Drill press, bench or floor CARPETNG- 27 yards, belgel brown, prefer Wth padding f available, does not have to be one piece , leave message or evenings Nick WANTED desperately G PHS yearbook Will pay $50 or negotiate ATTENTON Are you Sick of your car? want that unwanted car of your Chip Top $ Paid WANTED- Crib and chang- ng table, good condition Days , evenings TWN BED mattresses, toys, puzzels, chlldrens desks and records Blocks cots and books NeOOedTor aay care service WANTED old fashioned rolltop desk Call after 4 30, PAR MATCHNG Love seats for reupholstering Traditional Lawson style WANTED to buy old COSo tume and Rhinestone Jewelry, brass lamps, ceil- ng fixtures, wall sconces evenmgs MMEDATE cash for E H Scott RadiOS 'usually chrome plated' of the 1930's Call Jim BUYNG Anything old including Wind-up phonographs, anything COnoperated, old magazines, etc Mark SHOTGUNS and nfles wanted, Parker, Brownmgs, Smith, Fox, Winchester and others Private collector CLASSFED ADS CALL MSCEllANEOUS ARTClES WANTED TO BUY mellington 'lact (!lons ignment tore, lf1ine UGel! furniture ani:! antiquell lluppliei:! x.cluaiu lu bl1 fq Qi)rOH.6 ltofnte Qommunitu Jlnm il(erc4eual <SrOllae 'cinte 'ark HALF PRCE SALE TME!! Need space for new consignments! prices on existing merchandise Have marvelous Dining Sets-previously 1900's to 1927 Now '600 to '850. Tables-HALF PRCE Selected Sofas-HALF PRCE Desks, lamps, chandeliers, commodes and bedroom sets-half PRCE Many other super buys at drastic reductions You'll Come Down! "Unique in tqeir onene6s.. 1\11 in excellent ronllition liouf.s fronlluu tqru uturllull 11 am to 5 pm Aubrey 11Jnwery Just a Note! COMPUTER HOURS TO OUR CUSTOMERS. OUR COMPUTER HOURS ARE AS FOllOWS MONDAY A M TO 5 P M TUESDAY.. 8 A M TO 1200 NOON WEDNESDAY 11 A M TO 5 PM THURSDAY 8 A M TO 5 P M i 'f\' 8AM T04PM Our ollices are open Monday through Friday from 8 a m to 5 p m on Wednesday we are open at 9 a m to 5 p m However, during the computer "down timewe are unable to use our terminals to nput Classrtled AdvertiSing or to look up accounts f you have any questions regarding your classified advertising ac. count we suggest that you call on Wednes<;lay (after 11 am) or on Thursdays and Fridays Monday and Tuesday are very busy With taking ClaSSified AdvertiSing On Tuesdays we must follow the 12 roan deadline so that we do not cause cosly produclion printing delays The Grosse Po'nte News 4 2 WANTED TO UY BUFFALO head mount, any condition CASH paid for stamps, coins and baseball card collections SOO ANMAlS ADO'T A PET S02 HORSES for SAl 9C TWO LOVNG dogs, pl,ly ful, free to good home both dogs mixed hdve: shots ANMAL Hospital Put a tie love n your life, 'he have a 3 1/2 mo'lth old friendly Male Temor MX take him home to wal m your heart Call b GROSSE POinte AnlrTldl CliniC (on Kercheval) has lost and abandoned ani, mals available for adoption ThiS week we have 3 beautiful young dog5 do small black female labr do dor X, a tiny black female cocker soanplltprn<>r '" and a small male collie X Also we have an adora ble recently neutered 11 month old Silver grey male kitty For more nformation call us at LOVNG cat needs good home, declawed, spade, ndoor, wonderful companon , evenings FRENDL Y Female 6 month old cats, free Call Karen YOUNG cat, beautiful white With black spots shots! spayed AMERCAN Eskimo male purebred, white 3 monhl old puppy Call after 6p m LOVEABLE adujl dogs and cats, 1 year and up (need good homes) For adoption informaton call Northern Suburbs Animal Welfare League Volunteer at m-5110 or Moving to Califorma Must gve up my 2 year old male cat, named 'Luther He S orange and white, very gentle and good With children OLDER dog needs home, English Springer Spaniel housebroken, loves to walk, LOOKNG for that spe<"181 Christmas present? 3 purebread Arabians of show quality- going well under saddle, $ t,500 to $4,000 Ready for ar, ( age rider Hunt, flat sau die, or western Shea stables St Clair S03 HOUSEHOLD PETS FOT SAlE FANCY cockatells, With cage and assornes pearl female, Pled male, $ BASSET Pups- A K C champion lines Best n Town DOG needs loving family, owners moving Blond Labador mixed female, has all shots neautered. house broken, good With children, good watch dog COCKER Spaniel puppies, A K C 6 weeks old on Males- $225 females- $250 m-8602 CHNESE Shar-Pel puppy Fawn brushcoat, Female. 7 weeks, registered $750 to good home SOS lost AND FOUND FOUND n Harper Woods on Huntington, German Shepard young female Loveable family pel needs a good home Call Barbara MSSNG 4 month old black! white kitten has flea collar, declawed needs her medicine Re ward LOST ThanksgiVing South Rosedale and Morning Side small charcoal grey cat (Cloudy) while patch on chest Children miss her l Reward Plt>ase eilll FOUND black older cat very sweet and affectlc'n ate Vernlerl Macl<. arpfl Free to a g<xxl home' Cdnnot keep LOST BLACK! "hlte., With milstach \ilc ' r111 (,t littl6stone and BrownC<lS ter female c.'dr\(e'o..i tall AAM'343

52 10C 50S LOST AND FOUND FOUND brown Shepherd mix, about 6 months old, Chandler Park! Moross area, has colar FOUND GRAY and white male cat, declawed very friendly, walked n my home on NOvember 22, Robert John and Morn. ngslde, f not clalmtk! than to a good home , LOST- Cat Have you seen her? Our black cat without a collar was lost Sunday on Lakeland near Charlevox Please call f you have any information LOST- small brown female dog wearing brown collar, tall curls over back Answers to Wendy She'5 pregnant and due any day Either ran out of burning home on Lakepointe or was consumed We wolld like to set our minds at ease, please call with any nformation MSSNG Lakelandl Charle- VOX, adult black Female cat, no collar, we miss her dearly, please call ' T leedng. STUD SERVCE- for Yorkshire and poodle ' 501 PET. GROOMNG PROFESSONAL Dog Groomor, 24 years Experrencedl All breedsl Gentle loving care given n your home or mine AUTOMOTlV AMC 1984 ALLANCE Renault, 5 speed, air, stereo, good condition, call alter 5p m ' AUTOMOTV CHtYSLER 1975 DODGE dart Sedan, 38,000 miles, runs well, $ PLYMOUTH HOrizon TG-3, 57,000 miles, 4 speed, very good condition, $1,1501 offer , Dodge 024 Omnt Dolby &peaker system Good tires New alternator Other new parts Fair condition $1,200 or best offer DODGE Challengerone owner- school teacher, 77,000 miles, automatic very clean $1,450/ offer PLYMOUTH, good transportation, $5001 best offer DODGE OMNt, 4 door, automatic, power steerrngl brakes, good transportation, $ OMN 024, runs good but needs head gasket, $ Labaron, clean like new, low miles, good condition, power brakes, steering air, cruise, $1, DODGE 600 Convertlable, turbo, loaded, $6, Phil 1982 Plymouth Reliant, 4 door statlonwagon, 83,000 miles, air, AM/FM, cruise, very good condition, $1, , DODGE Daytona, turbo, many options, ncluding air, new tires excellent condllion, $6, Lazer turbo, fully loaded, very clean, excellent shape, $7,000 or best offer, must sell CLASSFED ADS CALL WANT D TO UY 601 AUTOMOTVE CHRYSLER 1978 DODGE Dplomat, body great, runs well, best offer or alter 6p m 1985 LASER XE Turbo, fully loaded, mint condition Must see to appre. clate 49,000 miles Ask- ng $6, PLYMOUTH Reliant Wagon, Wive's car, low mileage, loaded, must see Near LakeSide DODGE Omm, 4 door hatchback, automatic, AMFM stereo, rear window wiper and defogger, 22,000 miles $5,250 Call or AUTOMOTVE 'FOtD 1976 Granada, new tires, dependable, best offer before 11 30AM or after 83OPM, anytime weekends 1983 THUNDERBRD Turbo, loaded, very C C2 n, "lj"':s ;re!, :,'150' best oher Call Mike weekdays, , John, Evenngs and weekends, FORD Tempo LX, 2 door, loaded, 29,000 miles $6, ESCORT L, automatic, defroster, stereo, 26,000 miles, excellent condition, asking $5, GRAND MarqUS, 2 door excellent condition, 54,000 miles, loaded, $4, /2 ESCORT L, must sell, excellent condition, sunroof, defroster, AM FM rustproofed, $4,1001 best , LTO, 9 passenger wagon, ail options $1,600 or best ESCORT ,sunroof, AM/FM cassette, rear defogger, power steenng! brakes, 5 speed, 17,000 miles $4, ESCORT, black, excellent condition, $5,000 or best offer , After 5p m 1984 LNCOLN town car $8,995 Tamaroff Acura (Gratiot South of 10 Mile) MERCURY Sable LS, 4 door $7,995 Tamaroff Acura (GratOt South of 10 Mile) Mercury Zephyr, 4 door, 6 cylinder, automatic, $700 Alter 6PM TEMPO GLX, 4 door, 5 speed, excellent condition, 55,000 miles New brakes, $3, , MERCURY wagon, looks good, mechanically perfect $1,000 firm 307 Cloverly Road, Grosse POinte Farms 1974 PNTO, 4 speed, runs great, $ auoparts USED CARS WANTED tmt... weltmt/.// BE WSE ADVERTSE CAll WANTfDTO UY BOOKS/USED AND RARE purchased for cash or appraised esli)trs al<'o rleslre'd fin home consultations JOHN KNG Michigan s Largest Book Store Clip and Save th,s Ad BUYNG THE BEST BOOKS QUALTY BOOKS DESERVE QUALTY PRCES r uesday Salu rday Answering m achrne responses w,thln 24 hours GRUB STREET BOOKERY, 71' FAST WARREN DETnOT MCHGAN TOMOTVE - GENEtAl MOTORS 603 AUTOMOJVE GENERAL MOTORS 1978 CHEVY Mahbu, no 1983 PONTAC Bonnebille, rust, runs excellent, air, 4 door, air, automatic, $6001 offer, , cruise, clean, $3,500 At Kercheval 1979 BUCK Estate 9 pas CHEVY Monza, senger wagon, loaded, hatchback, automatic, 4 runs very well, $1,7001 cylinder, 70,000 miles, best offer Call $1, alter 5p m 1984 CAMARO Berlmetta 1977 PONTAC Catillna, 2 V-6, loaded, 23,000 door, air power, very miles, rustproofed, new good condition $1,995 or bra, original owner, best $7, eve- 79' Chevy Caprice, 60,000 _n_ln_g_s _ miles $1,200 Needs 1963 FREBRD, 326 ensome body work 822- glne, V-8 $1,200 Restor able CUTLASS SERERRA 1984 OLDS Cutlass Su- Broughm, loaded, 101.\1 pre m e B r 0 ugh am, miles, excellent condition, loaded, excellent condl- $6, tlon Code Alarm 60, PONTAC Sunblrd, miles, $5, only 8,500 miles, FM RVERA 1981 white, stereo, air, rear defog, leather ntenor, moon excellent condltlon roof, low mileage, mint $5,9951 best offer 961- condition , days, eve nlngs 1985 FERO, excellent con CHEVETE. 4 door, dltlon, loaded, $7,500 $2, Rl)Q 1985 PONTCA Fiero GT, PONTAC Parlslenne Stared $8,495 Tamaroff tlonwagon 1985 loaded, Acura (Gratiot South of $8, , Mile) Tamaroff Acura two door Chevy Cava- CHEVY NOVA SL 1987, 4 her Type 10 automatic, door, automatic, air, am AM/FM stereo, air, rear fm stereo, 12,000 mi. defogger, excellent condlleage $7, tlon, one owner, asking..._ PONTAC Lemans, $5, alter good transportatjon,. 6p.m -,,;..- many new parts $585 ST ATONWAGON B $1,000 Leave message, 1980 BUCK Skylark, mov lng, must sell car. Excel N-O-V-A-,-ru-n-s-g-r-ea-t lent condition, no rust, $500 or best offer 972- air, AM/FM stereo, must 0234 see $2,1001 best oher _ PONTAC $6,500 16,000 miles Call 1984 S.UNBRD, excellent after 6p m condition, automatic, air, _ 4 door, sunroof, low mileage, much more $5,1001 best , PONTAC Ventura Coupe, 15,000 miles, excellent condition, 350 V-8 engine, BUCK Skylark, 4 door, automatic $2,995 Tamaroff Acura (Gratiot South of 10 Mile) CELEBRTY Eurosport, excellent condition, loaded $6, BUCK Regal 305 V-8, bucket! console, new radal tires, clean rustfree Georgia car, $2,750 Days, Evenlngs, CAMARO Z-28, auto, air, T-tpos, 12,000 miles, $9, , OLDSMOBLE 98 Brougt>am 1985 loaded, asking $10, , Cutlass Supreme diesel, new transmission, runs good, $ Pontiac Phonlx 4 door, 4 speed hatchback, 107,000 miles needs transmission work no rust, stereo cassette $600 Days evenings SeVille V8- power seatsl Windows, southern salt fee car, looks and runs like new To settle estate $9, SEVLLE Leather, loaded, must see to beheve $5, OLDS custom CrUiser, 58,000 miles, Mlcheleln tires, call Saturday or Sunday SOMMERSET loaded, $7,800 or best or Pontiac 6000 wagon, $11, Monte Carlo, $7, Cav. aller, $4, Cavalier, $3, BUick Skylark, $1, , ask for Ken 1986 CAMARO, auto, V-6, air defogger, black, excellent condition BUCK SKYLARK 4 door, Texas car- no rust Air, AM/FM tape, 4 speed new tires and exhaust Very dependable $ offer OLDSMOBLE Regency 98, 1981 power steerlngl brakes, overdrrve, cruise loaded, excellent, must see BUCK Skylark, 2 door 4 cylinder, air, all power, good condition SUNSRD GT, blue, loaded $7, AUTOMOTVE ' ANTQUE/CLASSC 1970 CADLLAC Coupe DeVille, onglnal Southern car, no rust or bondo, low miles, like new, $3,500 Days, Evenlngs, AUTOMOTVE FOREGN 1986 ACURA Legend, 4 door $15,495 Tamaroff Acura (Gratiot South of 10 Mlle.) SUZUK Samaun, $8,795 Tamaroff Acura (Gratiot South of 10 Mile) MERCEDES Benz 190E $17,995 Tamaroff Acura (Gratiot South of 10 Mile) NSSAN Centra, 1983, 5 speed, 2 door, excellent condition, 1 owner, ask- ng $2,850 8B CELCA GTS Sport Coupe, 5 speed, air, cassette, sunroof, all options, tow mileage, $11,900 best HONDA Prelude, 5 speed, sunroof, black beauty, any reasonable offer Low mileage, call alter 4p m BMW 235E, loaded $13,995 Tamaroff Acura (Gratiot South of 10 Mile) MONZA 626 Gt, 4 door $7,995 Tamaroff Acura (Gratiot South of 10 Mile) MAZDA 1980, RX-7 Sun roof, ndian marroon, good condition Best offer or VOLKSWAGON Rabbit, 4 dc,::>r,new starter motor and ballery, $ 1, SABRU 1978, 4 speed, runs good, excellent transportation $ SCROCCO, 4 speed, 2 door great radio, transportation special Asking $750 call between 7 30 pm to 11 pm BMW 3181, dark blue, 5 speed, all options, miles, warranty to 72,000 miles, $10, or HONDA Accord, 5 speed, power steerrngl brakes, new tlresl clutchl brakes, $4, JAGUAR BMW MERCEDES BRTSH Auto repair service Large parts nventory Drop off downtown DetrOit and Grosse POinte, 21 years - 10 mechanics J & L CUSTOM AUTO CENTRE Gratlol Detroit Ask for Dean 60S AUTOMOTVE FOREGN AUD looks good, runs great Must sell AUTOMOTVE JEEPS/4.WHEfl JEEP Cherokee Larado, excellent condition, loaded, must sell, $12, or BLAZER S-10, 4x4, loaded $10,495 TamaroH Acura (Gratiot South of 10 Mile) RED HOT barglnsl drug dealers'cars, boats, planes repo'd Sur. plus,your area Buyers GUide (1) extension S-1626 '01 AUTOMOTVE. 'AtTS/TlES ALAlMS ALPNE 7902 AM-FM Compact disk, new n box, won as prize Retail $849 Best offer J1 AUTOMOTV 1987 CHEVROLET Suburban, loaded, low miles, heavy duty towing package MAZDA pickup, excellent condition, low miles $4,500 or best AUTOMOTVE VANS 1986 TOYOTA, Cargo Conversion Van, Zelbart, 5- speed, manual, 25 MPG, am/fm cassette Clean, excellent conditon $7, t 3 AUTOMOTVE WANTED TO BUr. want your unwanted cars, trucks, vans Top dollar paid Chip want your beat up car Bill Days, Evenings WANTED good and trucks wrecked or MOTOlKES 657 MOTORCYCLES used cars running, repairable TOP $$ PAD For Junk, wrecked and unwanted cars and trucks BULL AUTO PARTS BOATS AND MOTOtS WNTER Storage S paid on this 22' Pearson Best offer Call after 6p m H-FL Y 300-CS, 1984 model, excellent condition, ncludes 3 salls, great Christmas present, $ or , Tim 1985 HONDA Spree Black, great condlllon, $300 After 3p rn THREE wheel suzuki 125cc 1983, ru ns excellent $ HONDA Moped, good condition, $2501 best offer HONDA trail bike XL80, excellent conditon Great Christmas gift SNOWMOBLES SUZUK Nomad snowmobile 292cc, 93 orglnal miles $ YAMAHA 250, 1982 hke new, stored ndoors $1,100 or best N THE VLLAGE Prrme ofce space for lease Each lower level unit includes utilities Exclude retail sales $260 eachl month (F-80KER) SCHWETZER REAL EST ArE BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS B GROSSE POinte Park 1443 lakep0inte, 2 bedroom upper, $425 plus utilities 8 30a T' to 5p m BLAKE THE BLAKE COMPANY APJS/FLATS/DUPUX Pointes/Horper Woods BEACONSFELD large, at. tracllve, 3 bedroom uf)- per, seperate basement and utltjtles, Side drive, off street parking, $4751 lease BEAUTFUL 3 bedroom, 3 bath Neff near Jefferson, appliances, 2 car garage $ MARYLAND clean upper 1 bedroom, refngerator, slove, heat, $ Brand New upper flat, on Neff Rd n Grosse POint City, 2 bedrooms, kitchen With builtin appliances, large closets, natural fireplace, centeral air, separate basementand separate 2 car garage Front and rear entrance ways, snow removal and lawn services ncluded mmediate occupancy, only $750 per month Jim Saros Agency GROSSE POinte City- Neff near Mack Brand new unit, 2 bedroom upper, natural fireplace, basement, separate utilities, apphances, central air, 4 car garage, carpeting One year lease $750 a month EastSide Management Company ST. CLAR, excellent location n Grosse POinte City Very attractive 2 bedroom lower, available January $700 lease plus utilities UPPER 2 bedroom, Haverhill/ Warren, carpet, appliances, very clean $ BEAUTFUL right 5 room upper, freshly painted, carpet, appliances, park- ng, available mmediately, 1134 Wayburn, $ Beaconsfield, One bedroom upper, carpet- ng, appliances and heat $425 a month THREE bedroom, 2 bath, fireplace, porch, 2 car garage, $1,000 ncludes heat Olson, THREE bedroom upper, fresh paint, air conditioned, refrigerator and stove after 5p m "., q 'P'! ' Up,PR Flat on Beaconsfield, south of Jefferson n Grosse POinte Park, 2 bedrooms, hvlngroom, dinning room, kitchen, seperate basement mmediate occupancy. Call Jim Saros Agency BEACONSFELD two bedroom lower, newly decorated throughout nclud- ng new kitchen and bathroom Appliances. No pets Garage $450 monthly plus utilities Se- CUrity$ PARK 2 bedroom, appli. ances, seperate basement, $400 Plus utilities, GROSSE Pointe Park, large 1 bedroom apartment, $ GROSSE POinte Park, two (2) bedroom apartment newly carpeted, new kitchen, stove, refrigerator TWO Bedroom apartment, newly decorated, carpeted, apphances, heat, garage PARK 3 bedroom lower, available December 16th, call between 6 and 9 FARMS lower flat, 2 bedroom carpet, dishwasher, basement, garage, 316 Hillcrest , NEFF Road, executive three bedroom, two and one half bath duplex, single or double garage Air condltlcvlng, flexible lease arrangements, beautiful condition $ CLASSFED ADS CALL ONE and TWO BEDROOM APARTMENTS available n Harper Woods, St Clair Shores and East Detroit Secure location, close to shopping and transportation well maintained grounds, and prompt management Ronts from $ $55000 For more information please call our office Monday Friday APTS/FlATS/ DUPlEX Rointes/Horper Woods HARCOURT 3 bedroom, 2 full baths, powder room, new kitchen, new carpet. lng, full basement, ga. rage, walk- n closets, fireplace, fresh decor Available on lease or monthly. Children welcome 1,800 sq ft hvlng area available mmedl. ately at $9251 month Phone EXECUTVE LVNG SUTES Furnished apartments, monthly leases, utilities ncluded, complete With housewares, linens, color T V and more Call for appointment VLLAGE CONDO Completely furnished, n adult community Everything ncluded but perish. abies and clothes. 8 week minimum Days WHTTER near expressway, 1 bedroom, appirances, air conditioning, provate balcony 35 per month, heat and gas m- c1uded UPPER FLAT TROMBLEY Handsome classc English Tudor on one of the Park's most desirable streets Three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, den, recently redecorated, updated kitchen, au appliances including washerl dryer, garage, park privileges Available mmediately! CHAMPON & BAER, NC BEACONSFELD 2- bedroom upper, mmacu. late, bay Window, separate utilities TROMBLEY Road 2 bed. room upper, freplace, garage, security depost GROSSE POinte City. Lakelandl Mack. 1 bedroom condo ncludes washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove, garbage disposal, heat and air Snow removal and lawn service $6001 month 1 year lease THREE bedroom flat n the Park, excellent shape, on Maryland Rent $500 a month, separate utilities 886-?Zg,?-?;4," L1y'E cheap, Grosse POinte area Spacous one bedroom apartment, approxmately 700 sq t. Carpeted, appliances, laundry, parking, hvlngroom, dmette, kitchen, full bath, gas, HBO, heat, & lot's of closet space included. $3501 month or GROSSE POinte Park, Maryland, 2 bedroom upper, appliances $375 plus utilities PLUSH lower lat, 5 rooms, 1 large bedroom, Florida room under construction Fireplace, finished basement, 2 car garage, water heat $500 per month. Extras No pets, non smoker , AVALABLE December 12th, 2 bedrooms, lvng room, dining room, sun room, new kitchen With dishwasher, fireplace, hardwood floors, washer, dryer, 1 stall n garage 1044 Beaconsfield $550 per month plus utllrtles, security deposit Call after BEACONSFELD below Jefferson very clean and quiet two bedroom Jower, all appliances, deal for adults, $4251 month GROSSE POinte Farms, MUr Road 2 bedroom duplex Available mmediately Adorable flat n a great location near the Village Two bedroom upper wrth use of washerl dryer n basement $550 per month plus utilities CHAMPON & BAER, NC PARK 2 bedroom upper flat Porches, living room, dining room, kitchen With appliances, laundry PrlVlages $375 monthly , leave message LARGE 3 bedroom flat, completely painted and refinished hardwood floors, apphances and parking, $4501 monthly Open this Saturday, noon to 3, 960 Beaconsfield NEFF near Kercheval, upper flat, 6 rooms and bath, appliances, $7251 month December 10, 1987 Gr>-ssePointe' News 700 A'TS FATS/DUPLEX '.intes Hlrper Woods SHORT or long term, fully furnished 2 bedroom condo n Grosse Ppolnte City near shopping and bus service, for details call Betty Morns, R G Edgar and ASSOCiates SOMERSET- 2 bedroom upper flat Appliances, including washer and dryer Garage No pets $475 a month St Clair 2 bedroom lower, appliances, air conditioning Pets, children ok $700 a month Anne Ryan TROMBLEY lower luxury unit, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, all appliances furnished 2 car garage, $850 monthly plus security deposit CARRAGE HOUSE APARTMENT Newly decorated two bedroom, one bath, unfurnished camage house apartment Stove and re- :11\:j(alvl, i/2 bivl"r. f,ul Jefferson $450 monthly, one year lease 830-5p P m Nottingham, 2 bedroom lower flat, With parking $370 per month Call after 6p m References required RVARD- 3 bedrooms, near Jefferson ncludes 2,000 square feet, new kitchen With appliances, fresh decorating, new carpet $7501 month Available mmediately Phone VLLAGE CONDO Completely furnished, n adult community. Everything ncluded but perishables and clothes 8 week minimum Days PARK- upper flat on Trombley 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths Charming Tudor With fireplace, hardwood floors. Garage, washerl dryer ncluded Available now THREE bedroom apartment, $400 plus utilities 1095 Beaconsfield Call alter 6p m EXCEPTONAL 1,600 square foot lower on Harcourt 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, family room, fireplace, appliances 2 car garage and basement storefga TrlJiy olfferent $ NOTNGHAM 2 bedroom lower, refrrgerator, stove, laundry facilities, clean, freshly decorated $ TWO bedroom flat, Beaconsfield- South of Jefferson Available mmediately Securrty deposit required. No pets GROSSE PONTE MOVNG AND STORAGE COMPANY Reasonable Rates Reliable Service Local & Long Distance Free Estimates 701 APTS/FlATS/DU'UX Detroit Wayne County BEAUTFUL upper 1 bedroom flat, utlhtles and appliances supplied, SUitable Single working lady or gent Close to Saratoga Hospital $2951 month Plus securrty UPPER flat for rent, all utilities ncluded Kitchen furnished $275 monthly WHY RVER TERRACE? On a private 5 acre rrverfronl commons on Dt!trolt s Gold Coast 10 minutes east of the downtown Modern kltchells With mlcrov aves customized baths and parquet flools Prompt malnlenance always caring management THE NEW l@er Terrace APARTMENTS Rrverfront studio and 2.bedroom From $425 (ncluding heat) 7700 East Jffrson (, f

53 < December 10, APTS/ FlATS/DUPLEX Detroit/Wayne County DUPLEX for rent deal for professional couple. Two bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, full basement, garage One block from Grosse POinte Farms Available January 1988 Call after 5p m TWO bedroom apartments for rent APTS/FLATS/DUPlEX Detroil/w.,nc County LARGE deluxe apartment, Harper/ Whittier area deal for middle aged and elderly ncludes heat, UPPER FLAT- two bedroom, $350 pet month plus half utilities, security deposit, Outer Drivel Warren after 6p.m BUCKNGHAM. Mack, Lancaster. 4 bedrooms, Grosse POinte bedroom lower, stove, refrigerator, $ Schools, appliances, air, 3559 completely remodeled, BEDFORD. DETROT, two modern ktchen and bath bedroom, upper, $290 $600 plus security monthly plus heat, security deposit, references For rent or sale n1- Shown by appointment No ADC CADEUX- efficiency apartment, newly redecorated, carpeted, air conditoned, parking space, building well maintained dealone person or retiree, no pets CHATSWORTH near Warren Clean, 1 bedroom upper Carpeting, appliances, enclosed back porch $290 a month includes heat Ask for John, NEAR Grosse POinte, nice one bedroom upper, appliances $ NEAR Grosse POinte, very nice 2 bedroom lower, refinished floors, natural woodwork artlfic!al fireplace, appliances, $ ON Cadieux near NeWly decorated, bedroom duplex, ment, $425. Mack three base Also, off Cadieux and Mack, NEWL Y decorated, one lovely one bedroom apartbedroom apartment, ment Appliances Heat kitchen With appliances, mcluded. deal for profesdinning room, spacous slonal working mature livlngroom, With Simulated $365 f k t t person.. rep ace, wa ou err- Call Lavon ence, share use of base- men! and garage. $330 UPPER. clean, quiet 2 bedper month, heat ncluded, room With appliances no pets, call be tween 3 and 430 pm or -R-O-O-M-A-T-E-n-e-ed-ed-,-fo-r-tw-o between 730 bedroom duplex, female, and 9 pm. pleasant neighborhood CHALMERS- Jefferson, 1 near Grosse Pointe area bedroom, stove, refngera- $200 per month plus utllltor, $185, Senior Citizens ties n or WARREN Haverhill, 2 bed- WHY RENT? room flat, appliances, LBERAL LAND CONheat, rent to own, $400 TRACT TERMS on two HALF DUPLEXES Call for details APTS/FlATS/DUPlEX Detroit/Woyne County VERY nice modern 1 bedroom apartment, carpeted, air conditioned, parking Hoover Road near E. 7 Mlle. $270/ month APARTMENTS Alter Road, Just off East- Jefferson- Charmlf'lg four story elevator building SpaCOUSone and two bedrooms- Rent ncludes htlat, water, range and refrigerator- Near both bus lines- References and security Deposit required WALKER REALTY, LTD ONE bedroom, utilities, appliances, clean, quiet, Mack! Outer Drive area, DetrOit Side, starting at $ AL TER CharleVOX,Grosse POinte Side one bedroom $250 flcludes heat, , BALFOUR WARREN, 2 bedroom upper With formal dining room, and spacous vlflg room, $290 Call for appointment GULFORD/MACK -bedroom upper, heat-appliances ncluded, clean $ LOWER flat on Haverhill, hvmg and dining room, remodeled kitchen, 2 bedrooms With garage prlvelages. $325/ month plus electric and 1/2 heat and security deposit APTS/F1ATS/DUPLEX S.C.S/Macomb County OFF Nine Mile on Stewart, three bedroom house, garage, $525 Also, 12 Mile Road, one bedroom lower apartment. Heat included, WNDMLL POlnte/ Alter, JOHNSTONE & half duplex. $425/ month. JOHNSTONE deal for mature working g applications TW-O-b-ed-r-oo-m-u-p-pe-r,-ca-r- lady or retiree. $ pet n living room, nice LaVon's Rental and ONE bedroom apartment, and clean , Property Management Nottingham, second n floor Appliances, carpetlng, heat ncluded $275 CADEUX 2 bedroom apart- monthly ment, appliances, carpet lng, heat ncluded, no BEACONSFELD near pets, adults preferred, Grosse POinte Park 2 $400 per month. $200 bearoom upper 215, deposit _ prefer working adults, ref- M k erences necessary...,821-.ja.1;9ufl!" ee['1. ac 4386 and Warren, 6 room up per. $350/ month plus MOROSS/ 1-94nice lower 2 security deposit ncludes bedroom flat, utilities n- heal. deal for adults. clued $425 monthly 293- Call, leave message BSHOP/ Mack, 2 bedroom -C-O-U-R-V-l-L-E/-H-a-rpe-r-a-re-a, upper Mature Adults pre- 2 bedroom lower, newer ferred, references, secu- klchen, hardwood floors, rlty deposit Af- $325 plus security deter 7p m POSit, mmediate occu- SOMERSET. Harper, 4 pancy, after bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 5PM.. $450, option to buy H-A-V-ER-H--L-L--ca-rpe-ted-:---: bedroom lower, $375 plus HAVERHLL off Mack utilities after Clean 3 bedroom, natural 6p m fireplace, formal dining -C-O-U-R-V-L-L-E-.-4-roo-m-u-p-- $375 per month, $450 per, $300 a month. RefersecUrity after ences Ask for 6pm weekdays Anytime Mike weekends --:--: / Cadieux 1 bedroom NCE 2 bedroom upper, apartment, stove, refnger- Mack/ Cadieux Road ator, carpeted, heat narea, available mmedl- cluded, $320 per month ately, $350 per month n cludes heat, call = ext 432, JANUARY 1st. Secure, quiet, efficient studio Re- ONE bedroom funished condominimum, carport, air, $450, after 3, nolo bedrooms, baths, year lease, $585 monthly ncludes heatnegotiable ATTENTON EXECUTVES One and 2 bedrom apartments Completely furnished. Starting at $33 33 per day, one month minimum SENORS New one and two bedroom apartments City conveniences n rural setting. Model open, Woodland of Richmond Richmond, Michigan. NEW condominium 1/2 block from the lake. Llv, ng room With cathedral ceiling, formal dining room First floor features master bedroom Wth pnvate bath, whirlpool tub and stall shower 2 bedrooms and bath on second floor A very special Unit For your appolnment call CHAMPON & BAER KELLY/ Moross- 2 bedroom fngerator, microwave, brick, garage, fenced, no walk- n closet, new carapplianr:es $ pet, Levelors $ PROPERTY MANAGE MENT has several one JANUARY 1st Secu re, -C-O-U-R-V-L-L-E-- -5-r-00-m-:"lo-w-e-r, and two bedroom apartments, 48 new apart- quiet, efficient studio Re- fireplace, garage $325 fngerator, microwave, per month References ments, St Clair Shores walk- n closet, new car Ask for Mike and vacll1lly 772-QB31, pet, Levelors, $ PROFESSONAL Single UNVERSTY spotless 2- ALTER below Jefferson male Will appreciate the bedroom lower flat, recently decorated $350 Spacous 2 bedroom upper Basement, separate one bedroom upper Effi- privacy of this furnished monthly, plus security utilities, appliances, central air, 2 car garage, car- Mile between Mack and ciency eatmg area near 9 and utilities peling $300 a month Jefferson $375 Leave EastSide Management message or call YEAR AROUND Company after 6p m RESORT LVNG ON LAKE ST CLAR 70S VERY nice 1 bedroom, or can be made nto 2 bedroom, carpeting, appliances, deal for working Single or couple $290 plus secunty Nottingham and Chandler Park Dr, safe and secure BARLOW- GraMt, 2 bed. room, Senior Citizens, $300, option to buy EAST JEFFERSON near Alter n DetrOit, two and three bedrooms uppers, With utilities Fenced parking $300-$350 per month Security deposit, LOWER 2 bedroom, Bedford/ Chandler, carpet, appliances, very clean $ oc\.o\lb """-toj'>... i \..? "CUT t\"' An Adult Commul1lly BOA1WELLS ReSidents Dock At Your Door Step Private Boat Harbor CLUB BOATS For ReSident Use LAKEVEW Apartment Homes EAST JEFFERSON Man Fri 106 Sat & Sun 10.3 And By ApPOintment _ HOUSES FOR RENT Pointes / H.rper Woods ONE bedroom house/no basement, $325 month, plus utilities 5200 Rad. nor or N NCEST area of Grosse POinte Farms Small 3 bedroom Tudor style Hard wood floors, leaded glass Windows Call A COZY three bedroom, central ai', all appliances, new garage, $ GROSSE POinte Woods 3 bedroom Colonial, 1 1/2 baths, 2 car garage, fireplace, basement, stove and refrigerator, $700 plus SecUity. Available February 1st after 6PM 70S HOUSES FOR RENT Pointes/Harper Woods FARMS. Meticulous maintained three bedroum home. Two blocks off Lakeshore on quaint Culde-Sac Hardwood floors downstairs, fully carpeted upstairs Kitchen totally remodeled- new stove, refrlgeator, micro and dish. washer Full basement, garage $1,200 month plus secunty deposit TASTEFULLY decorated ThiS 3 bedroom brick ranch S perfect for young professionals On private court n Grosse Pomte Woods, near Schools and transportation Natural fireplace, dream kitchen With all appliances, formal dining room, 2 car ga. rage With opener, $950/ month plus security de- POSit FURNSHED 10-room rausc, L,nCQ,.., gcad January thru May Evenmgs GROSSE POinte Woods, 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, beautiful kitchen With stove, refrldgerator and dishwasher, large basement $875/ month plus security Available 10/15 Leave message at HOUSES FOR RENT Detroit /Wayne County 706 HOUSES FOR RENT Detroit/Wayne COU,nty DUCHESS, large 3 bedroom brick bungalow Formal dlfllng room, large kitchen, basement, 2 car garage Stove, refngera. tor ncluded $450 per month $500 secunty References Available December 15th, MOROSS Kelly area Three bedroom bungalow, basement, garage, $475 Also, Morass near Kelly Two bedroom duplex newly decorated $425 Others not listed LaVon's Rental and Property Management SMALL house, 3 Mile near Warren, 2 bedrooms, ap pilances, carpeting, 2 car garage, $425 a month plus utilities EGHT MLE! Hayes 3 bed- "80iS, 2 :;:lths,,a;-d.: fireplace, finished basement, 2 car garage, all appliances $540 plus se cunty Leave message, HAVERHLL off Mack Clean 3 bedroom, natural fireplace, formal dining $375 per month, $450 secunty after 6pm weekdays Anytime weekends RENTAL from first week n January to final week n BEAUTFUL large 3 bedroom, 2 lav, completely May (possibly flexlble)- Grosse POinte Woods, redecorated $450/ month executive home, 4 bed. Hereford/ Mack Great rooms, 3 1/2 baths, formal dining room, family area KELLY/ Moross two bedrooms, clean, carpet, room, tlrst floor laundry Furnished, $1,850 month fenced, garage, $375 plus utilities Adults preferred, no pets CHAMPON & BAER, NC SHORT term or lease, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 1,800 sq ft South schools $925/ month HARPER WOODS- three bedroom brick house, basement, newly decorated, very nsulated Two car garage Prime location Close to churchs, schools and 194 $550 monthly HARPER WOODS, 4 bedroom house, finished oasement, garage. Adults preferred, no pets Call after 4p.m t:lkhart,two bedroom, basement, garage, remodeled, new carpeting, new furnance $650 a month Andary FOUR bedrooms, 3 baths, Grosse Pomte Schools, appliances, finished basement FURNSHED or unfurnished Wood burning fireplace, family room, appliances NOTRE DAME, 2 bedrooms, freplace, appliances, garage, Village, $ THREE bedroom ranch, natural fireplace, kitchen appliances, prime Grosse POinte Woods neighborhood $800/ month plus secunty deposit mmediate occupancy YORKSHRE- beautiful 3 bedroom house Garage SecUrity system $ THREE bedroom good condition, good neighborhood Available January 1st $500 a month , Balfour, Colonial newly, tastfully decorated, 3 large bedroorf'ls, family room, sun room 1 1/2 baths, $ COLLNGHAM, 3 bedroom bungalow n finest area of Detroit $460/ month plus utilities Call for appointment SEVEN Mile/ Mack area, 5231 Ashley 3 plus bedrooms $450 Call Jim KouklOS, Jim Saros Agency SPACOUS 3 bedroom Colonial,, new kitchen, appliances, ga rage One block from Grosse Pomte $ EDMORE near Kelly 3 be'droom house, basement, carpeting 1 car garage $450 a month EastSide Management Company MACK/ Cadieux area, Mmneapolis Cozy 2 bedroom home on a pnvate street $350 Ask for Jim KouklOS, Jim Saros Agency TWO bedroom house for rent $250 rent, $200 security Near Grosse POinte Call after 7p m MORANG KELL Y, three bedroom, finished basement With bar, $ BUY OR LEASE custom built bnck Cape Cod 3 bedroom 1 1/2 baths Dining room, 1 1/2 car garage DevonShire near Grosse Pomte Contract $24, Call before 8a m or after 9pm LANSDOWNE near Morang. 3 bedroom house, basement, carpeting, 2 car garage $400 a month EastSide management Company, HARVARD- gorgeous 3 bedroom Colonial, family room, fireplace, new kitchen, all appliances, carpet, Levelors mmaculate Must see, $ HOUSES FOt RENT. S.C.S./Macomb County ST Clair Shores Newer 3 bedroom bnck ranch, 2 car attached garage, on canal, Maple $825 plus secunty mmediate occupancy HOUSES WANTED TO RENT POLCE Officer's family seekll1g house to rent n DetrOit St Johns or 8/ Kelly area DETROlr Policeman and family needs 3 bedroom home With dll1mgroom St John's, 8 mile Kelly area Will take excellent care of your home mmediate occupancy TOWNHOUSES/CONDOS FOR RENT LAKESHORE Village 2 bedroom Townhouse, carpeted, air appliances afternoons GROSSE POinte City Large 1 bedroom condo, rent ncludes heat central air, laundry facilities mmedl ate occupancy $550/ month Lea',e RVERA Terrace one bed room one bath pool club house sauna Avail able January 1st Call for an appointment evenings FULL Y furnished 111 Grosse POinte City large' 1 bed room condo, heat and central Cllr ncluded n rent, brll1g your e;ultcase and move n DSNEY, seven minute's away One or two bed room rondo two baths sleeps 8 Many amemlies Available February 6 thru 13th CALL N EARLY THURSDAY frday MONDAY 714 LVNG Q EllS TO SHARE YOUNG ProfeSSional female looking for same to share house Neff near Grosse POinte Village Leave message ROOMMATE to share home n Grosse Pomte Woods All you need S bedroom furniture Refer. ences and security de. POSit required Call Judy MALE non smoker, full kitchen and laundry PriVileges St Clair Shores BOARDER Moral, non. dnnk, smoke drugs after 6 PARK- Male roommate, $1751 utilities NON- smoking professional female Wishes to share 2 bedroom house n, M r ""..."', U v.:>tj r uu ll \.,..lolly..pc:.vvi month Plus 1/2 utilities and security deposit Available mmediately Days Evenings, GROSSE POinte ideal for employed female roommate, $350 ncludes utilities OFFCES/COMMERCAL FO RENT AVALABLE- 400 square feet of office space, $300 a month ,500 SQUARE Feet, professional office space, very convenient location, mmediate occupancy, rate has Just been reduced, Call broker OFFCE in Grosse POinte Woods Real Estate investment company has small office available, $200/ month mcludlng heat, electnclty Secretar- al services available 8 hours per week, $10 per hour N THE VLLAGE Across from Jacobsons, second floor, Windowed, 3 room SUite, office or spe- Cialty retail 1-94 NEAR ALLARD Two room SUite, pnvate lav, good parkmg MACK NEAR VERNER Two 1%8te5,total 4,400 t 2 Months free rent on half or all Large pnvate offices, ample clerical space Occupancy 90 days FSHER MEWS Two room SUite, two Single offices, answermg service possible ON THE HLL Two Single offices, second floor, Windows VRGNA S JEFFRES Realtor LEASE 1,000 square feet plus basement nice strip center, Tech Center Area 8296 Twelve Mile near Van- Dyke TWO Grosse POinte Woods offices available January 1st, 1988 Can be rented together or individually All utilities ncluded $1438 sq ft or $2351 month each Located on Mack between 7 and 8 mile call SMALL office East Warren Answering and secretarial service available HARPER 9 Mile up to 6,500 sq t Will remodel to SUite, plenty of parkmg, Andary OFFCE building available for lease January , square reet of space n the Grosse POinte Woods- Mack Ave area Ask for Mlcheal or Phyllis at N THE VLLAGE Pnme office space for lease Each lower level unit includes utilities Exclude retail sales $260 each/ month (F-80KER) SCHWETZER REAL ESTATE BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS SMALL office, East Warren answermg and secretanal service avail able OFFCE BULDNG for rent or e;ale East Warrenl UniverSity, Grose;e Pomte Arpa 2,500 square feet. em rondllloned will re modeled for long term Medical, Dental, Fmanclal sales Bill Yolt After 4p m _OFFCES/COMMERCAL. FORRENT SMALL Retail space avail. able Kercheval on the hili ATTENTON New BUlsnesses locating 10 'Kerby Place or 131 Kercheval' office buildings can outfit you With new office equlptment- only the best l Copiers, Memory writers, Desk top Publishmg Your exclusive Xerox representative Call Pat Kaczmarek, Grosse POinte Farms 'ON THE HLL' Office space for lease 400 square feet Carpeted, heal/ air ncluded Janl' tonal service bl-weekly Space available approxi mately January 1st KENNEDY BUilding, 194/ Eight Mile, opposite East. land shoppmg center COLONAL NORTH, St Clair Shores, 11 1/2 and Harper, square feet, air condlllonlng carpeted, Jamtor, reasonable and TROY, 1600 square feet, pnme corner, Maple, 230 car parking, carpeted, air conditioning, $1,000 per month and ROOMS FOR RENT FEMALE roommate needed to share house, Grosse POinte area Reasonable rent Call between 9a m to 4 30p m CLEAN, quiet home Male over 40- must be same Sleeping room Employed Call before 6PM Weekly plus deposit TOWNHOUSE Fort Meyers, 2 bedroom 2 bath, ;'lvail able January March April No smokers no pete; ,., BE WSE. ADVERTSE CALL VACATON lental FLORDA 11C HUTCHNSON LAND AtlantiC Ocean beach front North of Stuart LUXUriously furnished 2 bedroom suite Heated pool, JaCUZZ, SaUl1q, shuffle, tennis, phone, cable , CHRSTMAS at Disney World Your family at our clean 2 bedroom condo CHRSTMAS With class at Marco sland 2 bedroom condo at South Seas East SANBEL sland, luxurloljs 2-bedroom, 2 bath Condos on Gulf All amenities flch..dlng pool and tennis Weekly Florida Resort Condominiums WEST COAST Beachfront From $315 Weekly CALL TOLL FREE POMPANO Beach, 1 block to Ocean, spacous,luxurious, 1 bedroom apartment Could sleep VACATON RENTAL OUT OF STAn. ASPEN/ Snowmass, modern condo, 15 miles from slopes, 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 baths, hide-a-bed Rent directly from owners 1/2 the price as on the moun. taln ChOice dates available, including Holidays SK VALE, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, beautiful Condo, take schuttle, 1 mile to Gondola, Call Mary or Phil CLEAN, quiet home Male 723 VACATON- RENTAL over 40- must be same NORTHERN MCHGAN Sleeping room. Em- HARBOR Springs- winter ployed Call before 6PM rentals, 3 bedroom condo Courville and Warren near skng resorts 293- area (safe neighborhood) Weekly plus deposit 885- _ 3039 BOYNE HGHLANDS GROSSE Pomte Employed bedroom condo Reasonable Christmas week non-smoker Call Monday thru Friday available _ :-- ROOM TO RENT, kitchen HARBOR Springs Condo, sleeps 8, downhill crospnvlleges, launtlry!aelh- scountry /882- ties, male only $325 per month One month secu ,.- _ nty depost, HARBOR 'Spnngs three bedroom, 2-1/2 bath GROSSE POinte Park, large beautifully equipped room, pnvate bath, prl- condo Accommodates vate entrance, has refng- eight Boyne Highlands, era tor and microwave Nubs nearby Weekend oven $350 ncludes utlli- and mid-week ties and mens. Adult HARBOR Springs Manageworking male preferred ment Co Offering 4 lux ury condominium resorts. 721 VACATON RENTAL located Within 6 miles of florda Boyne Highlands, Nubs HOBE Sound 5 minutes Nab and Little Traverse from Ocean, lovely 2 Raquet Club The resorts story townhouse, 2 bedroom 2 bath, comlpetely health spas, all have fire- feature ndoor pool and furnished, golf, swimplaces, reservations most ming, tennis To rent With option to buy POMPONO BEACH, elegant two bedroom, twcj bath, available January, February, March $1,800 monthly BED and BREAKFAST DRECTLY on Sarasota Bay. St Armands area Near sandy beaches, private bedroom, bath, private entrance plus T V Double $55 per night Call NAPLES 2 bedroom condo, completely furnished large pool, JaCUZZ,close to excellent shopping, restaurants, beaches, available January, March, April Photos available VACATON Rentals- Siesta Key, 2 and 3 bedroom fully furnished, completely equipped condos Heated 0001, tennis courts, boat docks Walk to shopping and restaurants 10% off m January Call for brochure, (813) VERO Beach- ocean beachfront, heated pool, 2 bedrooms 2 full baths, ten. nls saunas CLEARWATER Beach 440 West, 2 bedroom, 2 bath Luxury Condo on GUlf, 90 minutes to Disney World after 6 pm seasons two nights minimum, Chnstmas Holidays, 3 nights minimum, summer, 1 week minimum Make a reservation from now till December 25th The first 2 weeks of January, or after March 10th and recleve free mghts For rental or salee; nformation call M or or wnte 1231 U S -31 North Petoskey, M HARBOR Springs/ Petoskey, LakeSide club condo, townhouse rental for Chnstmas season Call Heminger Pederson Realty nc COLONAL NN HARBOR SPRNGS M Open for ski season December 26, special Chnst. mas plans including meals, weekend plans from $7900 Luxury suites With fireplaces, mdoor spa entertainment, fine dinning SUGARLOAF Mountain Traverse City, 3 bedroom, 3 bath condos At base of hili Night sklmg re>staurant, swimming Bob Bill After 5p m HARBOR SPRNGS PETOSKEY Fully furnished one, two and three bedroom condominiums available for Christmas/ski season rental Seven beautiful developments to choose from Close to Boyne Mountain, Nub's Nob and Boyne Highlands. Call Carol Parker at for reservatons. GARBER REALTY,NC. \

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54 12C 723 AC.lTON RENTAl NOlTHERN MCHGAN PETOSKEY Boyne area condo SXbedrooms, two kitchens Gall after 6p m SHOWPLACE Chalet on Lake near Cadillac, lovely rooms! suite, available for bed & breakfast or American plan December 25th till December 30th Ski Caberfee or Crystal Also entire chalet available week or weekend from January 3rd on BOYNE COUNTRY famlly chalet. 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, fireplace, 30 minutes from all types skng, by week or weekend Available after January 10th , HARBOR Springs Birchwood Close to Boyne Highlands By owner discount or BOYNE Country, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath ranch home, on Walloon Lake 6 miles S of petoskey Sleeps 10, fireplace, by weekends or week Days , evenings, BOYNE HGHLANDS, luxurious chalet overlooking ski area, 5 bedroom, 3 bath, fireplace, all conveniences, available weekends! weekly Call anytime PETOSKEY Boyne- directly on Little Travers Bay Very private 3 bedroom, 2 bath Chalet with fireplace, stereo, d!shwasher, microwave, sleeps 9. AvaJiable ChrStmas thru New Years NEWLY decorated house overlooking Boyne Moun. taln and Deer lake, accommodates 4 comfortably $30 per day per person after 5 LUXURY CONDO completely equipped, fire. place, Harbor Springs, Petosky Area, minutes from ski lodge, reasonable rates. Reserve now. Days , evenings tt-va A l!oneritual RESORTS GRAND Traverse Resort, luxury condo on golf course, sleeps four, rent direct from owner, save a lot HOUSES FOR SALE REAL Estate Agents nterested n higher commis- Sions, more control over marketing your listing? We have several programs that could be of interest to experienced realator associates For confldentlal discussion call Robert Damman Damman, Palms, Queen Realtors LARGE one bedroom upper flat, Whittier near 1-94 Stove, refrigerator, ncluded Laundry room Storage space, private parking $17,000, , BEAUTFUL 5 bedroom Tudor On Mile Dn..e $198,000 Qualified buyers only FOR sale by owner Two family ncome, 5/5 Cash Only $18, Chatsworth BUYNG OR SELLNG A HOUSE Will prepare all legal documents, $200 complete Also Wills, probate and ncorporatons Evening and weekend appointments THOMAS P WOLVERTON, ATORNEY GROSSE POinte Woods, 3 bedroom aluminum colonial, 1 1/2 baths, fireplace, full basement, as S $60,000 or wrth new kitchen, carpeting, and many other upgrades, $109,000 Ask for Bob McKenZie Century 21 McKenZie m.1010 TWO family ncome to live or nvest n Lei the tenants pay the mortgage! '74,900. THE HAPPY homel Bright and cheery Wth cozy fireplace 80 that Santa can bring you all those nce presents '72,900. HENDRCKS and ASSOCates, nc t 300 HOUSES for SAlf, ' : GROSSE POinte Woods 2,500 square foot center entrance colonial Situated on a large lot Three bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, family room, large kitchen, sun room, With attached deck $237, BUY OR LEASE custom built brick Cape Cod 3 bedroom baths Dning room, 1 1/2 car garage Devonshire near Grosse POinte Contract $24, Call before 8a m or atter 9pm DETROT'S BEST BUYS Cozy 2 bedroom aluminum ranch n great neighborhood New furnace and electric, new carpet, newer roof, appliances 0% down, only $17,500 Super sharp 3 bedroom bilc bl..lngojvn.ll r...0uj.s.s: 1.94 area New furnace, new roof, new carpet, beautiful decor, mmediate occupancy Only $32,900, 0% down Stieber Realty n SEVERN Road, center entrance Colonial, with family room, three bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, new kitchen, With built-ins, new central air and furnace, Pella Windows, sky lights, three walk-n closets, $145,000 Open Sunday 2-5p m N The Village, Notre Dame, Grosse POinte, 2 bedrooms, aluminum, fireplace, appllanced, full basement, garage, Wide lot, $68, , MORANG! Beaconsfield- 3 bedroom btlck, garage. Exceptional condition, $31,000 $10,000 assumes 8-112% mortgage, $307 monthly or land contract ST. CLAR SHORES Sharp 3 bedroom brick ranch, in prime area, aluminum trim, 2 1/2 car garage, fu\ basement, pos- Sible short term Land Contract. Only $67,500 EAST DETROT!'lce 3 bedroom bnck ranch, in super area, full basement, huge lot, mmediate possession, Land Contract Terms, a good value at $54,900. S1. CLAR SHORES Spotless three bedroom ranch on quiet dead-end street. Completely remodeled With newer kitchen, bath, carpet and drapes, mmediate occupancy, very nice Only $39,900 Stieber Realty ns-4900 GROSSE PONTE WOODS Three bedroom bungalow, large kitchen, finished basement, Side dnve garage, first offenng Terms available qualified buyer 1725 Allard, three bedroom brick Colonial, 1 1/2 bath, large kitchen, formal din- ng, living room, natural fireplace, also family room ConSidered Land Contract Open Sunday KELLY BULDNG CO WOODS- New Castle, 4 bedroom ColOnial, den, new kitchen, family room, central air Wilcox Realtors t Clair Shores AV's and extra cars welcome ThiS 3 bedroom brick ranch offers more parking, 2 car garage, finished basement, central air and much more' See t today CENTURY 21 AVD n8-81oo GROSSE POinte Farms. 208 Fisher Road 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, new kitchen, family room, new decor Open Sunday 2-5p m or GROSSE Pomle Woods 6 bedrooms, 4 baths, 3 car garage No realtors FARMS- CalVin, mmaculate 5 bedroom cape cod, 2 full baths, large kitchen Wilcox Realtors GROSSE PONTE Farms, prime location, Memweather Road, three bedroom ColOnial, 2,000 square feet central air, Anderson Windows, BY OWNER, make this 4 bedroom, formal dining room, FlOrida room, partially finished basement, your new home for Christmas, Grosse POinte School system Recently decorated :- \. 300 HOUSES FOR SALE 300 HOUSES FO SALE 101 COMNERCAL BULDNGS 802 COMMERCi1l PROPERTY 33 CONDOS/ Af'TS/flATS GROSSE Pointe Woods, NORTH of 7 Mile on 1993 Country Club Drive, Pelkey By Owner Super mmaculate center en- clean custom built 3 bedtrance colonial, 3 bed. room bungalow, 1 1/2 room, 2 1/2 car garage, bath, finished basement, new furnace, carpeting, alarm systeml central air, many extras, Just reduced ncludes some appliances to $120,000 Call 881- and more, oversized 1 1/ 8664 evenings for ap- 2 car garage, electric polntment door opener Priced low St. CLAR Shores quality _30_'_5_83_9-6_184 _ built one owner bnck home n St Joan of Arc Parish Three bedrooms, dining room, fireplace, spacous kitchen, tiled basement, attached garage Excellent condition CENTURY 21 AVD n8-81oo FOR sale by owner, 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath Cape Cod With family room, large country size kitchen, all rooms are spacous,2 car attached garage, nicely land. dptlo clllo rf1vooodl.:kyard, no agents, $137, EXCEPTONAL 4 bedroom, 1 1/2 baths, Grosse POinte Woods home, 24' kitchen, 2 fireplaces, bay Window, family room, many extras, must see CHARMNG 3 bedroom Cape Cod With extensive remodeling n Grosse POinte. Near schools, shopping and transportation. Please call between 3p m - 7p.m OPEN HOUSE Sunday 11 to 3 By owner. 5 bed. room colonial, uniquely situated on double lot in The Farms, $257, Touraine GROSSE PONTE WOODS HOLLYWOOD near Mack, excellent bnck ranch, two bedrooms, Flonda room, dining L, finished paneled basement, garage, vacant, must sell KESSLER TH YEAR ANNVERSARY GROSSE POinte Woods, 2009 Oxford, beautifully maintained, 2 bedroom, ranch with family room, convenient attached garage, fireplace. Carpetmg, pamt, wallpaper, itlsljiation, wood deck, professionally landscaped, all added Within 3 years. $96,900. Open Sunday FRST OFFERNG Charming Gross POinte Farms home, set on a beautiful landscaped lot, featunng 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, many newer and updated features ncluding central air Call for details JOHN E PERCE & ASSOC NC OPEN SUNDAY 2344 STANHOPE Grosse POinte Woods Three bedroom ranch n excellent condition, $89,900 mmediate occupancy. Carol Pollina SCHWETZER THREE bedroom house, Harper Woods area, 1 car garage, near shopping and elementary ochool, mid 40's please call , days, or KELLY BULDNG CO. o C KELLY BULDER Quality Remodeling Andersen Replacement Windows and Doors Additions for all types Custom Garages LCENSED - NSURED 5527 Balfour ColOnial Newly, tasuully decorated 3 large bedrooms, family room, sun room, 1 1/2 baths, extras, $34, No brokers FRST OFFERNG WOODBRDGE EAST CONDOS Between 8 and 9 Mile on Beaconsfield, St Clair Shores FARFAX upper Unit, 5 rooms, 2 baths, central air, appliances Private basement storage clubhouse, pool and security guard. CARTER unit, 5 rooms, 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, centraf air, appliances, new carpeting draperies, c1utr house, pool, sel:utlty guard PETTNE REAL TV HARPER Cadieux, lovely brick 3 bedroom, basement, garage, Priced to sell, Andary OXFORD n Grosse POinte, 1,400 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, brick, flfeplace, hardwood floors, fmlshed basement, 1 1/2 car garage, fenced yard $89, ask for Dan GROSSE PONTE MOVNG AND STORAGE COMPANY Reasonable Rates Reliable ServCe local 8< lvng D.":anc,,, Free Estimates EXECUTVE RENOVATED office build. 109, 6,000sq ft several private offices. Passenger elevator, full basement. Perfect for vanety of uses and available mmediately $325,000 Call Jim Saros Agency HARPER Woods, 1,600 square feet, 1/2 basement, remodeled throughout, new roof and furnace, lease, good mcome, assume or Land Contract terms Andary WOODS- Mack, 1,500 square foot building, 2 lavs, central air, for office or retrall WELL Established business located n downtown Marme City Busmess and real property ncluded nventory can be ourchased separately Excellent location Call for details J A Bachlar Real Estate RESDENCE ThiS move-m condition estate size five bedroom residence S located on Three Mile Drive n Grosse POinte Park ncluded are such amenities as central air, three fireplaces, fire alarm system, built-in stereo system and slate patios, one covered and screened ThiS beautiful home S n a superb settmg of mature trees and newer landscaping. ThiS almost one acre setting S fully sprlnklered This beautiful home Soffered at S335,OOO. RESDENCE OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 NOT A HOME FOR EVERYONE OFFCE FLEETWOOD, HARPER WOODS First offering by owner. Well maintained. Grosse POinte brick Bungalow. Grosse Pomte Schools, updated kitchen, new roof, storms and screens, newer furnace, new electrical service, natural fireplace and FlOrida room ' Phone: Complete Home nspections nc. o Jr pre-purchase home inspection may save you a lifetime of problems and expense nspectlons performed n accordance With American Society of Home nspectors guide lines mmediate written report Call today for a free brochure or to schedule inspection 1018 THREE MLE DRVE '550,000 The. quality and elegance of old With the convenience of new Newly landscaped lot, 132x250 foot With pool and greenhouse. Eal-n Mut. schier's kitchen, bar and pantry ntricately carved oak and walnut pannellng throughout. Pewab,c ttle:!bathrooms Unique fmlshed basement offers a pub with full wet bar By appointment only 'j,oe tv,> NS6'tON tjo.<,l ""c A.l"t:.:J Before you buy you should know exactly what to expect A professional property nspeclion by our Licensed nspectors will give you peace of mind and finan- Cial protection 1875 Roslyn Grosse POinte Woods Serving Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties Our nspeclor, '01ow gurde nes sel bl Amc C2n Sac el, of Home n,pectors and s code 01 Elh cs.::' BUSNESS AND NVESTMENT PROPERTES ExclUSVely SALES-LEASES EXCHANGES Virginia S Jeffries, Realtor CONDOS/ APTS/ flats HARRSON Township, brand new hidden cove Ranch Condos, on beautiful Lake St Clair 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and many deluxe features Starting at $14D,900 With optional boat wells available Models open dally and Sunday 1 p m to 5 p m Closed Thursdays Call for more information Brokers welcome Sales by Shorewood E R Brown Realty LAKESHORE Village Condo Townhouse 2 bedroom, 1 bath, basement, clubhouse With pool $63, , MORAVAN Meadows End Ranch style condo, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,600 sq t many extras $129, GROSSE Pomte, condomlilium, 1 bedroom, Grosse POinte Villa, Mack, (near Cadieux) Owner, $ nformation ,,'DS farms 20 ACRES of land With a Farms house Asking $ or offer Pinckney Michigan, , call aher 6p m '106.flORDA PtOPERTY BOCA Raton, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, carpeted, fans, washer and dryer, 7"(l()(l no "Q" SALE: By owner 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo at South Sea East- Marco sland Newly decorated Mld-Tlse, third floor, balcony overlooking clam bay and sunset Priced right fo nvestment Call Tony NEW ranch condos, located m St Clair Shores, close to Jefferson, 2 bedroom ranch unit, private entrance, attached garage, NAPLES/MARCO SLE brand new Units, choice Own or rent m Flordl8's Gulf of colors, starting at Coast Paradise $73,900 Ask for Bob CALL GLORA PHLLPS McKenZie Century McKenZie m.l010 KERSEY- QUADE REALTY NCOME- 5 and 4, good transpotatlon, near schools, olce family home ANNOUNCNG LakeView Club Million dollar view and live nght on Lake St Clair. You can now own a brand new custom 2500 square foot home With 2 car garage for the price of a waterfront lake lot Located on East Jefferson at Mile For more informaton, GOLF course view raised ranch. Premium 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,000 square foot with attached garage, $104,500. Diana Bartolotta, Century 21 Kee WARREN Haverhill. 5/5 income property, assuma; ble, must sell CO-OP Morang, 1 bedroom upper unit, appliances, carpeting, move n condition, $12,500 Metro East Realty ST. CLAR SHORES Beautifully decorated one bedroom adult apartment condo Appliances. Low monthly fee Assume land contract and save. Spacous 2 bedroom apartment condo. PTivate basement CENTURY 21 AVD n LAKESHORE Village Just listed Edsel Ford Remodeled 3 bedroom, $69,900 Diana Bartolotta, century 21 Kee NVESTMENT PtOtElTY ATENTON Doctors nves. tors 20 bed home for Senior Citizens, adult congregate living by beautiful Lake Huron, With park settings Valued at $350,000 Will sell for $150,000 and lease back for 5 years Option to buy back, 24% annual return on nvestment LAKE/RVEt HOMES ST CLAR SHORES ThiS custom 3 bedroom Canal ranch S great for entertaining Cathedral ceilings, family room and rec room OverSized, attached garage Central a,i, 5Jflnkier system and lots more CENTURY 21 AVlD ARZONA 'GREEN VELLEY' Beautiful, Adult/Retirement communltyl Call or wnte for complete nfo Packagel New sales- resalecommercial hometownl J.H. Realty Associates 241 W. Esperanza P.O. 995 Green Valley, AZ 'Jane' B. Horton Ownerl Broker. (602) RMLS St Clair Shores canal great 3 bedroom brick ranch for MARYSVLLE AREA (7 entenalnlngl Guest Will Miles South of Port Hu. enjoythe Circle dnve, sparon) Do you love your COUS kltchen- family home but need the carefree Joom, fireplace, and ca- lifestyle of condo liv- thedral ceilings Lots of ng? Let me show you other better living features this elegant 3 bedroom too $169,500 condo featuting formal CENTURY 21 AVD dining room, family room n8.b100 Wth natural fireplace Wth '113 NORTHERNMCHGAN', nsert, 2TX27' master HOMES '" bedroom Wth bath, 1/2 lav off foyer, walk-out HGGNS Lake 3 bearoorn basement, and balcony 1 1i2 bath q, '" lilkc (' With sliding doors from cess LH',).' family room and kitchen $52000 )"7.,.1 $99,500 (M-S82) CAli Joyce SedWck at SCHWETZER REAL ESTATE BETER HOMES AND GARDENS TWO BEDROOM condo n Harper Woods, beautifully decorated, freshly painted, parquet kitchen floor, large master bedroom, triple tack windows, call for more mformatlon LUXURY Condominium Balfour Square, ground floor, pato, car- port One bedroom With extra size rooms and bath Private basement all appliances $61, , LBERAL LAND CONTRACT TERMS Two 'easy to own' HALF DUPLEXES offeting 2 bedrooms, quick occupancy and many newer features Call for details JOHNSTONE & JOHNSTONE GROSSE PONTE MOVNG AND STORAGE COMPANY Reasonable Rates Reliable Service Local & long Distance Free Estimates December 10, leal ESTATE WANTED PRVATE party seeks 6-12 Unit apartment building n northeast area Evenings CASH FOR HOMES Servmg Area Smce 1938 STEBER REAL TV BUSNESS OPPORTUNTES BEAUTY Salon for sale for amblous operator Box 36184, Grosse POinte M AMERCAN SPEEDY Print shop for sale 100% or 50% ownership available Present operator Willing to remam With new owner Excellent opportunity for sales orientated ndividual Call WANTED. $90,000- :1>100,000 tor 10 years, 9% (collateral is first leln on prime Grosse POinte commercial building, min- mum value $150,000) Top credit references available Call , ask for Gale DRAPERY WORK room, established business for sale, machines and tables, 2 years old Palazzolo and Assoc ALUMNUM SDNG EASTLAND ALUMNUM PRODUCTS Siding, trim, roofing, seamless gutters, storm doors and Windows, railings, aluminum shutters, porch enclosures Free cour. teous estimates Office/Showroom Harper S C.S n4-() APPLANCE SERVCE CALL GEORGE NUTTO APPLANCE Washer - Dryer Service Vacuum Service and Safes Used Stoves-Refrigerators en WE SELL REBULT WASHERS AND DRYERS ASEMEn' W"TERtROOflNG Jl-ji o APPLANCE REPAR SERVCE Washers Dryers Dishwashers Disposals Refrigerators Microwaves No Service Charge f Repaired Guaranteed Parts and samce Goo StulblSlncf> 1965 ''905 AUTO/TUCK REPAt, DOC'S APPLANCE SERVCE Fast, CUrtOUS,profeSSional service Washers Dryers DiShwashers Refrigerators Ranges Garbage DSposals Microwaves More RAY S FOREGN CAR GARAGE We service any and all foreign cars specializing n Mercedes, Volvo, VW, English and Japanese vehicles 42 years experience free pick-up and delivery, 8-6 pm Monday Friday 8-noon Saturday , East Warren AUTO MechaniC certified, 30 years experience Will work for cash, reasonable prices Your place or mine Bud, AMERCAN BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG Low Prices Free Estimates 10 Year Guarantee LCENSED * FULLY NSURED Senior Citizen Discount

55 +L ', December 10, BASEMENT.. WATERPROOFNG CAPZZO CONST. BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG WALLS STRAGHTENED AND REPLACED DONE RGHT 10 YEAR GUARANTEE LCENSED NSURED TONY A.L. STREMERSCH CEMENT CONTRACTOR Cement Driveways Patios Brickwork Basement Waterproofing Steps Tuck POinting No job too small Free estimates SPECALZNG N DRVEWAYS AND BAEMENT WATERPROOFNG LCENSED A.R. CODDENS ESTABLSHED 1924 All types of basement waterproofing 15 year guarantee References MKE GESER CEMENT CONT. Specializing n Waterproof- ::1g and OutSide City VOlations Free Estimates AQUA-STOP Wet Basement Company Leaky basement repairs Without digging LFETME WARRANTY HOURS STOP THOSE LEAKS FERLTO CONST GUARANTEED WATERPROOFNG BRCK/BLOCK WOK BRCKWORK TUCK PONTNG PORCHES AND CHMNEYS REBULT AND REPARD CAULKNG ADVANCJp MANTENANCE EAST WARREN THOMAS KLENER MASON CONTRACTOR BRCK BLOCK AND STONE Porches, Chimneys, Steps, Walks, PatiOS, Tuckpolnt- ng CONCRETE BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG A1 WORK BRCK and cement repairs Porches, chimneys, tuck pointing Experienced Reasonable Neat work nsured Seaver's BRCK work Small Jobs, tuck POinting, chimney, porches, Violations repaired Reasonable BRCK repairs, porches, fireplaces, chlmneys- 36 years experience , UllDNG/EMODELNG AttiCS Porch Enclosures Additions & Kitchens Commercial BUildings SUnON CONSTRUCTON BRYSON SUTTON 1324 Bedford FFE BULDERS New Construction Maintenance Alterations Quality Additions Basement Remodeling garages Custom Decks Resldenlial Commercial Licensed - nsured BRAN FFE JOHN'S HOME REMODELNG Kitchens baths, additions, dormers, drywall, plaster repairs all home repairs LCENSED BULDER REMODELNG kitchens, baths basement, attics nstall doors ceramic tile, al1lck nsulation, drywall Plaster and repairs Free estimates ULDNG/REMODELNG GENERAL HOME mprovement, carpentry, porches, steps, doors, ree rooms, drywall, plaster repair, painting, CARPENTER work, panell- ng, partitions, doors cut, repairs, small jobs DOUGLAS SHAW HOME RENOVATON Remodeling or Repairs Almost Any Need Done- Kitchen, Bath, Rec Rooms, Library, Smalt Joos Welcome QUality S First Call COSENTNO CONSTRUCTON New Construction and Repairs Additions, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Porches, Decks, Doors, Windows 15 YEARS EXPERENCE FREE ESTMATES HADLEY HOME MPROVEMENT NC. COMPLETE REMODELNG SERVCE Kitchen-Baths Additions-Porches Attlc/Rec Rooms Aluminum SldlngfTnm Gutters/Down Spouts Roofing/Shingles/Hot Tar Storm Windows/Doors Aluminum Siding and Gutter Cleaning Fences/Repairs of alf kinds Licensed and nsured EASTVEW ALUMNUM, NC. ALCOA PRODUCTS AWnings- Sidings Combination Storms Screens-Doors-Roofing Seamless Gutters B.F. Goodrich VinylA Products MACK AVE. NEAR ADEUX DETROT, Ml Years Exp. L1C & nsured SEE SHOWROOM MODERNZATON M.T. CHARGOT BULDNG CO. PERSONAllY DESGNED Kltc..fJen- AttCS, _ Baserr,erls - Porches * Bathrooms - Rec Rooms Outdoor d'ckenvronments CUSTm CRAFTED Cabinets - Formica Woodworklng.tnm work Replacement Windows * ntenor - Exte lor Doors FULLY L1CEN',ED AND NSURED GENERAL HOME REPAR Free Estimates ad building CD. r QUALTY REMODELNG AT A FAR PRCE EXPERT CARPENTRY SERVCE Call DANEL HAMPTON FOR FREE ESTMATE ULDNG /REMODElNG REMODELNG SPECALSTS AJdltlons Dormers Kitchens. Baths Garages, Porches Aluminum- RoWing, Secur.lyAla'rrns REPLACEMENT. Windows. -- Doors. Since 1923 'SWEENEY BROTHERS c, ' BARKER CONTRACTORS Modernization,Alterations Additions Family Rooms Kitchens & Recreatton Areas JAMES BARKER CARPENTRY BLL'S Carpentry- Painting Repairs, additions, remodeling Licensed BUilder CARPENTER - small, large jobs 32 years expenence Licensed FORMCA KTCHEN COUNTER TOPS AND VANTES CORAN CABNETS EDWARD VANOSTAEYEN 839-Q4244P5znp2 WE DO CARPE\JTRY Village Lock and Home Repair Company Mack Grosse Pn'nlp F;:Hms )]3 'CUSTOM HOME REPARS. RoUen Window cords. Doors. Jams. porches. Windows. b<lsernenls. attics. gar<lges. fences. Work. alone BLL N Tuesday s Classified Deadline Call Thurs., Fri., Mon ULDJNG/EMODElNG ALBERT D. THOMAS, NC. We are General Contractors One call takes care of all your problems DeSign service available or we will work With your Architect or nterior decorator ESTABLSHED RESDENTAL COMMERVCAL lcensed NSURED BULDNG AND RENOVATON ADDTONS Rel10dellng kitchen and b'lths cuslv) ( 1b nr "V and trim GUY DeBOER BULDER Specl8/llfng n qu,lty custom work at afford,b/ pncs ADDTONS-KiTCHENS.BATHROOMS R.D. Priest BULDERS, nc. MASTER REMOOEl.ERS RESDENTAL COMMERCAL Rochester Grosse POinte S CAlPEr CLEANNG EXPERT CARPET CLEANNG Truck Mount Extraction ReSidential - CommerCial LVNG ROOM AND HALL 2750 Furniture Cleaning DAVE TEOLS Family owned-0perated NSURED FREE ESTMATES K-CARPET CLEANNG COMPANY CARPET SPECALSTS SHORESDE Carpet Clean- ng, professional carpet cleaning Work guaranteed Fully nsured Free Estimates Call , 24 hours EXPERT CARPE 4l CLEANNG Truck Mount Extrachon ReSidential - CommerCial LVNG ROOM AND HALL Furniture Cleaning DAVE TEOLS Family owned-0perated NSURED TES CARPET CLEANNG $1150 PER AVER SZE RM NC Pre-spot, scrubbin g-steam/e x tract On sofa-$22 50, chair wfsofa $5 Other cleaning services-wails, Windows, gutters, Siding, cars, free estimates CARPET NSTAllATON CORNERSTONE CARPETS Carpet nstalled and Repaired CommerCial & ReSidential Carpet and pad available Deal Direct & Save 'll LBrmg my store to youl 17 Years El'penence CALL DENNY JERRY'S CARPET SERVCE installation - repairs, all kinds n-home sales Over 25 years expenence Hours 9a m - 7p m CARPET LAYNG NEW AND OLD Repairs of All Types ALSO CARPETNG,VNYL HARDWOOD Samples Shown n Your Home BOB TRUDEL Days RELABLE CARPET CARPET, PAD LNOLEUM NEAR WHOLESALE We offer nstallation, 3 year guarantee, res. tretchlng and all types of repairs We special- ze n custom work for residential, commercial Show room hours 9 am- 5 pm CELNG EPAS. SPECALZNG n repalrsclean, prompt service Grosse POinte references Free estimates Call Lou, ALL PLASTER REPARS BRUCE CLEMENS MASTER PLASTERER CALL 8 m to 5p m DALY PLASTERNG and drywall Neil SqUires PLASTERNG and drywall repairs Texturing and stucco nsured Pete Tar. omlna ALL types drywall ana plastering, spray texturing and tapllng New and reo pair 25 years expenence Free estimates nsured or CLASSFED ADS CALL ,. 913 CEMENT WORK BRCK and cement repairs Porches, chimneys, tuck pointing Experienced Reasonable Neat work nsured Seaver's CHARLES F. JEFFREY CONTRACTOR All types of brick and cement work BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG Pre-Cast Steps, Walks Dnveways Cement, Brick Flagstone Patios Tuck POinting Chimney Repair Porches And All Bnck Work A SpeCialty Licensed nsured CAPZZO CONST. QUAUTYWORK ALL TYPES OF CEMENT, BRCK AND LOCK WORK Garages raised and set down on new ratwall and floor. Waterproofing LCENSED 8.. NSURED TONY MKE GESER CEMENT CONTRACTOR WATERPROOFNG DRVEWAYS, PATOS WALKS, STEPS TUCK PONTNG NO JOB TOO SMALL FREE ESTMATES A.L. STREMERSCH CEMENT CONTRACTOR Cement Driveways Pallos Brickwork Basement waterproofing Steps Tuck POJnllng No Job too small Free Estimates SPECALZNG N DRVEWAYS AND BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG LCENSEe ANDY'S MASONRY AND CHMNEY REPAR All masonry, brick, weatherproofing repairs Special- Zing n tuck pointing and small jobs. Licensed, nsured Reasonable. Free estimates , TESTA CEMENT CO., NC. Serving The Pomtes For 40 Years Driveways, garage floors, patios, porches Garage Straightening L1C NS FREE ESTMATES TESOLN BROTHERS CEMENT CONTRACTOR SpeCialiZing n waterproofing 46 years n business FREE ESTMATES CHMNEY CLEANNG J&J CHMNEY SYSTEMS MCHGAN LCENSE 5125 Cleaning chimneys, fireplaces, wood stoves Damper repairs, caps, screens, safety nspections Certified, nsured COACHLGHT CHMNEY SWEEP CO GARAGES PORCHES DRVEWAYS FLOORS SOEWAlKS CHMNEY CLEANNG Caps Screens nstalled Animal Removal Stale Licensed # CEMENT WORK WATERPROOFNG PATOS STEPS Llcened, Violet 919 _CHMNEY CLEANNG SAFE FLUE CHMNEY SWEEP Chimney Cleanlng Caps and Screens nstalled Mortar and Damper Repair An,mal Removal Certified Master Sweep TOM TREFlER CHMNEY REARS DENNS Jerome Preventative maintenance Chimney repairs and porch repal rs SAFE Flue Chimney and Home Repair Service r Basement Waterproofmg Carpentry Painting Basement Remodeling NO JOB TOO SMALL DECORATNG SERVCE JOANNA WESTERN WNDC.'WSHADES PANT, SH'TERS KAUFMANN STORM DOORS AND WNDOWS 925 DECKS/PATOS 927 DRAPERES 921 DUSSMAKNG/ TAilORNG '11 CEMENT WOK. BLNDS GRAfTOP SALES AND SERVCE KERCHEVAL East of Aller. n he Park TU Closed Mondays S Clair Shores. M ElECTRCAL SERVCE ELECTRCAL wifing and repair, washers dryers, doorbells, also telephone Jacks Licensed Linck & Miller , FLOO SANDNG/ ff1nshng HERTAGE Floors Hardwood floors nstalled Sanded, stained ReSdential, commercial or KELM Floor laying, sanding, reflnfshmg Expert n stam Old floors a specialty We also refinish banisters PROFESSONAL floor sanding and finishing Free estimates W Abra. ham FURNTURE REFNSHNG/REPARS HOME Stripping and refin- shing, woodwork, kitchen, doors, fireplace, 10 years experience Freddie Sims FURNTURE reflnrshed, repaired, s!tlpped, any type of caning Free estimates , '23' S & J ELECTRC ReSidential CommerCial No Job Too Small SERVNG THE GROSSE PONTE SNCE 1965 CUSWORTH ELECTRC Family Owned and Operated licensed and nsured Electrical Contractors ReSidential - CommerCial RadiO dispatched Units n your area Fast Emergency Service SENOR CTZENS PENDOLlNO'S DSCOUNT ; e F BUSY, CALL MJi MACK Brick work, crowns, flue. COLVLLE mers, screens All ELECTRC CO. work guaranteed Ranges, Dryers, Services, Doorbells VOLATONS 923 CONSTRUCTON SERVCE FAST EMERGENCY SERVCE CORNERSTONE CONST. CO. Kitchens-Custom DeSign Family Rooms Window Replacements CommerCial Remodeling nterior/exterior Additions Custom and Quality Always LCENSED AND NSURED JM LAETHEM DUFFY CONSTRUCTON SHOP at home Vertical blinds, shades, wallpaper Call or to beat your best deal DECKS - WOOD, profes- Sionally done by local landscaping and design company , CUSTOM Made slipcovers and draperies Guaranteed workmanship Experienced Call now. Bernice CUSTOM DRAPERES Balloons, Mini Blinds Verticals, Carpeting, Wallpaper, Bedspreads Compare our prices With department store 'sales' before you BUY FREE ESTMATES DRAPERES BY PAT ALTERATONS and re pairs Call Tern at CALL Sonia for top quality drapery and curtillns- any style 15 years experl ence' Reasonable prices, free estimates FAST alterations and hemming on your Holiday clothing Jeanette, 882- Cer1il1ed & 0865 ;3331 CLASSFED ADS CALL WADE'S ELECTRC COMPANY NCORPORATED FAST 24 HOUR SERVCE ELECTRCAL work, trouble shooting, or nstallations etc Shawn MARTN ELECTRC CO. All types of electflcal work Violations corrected, guaranteed work, no Job too small, low prices Free estimates WANT ADS CALL N EARL Y THURSDAY FRDAY MONDAY CONSTlucnON 'SlVia i:erto CONSTRUCTON 943 LANDSCAPERS/, GARDENES 944 GUTTERS 945 HANDyMAN HANDY DAN THE HANDY MAN For those little repairs you just never seem to get around to CALL N EARLY THURSDAY F-RDAY fv10nday CO. 13C PONTE Snow Removal Dependable, quality work for a reasonable price, resldenlial only Robert ChriS PENDOLNO'S ORTS'S SNOW REMOVAL Dependable, quick, clean service, business and res- dential Reasonable rates T & M Snowplowlng Service CommerCial, resldenlial Sidewalks, driveways Dependable Reasonable rates Free estimates Call now, Tony SNOW REMOVAL, 24 Hour Service We get you out early everytlmel John 88? 8219 MGHTY OAK...,...("r-n".f' U_- ""...,... Removal and trimming Reduced rates for seniors and vets Free estimates nsured We do belter work BETWEEN NOON. 10P M SHRUBS, hedges small and medium size trees and stumps removed Free estimates SNOW removal ReSidential or commercial Terms negotiable Call John at TRMMNG removal, spray- ng feeding and stump removal Free estimates Complete tree service Call Fleming Tree Ser- Vice, SNOW REMOVAL K-MANTENANCE CO CLEAN CUT- LAWN MANTENANCE AND SNOW PLOWNG REASONABLE RATES FOR PLOWNG PRCES BY SEASON OR SNOW FALL SPECAL RATES FOR SENORS CALL JEFF AT FOR FREE ESTMATES SNOWLPLOWNG Com. mer.clalf ReSidential. Gros.,eOlnte area Fre, estimws Reliable Call Steve DENS Jerome Preventative maintenance New gutters and gutter clean- ng HOME maintenance painting- clean-up, glass repair, minor electrical and plumbing Mlsc services HANDYMAN With truck Clean basements, garages, any haulrng, odd jobs Tree service Bob, HANDYMAN painter, all phases of Fall preparation Local resident and references Expert work Retired fireman Very reasonable Alan, HANDYMAN: Call Bud for reasonable prices and prompt service Home repairs! malntanencef odd jobs ' 923 CONSTRUCTON SE.VC ALL TYPfo, Of (f',1f NT We H>.1,1 ' "',, ORVfWAYo, KTl 'H" Alf e, \T (j<, ROOf Nl, 'R( K f! tl 0(' '. f«professlon81 B8sement WttUlfprnofmq We Stop Lfl81H GJ8,,,ntflP(/' Lie f N<,r [) AONOf 0 N'>lJR! () (' all Us Now For A FREE ESTMA TE \

56 .. 14C December 10, 1987 HAJLlNG Garage tear downs, constructon debns, concrete, dirt, garage and basement Junk brush Can remove or move almosf anything Phil Wassenaar MOVNG.HAULNG DEPENDABLE EXPERENCED LOW RATES NSURED WLL haul anything demolish and remove garages, break and remove concrele Have fronl end loader and backhoe B C Cartage Co EASTPOlNtE'-: MOV'NG:t'JD STORAGE CO.. Bob' Breitenbecher.owner formerco-9wnerofgrossf Oln. 946 HAULNG _. Personalid ). "..t /;,'t Serl/ice' Pianos andantiques Large or small quanhties. Fullyinsuredand licensed. Pack!ngilfld packtn.g materials "Free estimates MPSCL Harper WEEKLY TRPSTO NORTHERN MCHGAN GROSSE PONTE MOVNG & STORAGE LOCAL & long DSTANCE AGENT FOR GLOBAL VAN LNES Agent for HertzlPenske 1 Way Truck Rental Large and Small Jobs Planas (our specialty) Appliances Saturday, Sunday Service FREE ESTMATES John Steininger Harry Kurtz E Jefferson MPSC'rL Lcensed - nsured 947 HEATNG AND COOLNG CUSWORTH AR CONDTONNG REFRGERATON HEATNG COMMERCAL RESDENTAL QUALTY WORK KEATNG HEATNG THE AR OF QUALTY Furnace Replacement New nstallations Custom Duct Work Air Conditioning KERCHEVAL (AT REAR) GROSSE PONTE PARK JANTORAL SERVCE GROSSE PONTE JANTORAL WE'RE CLEANNG UP Call For Free Estlmatelll ReSidential - Commercia! For AnyOr All Your Cleaning Needs DAVE'S SNOWBLOWER repair, low rales fast ser- Vice, guaranteed work after 4p m '53 MUSC NSTRUMENT REltAl1t COMPLETE plano service Tuning, rebuilding, refln- shmg Member P,ano Technicians GUild, SlgSmund Bossner PANO services- Tuning and repair 10 years expenence Flexible hours Reasonable rates '. CAL lln [AR'. Y BB? 6ClQQ 954 ftantlijg/decolatng R&D PANTNG Quality workmanship Reasonable rates Commercial/ ReSidential nterior/ Extenor Rob 445'()718 or Duane NTEROR pamtlng and wallpapering Quality work done the rrght way Very affordable rates Grosse POinte References Free Esllmates Ray AFFORDABLE Painting and Wallpaperrng, 20 years Free Estimates References 3-R Company PYRAMD PANTNG NC EST 1982 Custom nterior, exterior painting done Entire es tates painted, even c1os. ets' No lob too big or too small References Free estimates BOB TED PANTNG BY KEENA nterror-extenor Wallpapenng Staining Alrless Spraying Plaster Repair Quality Craftmanshlp Grosse POinte References EL GRECQ'STM MASTERPECE PANTNG NTEROR-EXTEROR QUAliTY AND DEPENDABLTY S OUR MOTO Expenence in repairing cracks, damaged plaster, fading, peeling paint Very reasonable rates FREE ESTMATES, RESDENTAL - COMMERCAL "Larger Grosse POinte homes our specialty " SHERWN WilLAMS PANTS PATRCK PANTNG, wallpapering, wallwashlng Free estimates Senior discounts Jan, Glenda Grosse NTEROR! exterior paint- ng, gutter cleaning, odd jobs, low rates for December Call Tom PERFORMANCE PANTNG COMPANY Specializing n ntenor work REPLASTERNG PATCHNG CAULKNG CNDER BLOCK CRACK PATCHNG WNDOW REPLACEMENTS POinte References TMOTHY MCHAEL'S PANTNG & REFNSHNG Grosse Pomte ReSident nterior Extenor Service Painting - Plastenng Glazmg and MarbleiZing Stnpplng and Staining Complete Kitchen Reflnlshmg nsured - Free Estimates References NTERORS BY DON & LYNN Husband-Wife Team Wallpapering Palnllng PANTNG NTEROR/EXTEROR T;E FOREST PANTNG & CONST. CO. Carpentry Rough Finish Remodpllng K,tchens Rec Rooms Basemerlts P.j1'lngnterlOr/ExtNlor Any Plastenn() Repairs LlcensrrJ and nsufrd PANTNG/DECORATNG WHTEY'S Wallpapenng ntenor Painting Reasonable Pnces Good Work Call-No Job Too Small HARVARD PANTiNG ntenor Extenor painting Alrle&s spraying Quality Craftsmanship REFERENCES 'THE PANT MAN' nterior, Exterior Plaster and Trim Repair Your ChOice Of Palnl Brands GREAT WESTERN PANTNG Great Western Painting of fers the ultimate in resl dentlal palntmg Great Western specialize:;,10 NTEROR/EXTEROR painting We offer the best n preparation before palntmg to give long last- ng results We also use only the finest materials Great Western people are quality minded and courteous All at reasonable rates Call today for a FREE estimate by Great Western Painting , NTEROR and extenor painting and paperhang- ng Reasonable rates, 30 years expenence Ray Barnowsky, after 6p m NTEROR Painting and Wallpapering Quality work done the right way Very affordable rates Grosse POinte References Free Estimates Ray BETER Home Decoratlngplaster repair, painting 18 years experience Paul QUALTY Master Paintinginterior/exterior special- StS, repair work-guaranteed- refere n ces-free estlmates-insured-john, GROSSE PONTE PANTER'S NC. Painting- interior-exterior, paperhanging and panel- ng Fre estimates cheerfully gven Licensed and nsured S&G PANTNG Resldantal painting, free estimates, ntenor only, Senior Citizen discounts, minor repairs at no cost Call Greg anytime, PERFORMANCE Painting Free estimates, affordable rates Patnck, WALLPAPERNG S what do References Free estimates Reasonable Dave's Wallpapenng EXPERT wallpapering and painting Pre holiday discount Local References Free estimates PANTNG/DECORATNG HANDYMAN painter, all phases of Fall preparation Local resident and references Expert work Retired fireman Very reasonable Alan, BRUSH WORKS PANTNG COMPANY MCHAEL PEllERTO/ CHRS SCANDALS Residential SpeCialist Professional Painting and Plastenng Experts n 011 Paints nterior and Exterior Free Estimates WORK GUAR-LT..EED C&=;2 l\lrfl, -,..'''' nterior/exterior Staining Work Flag Poles Wallpapering/Removal commerclavresldenlial Power Washing Texture Ceilings References DAVD SUPAL NTEROR and extelor painting and wall wash- ng Reasonable Dave MELN'S PANTNG ntenor-exterlor Patching, Plastenng Stucco, VarniShing Window Glazing-Caulking Wallpapermg Sale n Home Free Estimates Reasonable Price References, Good Work MELN nsured CODE WORK NSURANCE WORK BRMNGHAM ' plumbng/uatng NORM'S PLUMBNG S BACK Finally reasonable rates to clean sewers and drains electrically. Repair minor plumbing. All work guar. anteed 24 hour/ 7 day service FRANK R. WER PLUMBNG, HEATNG, SEWER AND DRANS BOLER PLUMBNG REPARS & SEWER CLEANNG Reasonable Rates For All Mike Potter - Licensed COMPLETE PLUMBNG SERVCE New work, repairs, renovations, waterheaters, sewer cleaning, code violaltons Licensed master plumber All work guaranteed EML THE PLUMBER SPECALZNG N Kitchens Bathrooms Laundry room and vlolaltons Old and new work Free Estimates Bill, Master Plumber (Son of Emil) B DU8E PLUMBNG and HEATNG Licensed-Master Plumber SEWER CLEANNG SPRNKLER REPAR, ETC. Grosse POinte Woods ASTRO Plumbmg and Sewer Cleaning Reasonable rates for all , BLL 960 toofng SERVCE ALL rooling and repars Flat roofs, gutters, car. pentry licensed Free estimates GARAGE Roofs Free Estimates, lowest prsces SUNSHNE MPROVEMENT CO. 'OUR ROOFS ARE TOPS' Licensed - fully nsured ROOFNG - SDNG- TRM AND GUTERS Storm Windows and doors Replacement wmdows and doors Modified roof- ng membrances 10 year flat loors ce back-up problems solved RON VERCRUYSSE CO STONE DUBE ELECTRC SEWER CLEANNG EMERGENCY SERVCE BLOCKED Sewers or drains cleared Reasonable rates 7 days No job too small, new and repairs, Violations 957 PLUB1NG/HEATNG DECKARD PLUMBNG CO. Bathrooms Remodeled Violations Corrected All Types of nstallation and Repairs Free Esltmates All Work Guaranteed MASTER lc NSURED STEVE '54 'ANTNG/DECORATNG Tired of paying service charges or hidden charges they don't tell you about? For an honest pnce With no service or HOUSE Painting, tile, lino- hidden charges. CALL leum, ceramic f1oonng, NORM'S PLUMBNG Very reliable With refer HARPER ences. Resaonable WOODS NUMBER. prices. Peter PANTNG, Free Estl- POSTVE mates PLUMBNG AND NTEROR Painting, Plaster HEATNG renalrs Water damaae Plumbing and heating rece Violations repaired pairs Experienced, references Weather sealing, insula- TONY tlons, leak found Seav- The Master Plumber er's Home Maintenance (Son of Emil) FSHER Painting' Wallpapenng Wallpaper removal Glazing Wood Qralnlng MarbleiZing exterior/nterior Painting. Decorating Charles "Chip" Gibson ClJSTOM RESDENTAL PANTERS WTH GROSSE PONTE REFERENCES PLASTER - DRYWAll REPARS MRlAlNT PA"'T"'C, "A PAPtR"'(, (;ROS'"'if_ PONTf :1: DRAN AWAY SPECALSTS SPRNKLER REPARS KERCHEVAL, FARMS Since 1925 Ke,th Danielson Licensed Master Plumber ROOFNG ReSidential CommerClal ndustrial Flat Roof. 960 ROOFNG SERVCE CASHAN ROOFNG CO. ReSidential-Commercial Shingles - Tearoffs Repairs - Hot Roofs 1 ply rubber system All Work Guaranteed - nsured Free estimates HADLEY HOME MPORVEMENT NC. COMPLETE ROOFNG SERVCE COMMERCAL RESDENTAL TEAR-DFF RESHNGLE HOT TAR/GRAVEL CERTFED APPLCATONS OF MODFED SNGLE PLY, URETHANE FOAM - RUBBER ROOFNG SYSTEMS 'vents GUTTERS REPARS LCENSED - NSURED ROOF Leak repair special- St All roof leaks repaired and guaranteed Get ready for Wlnterl , ROOFS repaired and redone New rubber roofs installed on flat roofs guaranteed DENNS Jerome Prevental!ve maintenance New roofs and roof repairs EXPERT REPARS GUTERS ROOFNG SMALL JOBS ROOFNG Repairs, chimney, screens, basement leaks, plaster repairs Handyman work. nsured Seaver's, LEONARD'S Roofing shingles, flat areas, builtup roofs and repairs of all kinds, gutters Work guaranteed. Free estimates Licensed/ nsured ROOFNG and repair Shingles are flat Aluminum siding and trim Bob SEWER CLEANNG SERVCE COMPLETE SEWER COMPANY 'We Clean Them All' guaranteed Same Day Service 965 SEWNG MACHNE SEllVCE TUNE.UP SpeCial n your home Cleaned, 011, adjust tension, $995 All makes, all ages t.v./tabo/clrepallt T.V. REPAR ALL MAKES Low rates, senior discount Licensed ALL EAST AREAS T,V. REPAR, fast, fnendly service, TV's boughtsold, licensed, GARY, TU WOlK PAUL'S Tile Company ceramic, mosaic, marble, slate, expert repairs , CERAMC tile- residential jobs and repairs 15 years expenence , Andy TLEWORKS CeramiC, stone, Vinyl, marble Bathrooms, kitchens, basements, foyers, walkways, countertops Standard or custom installation Free estimates WALL WASHNG K.MANTENANCE CO. Wall washing, floor cleaning and waxing Free estimates GROSSE POinte Fireman Will do wall washing , -',979 WELDiNG Reroofing Recoatlng WELDNG JOBS done on Single Ply. Tear Ofts. sites Free Estimates Hot Tar Shingles. Slate T,te. Decks. Copper -C-A-L-L--NE-A-R-L-Y- Metal FREE EST- MATES ce Dam THURSDAY Shields.. Heater Tapes FRDAY nstalled LCENSED- MONDAY NSURED '1t \ ', f \ «( 911 WNDOW WASHNG GEORGE OlMN WNDOW CLEANNG SERVCE 35 YEARS N THE PONTES GROSSE Pomte Fireman Will do Window washmg A-OK WNDOW CLEANERS Service on Storms and Screens Free Estimates K.WNDOW CLEANNG COMPANY Storms, screens, gutters, aluminum cleaned nsured Free estimates TO OUR ',- 6) COMPuTER CUSTOMERS' OUR COMPUTER 977 WAll WASHNG D BARR CLEANNG SERVCES SECOND GENERATON WNDOW AND GUTER CLEANNG DALE Just a Note! Tne Grosse POlrte News HOURS HOURS ARE AS FOllOWS MONDAY 8AM T05PM TUESDAY.8 A M TO 1200 NOON WEDNESDAY 11 A M TO 5 P M THURSDAY 8 A M TO 5 P M \ f,- 311M '01f)M Our offices are open Monday through Frrday from 8 a m to 5 p m on Wednesday we are open at 9 a.m. to 5 p m However, during the computer 'down time" we are unable to use our terminals to nput ClaSSified AdvertiSing or to look up accounts f you have any questions regarding your classified advertising account we suggest that you call on Wednesday (after 11 a.m.) or on Thursdays and Fridays Monday and Tuesday are very busy With taking ClaSSified AdvertiSing On Tuesdays we must follow the 12 noon deadline so that we do not cause costly production printing delays. Keep, Our National Symbol Alive And Free. 11K" P"'lnl-\" "hum tlkd 191 1H. i 11<.1l.Jgll nlu... tn t U llll 'Jlllt lltllrl \\, (all llr hl'l nlll-\l1hlllll h,rlh 1\l lei trll l 1m «J lk 1llh h< u!-\l \l H r 'ppro l h ug1c, rlt,t \nlllntu.r (() htlp \our ",[ 1[<. lon"'l[\ ilion Ll.:tln prcltlll l gll h d)tj \nj n Tnt mhl r ' nn,1 lll L\\ 10 l!-\l' lld other hmh or prl\ Jlll \ 11'01111 \\ dh!c t d<r L"111" \orlf1!-\ 10 'll lll h.lld l,ll-\k 100 Jh<. LlkrtliOn londlkh md..llppo[1...rt""lj.n.ll on lq.,:.k... ellnl,ll' prunl < git h.lhll H L1lelolll r, 'JJ R\\ m! 1m l1torllllllorl h< " U llllct ll\ol1l \\ ll "J1< g1c lit p "\( lll h lid < 1!-\1clpport ll, \ Ulll \\ ldlltt h.dlrllo"- \.12 1('lh '-n:<1 \\\ \\ lojllllholl X 2(WJ,(,22r., \\( rklllh 0 '\., 1 rll\\ N\TO\.t\l \\[Dllff r[)[lnr-o," 1

57 r December 10, C.1 1 * M * : = : 11 "THAT ALWAYS BRT1NGD Wi: n!so' u ltl :.: '' ii1. : SMLES t; * :' ; 1* ilk t. "ow' iel ilk M ifl M ifl M ; iel M ; i 'tion to the 'Jl subscrtp NewS ; pointe '"0)\ f!n'1",e 21l Y v"'- i 11 i1i i 11 i i, 21l M ifl M 11 "ow W Lw. ' 21l, i MAL YOURCHECKTO: GROSSE PONTE NEWS!i 96 KERCHEVAL AVE. ii GROSSE PONTE, M l ilk NAME g[ STREET ; ; ft i CTY Phone li 1ft i STATE ZP This certificate is From L :**************************************************************. *11!1!\lf!!.t!-,!i"'&{"'i"i.*l!!AWtiA(JM.ftil1!&!.. 1..«**************************************************************,' i!

58 16C Eastside Specialists n Previously Owned Sports Cars & mports! '82 MERCURY LN7 2 dr, hatchback, auto, AC, sunroof stereo, x-tra clean 82,995 '86 HONDA ACCORD LX Hatchback, auto, loaded 88,795 You AUTO Buy '86 FORD ESCORT L NOW Auto, stereo/cass, sunroof 93,695 CREDT A ford RPET LEASE RED ca.--- December 10, 1987 Ford Credit '85 SUBARU XT COUPE 5 spd, AC, stereo/cass, sunroof, low miles 88, " ""'-...""'" 1:1'\" LR,.U VlrVn 14444E. 8 llle (2 Bb W.of Gratot) Ask For Steve Rouset Used car Mgr m MAHR MAHR MAHR MAH.R MAHR MAHR :z: c :... :z:... A GREAT DEAL S JUST THE NEW 88's : ARE HERE... :z: Cavalier 2 Door : Full Factory EqUipment A :z: c AHR Lr$ z : 1ft * a:... z... l'=':-=-. )M. -= c z 1ft E. Jefferson - : PlusDestination,SalesTax Gro... Polnf. Park andltcense Fee t : "10% down, 60 mos. Open /fon & ThUll. "tth 8 HURRY Beat the p.m. f :z: wh approved credt. price increase 250 cars and trucks : c... Z : MAHER MAHER MAHR MAHER 1ft 11 E : 1 ALL NEW 1988 TEMPO GL 4 DR. SEDAN hc1srtls C,dl!"'" Pntfleek Cilcup Dnl Ellcltlt COl,t HC, TltlSHfltgWbul 13k Efl HSC 4 Cli E'i', FtC "11a.nlt' lr"sj1 P18S 1A14 WSli 71ns.AUf W.4011r D,lulttr frj)11 Cpl.,A1lQftll (.Urc M'Pdlte:P.1 Sik ".ll AA U1' ncludes 11X.""e «. MO deslln.llon 1m fj'onthl p3se pay, 1 $15029 Fo ua reo e"see'" N,Jl"t"r'".J'rDnthS 48 DoN( pyment et OOO hrs mon"" seas. pa, ns... ' ;)15029 and f131lj,dabl securlly cx..rjcs 1 ffcom 1" ng reserve $175 lill ng $ jle al 2'ase ncepto 101(1 (1n(.; ol parn ::>'31,J92 Leas& parner'lln(ludt's t1 e U 1 Qo h."1 nat 0'1ern 9 s and"'ene fee ALL NEW 1988 FESTVA 2 DR. H.B. "L" Cilib a"b'l SU. 3l 2Y 4 C, h,,,, 4 Sp,,' 11""1 '''''''' P4110S!12 aswtlrll P.ur WOlr 01 luler Sik #AL4W ncjudss lax, 11111& dlsljnaljon fm ( 11l Y ttrhf' dnlehll F() Quahhec lessees Nurr' be, 0' monlhs '3 Du.f yrn... nl of r ' mom>- S lease payment 0' and... r' Jb!>('cur r) depos rplcnj $100 t.on ng resf;:'tve lota'lr"lg Sn9B 29 leac;p rctpt on TOlD a"'0 nl 01 payments $ lease payment 1 1i (ise a. b's tal Oesl l1;tton charg "c, a 111 tense fees NEW 1988 TAURUS 4 DR. SEDAN "L" Cl"b 51a Sui. 1,lor,,1 W".,11 W"", Jr CH".t HLHC Elil H'" 11oc1J"1' 0'111'1 Clocb At... : flc Tr... 1t bar Will 0,11"11< r ' WSWTin. ARbor,... 1.""... C,an.lionr 5,H 71t' "W C..,,' Sil nl 4231 $1-,-,- 29 ncludls. lax, lle & MO. dlllln.llon lls NEW 1988 RANGER PCKUP "5" 3 Wblllllll Dm WbalTrl, 'l.t.. U", l Dli 4E'" r215 S..,!\l An S"O Tlnl ellioll Trill al"l Rur S" 8 po< Hpl... % 7r... lnl" Huilln, lk #AL'lll $ lax.lllla& ncludes MO. dlsllnallonfm Monlhly lease paymt!'nl $12029 Fot qual 'ed lessees NUl monl...s 48 Down pa.yml'nl 01 SlOoo /rs month s lease payment 0' $12029 and fe'undabre SeCJrlly depos t recondition (19 reer...e S125 total ng S at lease ncetlon Total amount of payment's $ tease paymenl ncludes 'lie use s.aleslajl dest nallon charges dnd ce!1s lee i L- lq" d "WPO 6D OOu t leage...halge c. () cer''s per m e oller Lessee has the Opl on 10 purchase the car at dase end at a pr ce negottated w,lt lhe..., t".. 1J"l 1 t.\' le%t'e c, l..n::jel r"loobllgd:tlon 10 porehae the Car allease ena le'sse9 reponslble 'or excess wea' and lear Aelur dable <;ecufly G..." "P fj'" Pd, n...,jrd ' l m..,r1ltl S lease pa",men drje n aallancp t:ase Subjer1 to approval and doeq1l3'p r "ljrarce,15 {leterfll nc'i b, -,, TO OUR VALUED LAKEPONTE OLDSMOBLE CUSTOMERS AND GROSSE PONTE FRENDS: November 27, 1987 Dear LakePointe Oldsmobile Owner: Dick Seymour Cadillac is pleased to announce that it has acquired the LakePointe Oldsmobile franchise. Located at 3180 E. Jefferson Avenue, for the past 66 years, Dick Seymour's Rivertown Autoworld has one of the highest Customer Service Ratings in Michigan, as a Cadillac, Saab and Volvo Dealership. Dick Seymour's Rlvertown Autoworld supports the most extensive service and sales facility With the largest inventory of on-call parts in the metro Detroit area. We have over 100,000 square feet devoted to service and a 45,000 square foot body shop both equipped with the latest technology. We feel we have the most comprehensive service and repair facility, completely staffed with professionally trained service technicians and mechanics, all ready to assist you n addition, we are now offering you the opportunity to participate in our exclusive Free Loaner Program for service repairs, at no charge. We invite you to stop by our new showroom at 3180 E. Jefferson Avenue, Rivertown, Just three minutes east of the Renaissance Center and register for our exclusive Free Loaner Prgram, it costs you nothing. Enjoy the security of Seymour Cadillac/Oldsmobile ExclUSive Free Loaner Program in addition to one of the highest customer service satisfaction ratings in Michigan. At Dick Seymour's Rivertown Autoworld we put you, the customer first Sincerely George Bente, V.P. & General Manager Seymour Autoworld

59 G,osse Pointe News, Decembe, 10, 1987

60 Nawrot Pendleto Shops EASTLAND CENTER HARPER WOOD, M-t822.') LAKESDE MALL STERLNG HTS, M CHERRY HLL DEARBORN, M TWELVE OAKS MALL NOVl, M FOREST STREET PLYMOUTH, Ml RENASSANCE CENTER DETROT, M MERDA'N MALL OKEMOS, M (517) PURE WOOL Tne <;e,,'m n V/oo mark 1abf <; yoljf asc',urancr of QUo"ally lesleo '''broc, '11aOe 01 1M wodd 5 bps! Purf' Wo')l Page 2 Grosse POinte News Thursday, December 10, 1987

61 Musical inlprlude Ch,.ifma gilt Suggej!ionj Flleplace glass doors & accessones Wicker rockers Rope hammocks Wicker & Rattan seating & Dining Palla Furniture While ron daybeds Gift Certificates available! SANTA DECDED he'd rather be marching to the beat of a dtlterent drumnlpr "hile decorating the trpe, SO he lunt'd in his Pana'lOnic RF-422 FM/AM/FM pt'r- Mna tereo. The unit, "hich comes bla('k, "hilt', grey or red fashion-designed cahinets, \lei!!:hs a mere 4.3 ounces ("ilhou baltenes). Santa's hands remalll free "lth he help of the li!!:htweight,tert"o headphones and detaehable belt ehp. Barstools From $3695 tk4e JiMMiESRuSTics LVONA W. 6 Mile 1d /SRMNGHAM 221 Hamilton Andirons reg $ $ Oak Bellows w/solid Brass Decoration reg $ s Wood.Basket Polished Brass or Antique reg $ s Plus; Fireplace Safely Gloves reg '9.. rebate '2 00 After $7 95 Rebate Barbeque Accessories Gas Grills Log Carriers comparable glove $1495 Whife Supplies last Hurry! 'Di Jli11 1 Blk:rhrnier Thursday, December 10, 1987 Grosse POinte News Page 3

62 THE GLOW OF HOLDAT GLAMOUR Celebrate the holiday! NOW THROUGH CHRSTMAS SAVE 25-40% Wrap your loved one n the perfect gift - an elegant fur coal from CereSnie and Offen Furs Experience me quality and service you d expect from one of DetrOit s leading and most respected furriers Now through Christmas - our gift to you Save on our magnlftcent selecton of the world s finest furs lor men and women Open every evening 'tll a 30 Sat 530. Sun 1-5.' FinanCing Now Available - Up to 6 Months nterest Free 161 S Woodward Ave B1k South of Maple Next 10 he Bmnmgham Thealre Free AdJacenl Parking HOLlD.\Y OR ANY DA'l, celebralp >nth a gtn pack or Cordon Negro and t"o black- -tenuned champap-oe nute', Thib all-occasion lolable gin!wfor approxlmatch 810 at paj1iclpalmg hquor,tore" And a chilled bottle of the buhhl can ht>..asih.hpped into the package. ALSO AVALABLE UNQUE STOCKNG STUFFERS FANCY NUT JARS HOLDAY NOVELTES PECAN LOGS PEANUT BRTTLE UNQUE HOLDAY GFT BASKETS AVALABLE! OVER 40 TEMS TO CHOOSE FROM ALL BOX CHOCOLATES ARE GFT WRAPPED VST OUR GFT SHOP & SEE THE COMPLETE SELECTON' E.,\JE MLE RD. EAST DETROT THE ONE GFT THAT FTS ALL. The Family S7 75 1b, Box SOlllctlllllg to, cvell/ol/(' the tamzly Cmmllcls tallclll1ut'i CCt?lllS fllllts toffee clllstc'i llnd 1110C all slllotllt'led lots of Mill cy 'i OWll ijclld of c1locolafe Page 4 Grosse POinte News Thursday, December 10, 1987

63 Non-alcoholic holiday gifts favored by many Americans '... Even though people are dnnkmg les. many re\ort to the lime-worn habu of gving alcoholic beverages d holiday gifts Despte good l1tentlons. they may forget that 33 percent of all adult Amer- cam, do not drll1k alcohol, and that moderation may be mportant to ther fnends and associates To set an example ths holiday season, hundreds of major corporatlons wll pubhcly announce their plans to gve nonalcoholc gifts to employees, vendors and customers Called, "OperatOn Safe Holiday," this campaign has been created by the National CounCil on Alcoholsm for the busmess commul1lty Say the orgal11zers, "well-meamng compal1les sometlme give lquor unwlttll1gly to those who would rather not use nstead, we are encouragll1g compames to give alternative gifts ;uch as parkhng Pemer or flowenng plants or specially books " Alternative glft-glvll1g works outside the office, too For the fnends on your!st, thll1k about gvll1ga magazll1e subscnpton or a gft basket tailor-made to ther personal l1terest Or, bnng a case of light and bubbly Pemer to a holiday party a an unexpected and welcome surpnse. Attach a big red bow to be festlve With a little carll1g, you can create so much pledsure wuh ongll1al, "alterna tlve" gifts A Unique Gift That Lasts Forever! Onental Rugs from Around the World Precous Oriental Rugs will be enjoyed today and for generations to come Gift CertifCates 251 Mernll. Birmingham' Weekdays l(}6/thurs & Fn 't119 n Dee Sun 12-5 ff!j!91erooffj!$fh90f' Christmas gifts for the handy man, gift$ that will always come in handy, gifts that make jobs a little easier, Christmas gifts that will improve your home investment... ALL CANVAS TOOL POUCH $19 95 =::A JR3000V Variable Speed Reelpro saw S'M for eoc' speed control for occurarle starling cuts or cuthng rough moler\- als double nsulated for opero1or safety e $208 fter:los$ :::ADP ' Drill, Vanable Speed, hyers/be cooble nsulaled for operator safely powelful 2 7 AM' hlec.h molor makes this dil surtable for many dlv&1s8 appllcallons e $99 fj'er:jos$ E. WARREN Thursday, December 10, 1987 Grosse POinte News Page 5

64 ..",...,. J!:>:A,.!,-".. fe l-.l'-'--'-' -'1.t1 U11U!:l" f t>tt" 1<. DUimz, _ me "... ' t_. _.l:idu!" T Uf!t! :P.:mu-, --. n Dml -oljt t gh.- BUll. D%lUL. 1: - iil" umm-i--..urf"_ mh: mm illi' T B\iJUaDr. n "",-nn.-._ JC "'"UHr"" JL.),J_.h. :F -:=rt" F:: ;r:.: _ '2-:: R... Kl!,,. fp'..l... t'..ll"(; HOllE 1hm-..."._. b..,fwl?!!t tt-.s..,. nu,,-m--,. fill' o"l>11e'" _ mm>- = "oj "'_ -.- n """"'H_ l--nnot n.e,.. "k. u. :b,- hn-m..- llb'... tnhr'...-.m..."'il'::2.l-t: (Y',""" =- m...u f1jfllll: Dle E". r.lldhljit: H:-!:ili ,1 "'UJ>llJ... ttr!n'lon ijn.. 1'111111,, 1'--9f. Fn. f"r...ur '.nu-l- -- Distincrie Holida Gifts...::r... : ',. d':: Silt!..-rn"':-l;' =-':'i::l' :::"d-';' _'''':!J J t1e-" ;:'e"'""l:- ';'<1;:]...:';' JJ.a :..-}...-. r.o... -t.-i"'; t- J!"'- )-::n1:}- lw *+'l:b.!:!r- F-.l"_ 'lw"""" i tt""-lt.s::" UP 1 i't.c!nu:. -rj..,-z-tuhl a:rr tu.m- CP-'1r 1D'- Julc'-i.l c.r- -:t:-

65 Definilely dapper." THE CLOTHES AMERCA CELEBRATES N! What better "ay to ring in the holidays and the Ne" Year than..ith black lie and bubbly?! The med at this soiree are "earlng 'ery handsome examples of some of the besl tha Afier Six Formals ha to offer. Lefi to right: Bill Blass single-breasted nolch lapel, Christian Dior singlebreasted peak lapt'!, and the shawl collared tuxcdo from the Afier Six Couture collechon. All are marie in Aml'rica from the finl'sl "001, salin and silk. Happy Hohda},! COMPLETE LNE OF MENS & WOMENS RANWEAR 200/0 OFF.Cool-it educkster elayla NATONAL BRANDS OF GOLF EQUPMENT AT DSCOUNTED PRCES CC Mack Ave. (1 block south of 9 Mile Rd.) ns ThursdaY, December 10, 1987 Grosse POinte News Page 7

66 Tropical drink adds exotic air to holidays t HOURS: A M-F 10:00-5:30 SAT. 10:00-5:00 THUR. till 8 PM GREATERMACK TraditOnal Women's Apparel ADD TROPCAL Tf)]NGS TO WARM THE HOLDAY SEASON-Alire, a 32 proof hl'\l'rage madl' from paion fmit and other exotic fruit juices and line French coptac, i a proouct tha "ill enhcn the spirils of holiday entertainc", and gin ghe... alike. Ali7.e'" e...olic pa5ion fl-nit na\or con be used 10 create e"'olic holida) (ocklail and pullchl" or.cncd straight, c1li11cdor mer ice ml. bottle.. of Ali1C 32 oz. cranberr) juice club oda Lemon.., lime<>and orange ALlZE CHRSTMAS PASSON PUNCH Combme Allze, cranberry JUce anti dub 'Odd Chill Before servmg, garnlh \',lh,lieed lime,. lemon, dnd orange' Serve, Circare (ser Latin. Verb. To go about, go around, explore. -:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;::::.::::::::;:.::::::::::::;:::::;:::::::::::::::::::..:::=:=:..:.:=:::::.:::.:.:.:.:.:.:=:.:.;.:.:.:.:..:..:.:.:.:.;.:..:.:.:.:..:.:.:.:.;. 1 TALORED TO YOUR TASTE FOR THE HOLDAYS We at Circare search far and wide to gather together unusual, exciting handcrafted gifts and home accents. We nvite you to come, go about our shop, explore among our many finds and make some pleasant discoveries of your own. We hope you enjoy the adventure! THS HOLDA Y SEASON STOP N AND SEE OUR FNE SELECTON OF ALL SLK CHRSTMAS TES, FRENCH CUFF SHRTS, ::;: TARTAN PLAD SLACKS, :;: :::: SUTS, TOP COA TS, SPORT j:; :;: COATS, BLAZERS AND ::: :;: SWEATERS. WE'RE SURE :j: ;:; YOU'LL BE SATSFED. ;:; Circore Greater Mack St. Clair Shores, M48080 (313) place of pleasant discovery GFT WRAPPNG AVALABLE Open Dally 10:00-5:30 Closed Sundays Holiday Hours: Thursday tll 8:00!7i CU:re:',;':d& ::::ERS Page 8 Grosse POinte News Thursday, December 10, 1987 ::HOURS: Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri., 9-6; Thur'l., 9-8, Sat. 9-5 :;: :.:.:..:.:.:.:.:..:..:.:-:.:.:.:.:.:..:..:.:.:.:.:-:.:.:.:.:.:..:.:.:..:..:.:.:-:.:.:..:..:.:.:..:.:.:.:-:-:-:-:.:-:-:-:.:.:..:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:..:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:..:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:':':'::':':':':::

67 This season's chic " Holiday Baskets Made to Order Ready Made or Special Ordered Choose the tems you want o Fruit D Cheese D mported Cheese D Wine andler Beer D Chambard Preserves D mported Cookies D Crackers D mported Chocolates Baskets are wicker and are available n different shapes and sizes for the pelson on your list that enjoys good taste - Prime Beef Steaks in Gift Boxes.20. MX BKES from '99." Assembled '10 SPEEDS from '9g" Assembled - SLEDS...-z""'''''.. "...;;.; """',... :>4 il;?..$ ::.. -,;;;i.r';1l.>:." "" _ - THE CONTRAST OF BLACK AND WHTE mak..s a strong.tatemenl for hohdll), 1987 For a 'p..dal e,emnl!:, o pi..ce dn'ssing i. at ils he51 in his prinl b1ou!oeof raglan bl..t'\c",heen'd fronl nnd cruh",1 ('ollar. Matching skirt...ith )oke front ha. '11ehulton.elail. EXERCSERS reg NOW $ ASSEMBLED WND TRANERS reg NOW $ ASSEMBLED LAYAWAY FOR CHRSTMAS E. Warren (Near Mack) 884-BKE TOBOGGANS OPEN 10-6 M-Sat Open Sundays During December 1 -)... Detroit, Michigan LGHT UP YOUR HOLDAY SEASON and,.'/'-l,. AVOD THE MALL RUSH :;;., -, _ ENJOY FREE PARKNG NEXT TO BLDG. \..., "'" ) with a gift from \i.: \',.,(\ WRGHT'S,",.. t Rockwell Flgunnes Chnstmas Cards & '.. ' Collector Plates Party Good MUlC Boxes Replacement Lamp Shad Hummel Flgunnes and Lamp Repair ',' WRGHT'S Gift and Lamp Shop MACK AVE. (next to G.P. Post Office) We make our Party Trays with Ham, Roast Beef and Corned Beef Baked in our ovens. Headcheese, Liver Pate and other Meats are Homemade. Cheeses are Fresh and of course, you can custom order your try exactly the way you want. B-CHOClt, rllmported and Domestic! J Beers and Wines Featuring mported Belgium Beer. Party Trays Order early to insure perfection for your Holiday Feast. FRESH TURKEY BAKED HAM DUCKLNG PRME STANDNG RB FRESHLY BAKED PES We have Gift Certificates available Meat A1aMud HARPER at CADEUX Tues. Sat C0ged Sun & Mon Thursday, December 10, 1987 Grosse POinte News Page 9

68 the magic of Christmas Deck the halls, with best-selling angora be a sensational Santa.... and SAVE 20% - 40% at Douglas Furs on ths seasons excting collection of quality fur coats Jackets, strollers, fur hats, accessories & fur trimmed leathers JACK 'FREE GFr WRAPPNG ON ALL CHRSTMAS PURCHASES-VSA Douglas Furs LTD Pelissier St... -Place Pelissier Lower Level WEndsor Canada (D,rectly OppoSlte Cty parkmg garage) Man -Sat 9 6 Friday 9 pm Sundays pm VLLAGE 1\. CO \.D S 4 TAPE" Kercheval Ave The followmg are the most popular angora color, and style" clled by Jamce Gbney buymg vice president at SU,le's The most popular colors for angora thl' sea,on are cream, peach, pml- and blacl- Angora,weater, best when matched Wth other fabric,,uch a, velvet pant, or wool skirts "You Cdn dre" them up or down Angora > perfect for both day and evenmg dres,mg,' Gbney report, Costume Jewelry and other acces,ones make angora look extra <,pecldl A Smple strand of cotume pearh and pear1-tudded eattlng, add to the elegance of angord Mock turtle necklme,. cable knll de- "gn, 'lod crew neckline, With button, down the back are thl> ye,lr, 1110,t popu lar dngora styles Fine art makes a wonderful, long lasting gift that can work as an investment also! Harold Altman Guillaume Azoulay James Coignard Edouard Cortes Jim Dine Nissan Engel Bernard Gantner David Hockney Robert & Luigi Kasimir Susan Kemenyffy James Kristich Henry Moore J. Murphy Leonard Ochtman Jean-Jacques Porret Madeleine Rouart Debra Sewell Nicoli Simbari Greg Tisdale J. Alden Weir Claude Weisbuch Purveyors of Fine and Decorative Art Consultants to nterior Designers, Architects and the individual. Restorers & Framers Appraisers Complete services from nitial consultation to final installations. Conducted by an eclectic group of professionals, artisans and their apprentices, nterior designers, art consultants, skilled technicians, art conservators and business men and women - all pulling together to create for you an enjoyable experience Kercheval Grosse Pointe Park (Next to Sparky Herberts) Page 10 Thursday, Decembe 10, 1987

69 Boardgmnehelpsfoothall fans" dremns CODletrue Willi lootb,tll f<ln, pl<l\ ing The Bg Pd)ofl <ll O\cr the \'.ctcrn,tdtc dnd,oon hc ndtlon, TV Vleller, ever) \'.here no\'. (<n be pu nto the hoe, 01 their fdvontc qudrterbdd. The Big Pd)off d footb.ll ho.hdgdnlc hdt dllo\\, one to X pld)er to '>dger chip, on the outlome 01 edeh telell\ed pld\ f your ledlll ' on oftcn,e YOUedn pre dlct whelher the) '> run or pd\\, "ll,. d field godl or throl'> for d touchdol'> n On defen,e \qll )our tedlll grdb dn interception, re(o er d fumble or '01(1,. the Q B ) With ex(cllent re\ C\\., flom PlmbO\ mdga7lne dna C N N, The Bg Payoff foist becoming AmeTl( d', number one ejhng boardgame The game l fun for the entre fdn1l1y, and would make dn excellent Chmtmds glfl for that yollng footbdll fdn tlce a begnner'\ cr,lon S ncluded n every game f the g,lnle,old out at your favonte rctaller you can order drect from the metnufacturer by sending a check for $1995 po;,tpald to Payoff Enterpme, lne, POBox 69064, Portland, OR or b) cdllng (503) , Va Jnd M,,<,(crClrd,l(cepted A Variety of Unique-Gifts Music Boxes Nativity Sets Figurines Nutcrackers lead Crystal Entertainment Glasses & Barware Oak & Teak Wood Products Brass Pewter Children's PULZles Plush Animals, Snoop\! Frances Hook Dealer J4N&JS Mack Just South of 9 Mile Mon., Thurs., Fri , Tues, Wed., Sat 9:30-6, Sun. 1-5 Personalized Elegance r, A FOOTBALL BOARDGE lhal alllms up 10 six players to wager chips on the oulcome of televised play, The Big Payoff pus T.V, vieers in the shoes of their fa,onte quarterba('ks, The use of one's nitials to personalize Jewelry S a century old tradition t developed out of the same pride of family and status that gave birth to the family crest and coat of arms A gift of personalized Jewelry S a thoughtful choice Also available personalized 14K gold cuff links Edward K,sKa een Master Walchmaker Registered Jeweler A G S KeVin Klska RegStered Gemologist Mary B K,ska Palncla A Zimmerman LOS Rose Jewelry Consullants KSKA JEWELERS 63 Kercheval on the Hli Grosse POinte Farms FAMOUS MAKES AS X'Howard Miller. /-TAW/L.TON Baldwin' OVER 300 CLOCKS TO CHOOSE. FROM ANN ARBOR 126 '><)//(11SlaFf' S 411hf','11/(\('/\ Arcade }foun Mon Q [rlda, Q Phonf' M" 7228 Thursday, December 10, 1987 Grosse POinte News Page 11

70 (,,11> & (arth OJ all OCCil'.ons Because you're remembered by the gifts you give TWNKLE BEAR RUsSlP.> FREE with any purchase '25 or more m.j. 9' TtWi MowaAHiiU.1N'. Baldwin Giftware - The Collector's Choice MAKE T SPECAL The holdays have a way of brmging on nostalga.. Remembel mg the good old days when the aroma of cookes bakmg m the oven permeated the house, when carolers paused at the front porch to smg a hoh. day g'eeting and when ornaments and gfts were personalized and hand made an expresslonof the gvers affection in the spmt of the hohday Today, a grlt made by loving hands is a very rare and special gft of love Very few people take the time the busy rush a day lifestyle to create that one-of-a.kmd present n realty, isn't too much to ask of our. selves, or for that matter of others to spend a few hours makmg a won. derful and thoughtful gift for someone we love. After all, isn't that what the season is all about? Tme may not pemit the execution of an elaborate g1ft makmg pro- Ject, however, there are many gifts that take only a few hours to create This holiday season.. make it special and make it count Make a leather belt-not an ordmary one, but a collage of multi col. ored and textured luxuriousleathers in a rambow of palette Make a Jewelry case of leather or personalize a sweater, blouse or sweat shil t Wth leather designs. These are easy and fast gfts as well as mexpens1ve gfts An mcredble selection of leather pnced at $5.00 a bag S available at Designer Fabric Outlet in Harper Woods. Make a cuddly and warm searl or challis fringed shawl from famous desgner wools from Ellen Tracey Let the one you love know just how much by making him an English Vyella robe as used by Calvin Klem in elegant loungewear collection. Make her a charm euse mghtgown and robe m fabnc used by Christian DiOr.,. Just like the ones found in retail stores for several hundred dol. lars, only you can make one for Wlder $ magine a sport jacket, trousers or a skirt in CalVn Klein fabric. Perhaps an exciting wool tweed or trendy denim. DESGNER FABRC OUTLET, located at Kelly Road in Harper Woods, has fashion fabrics by designer names at unbelievably af. fordable prices.. as well as many one-of.a-kind sample cuts from famil. lar retail sources. f time seems to be runmng short, write an l.o.d. with fabric, pattern and pcture in a gut box... to be promised after the holdays are over. Remember, 'tis the season the give of yourself. Make t specal. Baldwin's solid forged brass has the style to harmonize with any decor and the talent for adding a note of warmth to any room of your home. t s possible to use a single candlestick as an accent piece or select a pair for a more formal setting fle' ':.:".:'::.:::.:.::.:. ;::.:.... "'",,.. :...::.::: '" :.. :o\. :...."... '" '". Mon-Fri 10-6, Thurs till 8, Sat 10-4, Sunday Mack, GrossePointeWoods Page 12 Thursday, December 10, KERCHEVAL ON THE HLL Grosse Pointe Farms

71 Come home/or the 'days Make this a season to remember. Make Lakeside your home for holiday gifts and excitement. Santa & Me- VSas and Photo Operanon VSit Santa and his friends m Lakeside's "Land of Tall Timbers" hohda sernng Ha\ e your picture ta)-.en to remember this \ Sltfor years to come Center HOllrs, \'ot 20 Dtc 24, FOlmwm Srage Easter Seals Gift Wrap & Coat/Package Check EnJOY your hohday shopping m carefrre comfort by checkmg your outen,ear and parcels at the Easter Seals Coat/PJckage Check Ha\e those specwl gifts beauufulh \Happed by some of Detroit's best kno\\ n personahnes at the Easter Seals Gift Wrap Store Both m the same convenient b:atlon All proceeds go to benefit the Easter SeJ Society Center HOllrs, NO'. 20 Dee 24, Upper Letel JC Penne- Cmm Breakfast With Santa Sit down to a dehclously pnced meal ($2 50 per person) \Hth Santa and Rosco The Clown at partlclpatmg Lake»lde restaurants AVallable on a nrst come/nrst serve bass, begmnmg at 900am The schedule mc1udes Ella5 Brothers Big 80), Dee 11 Tang!euoood.l, Dee 14 Kerb)'s Kane-; sland, Dee 16 Fnendly Restaurant, Dee 18 Ella5 Brothers Big 80), Dee 2 1 A & W Reswllrant, Dee 23 Men's Night lakeside's 7th Annual Men's Night S a speual evening for men to do their hohday shoppmg fashion presentations, gtveaway, food samphng and special savmgs Ladles are welcome Fnda), Dee 11, 600pm 900pm, Throughotlt The Center Come Home For The Holldays-A Fash\On Specracula! There'll be ghrter, glamour, and fantastic gift deas l Jom Corbm Bernsen (aha' Arnold Becker) of NBC's LA L1" as he hosts the most dazzlmg dres.,mg of the season Fncia" Dec 11, 700pm, Perform mg Am Cmm The Gift They'll Love To Take Back- The Gold Gift Cernncdte t's the gift that", a' good a' gold m rr;)re than 700 shops, rc'taurant' and convemencc' n Metropolitan DetrOt, four 1" 11, hoppmg center, Bnar"ood, F,lrlane Llkc'id, nj Twelve Oaks Mall A\alable m $500 Jcnumill" (on' at the nformation CeL,"! t's the gift the\ loe to ta\..e hack l LAKESDE. Thursday, December 10, 1987 Page 13 1

(Video) Your Presence is Heaven with Lyrics

72 f someone you know deserves a Schwinn, You deserve to know Pointe Cyclery... ooliml Al5l ===::==:=:: := === ==.=-. = == "'=-::.- - -==== -="= , a:.mloṅ -- =-= 1. * ALL NEW * FOR 1988 Experience the unsurpassed quet and exceptlonall smooth performance of the new high technology SchWinn Medallion deal lor bec!rooms,apartments, offices SCHWNN@ AR-DYNp M Clnssic holiday style J { the effective way to total fimess. Take one oullor a30day test ride. The Schwinn- DX.900'" Row, row, row yourseh into heber shape. ntroducing the Schwinn' RM-1OOO:" The efficient way to total fitness. Use the Schwmn Air-Dyne" 20 minutes every other day to work toward and maintain total fitness. Exercise your upper and lower body muscles, as well as your cardiovascular system. Guaranteed to be (ree (rom defects n materials and workmanship by the famous Schwinn "No-Time-Limit" warranty. Assembled and ready to take home Come in for a test ride. The Eastsides' oldest and largest Schwinn Dealer Bill's Bike Sales Pointe Cyclery BiU's Bike Shop E. Jefferson Mack Ave Harper, S.C.S _._ 7" Mle Rd. 1 blk... ""... 11J1L... ef 13 Mite tf-;;"'':;; AN ELEGANT EVENNG LOOK for holida), 1987, from Halston. A touch of gold lends glamour to this canligall, wilh side pockets and gold trim. llndemealh, 11...'f"s a slink, gold and black call1io;olt>wilh a banded bottom. The skirt, keeping tcp wilh lus year's horter length, sho,," a hit of leg and feature- cia_tinted "llislband ond gold trim, /ffi""kr": rstk''', /...C. NTEROR DESGNERS established 1930 Fine and Unusual Accessories Specially Priced for the Holiday Season Kercheval Grosse Pointe Park Page 14 Thursday, December 10, 1987

73 We take the hassles out of your Holidays! AVALABLE NOW AT HARPER SPORf SHOP HARPER 85 least of Cadieux) MAlL BOXES MACK AVE., at Touraine Grosse Pomte Farms, M (313) ". '", CELEBRATE THE HOLDAYS Willi A FAMLY PORTRAT CHRSTMAS SPORT COATS An outstandmg selectwn of sport Jackets for Chnstmas for the men m your lfe Traditwnal herrrngbones for busmess wear, colorful plmds for weekends, clw,sic navy blazers m all year wool blend hopsack or pure wool worsted, wool flannel and 100% fine cashmere. This is the time of year when families get together. Schedule now for our busy holiday season /0 OFF ALL WALL-5ZE PRNlS Photography by Phil Spangle 1835 Fleetwood Corner of Mack G.P.W. CHRSTMAS WRAPPED AT ptcker:s VSA SNCE 1900 KERCHEVAL AT ST CLAR GROSSE PONTE CHRSTMAS HOURS FROM NOVEMBER:W MONDA Y-FRDA Y 9:10 to 900 SA TURnA Y 930 to 5 ;W Mastercard Thursday, December 10, 1987 Grosse POinte News Page 15

74 eo son toshop locally The Village will extend shopping hours starting Thanksgiving. Holiday hours are Monday thru Friday till 9 p.m. Saturday till 5:30 p.m. Sunday 12-4:00 p.m. r ,! \ $5.00 OFF Finished Service \ L -_..J Distinctive looks for healthy hair and skin Mack Ave. Grosse Pomte Woods Extended Holiday Hours at Most Stores Grosse Pointe Village Association The Unique Shops Along Kercheval Between Cadieux and Neff CONSOLE TABLE WTH MRROR 20 1/.' W '0 29"H MiToc ' Reg.$33US SALE $ WALL CURO 2O4'W64'O 284'H Reg.$24US SALE $ abrass LAMP & SHADE 10'Hgh 1 SALE $ l [ft t LBRARY STAND 24' W ' Do39112" H Reg. $ SALE $ t's Christmas Time at Draper's and Savings Time Tool! CONSOLE! MRROR 34112" W 12" D 30' H Mirror: 41' H. 161/4' W Reg. $ SALE $ "rror Reg. $ SALE $ Page 16 Grosse POinte News Thursday, December 10, 1987 r FLOOR GLOBE 23'W.23'D 33112" H Reg. $ SALE $ VALET Selected Hardwoods 18314' Wx 14' D x 42" H Reg. $69.95 SALE $ MAGAZNE TABLE, WTH LAMP 1 Table: 19114" Wide 16' Deep 21114' Hl9h Total Height 54' Reg. $ SALE $ v-r CHARSDE TABLE FLOOR LAMP Table: 14318' Wde 18318' Deep 21' High Total H9Qh " Reg. $ SALE $ q)qpf'rnture MACK AVENUE (near 9 Mile) ST, CLAR SHORES OPEN MON., TiURS., FR. tin 9 P.M.; TUES., WED. SAT. tin 5:30 (Closed Sunday) Phone ALL CARTONED AND READY FOR WRAPPNG FOLDNG STAND "W, 18' D x 21" H Reg. $54.95 SALE $ BLANKET STAND 28112" W, 151/4' Do ' H Reg. $ SALE $79. 95

75 ,-- Holiday Home & Gift deas deck tlte talls Custom Monogramming We offer high quality custom monogramming on a wide variety of merchandise from our store. Choice of colors and styles. One week delivery Monogramming shown here on famous Luxor@- Pima@ towels by Martex@. Fifteen colors. On sale. Extended Holiday Hours Monday - Friday, 9:0-9:00 aturday 9::S0-5:30 Sunday 12:00-4:10 the d;bqth& linens store Kercheval (Village) WTH BOUGHS OF HOLLK CHRSTMAS TRM, CANDLES ACCESSORES AND FURMSHNGS FOR YOUR HOME KENNEDY & co. NTERORS... up to 75% DRESS Shop HolidAy SALE OFF.. Selected Designer Suits. Sportswear, Suedes, Dresses, Cocktail Dresses and Gowns. Szes 4.14 Visit Our Christmas Trim Shop This Holiday Season Northwestern Hwy Applegate Square between 12 & 13 Mile Rd DRESS ALWAYS 20% OFF Sltop FABllLO(JS GFT TEMS CRUSWEAR ARRY'NG DALY KERCHEVAL ON-THE-HLL OPEN SATURDAYS THROUGH CHRSTMAS Grosse POinte News

76 There's Something Around Every Corner/ i 4Y; Rlven!de Dr. 17 shops & res1aurants Pitt t Feff)' St 12 shops & restaurants Chlilham St shops & restaurants Unlvenlty Ave: shops & restsurants P.rk shops & restaurants Wy.ndo"," Tu_fOf' 25 shops & restaurants St. G'rry, Aylm.r t Mercer 5.shops & restaurants McDougall 3 shops & restaurants Goyuu 7 shops & res1auranls Ou..", Ave. 110 shops & restaurants Pall.. l.r/m.ld.n Ln. 56 shops & restaurants Victoria :. Cougill 4 ShOpSa um8urants O'lrer 2)93- stfops & remala'bflk Give Gifts oj 'Fashion! Separates Jor 'Evening 'Dressing Sweaters, Purses, ScarVes 'Beautifully Gift-Wrappeo - -"'b -$1 KtllllUt uuum.. in Downtown Windsor Osll Bownwwn Windsor C6nada tl19} 252-5'i'23, KERCHEVAL Perfect Closet.. The Space Organizers You may not know t but rs the "N" thing to give a "Perfect Closer'. Organzed space s a most unique gift. t will be appreciated every day of the year. see our display at DetrOit Palnt & Color Mack Ave Grosse POinte Woods, M The Bed. Bafh & linens Store Grosse POinte Village Kercheval - - Page 18 Grosse POinte News Thursday, December 10, 1987 BEDROOMS KTCHENS STORAGE AREAS SHOP & WORK.ROOM AREAS

77 Collectibles solve gift dilelnma i U. A THERE S NO &ETTER WAYto make a holiday bpeciullllon "ith a collectible ft from Gorhum. E\ery colleclible S daled and gift packaged. Sho" n dock"isc: "Merrie,'" 1987 Annual Christma Doll, 19" lall: Rock"ell Chri.lma. Hgurllle, "Sanla Plamllug HS Annual \'iit,- 6" hilth; Anlidal Currit'i" and lve. (,hri.tma, bell, 4" tall; Norman Rock"ell Chri,lma. plate, 8 1 h" diaml'ler, "Holl'comillg'" frolll The Saturday Et'f!mng Pti-d cmer of Decf'mber 24, BAGS OF LEATHER Only $5.00/Bag. Great for Applique, BeltS & Trimm{ng Kelly Harper Woods 5 blks. N of Moross) Hours: Mon.Sat. g..s:oo Flowers, Crystal and Candlelight.!!.4- A U. 4- A A- i!! A!At! 4-4. A 4. A A! A A A. A AA "Buon Natale" F'UtU6ea'3 CuciHa at GiglU.' Brings "A Touch of New York" to Detroit with Home Cooked talian Dishes - To Go! This Holiday Season, let Francesca cook for your party, dinners and social gathering. We'll do the cooking, you take the compliments no preservatives - no additives Small and large pans available. need to know what y)u like and how many people will be eating! Holiday Baked Ham Linguini with Clam Sauce Veal Parmigiana Pasta Primaviera Sausage with Chicken Roasted Peppers Spaghetti ala Carbonara Egg Plant Sticks Breaded Pork Cutlets Caponata Siciliana Tortellini with Alfredo Sauce Meatballs Lasagna Fettucini Alfredo Primaviera with Shrimp Ravioli cheese & meats Pasta Alforno Manicotti Stuffed Shells and many more. CoPt F!tJtlMM Start an talian Holiday Tradition Traditional talian Desserts. Wsley Berry :U.:;' Flowers 98 KERCHEVAL A 3EKS].l 'R.'k.'f141Ct' i A.! A rn.;l. Bring home the flavor of taly Gratiot (across from Saratoga Hospital) OPEN DAilY 9.6 SUNDAY 9.2 Thursday, December 10, 1987

78 FOR YOUR HOME FNE HARDWARE BUY T AT HERALD WHOLESALE,r'!i! f\ \ \",.. "- ' ii<.s THS HOLDAY, give the gift e\el") musk lo'er "ill appreciate-the gift of perfect sound. Toda} 's COinpact disc pla}ers offer full, dynamic audio that captures all tile nuanccs in }our fa'orite music. And, becau..e CDs are pla}ed with a aller thai eliminates disc "ear, your fa\orile perfomllallces are preserved nott..perfect for a lifetime of listening enjo}ment. Compact disc pla}e... also offer a host of con\eniences, such as remote controllllld msc challers. CD pla}e... are a\ailahle for the home, the car, and e,ell in portable models for those on the go. Photo: Teclmics SL-P720 Compact Disc Player. Courtesy: l\lat.ushila Electric Corp. f you have a musc lover on your holiday hst, chance are you'll want to gve the gift of perfect sound, through a tereo system, portable stereo or CD player These are excellent, affordable dnd well-appreciated gifts But, for those unfamlltar With audio. technology, makmg d wse pun.hdse can be d challenge Cumpdd dl1- player, m whch th.: muksprocessed by computer and read by dscr, provde thc be,1 true-to-life,ound One of the gredtet advance, m audotechnology, CD player offer high qudhty ound and versatile optlon. dll at dn dffordable pnce n fdl-,,orne modeh allow the hlener to load everal discsat once and selectvelypldy,pecjfic tr.lels Therc arc aho portable modeh and modcl for thc car Portdble tcrco y,tem -commonl} ldllcd boom boxc"-dre dho exccllenl lholcc; for people who \\dnt to take hgh quahty ound dlollg With them There drc mdny optlon dv.lldblc including dud decl.., and boom boxc wllh LOl1paC!d\L pld}er A,et of ;peaker i> dnothcr exlclient gift SnLe spe.lker hdpe he,ound thdt htcner they may bc the mo,t 1n1. portdnt p.lrt of dny tcreo }tell1 Chommg the nghl pe.lkcr -an be d chdllellge Often t bet to condult ome research -,eeklng the ddvllc of mll"c 10\ mg fncnd and conumer dudlo m.lgd7lne Tlp from the Electronll ndutrle, A,Oll.ltOl(E:A) ndu(je Bnng. record or tape to the,hov.- room By "tenlng to fanllhdr mu'k you e.llly d\cern thc dilferellce,mong pedker, (Note M.lke,ure that your..clellion " one n whch the mulcpure dlld hd not becn purpoely dllorted for etfect by he recording drllt' ) When hstenlng to speakers, begin by hstemng for clanty of dfferent n,truments Listen to the speakers at the same volume Loud speaker can nlttally ound more dynamic, but be poor performers n a home sellmg When companng two,peaker,. ;wltch,et n the middle of a phrd,e dnd try to cdtch ubtle changes n somc reproduction Make sure the peaker frame are,ohdly contructed Thl, Will cut down on unwanted vlbrallon. Learn to redd the specfcation, heets o hdt you can compdre spellficd lion, The two 1mt l1portdllt specs dre Sgnal to NOse Ratio (SN) and Total Harmomc DistortOn ratmg (THD rat ng) n the Cdeof the SN raila, the higher the SN. the better the sound n Totdl Hdfmomc Dtorllon, the lower the nurn ber. the cledrer the ound Other pellfi ldtlol ml1ude D}ndllllC Rdnge dnd Contmuou, Averdge Wall Per Chdnnel PdYd()e dllentloll to the r,mge, A good et of pedker hould hd\e.,trong ndtur.ll oundmg ba, A truly de "r.lble ba ha more thud" th.ln d boom" quality to t A poor mid rdnge...ll,ound "nvet,,," much... pm'lble n the pe.lker.. They are a very mportdnt part of the ound," ay, Thomd P FTiel. group vlc;epreldenl of the Electrolllc n dulne A",oclatlon. A, much., one third of the,y..tem', cot hould be n he \pe.lker, Choolng the Tight 1ft for the mu'lc lover Cdn be cay f you td\..e a few moment, to do re,edrch and 10 iten t"..ure to be, glflth,lt }our mll,c mer \ill \,llue forecr A!met Arrow. Baldwin. Hager. HeW1 lado KW1kset Lawrence. Normbau Dorma Door Closers. Schlage KWC Moen. Paul AsSOCiates. fusltal/forges Grohe Kohler. Valli 8.. Columbo BaldW1n Bath. Delta. Aqua Glass Steamlst Artistic Brass. The Broadway 6 OF 10,000 Refreshmgly Different tems AT HERALD WHOLESALE Coolidge Hwy just north of 8 Mile Rei (313) Collection. Bathroom lewelry Dornbracht Bormlx 80 Bormalux Sanllura Keuco Auburn Brass. FR. Monarch. Stanley. Broan Nutone Miam Carey. J C D Creations. franklin Brass. Colomal Bronze. PlexlCraft Koch &. Lowy Bates &. Bates. lronaway Shulte HOURS: 9.5:30 OR CALL for A SP[ClAl APPONTM[NT ANYTME MON JRJ, 9 3 SAT Page 20 Grosse' Pointe News Thursday, December 10, 1987 MERRY Party CHRSTMAS Supply 10% OFF Center. " SELECTON OF a ar y DECORATONS -... W AHUGE Having P t ) J) pusnc CUPS See us first. f J HElUMBAllOONS You'll be glad you did - \). MATCHiG PlATES. MAPKNS, CUPS, TaBLE COYERS TRAYS ffi ERYNG b'plms OEQUNDRE WARREN 1$ GARFELD MT.ClEMENS 2U HARPER ST. ClAR SHORES 77& Mile STERUHG HEGHTS

79 Ethan Alletl imagine the possibilities Whl:thcr ddd',n outdoor,mdn or hdnd)mdn, nothmg look.>better undl:r the tree thdn a,lee-, nc portdble gencrdtor A gencr<ltor.1\101\ \ ddd to plug nto electrlt an, here.nytlme, m<ll- 109 t deal for u,e.round the home or d\\,l\ Camper find that with d portable gen erdtor they Cdll bring along some of the comfort, of home, such a, d few 1ghts, electrc coffee pot, een a smdll televl sian' A portable generator ' dho welcome n the hand) mdn '5 h(lp or around the bodt docl- for runmng tools But don't forget the most prdttltdl u,e",uch., rechdrglllg depleted car battene, dnd mdmtdlnmg needed electnclty during home power outage, or other emergencle, To help hol1dd\,hopper, the e).perh dt Hondd Poer EqUipment offer. 1c\\ tip, dbout generdtor, Most generator, <re dd"lfied by \\dtlage output for example,. 650-\\dl\ generdtor could power 'X 100 Wdlt hghl bulb,.t onle Lool- for extra-drge mufflers lor quiet operdtion and chetl- declbelle\eh before buymg For cxdmp\e Hondd, super qulel l:.x650 generdtor praltlcally whl\per" operdlmg dt Ju,t 54 decibel> f the generdlor Will be u,ed for Cdmp- 109 make sure has a USDA qu.llified,pdrk drre,tor, requln:d for use 10 na tlonal park, Remember, any generalor should be oper dted outdoor, 111. well awa) from combustible malendls For more mformdtlon on portable generdtor,. Lontdcl your 10Cdl Hond<l Power iqulp1l1ent UCdler There 15 somethmg romantic about a traditionally designed clock From stately floor clocks to charmmg wall and mantel clocks, our clocks are the kind of time you'll want to keepl DUring this Sale, our designers can help you select clocks that are not only beautiful, but reflect craftsmanship that lives on for generations n additon, right now you'll find deas on dining rooms and coordmates as limitless as your magination Ana real savings more wonderful than you could have magined! Ask for your complimentary copy of the Treasury pages filled With dramatic room settings and decorating deas REG SAlE A The Westport Cherry Floor Clock B The Ridgefield' c Mahoganv Wall Clock C The Hamden Pine Steeple Clock D T'le Columola Cherry Weather Stallon E The MystiC Pme Weather Stal on :: THE KREMENTZ FASHON COllECTON lor <111111' t'lng' you h,lvc ('vcr wan!('u n t.1'\l()r1 ( \\('lr\ C AS'll( 'lty>.jg n updalpd "o\..' at 18Kt g"ld d',1 mmd, & p(',nl, (XQU<;TE CRAfT'lMANSHH' 10 lr1\ur(' hat tll(' look & 111(' ('('llog will 1,)'1 torever SUBliME 'RLNC tha ev('f) on(' C<ln at(od ff TME H\'l"1 E FRFE W\RRA"JTY for add('d wnllc!('1((' CVF TO THf ra"hon MPU 'lr '>1)RRFN DER fo TH f f,\t'. Ti\'iY al ntejewelers Kercheval Grosse Pointe, n the Village Holiday Hours' M.F 9:30-9:00 Sat 9:30-5: THE NTERORS OF YOUR MND. Ethan Allen UllCA VAN DYKE (between 22 & 23 Mile) UVONA MDDLEBEl T (between 5 & 6 Mile) 261-naO Reg Hours MON., TliURS., FR. 10-9, lues" WED., SAT. 10-5'30 NOW OPEN SUNDAYS 1-5 P.M. REMEMBER ONLY ETHAN AlliN GAllERES SEll. ETHAN AU.EN FURNllURE Thursday, December 10, 1987 Grosse POinte News Page 21

80 ! New jewelry gives ltulny changes to holiday wear M.,',":,' ""1: J: il,..,. " # """f,.,,"z Page 22 Fine Christmas Gifts 'U'.hf.e Uc l&wu. Utd tdihwg MteJtUtd UW!l > for the man who wants his clothes to "say a lot about him." Suits, Sports Coat, Slacks by Cricketf'er, Majer and Chaps by Ralph Lauren, Alterations included with purchase. Arrow and Van H.'usf'n Shirt'! l\'1cg'oj'gt' Swt'atf'r" Oakloom suits - for the man that's hard to fit, ACC,<;.,orit'" to compliment the outfit CUStom 1biloring by Gino 19866Mack-Grosse Pointe Woods Thursday, December 10, Every woman enjoy adding a new plce of jewelry to her collecton and. whcn thdt tem.11'0 sene, to gl,c gre,ltcr \Cral1l1ty to her Jewel r\ \>.,rd robe. t, e\en more dcllghtful,,ay., KJe Mceul 10lh. fj,hlon lon,ultjllt to the Je\\elr) nt!u.,try CounLi rhjt \h) nc\ Jcwelry LJled 'cn hanlcr,' or Jdd-on, make c\ccllent hol dav glft.,he report.. A <,mple,ttjnd of pcjrl, Cdn becomc, hjnt!,ome pcndjnt. dnd two braleleh LJn JOin together to creatc an arretmg ned.ldce,",he polnl'. out - For da) or e\cmng A LdC n POint One,uch et of brale let, features one btacdet n 'mple gold link, whllc the olher 1a,mgle trand of mdlehed dlamonch Whcn the) are JOined togethcr the diamond part \\ om n fronl the).re perfect for c\ cmng \\ear \\ h<lt look, lik('. \ntpk pm become. pend,lnt to he \\orn on a trjnd of pc.nh or Lhdm Or) ou may t.hooc to "C to f.!',tcn logethcr J long,tr,lnd of l "<s pejrl for a different look Pin the pearl to on 1t!Cfor a \\Jg effel! Ne\\ a\<' cdrflng sell lng, n gold n different delgn, that come \\ th.,elee lion of gemstone ant! pedrl, Chooe to pjz aquamanne or hatever,tone )OU wh to complement the wlor,cheme 01 )our hohddy appdrcl Eay transformation A 6O-nch stnng of pedth Ldn unfdtcn to CTeate,horler necklace, dnd even a brdt.elet making thl tem of Jcwc\r). dd) to-evening,et Wllh a wise.,electlon of bac jewelry, which might conlst of evcral different length, and lze, of gold ChainS, plu, a t.ouple of,ngle dnd double,tr,md, of pcdr\<', a \loman Lan choo<;c cnhj.ncer, thdt 1\ help hcr ueate mj.ny dlffercnt Jcwelr) \ook' that \\111.11,0 go rc,ldd\ lh her nterchangeable e,lrnnl; collellion, a \\ondcrful and dfford"ble \\ay to <:),p"nd your Je\'>elry \\af(jrooc M McCulloch "t!\ '>e, " D[j0'} < ""',, SERVNG,-,",". '1:' q ST "'pq.lla GROSSE ', E LiFE MEMBER A.N.A. NC FREE APPR, CHRSTMAS ART BARS AUSTRAN 1-4 DUCATES ':..COiN JE'NELRY BUYNG - MEXCAN PESOS _ CAN MAPLE LEAF Gok Sit.,., colls U S ld Foreign) Con" Stamp colletl'- - ENGLSH SOLVERGNS Pre1t21 US,." llolty f\1jge ",ej Accumulal'- an or Sl FRENCH FRANCS.1l11i11fy ndals hba All US_1M! collis _ AND MANV MORE l''ol Md 11'11111 sets ltelll$ ln1ed 1., 141(, 11k 01', :' :, 176 ACK (at niv,.n;ily):: 85-4OO ,..' CHRSTMAS GFT DEAS ASALS NEW 1987 U S GOLD EAGLE CO'NS & SLVER US GOLD CONS FOREGN CONS :. : PROOf SETS $1-$2% $5-$10-$20 _CHNESE PANDAS ::

81 Christmas Lay-a-way Sale! Choosing athletic shoes Reebok. Nlke, AVla, Saucony. walk- 109, runmng aeroblc. tenms toda), there are hundred of athletic shoe brand, styles and categories to choose from Thus, hoppmg for athlellc shoes can be quite confusing To ehmmate ome confulon, first read HOll To Cho(!H Athie/(' ')h{)e. a new 28-p.lge booklet from Foot Locker/Lady Foot Locker featunng advice on proper fit and foot health The booklet descnbes the umque func-!lons of all types of athletlc shoes For exampie Running Shoes are made for movmg 10 one dlrec!lon only -straight ahead Most have nylon uppers remforced wllh suede, leather or plgskm at the stress pomt and cuhloned mldsolc and outsole made of hard, rubber compound Sole are grooved or studded for tfacllon Tenms Shoes are heaver and stronger than runnmg shoe Tenm shoe.. have strong lateral support betause of the game's rapid move 10 all dlrectlon WaRmg Shoe are becommg mcrea,- mgly popular as walkmg become a favonte workout Walkmg shoe have leather or n) on mesh-and-leather up pers, strong heel counters. moton-control devices to restnct lateral movement, good cushlomng-especlally under the toes - and slightly elevated ",tep-up" heels Aerobcs Shoes are a blend of coun and runmng shoe Aerobics shoe feature shghtly raised heels. firm heel counters. wrapped soft rubber sales and plenty of shock-absorbmg mldsole cush- Onmg-especlally 10 the heel and meta tarsal areas Fuji Lotus - Concord Vista GT Hedstrom Kid's Bikes. r lune-up _. AND WNTER STORAGE. $24 95 Mil{_)Q! YEAR END CLEARANCE Concord 10 spd reg $ SAVE $45.00 $ THE KCKSTAND BCYCLE SHOP OF GROSSE PONTE Kercheval Grosse Pointe Park M Ke'cheval1n Thp P?rl< Call Now is the 'me for THE KCKSTAND tl OF DETROT E warren DetrOit M Christmas Lay-a-way 1 Block west of Outer Dnve $1500 deposit Call Pick-Up Christmas Eve.. HOLDAYSPECMLSFROM.,i!. At Software City ur computer needs are a family affair. Come in and enter our drawing for a "FREE" SWCX.10 Computer. Promotion runs from November 27, 1987 through December 19, 1987 Elegance in sizes A distinctive style of dressing-casual to evening Mack Avenue between Broadstone & Littlestone in the Woods. Mon..Sal Thur V,sa Me SWCX-l0 COMPUTER dual.floppy sy>tem wlcolor monitor S S Fifth Ave Ann Arbor Panasonic 1080 Printer reg s329 S only at the5>eparticipating stores Grealer Mack Ave Southfield Rd St Clan Shores Southfield Grosse POinte News All SOFTWARE 200;0 OFF Mile Road Sterling Hts Page 23

82 , The Holidays Just Wouldn't Seem the Same Without the Aroma of "Haymarket" Blend. \ i '! i.. Hayrnarket, r ' t's got everything. Satisfying flavor. t's,- bite free, pipefull after 1 --' pipeful. With an aroma 1), so nice, Mrs. Claus - " loves Santa to smoke it. Pick up "Haymarket" or choose from a variety of great gifts for the smoker in your family at Hill & Hill. waterman &. Pelikan fine writing instruments in stock now for the Holidays! MACK AVE. Btw. 7 & 8 Mile Roads Grosse Pte. Woods, M (313) '52 Renaissance Center, Oakland Mall FLEXSTEEL The Greatest Value in the U.S.A. NOBODY SELLS FOR LESS. TOAST THE HOLDAYShi. 'f'-ar,,11h a non-alcoholic cranberrv pullch hat'.. qui<.kand f'a.) 10 prepare-and delicious, loo! QUCK HOLDAY PUNCH 64 ounce bottle Ocean Spra) Cranberr) Juice Cocktail '/4 cup red cinnamon candie '/2 cup orange juice 2 tablespoon... lemon juicc 3 thick ('/4 r) lice.. of orang' 9 whole c1o\cs Lemon extract 3 sugar cuhc n a Dlluo...d\e-..dfe punch bmd mx the Lrdnherry tulle Loe).,tad, cdmlle.. or,logc dl1d lemon JUice Hedt on MedUm High for tl,\o to threc mloutc.. or untt! dclrcd..crv- 109 temperature WHh a "cwcr mdkc three hole nnd of edeh orange..lile lnert three elm e.. Place..llLc., low When redd) 10..ene, pldu? cube or,loge..ilc" mo",tel1 w\lh lemon ntrdel dnd 19n1lc \f M,d,e el'\ 1lg.. r O n # GALU SHOES THE RANGELEY KNOT WOMENS RANGELEY "BEANERS" SUGGESTED RETAL $74. 0 GALU'S EVERYDAY LOW PRCE $ Styles of Sofas & Loveseats Ready for mmediate Delivery or Select Through 1,000 Pre-tested Fabnc5 4-6 Week Delivery Fournier's Furniture Page 24 Grosse POinte News Fournier's Service ncludes lifetime ConstructOn & Frame Warranty Free Delivery & Set-Up Five Year Cushion Warranty The Finest Floor Display The Lowest Prices lm21 'Harper Detroit ' (neal Wi'i1!t rj ,," Mill., Tllul, Fn, '- luis: Sit '-5:31 ClOSED WEDNESDAY '21J13 Harper,, St. CCair Shores (b4wl0.. 11'Me', , O,en Mill., Tllln., 1/11.' Sat. 1O-S CLOSED W DN SDAY Thursday, December 10, 1987 BROWN FREE PAR OF SOCKS WTH THE PURCHASE OF A PAR OF SHOES. WTH THS AD ONLY DSCOUNT DESGNER SHOES ALWAYS 25-75% OFF HARPER, ST. CLAR SHORES LAY-AWAY JUST S. of 13 Mile ;-v:,f-] HOURS M-F SAT 107.SUN

83 , '1 Sweater by Perry Ellis 7kSt<vu Unique Santa Collection Wide Variety of Christmas Ornaments Potpourr, Calendars Pewter Christmas Musc Boxes FREE personalization of ornaments purchased at Something Special Holiday Hours Mon Sat Thurs till 9 85 Kercheval on the Hli, Nl1mn puts great 35mm photography at everybody's fingertips. N NA VY OR WHTE, 100% COTTON $64.. New Deluxe Tele@Touch $ JENNFER STEPHENS AT TRAPPER'S ALLEY DETROT MAJOR CREDT CARDS ACCEPTED PHONE ORDERS ACCEPTED SNOWTHROWER " ; - -- Waterproof ActiOl1@Touch $ New OneeTouch $ Get your hands on one today. Get the Nlkon Touch: autofocus, auto-everything One- Touch Go-everywhere, all-weather ActlOn-Touch. And versatile Tele-Touch, complete Wth telephoto, Wldeangle and macro close-up. Just ""1_ pick one up. You'll get some very grabbmg photos. ncludes Nikon nc. Limited.w,.on. Warranty \\e take the oorkts greatest pictures: SNCE dewell 1919 Photo ic MLE RD HARPER YOUR FUU UNE STERLNG HEGHTS S c.s CAMERA STORE SAVNGS EVENT SAVE 50% ON AN ELECTRC START KT when you purchase a SNAPPERsingle-stage snowthrower at the regular retal price VSit your nearby SNAPPERdealer today and ask about our Snap-Credlt plan We make t easy to own a SNAPPER-with no down payment and no monthly payments for 90 days. And during our Snowthrower Savings Eventyou can take home our 120volt electric start kt for 50% off with your purchase. l!iwpea A divson of Fuqua ndustnes SALE PRCE $ YEAR LMTED WARRANTY..#t! MACK, in Grosse Pointe Woods Thursday, December 10, 1987 Grosse Pomte News Page 25 \

84 '. GLACEE BELGUQUE A Remafkabl9 and QUile Unique Dessert Make. also DONVER ce Cream m 20 M,nute s Available n 1/2 P P Ot5000 Braun Mni P-net de:al.of a.aby Food THE GOURMET ELECTRC PLATE COZY Warms 10 Dinner Plates Blue Gold SPECAL PRCE OLC 7 Super Pro CUismert With Fre. Copy 01 Abbey Mandel s CUlSlnart Classroom $ CUlsinart MnMale $40 00 CHRSTMAS WAECHTERSBACH SPECALS ESPRESSO 1987 MUGS TRAYS POT POURR TNS ORNAMENTS APRONS DECORATVE JARS TOWELS 0 TABLE CLOTHS POT HOLOERS NAPKNS COFFEE CARAFES CAKE PLATES BY KRUPS NOVA - For fast and flavartul cup afler fl cup-espresso or Cappuccino MN For quck and s,mple cappuccino or espresso Demitasse Spoons Cups/Saucers Mugs Kl'Ups Coffee Mill For the u\t1mate flavor Comes n Assorted Colors NEW AT THE PEDLAR GRANDMA'S CORNER (Mom & Dad Too) DNOSAURS BEATRCE POTER CARDS PLACE MATS & COOKBOOK SLVERWARE KDS APRONS LUCTE GLASSES MUSCAL MUGS BBS (5 O,fferent Tunes) DNNERWARE SETS Fragrant indulgence: A Christtnas of great luxury a motf of unfurling,dtln f1bbon, whllc A gift of true U1(urynever fdll, to gl\ C KL ;educe, '" h an db,trall fdn de'lgn gredt pled,ure, to md\..e a Jlng mpre- Lagerfeld ' tuc\..ed n'>lde hand,omcl) on An often unexpelled ndulgence, t marblellcd blac\.. and (dmel paper, dnd captlvdte" pamper and,educe, the KL Homme capture, t> excitement n a,enses mist of granite gray and blue With tla,hc, Throughout the age" the mot cn- ual, mot pleasurdble of all gift, of luxury has been that of fragrance The of gold Charm her Wth private pleasure; for Queen of Shebd took gifts of fragrance to the bath and the boudor Chloe', pedchcolored du;tng powder Uxufldte; 10 King Solomon when,he vllted hm n d hlmmenng fro,ted box '-'dth the gnd 800 B C ndeed, so hlghl) valued wa frd ture embo;sed calla hi), dnd " pdlred grance, that thle\e n Kmg Tut's tomb With a senuous ;pray of eau de toilette stole the frdgrant oils but left the many ndulge her With the sybaritic expen eoce at KL', sll\..en bod\ creme and eau object; of gold de tolette, adorned w;th ts ;eductlve Today the allure and the mystery of frdgrdnce continues m the four dds;lc,ymbol-the an fragrances from Parfums Lagerfeld For Make certjo hi, da), and night; arc her The sublimely romantc floral notes filled...llh pleasure G\C hun the Lagerfeld Natural Elcmenl A ;pla;h of (0 of Chloe, and the moldetlng exol1c scent of KL For him The masculine \\<oody Jogne, SOap, marble soap dish,1od T1chne,s of Lagerfeld, and the sen;ory marble-handled razor and toothbru,h adventure of KL Homme for the man Unledsh his lovc of adventure \\ th KL Homme Es,enllals A vlfle pldh of eau who hves on the edge Thl> Chnstmas, glvmg a gft of luxury de toilette, and the mvlgordtmg aftcr has ne\er been more effortless, more shave baume The luxury of the age;, the cxcltement highly ndlvlduah7ed All the Parfums Lagerfeld fragrance, come specially and senualtty of today, S wating at Pdrfums Lagerfeld till Chflstma, Ma\..c t wrapped Outwardly, Chloe dehght thc c)e...lth her" ma\..e \l h" Mullng Spices SOup M.xes 0,11& Herb Bread MX CROSSANTS FRENCH BREAD Gilt Baskets (Besl 01 M,chlgan) Amencan Spoon Dried Charnes Brownies Mustards Preserves Famous Chefs JuhaChild Paul Bocuse, Jaque. Pepin "'edele,ne Kamma n Craig Claborne Pierre Franey VHS Renl 1 N,ghl Nights 5 00 VDEOS Wok McrowaYe Food Processor Special Occas",ns Elhn,c Coakmg All Tapes For Sele Bata ( Available) r' \ : 1., j, 50% OFF Page 26 LOUNGEWEAR SLEEPWEAR \l fl' NFANTS & CHLDRENS WEAR TO SZE 7 OPEN DALY PLUS WED THURS, & FR EVENNG SUNDAY 12-5 PM KELLYROAD (NEAR VERNER) NEXT TO VLLAGE SHOE NN Thursday, December 10, 1987 f,0" lov( h ouldool' Jf,ou led" 11u((, 1",.1ul Y n you r herl,f due b or >;. e" or,ongb,rd, loue h ; ow 'pmt,oll "rc a W,ld Wn!,:, person Vve mv,te you 10 V',! one of our d"lmcllve galle rj(' 'oon GREAT GFT DEAS! Wild Wings Gallery Wild Wings Gallery Wild Wings Gallery One Kercheval Avenue 975 W. Ann Arbor Trail 155 South Bales Grosse Pointe Farms, M Plymouth, Ml48170 Birmingham, M48011 (313) (313) (313l Holiday Hours: Mon through Frl 10:00-9'00 saturday 10,00-6'00; Sun :00 We take great pride in the ever-growing interest and widespread appreciation of fine art rplating to the out-of-doors

85 Fre1J hprestige champagne will tum any occasion into a holiday FOR GFTS YOULL BE PROUD TO GVE (Many items at substantial reductions) TrJdlOnJl} lh,unpjgne h,l heen erved.'". Jpenllt llh mol-ed...11 l11on. ljvjr,11d0),er... or J.\ 11),!...t on pelljl OllJqOn Toda}. ho\\e\er he pre"'llge lhjm pjgnc... rom Fr Jnle. morc lomplcx Jt1d luller -bodlcd hjn other l h<lmpjgnc... ldn be...erved wllh. \llde VMlel\ 01 food...throughoul the lllej And no\\. Louplcd \\ lh the llr.::.ed mteret m d d tcrenl lulqne, prellge lhjlllpjgne,ulh.l Krug Gr,mue emee bcmg...erved \\ lh J \.1'" drrj) 01 exolil food... mdl-mg the enllre dml11g expen enle l110re l11tere...llng more of,111'ldven lure HolldJ} lime the perfell Olldlon \0 1lrodule }our gue...l, 10...ol11e oj he ne\'"er J,le.::nJlnn... dlon \ lh,ome 01 he dj'.'ll'" - Sliud... mo\..ed,.lmon lu,lld ef\ed on!oj, poinh l < trdll!llon,11,ku)lllp,l nnnenl The rlhn.:...of lhe 'Jlmon '" ofhet b) he lmp dr)ne...of the Krug Gr Jndc Cuvee One of the newcr tj...le redl, to he p,med \lllh lh'11l1pagne '" Tapen,lde. "'prc,ld for rc,h vegeldblc... or. lruqv French bread Krug Gr,l1dc Cuver. a lull bodied lhjmpagne. l he pcrfeel complemenl 10 the dlly plqujnt ldvor of h'" Provcn,i1...peLldlty l1l<lde from olive,md,11lho VC'" n f r,llle 100d l 11ll1lJcrcd one 01 lv: fon:mo...1 plc,l...urc of hie And pre mum lh,unpdgnc l the u1t1l11.11':ld) 10 lelcbr.lte h..1 plej...ure Whclher...cneu \\ lh one of he old,jndjrd... or, nc\', delllj!.) dljmpjglc,ldd...p,lr\..\c 10,n} Oll<l,lOn lor dddlllondl...en 111,ugge...llOl1'...end,...cll Jddrc... cu...ldl11pcd #10 en\ e lope \0 J...rug RCllpc Boo\..lel ulle O ,,,\..nrd 'itree!. Ne\\ York N't TAPENADE ';' cup pittl'd blal k olh e... 1!ae e1me garhl. peeled 6 anchnh filleh (2 0/. ldn) }'/2 lablepoon...caper, drained.juceof ';' lemon '. cup nli\e oil 1/ 3 cup freh par;!e), llulllcd '!2 teap()()n dned th)l1le Fresh ground bldl!.. pepper Addihonal pdrle) for garnbh PJle ol1\c", garlll dnlho\\c, Jnd LJ pcr...m blendcr,md PUCCL(} P,KC l11lxturc mj large h!)\\ and \llr m lemon Ju\ce olive 011.} hyme,md pcpper RcfrrgcrJC for one or (\\0 hour 10,t1 10\\ tl,l\or...lo Jc\c1op Scnc \\llh lllcd rd\\ \cgc!.rhlc...or brcjd... Mal-e, Jhoul '. Ulp FNE SELECTON OF -Handbags -Sweaters -Belts -Jewelry -Skirts -Blouses -Dresses -Gowns Lovely Cashmere Scarves Fox Fur Ear Muffs Very Attractively Priced (Beautiful Gift Wrapping FREE) 377 Fisher Road Grosse Pointe Be talian For The Holidays at ANTONO'S RESTAURANT Book your Office & Christmas Parties Now and Your New Year's Eve Evening. "Voted one of the best/talwn Restaurants in the Metro Area by Detro!! Monthly." OPEN FOR DNNER: Tues-Sat 5:00-9:30; Sun 5: Mack Ave - G. P. Woods Call Thursday, December 10, 1987 Grosse POinte News Page 27

86 f 1... ""i., '1 r\,. { " ;, y J', lz <,, - -,J, l,.li 'l' '! - lheres Only One Christmas Package Shipping Service Better Than OUrs. And we deliver all year 'round. We'll package your presents for you. No waiting in line. nsured to $50,000. Guaranteed delivery. ndividual packaging supplies, too... boxes, tape and loose fill. Make this Christmas last forever with a cmncorder Hdve you dlway wanted to capture the expre'lon of )o\lr fanl\ly on Chmtmd mornmg dnd enjoy the moment dgam dnd dgdm m the yedf, to (.Orne Thl year you can, with the help of eay-to-ue cdmcorder-the hotlet con- umer electromc gift ded of the year New Compact VHS camcorder-corn bmdtlon wlor Vdeo camera and portdble \ deo cdsetle recorder, - fedture fully dutomallc functlon for professlonalqudhty "home move," on Vdeotape "The newetl-amcorders available thl Chnstmd are o slmp!e-1o use that even firt-l1me camcorder user '.1'1\1 be mpressed by the results," said Gerald M McCarthy, presdent of Zenith Sales Company More than million camcorders were sold to dedler n 1986 dnd a many as 1 5 million of the popular umt could be sold by Chmtmds Eve thl year, McCarthy ald New deqgns mdke t poslble for some full. featured camcorder to weigh ds httic as 3 3 pound (lncluomg cdselle and bdltery) McCarth) wggt:tcd thjt hopper m the market for top of-the-hne performdnce hould look for such feature, as dutofow" power zoom lens, hlgh.,peed \hulter for '-f1spaction shots, and low light recordmg ensltlvty "As dn added convemence, some new models mclude dn 'mformatlon center' on the camcorder' Sde that explams all your recordmg optlons," McCarthy sad "And to further assure that you'll get the best possible mages, iliese camcorders have a through-the-vlewfinder playbdck feature that allows you to n- <;(dntly review what you've Just recorded," McCarthy said The playback feature dlso allows you to conne"t the camcorder drectly to your TV or VCR for easy revew or dubbmg, McCarthy added "Unlike some other compact ystem" there' no need for a,eparate playbad.. deck," he Said Some of the most popular new Cdmwrder u,e Compact VHS casetles about the ze of a deck of cards, which can offer up to 60 minutes of recordmg and can be played back n any VHS-format VCR Wththe ue of an ddaptor VERN'ER Mack Ave, at Kenmore Grosse Pointe Woods. M\ M-F 8-7 Sat 9-4 " d ', d f "Where the \i.. Summer, Never l' l- Ends!" l ljl{l1 '\ Skateboards, '\,.. F.. ne Clothing, }M Fun Gifts for Everyone! Kercheval in the Park NCORPORATED Save 300/0 Tues.-Sat, on all PULSAR Watches in stock 1O:OG-5: Mack Ave. a.p.w Page 28 Grosse Pomte News Thursday, December 10, 1987

87 i VERSAT\LE VALUE' d ble Naturalizer's DresSY,yet ahor a up doubles as a retty waned toe P 'th whatever P 1 to go W dress casua.., YOU wherever go\ OU wear... Y Bl k Leather, lack Patent, ac Red, B Whtte, Bone, NavY KATHERiNE ACOBELL SHOES Mack Ave. _oagobell - Grosse Pointe -2447Woods 8! Hours M,T,W,F 10.6 PM 884 TH 10-8 PM, SAT 10-5 PM THE FEELNG OF LlTX'R' thai "..,...' for f81lol\tinll" for hl' holida, f,'mlllif('d """do look thai hark had, 10 hl' lla, of Hl'llhllnl alld Trat,. j,'""ln...) po'' pmh'rflil Jlrl''11t". ddlllll d,' n,l1d fillt,,-.(' 10 h.. hod).."d llt',olh",. 011 h"r. 181\... rrlll 11\ p..dro B"r"1l81nl. 181\ do\1(' rlllll, Chr" (urn', \. mlh pa,,'.u, Pili hr,,,.d, h, lakll,lll "'ada. 0" him 181\. ", lld,urn",\,.., P,'dro Hon'p:.,.,rd Star quality accents glamorize holiday jewelry and fashions he cdm" oj lu' U\ ",, '" prl\.lcll lor lollllnuc, lor hc 'l uclld,' ",on n elcg.llll 10rl11 10 drc" up lor pin C',111<1h,,,c dl ")lnl r' ML pr \)! C L."" "flll tlh ll\l do lo(\, holl holr h L 10 hl d 1\' 01 K.lthcrlllc kphllrn "l'\1 fcmmllll edgl fh, \lllle,prl.ld popul.lrtl\ 01 l1\ln, \\l(tf lor \\t)01l[\ hi...hl'lll "trl'n l\l.1 '11ll,hL nlll1.ll,d hl 'llld hut 10d.l\, lll''--..(, ll()'t-.,,tll Tll\\h lut hl d'''r1d\.l '!"holl ll'" krnllll11l ldl,,"11h. ",t dr Pl' '1111,ilLlllnL 01 ql,hlrll\lu,,- 1<H'Lto hl.i1h d\l oj 11,.ldld. t1dlln hc l\l\,do,ll, h,' 'lln\\ "l.l if) ""!\1r11... lhl\l nn"- ll'- <'\L 'l.:l r!lp h. t on t l""hlnll 1111-'"l1..,on 'n{ll lhl rllllll dl lhl... ll\l(h.' 'll,on' hlemh,,) \lcll \\thlhc he lutllill LlUlllfL' ic.,hlon, J'llloflll' hl 11111l ''-'l olll\l h.,11\1',(lcllilltn ell \ Oil, ollhl 11\,"1LO\ hle hlll' h,'"1 \doll1,,1 \ 11h Ll'L\1- hi, Hil,01 d" ",n.2 10, hl holtd 1\' " 1h' pro llo,hlkd \lllh hill" L th'l ", \ \ll" tnl fl' j...thl tn he...\f 1\.t':.!.l11l HH... nd hl.hhh! lhlnth!... 1\... h,nolh,h _,OlllllrlL <LL" '1\ e, \ lh l \<.lli,cp hl h,11,ll 111(1 ' llll \11111 'l.llil",jl 1111<\ hl P lt\ l,oo<l " hl. 1"lHld.10\111LlnthlllL,h ''" f1l.l1dil \lhlll \lorn,'.ld or dllo!l..v'lll\ ) pl"'l""\t'" "\lhtk hut 1'0\lLlllll pl,"l1l.l,, dll'l.llon hl ""to thl. hod\ 11(llll l j,'lhl' Kl " Lold l "lll\ n"rtll ullrl\ '',t ' \ lhchll nj,ln\ \\n!l)l1) nllll thl' L ill l l.h lllel.1 [m.e ' ti" dll\ 'l ',dl' 1"'11011h" " hlpln \<" llh to l df1tllllll,o'l \\hllh r 11<\110\1<<1 1l"l1llhl ",,, i1 '-nit Lnd 11tr 1 tl. 11llr)lll 11llll 1)1(11\\ 01 )pllknl lpl0"'- l "111,1\ lhl, 01 "' luu\,. j nr lhl"nll.,h"l1lhollc lull hr LL let lit,,nuh.,r'hllld the \\ r"l il.1'l LOlld 'n - noll,,1 1\llh plrlor.llllll1' (l[ hlll,hld "llh 1t11l11,Cl,.lld\ l\l\jfl Lull" ill 1\1,) llll, n led loo llh f Hflll)l' 111l1p"tL.1\lllllldll 'pnrlr.llt dl':.!.l...\\u.pll1 "\\\ rl...(, nld.n 1l11\ui nlltll. l1d pl,ll,hld,ur! ll' 'Ln'lll\ O\J\lllll h, l ' ld dllll "llljl,t1'll,,h l111.n"rllll\.1h/lil tll'l 1\\,1\,,1 L llcd C!!)l dc'.l'"' h.11 ' Pl.1' ll'>! \Jill. rlhll Bold,,-,f i) 1l'lk,lil\l,trl,LLnl 11\,11L.lllllhllt d"1'11\ modern llf \lhll jln"hlll, l1lhl "l d P)l' ld \,110\1 \d l' ' r t', '",y., MACK AVE. f,if s 1/ y i,/1 1/ /(r l ' S, "',t!,'.,, ' %i, STOP N AND SEE OUR... PROFESSONALS FOR EXpERT SERVCE ffi, B8 GROSSE PONTE WOODS Thursday, December 10, 1987 Page 29

88 ..,; l. t ḟ,,,- r { < $ \!, :: ',-,, \ ;l 1,,, '.,, (,,\ $ with REG. $ SAVE $80.00 MODEL 2114 EXERCSE BKE,cr' Deluxe SAVE $70.00 T C(})(liOntl n,' :e':ea: t Ulffl., p.a" ae COt ertoo:s Tones le<;\ 't1" slomac am "c' lnus (... "' {j es a p "\ -2 c"j'oa.s...u jl,.'iv' "''''l ollo,"r,. RP( 1',f:lo(J>-C s'pe... d'1'1of.> "c.5.0" j "1 J r- "l 'fnhetj... :J"f"le.'y14- e 'e's-orl, 1" '-, ::o-) EXERCSER With all the features of the big bikes 28 b flywheel, brake adjustment. timer and odom. $ii95 $99.95 Wllh coupon,aqjcijs 2000 ERGOMETER NOW $ With coupon Reg. $229 Grosse POinte News NVEST SAVE 1100" N YOUR HEAlJH JOGGNG MACHNE SUPER VALUE.F-iii ) A )..,J '.... n / $499 0 WTH COUPON NEW AVlA 950sL SAVE $70 0 $ REG $ SAVE $ "THE BEST" NOW $29995 WTH COUPON C C 8719 PULSEMETER $89 95 WfCOUPON coupon SK MACHNE 614 $2000 OFF ANY EXERCSE EQUPMENT COUPON VLLAGE CYCLE & FTNESS CENTER HARPER S.C.S Page 30 coupon Thursday. December 10, 1987 Give limited-edition collectors plates this holiday season The hohddy \ea\on, a time filled With chenshed traditons,,uch a decorating the tree. bdkng dozens of Santa shaped cookies. dnd hanging stockmg\ over the fireplace Another time honored Chmtmd trddillon \, giving and receiving lmlted.e<l!- tlon collector'\ plates Today more than,x million AJllenCdn enjoy the beauty of UJlleclOr\ plates, whch feature artwork n.1 vanety of,tyles from tradtonal to contemporary Plate collectmg begdn With a Chnstmd\ pldte when the Danlsh porcelam hou,e of Bing & Grondahllsued the fir\! true limited-edition plate - 'Behmd the Frozen Wmdow"-n 1895 ever,nce then, wllector\ plates have proven to be one of the mo,t endunng dnd popular of Chnstma present-. The newest Chnstma ls,ue, are available at gift \hop and collectlble dealer acro" the Umted State for pnces generally ranging from $25 to $75 Among the mo,t hghly regarded of the 1987 elect\on are two plate, from the Edwin M Knowle, China Compdny The Annuncation' 1\ the first plate n, new Chnstmas \ene debutmg thl' yejt fllc SO"\ of Ch"lm(J b, C LLeG Thl'i beautiful \quare \haped pl.1te de pll t the,lngel Gabnel \ announcement to Mdr) that she v.ll1 be the mother of the Chm! Child A wmbmal10n of b.l\ rehef, geomettic.lnd njtur.l1 de,lgn, n gold and bold col or\, nlake\ The Annunuatlon' a \tun nmg ex.lmple of the dl\tmlt\e,tyle \\hlch h,l\ e.lrned arll\l E\c LKe.1,0 m,tny f.ln\ When the.lnnu.ll \x-plate \etle\, completed t Will form a wall nlllrdll1lu\- rdtlng the Blbllc.1l Chn,tmd\ qor) Another excellent gltt chotle 1\ the lat e,1.ldlhtilln to the long running Rod.. ( / '11K 1l1\ Chf//ml/\ \ene' S,Hll,l\ Golden Vltt Thl' pl.lle fealure\ Norman Rock""ell.n \H'rk OTH!11.11\ l n:,lled lor.l We,\ern U1Uln klegr.llll ddlertl,emenl \hllh,p pc.trcd n 19, LA STREGA BOUTQUE 63 Kercheval on the Hill GROSSE PONTE FARMS t,hows a claslc Santa wllh.1 red cap dnd a \hlte beard. hangmg a golden or ndment on,orne lucky child', Chn,tm..l' tree The n prevlou, s,ues m the Roc/.,\\cl/ ChrlSlma serle\ are dmong more hdn 6,000 PdSt ssue\ avdllable on he ';,econdar) market," where price, rse dnd fall dependmg on,upply dnd demdnd When limted edition pldtes.lre nel'. they are sold 10 collellor, al ls,ue pnce on the primary mdrket Once dn editon 1\ c1o,ed, no more plates are produced, \0 he\e PdSt,sue, are ani) avdlldble from a collector a dealer or The Bradlord EXlhdnge, the v.orld\ large\t trddmg center for collector'\ plate, De,plle the fact hat the\ dre traded reguldrl) many of the,e plate, dre 11l..lvdllable dt redsondble pnce, For exdmple. the 1977 RO(k\\cll SO( C Chmll11CH plate, enlllied "lay Shop Window currently \ell\ for $35 t,ho\\, a brother and sl,ter amd7ed by the wonder\ on dsplay at the 10Cdi to) \hop And 1..l,1, Ro(k\\cll ChnWlw\ pl,lte- Deer Sdllt) Cldu, '-ldn bc purcha\ed for dbout s.\o t depll!'> Sdntd houghttull contempl..lllng a little girl d\lccp oene..lth a pdlchwork quilt \\ th, letter..lddre\,cd to Deer Sdnt\ C..lU, tied to her bedpo,t Another 1986 ;,ccondar) m..lrket pl..lte ",'ueh 11dke\.1 beduuful el,!lorddblc ChTl,tmd' glfl '> The Glft\ 01 the Va!!. fhe \eumd plale n,1 Chn\tmd' \cnc, te llunng work 0) "'cll known eonlcl11po rdr) Jrll\t Fdna Hlbel t 1\ d\ail.1olc lor dpproxl1natcl $';0 E or..nup to the-mmute quote on pnlc, tor the'e or an) othcr \ccond.1r\ market pldtc. Chn,tm",,hopper, hollld \ 1\ t thclr 10c.l B ddford Exchangc dedlcr or ldllthc Bradford Exchdnge Trddm!!. Floo, dl ROO,2, R07R\e all pl.lte' tradcd through the to bc n mni londilion hu)cl\ arc d"urcd thclr,ekctlon v. ill he Chn\lma\ pre\enl pertclt upon relelpl HOLDAY SPECAL ALL MERCHANDSE 20% OFF

89 DOW Hill 0 DO Metro Ski & Sports is the place to be! High Performance and High Fashion 0.< 1, -j l Slalom/Recreational ATOMC SlC Marker M-36 Twin Cam i5475 $ DYNAMC VR25 TC3 Marker M-36 Twin Cam li?5450 $ BLZZARD SPRNT Geze 942 Step-in Reflex Challenger Pole lii5327 $ High Performance DYNAMC VR23 STYl Geze 942 Step-in Reflex Challenger Pole,i5342 $ Adult ELAN FAS 955 Marker M.23 Step-in Reflex Challenger Pole i 5327 $ Junior DYNAMC VR25 JET Trappeur Lancer Boot Bindings & Poles ncluded i5272 $ :z VOlKl PANTHER. Mogul Master Geze 942 i 5390 $ ATOMC AMBTON Marker M-23 Reflex Anodized Pole Stocking Hats-Scarves-Sunglasses Goggles-Fanny Packs Gloves-Turtlesnecks'") S tuuers Ski Socks-Locks-Ski Totes(1i.or ers. Ski Packs SK BOOTS Kids from Adults from w/ski nackage EXPERT/GUARANTEED BOOT FTTNG Kid's complete from $79 99 packages o:\\ FSCHER CROWN Adidis Boot & Binding Systern Glass Poles rlr5215 $ LACROX SKS Hand Built-World Class "THE ULTMATE" up to $ HEY SANTA! BRNG SOME MSTLETOEAND HOLL AND A SK PACKAGE FOR ME! Mack' South of Vernier Grosse Pointe Woods Now Open Sunday 12-4, Mon:Fri. 10-8, Sat Thursday, December 10, 1987 Grosse POinte News Page 31

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90 j!. l' all " t '1 4' t. i t ". }, '1.\ Extraordinary Jewelry For A Most Extraordinary Woman.., from our vast selection of colored stone and diamond jewelry

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What is the difference between B and BX belts? ›

B is a classical V-belt where single belts have a nominal thickness of 13/32" and a nominal top width of 21/32". BX is a classical, cogged V-belt where single belts have a nominal thickness of 13/32" and a nominal top width of 21/32".

What is the difference between SPB and SPC belts? ›

SPB is a single, metric V-belt that has a nominal top width of 16mm and a nominal thickness of 13mm. SPC is a single, metric V-belt that has a nominal top width of 22mm and a nominal thickness of 18mm.

How do you read the V-belt code? ›

Automotive belts start with either 4L (12.5mm wide) or 3L (9.5mm). The number following it is the outside length of the belt in tenths of inches. The inside length of the belt is typically 2" less for a 4L belt, and 1-1/2" less for a 3L belt.

What is the minimum wrap angle for a V-belt? ›

In order to minimize the potential for belt ratcheting, each loaded pulley in the system should also have a wrap angle of at least 60°.

Are B and BX belts interchangeable? ›

BX v belts are a "cogged" style belt that can interchange on the same pulleys as "B series" or "5L series" belts. The BX belts can generate higher horsepower ratings due to the raw edge construction, which grips the pulley much better.

What does the B stand for on a belt? ›

B – The B stands for a “B” section v-belt. This is considered a “Classic” v-belt style that has a top width of 21/32 (0.656) inches, but is commonly referred to as a 5/8 (0.625) inch belt. The thickness of the belt is 13/32 (0.406) inches. 86– 86 inches is the inside circumference of the belt.

What are the three types of V belts? ›

There are three common V belt types: Classical V-belt (classified by their dimensions from A to E), Narrow V series (ranked by their sizes 3V, 5V, and 8V), and light-duty Fractional Horsepower belt (classified by their dimensions 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L). The letter X classifies their counterpart cogged belt.

What is the strongest V-belt? ›

Kevlar / Aramid belts are created to be stronger than standard v-belts. In a Kevlar conveyor belt, the normal polyester cords are replaced with the much stronger Kevlar cords.

Why are V belts better? ›

V-belts use a trapezoidal cross section to create a wedging action on the pulleys to increase friction and the belt's power transfer capability. Joined or multiple belts are specified for heavy loads. V-belt drives can have a peak efficiency of 95% to 98% at the time of installation.

What does the K mean in v-belt? ›

K (PK): 9/64 inch (3.56 mm) rib pitch — developed for automotive applications, especially serpentine configurations. L (PL): 3/16 inch (4.70 mm) rib pitch — industrial applications. M (PM): 3/8 inch (9.40 mm) rib pitch — high-power industrial applications such as large conveyors and agriculture equipment.

What are the two numbers on a belt? ›

V-belt cross sections can be identified by their top width and depth dimensions. For example, a v-belt with a top width of 21/32” and a depth of 7/16” is a “B” belt.

What does LA mean on v-belt? ›

Marked on narrow belts are the profile and length in millimetres, Lw, which stands for the working length. Featured on V-belts for automobiles are the profile and length, La, which stands for the outer length.

How deep should a V-belt sit in a pulley? ›

V-belts should ride at least flush with the top of the pulley and may ride out up to 0.2”. Check for burrs, nicks, gouges and severe scratches as these will drastically reduce belt life.

How tight should V-belts be adjusted? ›

Belts that are too tight put an excessive load on pulleys, shafts, and bearings. Excessive belt tension will also wear out a belt quickly. Proper belt tension is 1/2 inch of sideplay both ways.

What does OC mean on V belts? ›

29/32" 3/4" E Combine cross section designation with Outside Circumference (O.C.) to the nearest whole number, plus a zero to determine Belt Part Number. Example: 5/8" top width 5VX belt with 80" 0.

Are V belts measured inside or outside? ›

Use a cloth measuring tape (not a steel one) and wrap it around the outside of the belt. You also use a thin string to take this measurement and place it on a steel tape to get the correct length. Next, for “A” Belts (1/2” width) subtract two-inches from the outside measurement to select the correct V-belt.

Do V belts stretch when new? ›

The belt runs in V-pulleys and drives the generator and water pump, with its fan, from the crankshaft pulley. Drive belts always stretch a little in use, because of the strains put on them by driving the water pump and generator , as well as the fan itself if it is in the system.

What are the little loops on a belt called? ›

Additionally, many belts have a "keeper loop" affixed to one end, near the buckle. The keeper loop stops the free end of the belt from flapping around once the belt is buckled.

What is a belt code? ›

V-Belt codes allow us to identify the belt profile and its length. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to read V-belt codes: Step 1: Outside the surface of your belt, you will find the prefix e.g. B, 3L.. etc. This is also known as the belt profile.

What is a double V-belt called? ›

A Hexagonal Belt is the same as a Double Sided V-Belt, or Hex Belt. These belts are ideal for serpentine type drives or drives incorporating multipe pulleys rotating in different directions, as they can transmit power from both sides of the belt.

Why are V belts endless? ›


A V-belt is made endless with a trapezoidal cross-section forming a V-shape, hence the name V-belt. It is made of homogeneous rubber material reinforced with nylon or steel cords and is covered by a tough fabric.

What causes V belts to twist? ›

During operation, if the belt comes off the sheave or turns over, this can indicate misaligned pulleys or contamination in the drive. Other conditions that can cause the belt to jump off the sheave or turn over include insufficient belt tension, significant vibrations in the drive, and shock loads.

Which is better Kevlar or rubber drive belt? ›

As we've discussed, rubber belts are often the better option for general applications on heavy industrial machinery and drilling equipment. Meanwhile, Kevlar models are great for high-powered devices that are exposed to harmful conditions.

What is the maximum speed of V-belt? ›

V-belts are designed for optimum performance at speeds of around 20 m/s.

What is the best material for V-belts? ›

The V belt pulley material must be able to meet the demands of the application while keeping weight restrictions in mind. Often the best way to achieve this balance is a combination of nylon an aluminum.

What is the disadvantage of V-belt drive? ›

Disadvantages of V-belt drive

The V-belt drive cannot be used for long distances due to greater weight per unit of length. They are not applicable to the synchronous machines because they are not free from creep. The centrifugal tension prevents the use of belts at speeds below 5 m/s and above 50 m/s.

What is the minimum pulley size for V-belt? ›

1. Pulley diameters should be at least four times the cross-sectional diameter of the belt. For higher speeds (above 2500 R.P.M.) the 4:1 minimum ratio must be increased proportionately because of hysteresis heat build up in the frequent flexing around the pulleys.

How often should I change my V-belt? ›

A good rule of thumb is to replace your V-Belt every 30,000 miles, while your serpentine belt and timing belt should be replaced every 50,000, although these numbers vary depending on the make and model of your car. Hoses should typically be replaced every four years.

What is the shelf life of V belts? ›

V-belts have a shelf life of approximately six years if stored correctly.

How long do V belts last? ›

V-Belts usually should be inspected for wear after 3 years or 30-40,000 miles of use. According to belt manufacturers, failure rates rise sharply after 3 years of service. Replacing V-belts every 3-4 years can minimize the risk of sudden belt failure. Most cars on the road today have only one belt, a serpentine belt.

What is the most common V-belt? ›

3VX- and 5VX– V-Belts

Commonly used with high horsepower drives with small sheaves V belts are the most commonly selected belts for power transmission.

How many holes should be left on a belt? ›

Traditionally belts come with 5 holes…and most people will tell you that you should fit into the middle hole of these 5.

What does 85 mean in belts? ›

SIZE to ORDERBody measurement Waist in cmBody measurement Waist in inches
10 / S7027.5
12 / M7529.5
14 / L8031.5
16/ XL8533.5
4 more rows

How many holes should you use in a belt? ›

There are usually 6-7 holes on belts and the middle one is usually the best for fastening the belt. This will ensure that the end of the belt would not be too long to dangle on your trousers or too short to be fastened.

What is B section V-belt? ›

V belts are drive belts that are wedge shaped, these B section belts measure 17mm across and 8mm down. B Section V belts correspond with the SPB section vee Pulleys they come in 1,2,3 or 4 groove. Bearingtech offer a range of delivery choices so your belt can get to you quickly.

How are V belts labeled? ›

V-belt cross sections are categorized based on their top width and depth measurements. Each width/depth combination is labeled using a letter of the alphabet. For example, v-belts with 21/32 in. width and 7/16 in.

Which is better V-belt or flat belt? ›

The efficiency of the V-belt drive is lower than Flat Belts by 2-3%. The power transmitting capacity of the Flat Belt Drive is low due to slip. The slip is very low, and friction is more in V-belt.

How do you match a V-belt to a pulley? ›

The bottom or narrowest part of your belt should never touch the center of a v-groove pulley. Try getting a pulley with a slightly smaller outside diameter instead of matching the one you have.

Should a V-belt touch the bottom of the sheave? ›

Typically, the v-belt does not make contact with the bottom of the sheave groove. Also called a timing belt, a synchronous belt is a toothed belt which drives through positive engagement between the belt teeth and mating grooves in the pulley.

Can you lubricate drive belts? ›

Belts should not be lubricated. 5. A change in ride out indicates uneven belt wear or worn sheaves. Change belt/sheave with new set.

What happens if pulleys are not aligned? ›

When pulleys are not aligned properly, additional loads are induced. The aim of belt alignment is to align the grooves of the drive and driven pulleys so that the belts run with minimal wear. Proper alignment extends the service life of belts and bearings, reduces vibration and noise levels, and saves energy.

What size is B belt? ›

If the fan belt measures 5/8″ it is classified as type B belt.

What are the 4 flat belt classifications? ›

Types of Flat belt Pulleys
  • Split or Cast-iron pulley.
  • Paper pulley.
  • Steel pulley.
  • Wooden pulley.
May 30, 2022

What are the 2 types of drive belts? ›

There are two kinds of drive belts: V-belts and serpentine belts.

How do I know my belt size? ›

An easy way to determine belt size is to simply “add 2″ to your off-the-rack trouser size. For example, if you wear a 36” waist trouser, then a 38-belt size will be a safe bet. Most will find this simple formula works best for pants worn at a traditional height–close to the natural waistline.

What is the difference between an A and BV belt? ›

As their names suggest, V belts feature a V-shaped profile with tapered sides, whilst wedge belts have a wedge-shaped profile. Wedge belts take the lead when it comes to load carrying capacity, thanks to their ability to transmit more power than a V-belt of the same top width.

Why do V belts have teeth? ›

V-belts with inner teeth are more flexible than conventional belts. The result makes it possible to use a smaller minimum pulley diameter than when using conventional belts of the same size. Therefore, the entire drive can be smaller, lighter and more compact.

What is the V-belt? ›

V-Belts are the most common type of drive belt used for power transmission. Their primary function is to transmit power from a primary source, like a motor, to a secondary driven unit. They provide the best combination of traction, speed transfer, load distribution, and extended service life.

What is an A Type V-belt? ›

A V-belt is a wedge-shaped belt manufactured out a rubber compound, reinforced with a tensile cord specifically engineered to transmit power into movement. V-belts can be found in driving mechanisms, such as engines in air compressors, fans, and pumps.

Which type of belt is best? ›

Full-grain leather is the best quality and most durable and is the best leather for belts. The material maintains its natural character and develops a beautiful leather patina as it ages. Corrected grain leathers also make good quality belts, but they are less unique.

What is the most widely used belt drive? ›

V-belts. These are the most commonly used types of belt drives. Using a trapezoidal cross section V-belts create a wedge action on pulleys to increase friction and improve the belt's power transfer capability.

What is the most common drive belt? ›

Serpentine Drive Belts

The most common belt in the modern car and responsible for most of the functions in your vehicle, the Serpentine Belt replaced the multi-belt V-belt system. The serpentine is one belt that winds throughout the entire engine transferring power.

What are the 5 type of belt drive? ›

Closed or crossed belt drive. Fast and loose cone pulley. Stepped cone pulley. Jockey pulley drive.


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